The Watcher

She watches her move.

All this time… all this time, watching her move…

Run. Walk. Breathe.

Jump. Spin. Swim.

And more subtle things are noticed…

Smiles. Smirks.

Frowns. Concentration.

Gabrielle makes it a habit now, to watch the warrior. First it was to learn, then to understand… Now it is for so many reasons, the bard stops listing them.

She just watches Xena.

The minutes before Xena wakes up, the minutes before Xena falls asleep – all of it caught by Gabrielle’s steady green gaze. The warrior does not seem to mind.

Perhaps Xena is used to eyes following her every movement.

Perhaps, Gabrielle thinks, it is rude to do this.

Or annoying. Or creepy even.

But it isn’t and the bard believes Xena knows the truth of these quiet actions.

Gabrielle watches Xena move, because she must.

To look away might make it all disappear, might make it a dream…

In the blink of an eye, Xena could fade from view. And then what would the bard do with her time? What would the bard do with her feelings? What would I do with all this love and compassion and humor and caring…if Xena was not there to receive it?

Then blue eyes meet green, for just a moment – and they move on, but not before a grin and so much more is passed along to Gabrielle’s very soul.

She watches Xena move into the forest and continues to stare into the inky night, just waiting for the warrior to return.

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