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Gabrielle had been begging for it since she had awoke this morning from a very erotic dream about her partner. However Xena, being Xena, teased her little bard and wouldn’t satisfy her needs.

Gabrielle wasn’t finding it amusing.

"Xena!" she moaned, like a small girl begging for sweets.

"What?" Xena said, acting all innocent.

"You know full well what!" Gabrielle moaned at her partner, "You can smell me from here"

"Smell what, Gabrielle?" Xena half-smiled at her companion

"Grrr!" Gabrielle snapped, as she screwed her hands up into fists.

Xena knew Gabrielle wouldn’t say anything sexual, because they were walking through a palace that they’d been sent to guard for the king.

They entered a big room, with a long dining table in it. It was so large it would seat over fifty men.

"I’m going to have to take care of things myself!" Gabrielle hinted to Xena, thinking that had to work.

"Go ahead!"

"What?" Gabrielle couldn’t believe her ears.

"I said ‘go ahead’ but you and I both know that it’s much more fun when someone else does it for you!"

"Well then." Gabrielle sighed, "I’ll just have to find someone else to please me, won’t I!" She was only joking.

"Ok," came the reply. "I’m just gonna check the king’s chamber…won’t be a minute."

"Ooh, take as long as you like, Xena!" Gabrielle huffed and puffed as Xena left her.

Xena smiled to herself as she left Gabrielle. She had been doing the most erotic things to Gabrielle all the way to the palace, and Gabrielle had fallen straight in to her trap. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to fuck Gabrielle till the blonde was completely satisfied. It was just that winding Gabrielle up this way was so much more fun and then when she did give up, Gabrielle got a lot more out of it... and things always got a bit more interesting.

"Why does she have to be so difficult?" Gabrielle said to herself in the heat of her anger. Xena had been playing with her all morning and it had really made Gabrielle’s clit twinge, more than once. A flash of those thighs and a little sweet talk from the Warrior Princess was enough to get anyone’s underwear soaked!

"That’s it!" she thought, "Two can play at this game." With that the doors swung open and there stood Xena.

"Why? Didn’t you just...?" Gabrielle wandered, as Xena had left through the left-hand doors and now she was standing at the opposite end of the room!

"Ooh, thought you could catch me out did you?"

"What do you mean, Gabrielle?" Xena said as she approached her.

"Yeah, whatever!" Gabrielle sighed as she lay back on the dining table and bent one leg, revealing her hidden treasures to her lover.

"What are you doing?" Xena said as she came over and straightened out Gabrielle’s legs, then swung them back over the side of the table so Gabrielle was now sitting on the table.

"So you don’t like it when I do the teasing do you, Warrior Princess!"

"You’ve lost me, Gabrielle! Have you seen the king?"

"You just like playing hard to get, don’t you?" Gabrielle said as she stood and shimmied her waist so that now her underwear was around her ankles.

"GABRIELLE!" Xena nearly squawked.

Gabrielle didn’t answer. She just took Xena’s hand and placed it on her sodden cunt.

"Do it!" Gabrielle husked out, indicating the firm, rough hand that was exactly where she wanted it.

"Are you sure?" Xena questioned.

"If you don’t, I won’t be responsible for my actions!" Gabrielle panted.

Gabrielle leaned back and lay on the table once again, making sure Xena’s hand never left her core.

"Take me.... Please!"

And with that Xena straddled Gabrielle and inserted her fingers deep in Gabrielle’s center.

"Yesssss!" Gabrielle hissed at the penetration.

Xena then drew closer to her lover’s face and inches away from Gabrielle’s lips.

"I never knew you wanted this from me!" and before Gabrielle could reply, Xena’s lips were on hers.

Gabrielle shot her tongue forcefully into Xena’s mouth, sucking, licking, and stroking anything she could.

But, it felt different somehow. Gabrielle couldn’t put her finger on it. The rhythm Xena was pumping into her, the way she kissed, and the way in which she spoke to her like it had never happened before just didn’t add up.

