Title Punishment

Disclaimer I do not own them. I do own this fic.

Rating PG

Warnings/Notes/Spoilers No spoilers. Angst. Set around June 2009, early June.






Punishment for a crime not yet committed, that is how Natalia feels today.
Oh, she gets up with a smile on her face, because her son is finally free.

Troubled and wounded, but free. Rafe is free.

She'd lay down her life for that boy. But Natalia knows that the years lost to confinement have changed Rafe more than she wants to see.

He is hard and shattered at the same time.

She keeps her tone light, trying not to tread on anyones feet. She rushes to work and tries to ignore the fluttering in her stomach, a thousand butterflies all beating their wings to the sound of Olivia's name.

O...liv...i...a... Over and over.

For such a wonderful and heartbreaking confession, Olivia is no better than Natalia.
They try so hard to keep things simple. Complication is the nature of their love, though.
Fingers touch so innocently and then it is raw with longing.
The more Olivia pulls back, the further Natalia leans toward her.

One day, we will move in the same direction. We just have to. I can't stand it if we don't.

And she is home again. Rafe is asleep. The walls are too silent, the couch too empty and Natalia's heart is too lonely.
Like a bolt of lightning crashing down, it hits her.

Dear God, please forgive me all my sins and take me to your arms. But don't make me live this way much longer. Heal Rafe and wipe away his sorrows. Let my love soar to Olivia, unfettered and fast. And please, I beg you, let her be there to catch it.

Punishment for a crime not yet committed... Natalia feels this way as she lays down to sleep.
Her soul for God to keep.
But with everything else belonging to Olivia.


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