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Missing You!

It had been two days now since Xena and Gabrielle had split up in order to protect two different villages. Xena had gone to a large village where an army had threatened to attack if their "protection" money wasn't paid up. Gabrielle had gone to a small village where hatred had taken over, and she was going to try and make peace again. That was two days ago and Gabrielle had managed to both create peace and have a bath. But where was Xena?

Xena was still in the village that was being threatened. It wasn't that she wanted to stay; things just weren't happening very fast and Xena was actually hoping that the army would attack because then she could get back to Gabrielle. With sitting around and waiting a lot, Xena could do a lot of thinking and it was all about Gabrielle and how much she missed her.

The village Gabrielle was in was also quiet. With peace being the only thing the village needed, it got very boring! Gabrielle looked out the window of the inn she was resting in. There wasn't much to look at as she sulked, but Gabrielle spotted a pair of lovers, kissing by the fountain. Gabrielle closed her eyes and thought of Xena...of her amazing figure, the way her hair blew in the wind and the look of her muscles as they flexed when Gabrielle made love to her and when Xena made love to Gabrielle. The images flooded Gabrielle's head. All the times they'd made love and all the times Gabrielle had kept her eyes open as she watched Xena making love to her.

Gabrielle fell back on to her bed. Her hand started to rub on her chest gently, teasing her nipples around the material of her top, making sure she could just feel the feather-light touches. She thought the more she teased herself the more likely Xena would be to walk in on her and finish the job. But her movements became firmer and rougher, as she snaked her fingers into her top and twisted and tugged at her itching breasts. Gabrielle's breath was catching in her throat just from the feel of her hands on her front, but she soon needed more as her lower half started to squirm on the bed, begging for the attention that had been neglected lately.

Gabrielle slid her other hand into her underwear. She was missing Xena so much and was really needing her now. However, she knew at that moment that the Warrior Princess wasn't available, so Gabrielle had to find another way to satisfy her needs and herself.

Her hand moved around in her underwear and she teased her clit just like Xena would. Then needing it even more and feeling her own erection, she moved her fingers inside herself. First softly and then harder, she touched herself just like Xena would. She couldn't stop thinking about Xena. Still dreaming that it was Xena's hand pleasuring her, Gabrielle's hips lifted off the bed as she grew close to an orgasm. The blonde moaned and shook in delight. Her hips rose in the air and stayed there as she felt herself fall over the edge of her much needed orgasm. She smacked back down on the bed and just enjoyed the after shocks of her body's pleasure.

That was what she had wanted and had been waiting forever since she and Xena had separated two days ago. She needed Xena soon because her needs were much greater than what she could give herself. The fact that she had just orgasmed and wasn't near satisfied was a case in point.

Suddenly there was a knock on Gabrielle's door. She quickly withdrew her hand from inside her skirt and got up on shaky legs. She wiped her fingers on the covers then walked to the door and opened it. There stood a young man.

'Yes?' Gabrielle asked

'Are you Gabrielle, friend of Xena the Warrior Princess?' he said. Gabrielle smiled to herself. She always giggled when people related them as 'just friends!'

'Yes why?'

'Xena told me to tell you she'll be at least another two or three days and to wait here for her.'

'Two or three days!' Gabrielle repeated, then realized the young man was still there. 'Ok, thanks' Gabrielle said and shut the door on the messenger.

'I can't wait another day without her, never mind two or three days!' That was it! Gabrielle grabbed her staff and left the comfort of the room to go to Xena.

Xena was brushing Argo. The horse had just been shoed, so Xena decided that a good proper bush down was in order. Xena had abandoned Argo for a while, as Gabrielle was the one usually looking for a good proper seeing too!

Xena was longing for Gabrielle so much. She hoped the message she'd sent got to her bard had reached her before she started to worry.


She drifted off to a daydream, imaging the innocent face that quickly changed into something that looked very much like her alter-ego Hope when Gabrielle needed what she needed. She couldn't help but think of the way her bard's nose wrinkled when she smiled devilishly or wanted her own way, which she frequently got!

Then Argo shook her out of her reverie as Xena had brushed the same spot for a while and it was starting to hurt her.

'Sorry girl, you lost me there for a second,' Xena told Argo. 'I'm just missing Gabrielle, that's all.' Xena always told Argo about her thoughts or troubles. Especially if Gabrielle wasn't around to listen to her. 'I love the way her hair sticks to her cheek after a hot time together' Xena smiled as she remembered, 'And the way she kisses my neck with such passion, yet as soft as a feather.' Xena rubbed her neck, 'The way she says my name when she needs me to be rougher with her!'

'Xeennaa' came a soft sweet voice. Xena quickly turned around hoping that what she heard wasn't a daydream. Her eyes rested on what can be only described as beauty itself.