Those thoughts were fleeting, as Gabrielle suddenly couldn’t think anymore,

"WHAT THE...!" Both Gabrielle and Xena’s heads shot in the direction of the doors on the left side of the room. The voice was full of anger and disbelief.

The person standing at the door though wasn’t the king of the palace, not even any of the servants or maids. It was Xena!

Gabrielle turned her head at the person sitting on top of her with her hand up her!

"But...who...how?" Gabrielle froze in confusion.

"GET THE FUCK OFF HER!" the Xena from the far end of the room yelled. She stomped up to the pair and threw the other Xena off Gabrielle.

Gabrielle shuddered at the emptiness that was left between her legs as the new Xena was pinning the other to the wall!

"What is going on here?" Gabrielle said, as she stood on shaky legs.

"Don’t ask me," said the Xena being held against the wall.

"Who are you? Ares? Strife? Cupid?" The Xena in control was having trouble guessing due to the fact she was so furious that this person had posed as her to take advantage of HER Gabrielle!

The scared Xena just nervously giggled at the tension!

"Wait a minute!" Gabrielle shook her head then looked at the situation once again. "Who’s the real Xena?"

"Me, Gabrielle" The Xena who was having trouble keeping calm replied.

"Then I just..." she couldn’t say it. She’d nearly came on someone else’s hand!

"If you don’t tell me who you are right now, then I’ll..."

"Ok, Ok." the other Xena replied, "I was wandering around the village and I heard that Xena the Warrior Princess was going to be here..."

"Cut to the chase!" Xena said tightening her grasp on the leather she had hold of.

"It’s me!" the imposter exclaimed. Xena and Gabrielle looked at each other then back at the false Xena. "Meg!" she smiled.

"Ooh no!" Gabrielle said as she turned her back on the pair of them and put her head in her hands. Xena let go of the grip she had on the now-identified Mug’s suit.

"What did you think you were doing with Gabrielle?" Xena exclaimed.

"Hey, she was the one coming on to me!" Meg raised her arms in a gesture of confusion herself.

"Xena, I didn’t..." Gabrielle tried to explain, as she turned to face the two once again.

‘What! Your trying to tell me you didn’t know the difference between me and Meg?’ Xena was a bit harsher than she would have liked to be but her anger was way past it now.

‘No…I mean yes…I mean…’ Gabrielle couldn’t seem to form any words!

‘You mean that all you wanted was a fuck and Meg just happened to be there instead of me?’

‘No it isn’t wasn’t like that at all!’ Gabrielle jumped in. She could see Xena was really mad but she was hurting her feelings.

"Don’t even bother!" Xena said as she tossed her hands at Gabrielle in disbelief.

"Where are you going?" Gabrielle asked as tears started to form in her eyes.

"To be alone. I need to get away from here!" and with that Xena left them alone before she said anything she really would regret.

"What have I done?" Gabrielle exclaimed as she sank back in into a chair.

"Don’t worry Gabrielle. I’ll talk to Xena." Meg told her as she ran up to the door, "I promise you, Gabrielle. I’ll bring her back to you" The lookalike gave Gabrielle the best smile that she could fake at that moment and left.

Gabrielle wanted to cry but she couldn’t. She wanted to laugh at the situation but she couldn’t. All her emotions wanted to come out but they couldn’t.

What had she done?

She just sat there, confused, dazed and alone.

Xena walked out of the palace and a little into the woods. She sat on the first fallen log that she spotted and sighed.

Meg saw Xena as she left the palace but now.... Where was she?

Meg stumbled on a twig as she walked backward trying to see if she could regain her bearings. And luckily, she spotted Xena behind a bush. The Warrior Princess was sitting there, doing nothing.

"Hey!" Meg said, as she walked into Xena’s view.

"Don’t you think you’ve caused enough damage for one day?" Xena said, without looking up to see who it was.

