Title In Crime And In Grace

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Rating PG

Warnings/Notes/Spoilers No spoilers. A retelling of the July 3 rd episode. Fluff.



In Crime And In Grace



Phillip was right. Rick's head almost pops right off, filled with what is surely an indecent film-roll of smooth legs and soft grins.

And Olivia can't fault him, because her thoughts have been the same. Not that she is at all like a man. She is just human.

Natalia is shaking, but you can't tell if it is from nervousness or excitement. It is probably both. And Olivia isn't just taking a walk in the park, either. She is ten-times the heart-rate of a seven year old on the first day of school and the pounding is so loud that Olivia thinks everyone can hear it.

Sweaty palm to sweaty palm. It's not sexy or romantic. But it is real. Their fingers interlaced, their steps moving in-time toward the table with a lack of food and too much beer.

And Olivia looks at every pair of eyes that follows them. And she can see the interest from Josh, not cool or judgmental. Just thoughtful.
And Natalia is probably darting a brown gaze at Father Ray, who looks like a stick is up his... well, Olivia won't think it in deference to her partner.
Because that is what they are - in every way - in work and with Emma and when they lived at the farmhouse together. They are partners, in crime and in grace.

And Bill keeps his eyes away, though he knows some of this tale. He talks to Lizzie, who sports the most amazing look of shock mixed with humor. There is Blake, who knows everything... and Olivia holds Natalia's hand a little tighter... and Blake is grinning, offering them a plate of the remains of an apple pie.

And there is Phillip, smiling like the world is just right as it is, picking up Emma and swinging the little girl around. Beth is there, wearing the same look as Lizzie, tugging on Phillip's arm in question.
Olivia knew that most of the women in town would be shocked, because she used to carry the card of 'man-eater' or 'man-stealer'.
And she stole many of their men, once upon a time.
But she has only stolen one woman and it wasn't theft. This one came willingly. This one took off from the altar and ran to Olivia's arms.

Alan smokes his cigar and makes a snide comment. Remy appears a lot like Rick and Christina pulls him aside, probably telling him about what she knew all along, way back in December.
Frank drinks more beer and looks away and Natalia leans in a little closer to Olivia's shoulder.

And Olivia doesn't mind the weight. She likes it, she wants it there all the time. She's been waiting for this all her life, ever since she built castles from the land of her childhood home.
She's been waiting to be a princess in a person's eyes.

And when Natalia looks at her, on this overcast day in July, Olivia isn't just a princess.
She is a queen, caught up in the love of Natalia Rivera.

Sweaty palm to sweaty palm. It's not sexy or romantic. But it is real.


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