Title Room Full Of Dresses

Disclaimer I do not own them. I do own this fic.

Rating PG

Warnings/Notes/Spoilers No spoilers. Angst. Set in April 2009



Room Full Of Dresses



She remembers the first time she thought it and it wasn't when they kissed.
If you can call that a kiss...
But she remembers when it hit the front of her head, like a palm slapping hard, like Jesus coming back to life, like one too many drinks and the floor rushing up like a wooden wave.

Olivia blinked and felt desire.
It tumbled out of the laundry basket and it was baked into cookies and it was resting on smiles and talking in laughter.
Olivia blinked and felt desire.
It burned her eyes and it made her body itch and it caused speech to be stilted and it slipped out of her all the time.

She remembers the first time.
Like every other first time, but better.
You are so much better...
And she remembers when it became clear to her, that no one else would ever do - not a ghost and not a man, not a treasure and not a king.
Only Natalia would do. No one but Natalia.

Olivia blinks and feels desire.
Right here, in this room full of dresses, she falls a little more.


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