"Xena I.... Well it was a little like.... Xena!" Meg stumbled over her words. She didn’t know what to say. "I did a stupid thing back there!" was the best she could come up with. She smiled pathetically at her identical twin, hoping she’d said something that registered with Xena.

"What where you doing there, here, in the palace, dressed as me?" Xena looked up to see what excuse Meg was going to come up with now.

"At first, I didn’t even know you were here. And when I did I thought maybe you could use my help. Big mistake huh?" Meg commented, as she sat herself next to Xena on the log. "I dressed as you cuz I always get comments like, ‘Ooh, look there’s Xena, the Warrior Princess’ and you know, looking like you has its advantages. I get a lot more respect dressed like this!" She couldn’t hide her smirk.

Xena gave a slight sigh, which could have been mistaken for a chuckle.

"Hey Xena, don’t throw away all you’ve got! I mean I never knew you two were inclined that way, but..." Xena gave a glance at Meg, but she continued. "Hey, no biggie! You two seem to have something good, if you know what I mean!" She winked at Xena, which was only returned by another glance from Xena.

"I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t punish Gabrielle for something I did! Your love is stronger than that, right?"

Xena finally spoke. "Ooh, I’m not mad at Gabrielle and the gods know I could never leave her. I just needed to get out there before I said something I’d regret"

Meg nodded her understanding. But then Xena looked around their surroundings.

"Great Xena, cuz you know if I had someone like Gabrielle I’d..."

Before Meg could finish Xena asked, "Where’s Gabrielle?"

"Err, well, I left her at the palace"

"Alone!" Xena shrieked as she stood.

"Yeah, why?" Meg didn’t understand Xena’s problem.

"Why! Why do you think we were at the castle in the first place! The army is going to attack" And with that Xena ran back to the palace

‘Not good then!’ Meg commented as she followed Xena’s footsteps.

A few minutes later, Xena burst through the double doors. What she had hoped might not have happened had!

The room was full of warlords and soldiers.

"Aarrhh, Xena" said what looked like the leader of the group. He was a big guy, covered in armor and sweat! "She said you’d come!"

"What are you talking about?" Xena scolded, as Meg suddenly joined Xena and glanced at all the men before she swallowed hard.

"What am I talking about?" he repeated, as he walked up to the table. All the men stepped to the side as he finally reached his destination. "You saying this isn’t yours?"

There on the table, tied and gagged was Gabrielle. She had her arms and legs spread out as the rope went under the table to form a knot.

Meg gasped and placed her hand to her mouth. What had she done?

"Well, if it isn’t yours then I think I’m gonna claim this pretty thing for myself. I mean I came to kill the king but look what I got instead...miles better!" he said as he run his hand up the length of Gabrielle’s arm, nudging her breast.

Gabrielle tried to protest, but she couldn’t move her body. All that could be heard was the mumble of her voice through the cloth and the heaviness of her own breathing.

"Get the hell away from her" Xena proclaimed.

"Why Xena? What are you gonna do? She’s mine now, my little sexy slave" This time he ran his hand up her leg. Gabrielle’s slit in her skirt showed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear and that he was rubbing his hands thought her pubic hair. Gabrielle tried to scream but her cries were no good. They couldn’t stop what was happening to her.

Without a thought or a care and before anyone could stop her, Xena, within a blink of an eye, had her chakram sticking out through the middle of his throat.

The soldiers gasped with disbelief as their leader fell to the floor with the chakram still in his neck.

Gabrielle’s whole body froze at what she saw.

And Meg had her hands on her own throat. All she could think of was that it could have just as easily been her!

"Anyone else wanna try?" Xena’s voice was calm and hard, waiting for an answer.

The soldiers looked at one another and then they charged at her.

Meg stumbled back as Xena kick and punched and sliced her way easily and joyously through the men.

It wasn’t long before all the men were piled in heaps on the floor, except for one. He stood at the foot of the table where Gabrielle was.

"I’ll fight you for her" he exclaimed.

