The Realization

It is there again.

In the pit of her stomach, where most of her strong feelings rest…and churn and twist and make themselves known.

Alongside self-hate, guilt, wonder and healing is that one thing Xena fears most.

Long dormant, it found a chance to break free and run wild.

Love is there again.

The warrior feels it rush up her body, singing in her blood, pounding in her ears.

All because of her.

Xena could have ignored it, once upon a time. Or she could have killed it, many years ago. Now, though…now, she cannot fight back or run away.

The trap is so sweet and the blow is one she wants to come.

And those eyes, on me like sunlight… Does the bard know what is happening?

Does Gabrielle realize how many walls are falling due to her voice and her touch?

And Xena looks up, silent as the night, into a green embrace.

She can feel her own body hum with delight, feel the smile stretching across her own face…

There it is, as always. Love so true and love so hidden.

The warrior walks away, too shy to let it go on much longer. But Xena can feel Gabrielle along her spine – and Xena can never stay gone.

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