'Gabrielle!' Xena just managed to say in complete surprise.

'You really like the way I kiss your neck?' Gabrielle teased

'I love everything about you Gabrielle...including the small special things.'

'Really?' Gabrielle said, as she walked over to Xena.

'Yeah' Xena replied, giving Gabrielle "the look" as she seductively walked over to her.

Gabrielle put her arms around Xena's neck and whispered in her ear,

'Fuck me, Baby!'

Xena was surprised with the language Gabrielle used. She usually preferred to call it lovemaking or soul connecting. It was Xena who usually made Gabrielle call it that!

Before she could answer though, Gabrielle locked her lips around Xena's and wildly played with Xena's tongue with her own, sucking it and stroking it. Xena grew wetter by the minute. She was already wet from thinking about Gabrielle but with her being here and pushing Xena to the limit, there was no stopping her juices from flowing. Gabrielle jumped up and wrapped her legs around Xena's body.

Xena rubbed her hands up and down Gabrielle's thighs as they continued to kiss. Xena walked, trying to look where she was going, but concentrating on Gabrielle at the same time.

They were still in the main body of the stable, so Xena carried Gabrielle into a free quarter near the back where it was more private. There had been fresh hay laid down so it was the perfect spot at that moment if there had ever been one.

Xena laid Gabrielle down in-between her legs as their lips never parted. Xena was on top and she was going to make sure that she stayed that way. After two days away from each other, Xena was eager to claim Gabrielle once again.

Suddenly the main stable doors opened and a voice shouted, 'XENA, THEY'RE HERE, THE ARMY'S HERE!' The man must not have seen them because he then ran in their direction, still shouting.

Xena's head rose immediately, looking to see who was approaching. Gabrielle grabbed Xena's leather straps on her shoulders and said, 'Don't go!'

Xena looked at her and replied, 'I've got to, Gabrielle' It didn't matter how much she didn't want to; she just knew she had had to!

'I know!' Gabrielle sighed. Then Gabrielle pulled Xena in for another kiss and then let her go.

'GO!' Gabrielle pushed her away and Xena stood up. 'Remember what's waiting for you when you're done' Gabrielle said, as she opened her legs to reveal a very wet pair of underwear.

Xena licked her lips, then ran out of the stable. Gabrielle giggled to herself and then got up. She picked her staff up and walked out the stable feeling the urge to kick some serious ass!

Gabrielle hadn't ever seen Xena fight so violently and so fast before. She fought her way up to Xena and said quietly to her, 'Sexual frustration?'

Xena moaned back, 'You bet!' and they fought the army of men coming toward them.

The whole village was helping Xena. They had planned for an attack so they had the advantage.

Half an hour later, the army had retreated thanks to Xena's threat, which steered the men away for good.

Xena dragged herself back into the stable but Gabrielle quickly ran over to her, seeing the Warrior Princess was hurt. Gabrielle put her arm around Xena to support her.

'Come on, Xena, we'll find a room.' With that they found the nearest inn and were offered a free room for their help in defending the village. Also, the innkeeper gave them both big plates of food and a wineskin full of beer.

Gabrielle helped Xena lie down on the bed carefully, as the cut on her arm was quite bad. Gabrielle then turned to get a cloth to wipe the blood, but Xena grabbed her arm and pulled the bard on top of her.

'Where's what you promised me?' Gabrielle could see the passion and want in Xena's eyes, but she was too hurt to make love with her now.

'Xena!' Gabrielle said, as she moved a bit of Xena's hair off of her face, 'you know how much I love you and if you weren't in such a bad way I would, but you need the rest.'

Xena knew that was the situation but felt she needed and wanted to love Gabrielle despite the injury. Gabrielle got up and got a cloth. She sat back down, dipped it in some water, and rubbed it lightly over Xena's deep wound on her arm.


'Sorry.' Gabrielle tried so hard not to hurt her even more.

'It's going to need stitches' Xena said looking Gabrielle in the eyes. Xena lifted her good arm and stroked the side of Gabrielle's face as she treated Xena's wounds. 'I love you'

'I love you too, Xena,' Gabrielle replied as she leaned down and kissed Xena lightly on the lips. As Gabrielle cleaned Xena up of all the blood and stitched up her arm, Xena had fallen asleep. She looked so peaceful and contented. Gabrielle loved it when she just sat and looked at the one person she loved most in the world.

Gabrielle stripped Xena, trying not to wake her even when she saw how wet she remained, even as she slept. Somehow, Gabrielle managed to hold herself back.

Then she got undressed herself and slid into bed beside her lover. Xena was facing the other way, so Gabrielle put her arms around her and rested her head on Xena's shoulder.

Yes, Gabrielle had wanted sex but being near Xena was all she really wanted when it came down to it.

