Disclaimer – I do not own them. I do own this fic.

Notes – Gabrielle POV. End of Season Four related. Subtext is life-affirming even in the face of death.

The Hymn

Spheeris spheeris1@yahoo.com

I used to love the snow. It made the world look different and new. But I don't go looking for revolution anymore. I don't look for the path to be fresh and clean. I've found love and I won't let it go, even when my blood runs cold and even when your pretty blue eyes finally shut.
I've found love and I won't let you go alone.

I don't feel cold. I don't feel anything but your stare and my smile. I don't want and I don't need.
Those days of anger and of regret... they just fade away.
And maybe the world isn't going to be reborn.
Maybe the sky won't part and I won't find my forgotten family again.
But I'll find you.
I'll find you and I'll show you all my secrets. I'll give you everything.

You are shaking, but I won't fall apart. You are breaking, but I won't shatter.
I used to be your girl to save.
But now, I am your hero. I am going to rescue your soul for the last time. I am going to cradle it and kiss it with my dying breath.
Oh Xena, I've found love... And I know it shows, because you are smiling in return.


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