There was no fear in his voice, no doubt, and Xena couldn’t see any concern for his well being in his eyes as she bent down to collect her chakram back.

He was a big man like the leader of the gang. At least 6"5, with big arms and a decent sword by his side. But just as Xena had noted, he was like the leader and look where the leader was now!

"Ok," Xena finally accepted his challenge.

Xena suddenly hear a muffle sound from Gabrielle. She was shaking her head at Xena. He was big and both she and Xena knew that the Warrior Princess wouldn’t walk away from this unharmed.

But when was Xena one to back down from a challenge?

Gabrielle feared it was the challenge alone that made Xena want to fight him and not the reward at the end...her!

"Winner takes her." he bellowed, looking Xena up and down and then added, "And I get you too." The smile on his face didn’t hide what his intentions for the both of them where.

Meg gulped behind Xena. The whole thing had whirled in to a very sticky situation!

"And if I win" Xena said boldly, "I get the girl and." she looked him up and down, "a body part!"

The guy grinned, "I like your style. To bad it won’t matter much when your lips are locked around my dick!" and with that he withdrew his sword and swung it at Xena’s head. She bobbed down and quickly drew her sword.

Meg stepped back. If anything happened, she was going to run. If nothing happened, she was going to run. However, she found her legs wouldn’t carry her so she had no other option but to stand and watch.

Sparks flew as Xena and her opponent’s swords clanged together with equal amounts of strength at the end of each,

"You’re not bad...for a girl!" the man taunted as he swung at Xena’s legs. She flipped over him and gashed a cut up his right arm.

Xena landed on the other side of him and chuckled,

"Not as easy as you thought, huh?" Her laughing suddenly stopped though as she saw the gash on his arm healed.

"Not what you was expecting, huh?" he grinned sourly.

"How’d he do that?" Meg blurted out.

"You see Xena I ain’t your everyday guy. I’m a demi-god! Yeah, that’s right." He nodded his head agreeing to his own statement with pride.

‘Sweet ambrosia. Hey you never know what your gonna find being a thug!’ he stated.

"Hey that ain’t fair. That’s cheating!" Meg yelled from behind him.

"Demi-god or no demi-god, you can still die," Xena said, as she swung back at him. She was blocked by his sword and without warning he took a chunk out of the top of Xena’s left arm.

"Ouch" Xena huffed, as she grabbed hold of her arm and when she pulled it away her hand was awash with blood.

"Gotta hurt!" Meg said through gritted teeth.

Another mumble came from Gabrielle as a tear ran down the side of her face.

"Not so clever now, are we, Warrior Princess?" He twirled his sword and Xena rolled out of the way to dodge another blow.

"You wish!" Xena grumbled as she flipped backwards on to the table, her legs on either side of Gabrielle, before grabbing hold of the chandelier. She swung around the man and landed behind him. He quickly turned and Xena plunged her sword into his gut.

"The bigger they are…" she said, as she twisted her sword inside of him. She placed her foot on his chest and pulled her sword out, "The harder they fall…" and with that his body plummeted to the floor.

"Whoa look!" Meg said, as she raised her arms up in delight.

Xena had no time to celebrate as she put her sword back.

She ran over to the table and pulled the gag from Gabrielle’s mouth.

"I love you" was the first words Gabrielle sobbed. Xena looked into her eyes and then with the flick of her chakram over the rope so Gabrielle could move.

She wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and cried into her shoulder.

"I love you too, Gabrielle" Xena whispered into her ear.

They held each other for a minute or two and then Xena collected Gabrielle’s sobbing body in her arms carrying her over to the door.

"Let’s get out of her," she told Meg, as they passed her.

Outside the castle, Meg grabbed hold of Xena’s arm,

"I’m gonna stay" she told her, "I’ll check if the king’s ok and that kind of stuff, you know!"

Xena nodded her approval.

"And Xena?" Meg said, as she began to walk off into the forest, "Remember what I said. Don’t throw it away!"

