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Animal Instinct


Gabrielle returned from answering nature’s call. She was naked and hot from the passionate fire that Xena had lit in her a few hours ago.

She walked back in to the bedroom where Xena lay sprawled out on the bed. Gabrielle had to smile at herself ‘Big Tough Warrior Princess, my butt!’

A shiver went down Gabrielle’s spine as she thought out that statement. She might not look it now, sleeping like a baby but Xena was one Tartarus of a lover in-between the sheets!

Gabrielle stood at the bottom of the bed smiling and enjoying the images that entered her head about her wonderful Xena. It was early morning and the sun showing through the window was shining on Xena’s face.

She was one in a million and Gabrielle; girl of Potedeia was fucking her! It made her feel good to say the least.

Gabrielle turned to see her reflection in the full-length mirror on the left-hand side of the room. She placed her hands on her hips and looked at her naked form trying to figure out what it was that made HER Xena’s girl, and no one else?

She turned and looked at Xena then back in the mirror, suddenly she noticed a blotch on her left bum check. When turning around as much as she could before she lost sight of herself, she noticed it was actually a love bite!

‘Like it?’ came a deep pulsing voice from the bed. Xena was half-asleep but Gabrielle detected a slight huskiness in her voice that meant she was proud of her accomplishment.

Gabrielle looked at Xena and then back at her bum,

‘You know, Xena…’ Gabrielle said as she turned her whole body to face Xena, ‘You can be a complete animal in bed sometimes!’

‘Sometimes!’ Xena repeated in disbelief

Gabrielle giggled knowing that that would bring out the beast in her hot, tasty lover.

It worked as Xena got on all fours on the bed and crawled up to where Gabrielle was standing at the bottom of the bed.

Xena was naked and her body moved so predator-like, as if she was a panther hunting for its prey and Gabrielle was it.

Without warning or any indication Xena grabbed hold of Gabrielle and pulled her down on to the bed.

‘Xena nooooo’ Gabrielle screamed as she found herself laid out on her back on the bed and Xena animal-like at her feet.

Xena growled as she made her way saucily and slowly up Gabrielle’s body

‘By the gods, but you are a sexy animal’ Gabrielle let it slip out as she saw the situation in front of her eyes unfold.

Xena’s head was now just above Gabrielle’s hips.

Her eyes locked with Gabrielle’s as she lowered her head and her tongue slipped out and licked up over Gabrielle’s belly button.

Gabrielle closed her eyes and her body rose as she took in a sharp and ragged breath.

With Gabrielle’s hips up, it was easy for Xena to slip her arm under her partner and turn her so she was face down on the bed.

Gabrielle laughed out loud when she realised Xena had tricked her like a panther would trick it’s prey in to being caught and then eaten alive. Gabrielle was just waiting for the eaten alive bit to happen; in fact she wanted it to happen!

Xena knew exactly what she was doing as she whispered into Gabrielle’s ear,

‘Don’t move!’ and then licked around her ear and sucked on her lobe for a second, driving Gabrielle wild.

While Gabrielle was a little stunned, Xena turned around so she was straddling Gabrielle’s shoulders.

Then without warning, Xena lay over Gabrielle’s back and locked her lips on Gabrielle’s right cheek.

‘Nooooo’ Gabrielle wiggled, but her attempts were useless as Xena made her mark on the bard once again.

A few seconds later, Xena sat up and looked at her handy work.

‘We don’t want you to look odd, now do we?’ Xena chuckled though a very wide and proud smile.

‘Get off me!’ Gabrielle giggled and wiggled to grab Xena’s attention.

Xena did as she was told as she moved back above Gabrielle’s head and placed her bum on the cushion and then placed her legs either side of her.

‘Thank you’ Gabrielle said breathlessly as she looked up and saw she was face to face with Xena’s center!

‘Are you trying to kill me?’ she whispered. Xena heard her and replied, ‘The best way to die’

‘Ooh yeah!’ was the reply as she looked up at Xena.

There was a twinkle in her eye along with a devilish streak.

Xena knew exactly what to expect and she wasn’t going to stop her.

Gabrielle looked down again to see what was being offered to her on a plate.

She thanked whatever god was listening at that moment and then ran her tongue up Xena’s slit.

Xena’s head automatically fell back and she held her breath, waiting, anticipating her lover’s next move.

She didn’t have to wait very long as Gabrielle sucked on Xena’s left lip, removing the secretion from it and then repeating it on the right one.

‘Gabrielle!’ Xena husked out, without even knowing it.

Gabrielle loved it when she made Xena say things while they loved each other; it made her want Xena even more if it was physically possible!

Gabrielle moved her hands so they now rested on the inside of Xena’s thighs, moving them lower Gabrielle held Xena open as her mouth played with her.

Xena panted, and she was so open and ready for Gabrielle.

Gabrielle lapped her tongue at Xena’s entrance, which opened her floodgates.

She hummed in the back of her throat, the taste, the smell; the feel of Xena was all she lived on now and forever.


The End



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