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Notes – Season Four stuff. Subtext just straining to get out.


She Keeps It Quiet

Spheeris spheeris1@yahoo.com

In the shadows of her mind, locked away under this cursed influence of a hungry spirit, Gabrielle acknowledges that Xena's skin tastes good.
Not like sweat and yet not without it, not clean and yet not dirty, rich and light all in one swipe of tongue against flesh. And Gabrielle realizes that nothing else could ever taste as bold. Or as good.

But that is for me to know. I can't tell her that, not after all this... not after everything...

It is true, though. This demon in her body, playing out part of her own dark fantasies, her own longings for the chance to savor Xena, to tease the warrior and dominate the warrior.
Only the brutalities of life have kept Gabrielle silent, whether her tragedies or Xena's. Only her own inexperience with this kind of love. Only death and resurrection. Only... everything. Everything has been the clasp holding together these lies, the one untruth in all their honesty.

She is salty and sweet, so damned delicious... Gods, forgive me for my weakness... Let her forgive me...

Gabrielle will keep it quiet, when all is said and done.


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