Again Xena nodded a couple of times and then replied, "Be careful"

"Always!" Meg winked as she turned and entered the castle.

Xena carried Gabrielle to a patch of grass quite a distance away from the castle.

Gabrielle had been continually crying and holding onto Xena with all her might for quite some time, but now she was quiet.

Xena wondered if maybe she had tired herself out and fallen asleep.

Xena lay down with Gabrielle’s body half on her and half off her with her head on Xena’s breast.

Gabrielle lay there silently. She had cried till she couldn’t cry anymore. Even if she had wanted to, now she didn’t have the energy, or the tears to do so.

She lifted her head and looked at Xena.

Xena looked back at Gabrielle to see that her eyes were red from where she’d been crying so much.

"It’s ok" Xena whispered tenderly to her lover.

Gabrielle placed her head back onto Xena’s breast and hugged her tightly, never wanting to let go. Xena meant everything to her.

Gabrielle closed her eyes and before she knew it she was asleep.

Xena stroked Gabrielle’s hair, loving the feel of being back with her soulmate again.

If she ever wanted time to stand still and never carry on it would be at this moment. When Gabrielle was in her arms, the rest of the world seem non-existent to her.

Slowly Xena drifted of to sleep as the day’s events played through her mind.

Gabrielle awoke. It took her a few minutes to gather her bearings, as she lay there thinking.

She lifted her head, expecting to see Xena asleep, but to her surprise Xena was looking right back at her.

"Xena, I had the weirdest dream..." Gabrielle’s speech trailed off as she looked at the slice of flesh missing from the top of Xena’s arm. Her mouth opened,

"It wasn’t a dream!" she said, as she placed her hand near the wound, "We need to sort that out, Xena, before it gets infected," she continued, as she tried to get up.

"No!" Xena said, as she kept her grip around Gabrielle’s waist. "It doesn’t hurt as much now. It’ll be ok."

Gabrielle studied Xena’s features. She looked so peaceful as she lay there.

The blonde placed her hand on Xena’s cheek, moving it down to trace the jawbone, watching her hand as she did so.

Her fingertips slid down Xena’s neck and then slithered on to her chest.

Her fingers came to a complete stop as Xena’s leather forbade her to go any further.

Gabrielle looked up into Xena’s eyes,

"May I?" she whispered hopelessly.

"You and only you can" Xena replied as her eyes watched as Gabrielle’s bottom lips quivered as if she was about to cry.

Gabrielle slid her hand under the leather and pulled Xena’s breast out over the top.

Continuing to look into Xena’s eyes, Gabrielle licked her tongue over the exposed nipple slowly.

Xena’s eyes closed, as she felt what she didn’t realize her body wanted so much.

Gabrielle watched as Xena’s mouth opened and felt as the nipple under her tongue grew smaller and harder.

She nipped at the small bud and then released it as she lifted her head and traced Xena’s lips with her finger.

Xena’s tongue came out without her thinking and Gabrielle collected it all up as her lips locked with Xena’s.

The kiss was filled with passion as Xena explored the contours of Gabrielle’s mouth.

It was all the confirmation Gabrielle needed to have, and within seconds, Xena was dressed only in her shift.

Gabrielle kissed Xena one more time as her hands made their way down her body.

The bard outlined the amazing curves of her body as they moved down Xena’s thighs and then up under the shift so they rested on each side of Xena’s sex.

Gabrielle pulled her lips from Xena’s reluctantly, and she slid her body down to rest in between her legs.

She lifted Xena’s shift up and was quickly drawn towards her ultimate goal.


Gabrielle froze as her heart stopped and she looked above Xena’s shift.

"I want to be able to see you," requested Xena.

Gabrielle began to breathe again as she smiled and slipped the shift up to Xena’s waist. Xena sat up and pulled the material over her head.

Gabrielle ran her hand back down in between Xena’s breasts, over her torso, and through her pubic hair.

Xena raised her hips in tune as Gabrielle slid her underwear off.