Xena felt herself waking up. She was sore from yesterday and her bruises were now all purple and blue.


'Gabrielle?' she moaned, as she got up. Xena looked around the room, but Gabrielle wasn't anywhere to be seen. Then she looked out the window and there was her lovely Gabrielle. Naked, wet and gorgeous! She was taking a shower outside, as the water ran down her face, over her breasts and in between her legs. It made Xena's center respond and without any hesitation Xena climbed out the window, as naked as Gabrielle. She quietly crept over to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was humming as the water showered down over her from the bucket above her.

She felt a pair of arms wrap around her and a chin rest on her shoulder. Gabrielle quickly turned around and saw it was Xena.

'What you doing out of bed?'

'I thought you'd gone elsewhere to look for some love.'

'As if I would,' Gabrielle smiled as she put her wet arms around Xena's neck. 'We're naked Xena, anyone could see us together!'

'Who cares?' and with that Xena kissed Gabrielle and then tried to pick her up but with the injury on her arm, Xena struggled to hold her up.

'Are you ok?' Gabrielle asked, as Xena released her and held her injured arm.

'I'm sorry, Gabrielle' Xena said as she looked at the floor, mad at herself.

'What for?' Gabrielle lifted Xena's head up and smiled at her. 'Come on.' She grabbed Xena as if to run for the door of the inn.

'No!' Xena said as she stopped, 'I came to you through the window' and with that they both made their way to the window and Gabrielle crawled in first.

Xena watched as her partner's wonderfully tight arse was shoved into Xena's face, revealing all but nothing Xena hadn't seen before of Gabrielle's.

Xena crawled in after her and watched as Gabrielle collapsed onto the bed. Xena climbed on top of her and growled.

'Xena! You're still not up to scratch yet, are you?' Xena sighed and rolled off of Gabrielle.

'Here!' Gabrielle said as she handed Xena a tankard and filled it with beer.

'What's this?'

'It's what we were given for saving the village.'

Xena sipped the beer, and exclaimed, 'Wow, it's strong!'

'Great!' Gabrielle grinned, as she gulped down a whole tankard.

An hour later, the wine skin was completely empty and Xena and Gabrielle were laughing like little schoolgirls. They talked about everything from weather to chastity belts, from showers to oral sex. They were both very, very drunk.


Gabrielle mounted Xena, saying, 'I didn't come all this way to see you without a little action!' Gabrielle was really turned on by their detailed talk about oral sex.

Gabrielle began to kiss Xena's neck and then moved down to her breasts, spending a lot of time playing with Xena's nipples. She was doing exactly what she had done with her own breasts while getting herself off.

She then slid her tongue down the valley between Xena's breasts and around her belly button before moving to her real destination, the area in between Xena's legs.

Xena was also quite wet. Gabrielle wandered if the talk had affected Xena in the same way, but instead of hanging on to the thought, she carried on pleasing her lover.


The beer was making Gabrielle feel braver and more confident in her ability to give Xena what she'd wanted to. First she worked her tongue on Xena. Dipping in and out of her, teasing like mad to make her even more moist and ready for her. Then, when Xena's body started to react to Gabrielle's tongue, she used her fingers, working them into Xena. She started with two fingers, and quickly moved to then three, then four. Xena's eyes were closed with pleasure and Gabrielle carried on. She wiggled her thumb into Xena, making sure she was careful but enough so Xena could feel what she was doing. Xena hips thrust into the air and Gabrielle slid her whole hand into Xena.

'You like that, Xena?' Gabrielle asked feeling a little evil

'Yyyeeesss!' Xena hissed out. Xena's hips moved faster and Gabrielle quickened the pace to match her.

'What am I doing, Xena?'

'Fucking me, Gabrielle' she responded, panting.

'Cum for me, Xena' she ordered. Gabrielle could feel Xena's muscles tightening up on her fist as Xena climaxed.

'GABRIELLE' Xena suddenly screamed out and Xena's center poured out juices. Gabrielle licked madly as she moved her fist inside Xena. Sweat was running from Xena's face already, but Gabrielle was determined to make Xena orgasm another couple of times. And she did so with great skill!

Xena's body tingled with utter delight as Gabrielle licked up the last drop of juice Xena offered her and then the bard lay at the side of Xena, breathless.

Xena took her last bit of energy and rolled onto Gabrielle and put her head on Gabrielle's breasts, then fell asleep.

Gabrielle smiled, as Xena had never done that before. It was always Gabrielle who ended up on top. But Xena was drunk and happy, and Gabrielle felt good inside that she had pleased her Xena in a way she'd always wanted to but never dared.

Xena opened her eyes to see a breast! Examining it more she realized it was Gabrielle's.

Its great shape gave it away.

Xena sat up on Gabrielle.