Xena could have sworn she hadn’t been wet a few minutes ago, but now her body was demanding the attention that is was so used to by now from Gabrielle.

Only Gabrielle could make her feel like this. Only Gabrielle could control her body in such a way.

Gabrielle could see the shining wetness in Xena’s valley and she inhaled the fragrance that she had learned to live off of.

Her lips automatically connected with Xena’s lower ones and she tasted the sweet ambrosia that only Xena could supply.

Gabrielle flattened her tongue and swept it through the glistening wetness.

She sucked on Xena continually, enjoying the feel, the taste, and the movement of her warrior above her.

The more she groaned out her desire the more Gabrielle frantically flicked her tongue back and forth over her lover’s treasure.

Xena moaned at the feel of her bard’s tongue running up and down her sex, making Xena grab the grass on either side of her to stop her from screaming out the sheer pleasure of it all.

Gabrielle massaged Xena’s vaginal hole with her tongue, using a motion that she knew would create a surge of ecstasy that crashed through Xena like a wave against rocks.

Xena rocked and bucked her hips, trying to get pressure to her clit that would send her over the edge.

Feeling Xena’s need, Gabrielle moved her mouth and twisted her tongue around Xena’s enlarged clit, grasping it with her lips and sucking Xena over the edge.

Moving her fingers inside her lover, Gabrielle gave Xena the amount of movement that would make her climax.

"I love you!" Xena screamed out into the forest as her body shook and her hips rolled furiously.

Gabrielle collected her reward eagerly as she heard her warrior panting and gasping for air above her.

A few minutes later, Xena thought she had enough air to speak.

Gabrielle was still sliding her tongue up and down Xena’s cunt, as she was lost in the taste and feel of Xena under her tongue.

"Gabrielle?" Xena breathed, as her hips danced away from her bard’s busy tongue just as it caught her clit again.

Gabrielle gave Xena’s clit one last kiss as she lifted her head to see what her warrior desired.

"Come here," Xena said, as held out her hands waiting for her.

Gabrielle smiled happily as she accepted the hug.

Xena pulled back and looked at her lover and grinned as Gabrielle was still licking her lips frantically.

"Don’t ever leave me," Xena said seriously, as she looked longingly into Gabrielle’s eyes.

"I wouldn’t…I couldn’t" Gabrielle replied, cupping Xena’s face in her hand.

Xena turned her head and kissed Gabrielle’s hand as Gabrielle’s thumb glided across Xena’s bottom lip.

"Never" Gabrielle uttered under her breath softly as she lower her head to kiss Xena once again.

Xena caressed Gabrielle’s face as their lips parted.

"Your turn" she chuckled, as she continued, "I can smell you from here!"

Gabrielle laughed as she remembered those were the words she’d used this morning.

Gabrielle undid her top and her belt and slipped her skirt off and then sat on Xena’s stomach.

Xena placed her hands on Gabrielle’s hips and urged her to move her body up hers.

Gabrielle complied with Xena’s wishes. As she did so though, she made sure that she let Xena know she was already wet.

She moved so that she was now hovering over Xena’s mouth, leaning her body weight on her knees.

Xena curved her hands around to Gabrielle’s backside and could see for sure that her little bard was more than ready.

A couple of droplets had formed on one of Gabrielle’s lips and was about to drop, so Xena flattened her tongue just in time to receive a taste of what was about to come.

That was all the encouragement she needed before she sensually placed her mouth over all she could of Gabrielle’s sex and sucked in the essence of her partner.

Gabrielle moaned out her thanks as she finally got what she’d desired all day; namely, her Xena making love to her in the most passionate of ways.

Gabrielle could feel herself climbing already; just the thought of what Xena was actually doing was increasing her excitement very fast.

But she didn’t care, and neither did Xena as she had denied Gabrielle all day and felt guilty for what had happened.

So once Gabrielle had cried out her thanks for sending her to the Elysian Fields, Xena intended to keep her there for as long as she could!

The End!


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