'Ouch' Xena said as she rubbed her head. Gabrielle looked at Xena with love in her eyes.

'Feeling a bit rough?'

'Why, aren't you?'

'It's not my fault if the Warrior Princess can't handle her beer!' Gabrielle mocked.

'Hey!' Xena said as she ticked Gabrielle's stomach. Gabrielle giggled and as Xena stopped she pulled her head towards hers and gave Xena a long passionate kiss. Xena sat up again on Gabrielle's stomach and Gabrielle asked, 'Did you enjoy last night?' As she spoke, she slid her fingertips down the side of Xena, starting at the round sides of her breasts down, then finishing at Xena's tight, toned thighs.

'I don't remember much; it's a blur!'

'Really!' Gabrielle didn't sound too pleased.

'Not really,' Xena joked as she kissed Gabrielle lightly. 'You were amazing!' Gabrielle scrunched up her face as she felt herself blushing.

'We should do it again sometime soon!' Xena said as she rubbed her hand up the side of Gabrielle's thighs.

'Not now though' Gabrielle said as she dismounted Xena.

'Why?' Xena moaned as Gabrielle sat on the side of the bed.

'Because, Warrior Princess! You have got to save a village that is going to be crushed by a warlord and his men!' Xena looked at the ceiling, then noticed Gabrielle had stood up and was bending down to get her clothes.

'Mmm... breakfast looks nice!' Gabrielle turned around to see Xena was referring to the area between her legs!

'Xena!' Gabrielle whined as Xena refused to get up.

'Looks like there's freshly prepared juice as well.' Xena smiled, as she knew this would embarrass the blonde. Gabrielle ignored her as she put on her underwear and skirt. As she did, Xena grabbed the bard's top and put it under the covers without Gabrielle noticing.

Gabrielle started to look around for the rest of her clothing.

'Xena!' she said, with her puppy dog eyes. Xena pushed her bottom lip out to sympathize with her bard.

'Wouldn't you rather have this?' Xena said as she pulled back the covers to reveal her naked body to Gabrielle. Gabrielle walked around the bed then knelt down. Xena thought she'd finally gotten Gabrielle to weaken, but the bard stood back up again with her top in her hand.

When Xena had pulled away the covers she had revealed Gabrielle's missing top as well. Gabrielle tightened her top around herself, and then opened the door to leave the very naked Xena to herself. Before Gabrielle closed the door, Xena said softly, 'I love you,. Gabrielle.'

The door suddenly stopped moving, and then Xena heard, 'I love you too, Xena.' Only then was the door shut.

It had been ten minutes since Gabrielle had left Xena in their room. She was worried that she's pushed it too far and that Xena might have gone without her. Gabrielle was trying to enjoy her breakfast, but she couldn't stop thinking about it. Then she heard the door open and there was Xena, standing tall and proud, finally dressed!

Xena eyed the table and spotted Gabrielle. Gabrielle smiled at her and Xena just walked up to her table.

'I'm going to get Argo ready' Xena said, as she passed Gabrielle. Gabrielle felt her stomach drop, as she thought she had pissed Xena off. Gabrielle didn't bother to finish her breakfast. She just got up and followed Xena into the stables.

'I'm sorry, Xena; I let you down,' Gabrielle said at the foot of the doors of the barn. Xena turned around to see a very upset Gabrielle.

'What?' Xena went over to Gabrielle and Gabrielle hugged Xena, because of the delight she felt in Xena's concern.. 'Gabrielle, what are you talking about?' Gabrielle finally released Xena.

'Because I left you in the room and didn't come to you!'

'Gabrielle' Xena sighed, 'I was only playing around. I knew we had to go. I just wanted to stay and make love to you all day because I owe you for last night.'

'You don't owe me anything, Xena. You made me orgasm a few times if I remember rightly!' It was true including one of those times that Xena only had to place a finger on Gabrielle's clit.

'You were fantastic last night, Gabrielle. You need to feel that too.'

'You mean you'll...' Xena nodded. Xena had never fisted Gabrielle before because she didn't want to hurt her, but now Xena felt she was ready to feel what Gabrielle made her feel last night.

'I can't wait!' Gabrielle said, as an evil streak came over her.

Xena put her arms around Gabrielle, 'Sorry for embarrassing you this morning with the juice joke!'

'No, you were right though, there was fresh juice!' Gabrielle surprised Xena, using the same crude words she had. Gabrielle was quite shy talking about herself usually.

'Maybe we should get some alcohol every night!'

'I don't think I'll need it anymore to do what I want!' Xena loved this new Gabrielle she had brought out in her. She was horny and up for anything.

'I trust you, Xena' Gabrielle said so sweetly. Xena couldn't resist anymore, so she grabbed hold of Gabrielle and their lips and tongues collided with love.

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