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Stacey X

It was a sunny fine day as Xena and Gabrielle walked along the dirt track towards Tania, where there were a bunch of thugs threatening to burn down the village if they didn’t pay up there fine!

The walk was slow and sticky though for the pair. It had just gone midday and the sun was scorching hot.

‘Can I have the water skin please, Xena?’ Gabrielle said as she stretched out her hand.

‘Yeah’ she replied as she grabbed it off the back of Argo’s saddle, ‘but there isn’t much left’ Xena shuck the water skin to hear the last drop of water sloshing about inside. But Gabrielle didn’t care; she grabbed hold of the skin, opened it and gulped down the remainder of the water.

‘Did that taste nice?’ Xena asked as she watched Gabrielle with the look of a slightly deprived child. Gabrielle looked at Xena’s expression as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

‘I’m sorry Xena, I didn’t know you wanted some’ Gabrielle said guiltily. Xena smiled at her warmly.

‘I’m only joking.’ Xena said as she wrapped her arm around Gabrielle’s waist, ‘Were nearly there anyway and there’ll be lots of water for the both of us!’ Gabrielle smiled back up at her and gave her a tender kiss on the lips and then pulled out of Xena’s arm.

‘No offence Xena but I’m hotter than I’d like to be without your arm around me’

‘I know!’ Xena smirked back at her. Gabrielle giggled, as she understood what Xena was getting at as she stood back next to her. A few minutes later and Gabrielle said,

‘It’s been to long hasn’t it?’ Xena looked at Gabrielle puzzled but she kept looking right ahead.

‘What has?’

‘IT!’ Gabrielle smiled but stilled looked ahead. Xena looked ahead as well as she understood what Gabrielle was getting on about. IT was sex!

Though it wasn’t because they didn’t want to, it was because for the last few day’s, Xena had had to stop a landslide in Curator whilst a group of wannabe bards had wanted Gabrielle to advise them and she had promised to. Despite Gabrielle’s good nature of always doing what she had said I had had to fight to get her to go and teach them whilst I went to save a village from being destroyed.

‘IT…hmm, I’ve almost forgotten what IT’s like anymore!’ Xena teased. Gabrielle turned her head to see what expression her Warrior Princess was holding. She looked at Gabrielle with a serious yet sarcastic face.

‘Don’t you worry my Warrior Princess! You’ll soon remember what it’s like to be fucked so hard that you can’t take anymore!’ Xena eye’s stared at Gabrielle in disbelief. Her Gabrielle would never say some think like that!

‘Ok! Were have you hid the real Gabrielle?’ she teased.

‘Ooh she’s here but her pussy is talking to you now!’ Gabrielle smiled wildly at Xena. She was hot and gagging for Xena to take her in her arms and…take her! And she wished to do exactly the same to her.

‘Ooh yeah!’ Xena replied, as her underwear was suddenly wet through. Gabrielle giggled again as she was glad with the response she had gotten from Xena.

Soon Xena and Gabrielle arrived in Tania a while later and despite Xena’s wish to let Gabrielle prove what she had been saying on the walk here, she managed to walk up to the leader of the town and get the hole story from him. His name was Marcus and he filled Xena and Gabrielle in on what the thugs had done to the village and the people.

‘Even if we pay up, they still trash the place and kill our people!’

He explained to us that they had been delayed so would reach the village about midday tomorrow when we’d be ready for them. He was very distressed and was worried that a Warrior and a Bard weren’t enough to tackle the army.

Xena and Gabrielle walked out of the hut they had been talking to Marcus in and towards the Tavern were they hoped to fine food and a bed to sleep in amongst other things!

‘He doesn’t know you very well does he Xena?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean thinking that the thugs are going to get through you and beat up the villages’

‘They might do!’ Xena said seriously

‘Yeah, and pigs might fly!’ Gabrielle raised her arms in the air to be dramatic.

‘Yeah, I guess so!’ Xena said as they enter the Tavern and walked over to the bar.

It didn’t take long to book a room and order the special on the menu. And soon Xena and Gabrielle were sitting down to eat.

‘Mmm, this is gorgeous, isn’t it Xena?’ Gabrielle said as she tucked into a chicken leg.

‘Yes it defiantly is!’ Xena said, as she looked Gabrielle up and down. Referring to her and not the food. Gabrielle pulled the leg away from her face and grinned at Xena. There was grease all around Gabrielle’s lips and it reminded Xena of when Gabrielle came up from having a feast in between her legs!

‘Have you done?’ Xena said as she ran her hand up the inside of Gabrielle’s leg.

‘You bet!’ Gabrielle placed the now clean bone back on her plate. She took a drink from her tanker and stood up. She grabbed Xena’s hand and led her up the stairs to there room. There room was the last one at the end of the corridor so any escaped noises that came from their room would be less obvious.

Gabrielle tried the handle of their room but it was locked and then she remembered where Xena always put the key to their room.

‘Believe me Xena, this is totally business and I take no pleasure in doing this!’ And with that Gabrielle reached for Xena’s cleavage and pulled out a key.

‘Yeah, right!’ Xena remarked as she looked at the key in Gabrielle’s hand.

‘Ok, maybe a little’ she said as she crinkled her nose at Xena. She then opened the door to their room and pulled Xena inside where she shut the door and pinned Xena up against it by her wrists.

‘Your all mine now Princess!’ Gabrielle smiled devilishly at Xena before she planted her lips on hers and kissed her passionately.

Finally there lips parted for air, which Xena needed as Gabrielle, had taken her breath away by her actions.

‘I’ve missed you so much Xena’ Gabrielle’s eyes began to sting as she felt tears coming to her eyes through emotions that she couldn’t keep locked away anymore.

‘And my tong has missed your mouth, my body has missed your body and my fingers have missed dancing about in your beautiful cunt!’ Xena’s words made a gush of liquid form in Gabrielle’s underwear. The reaction Xena was hoping for as she grabbed hold of Gabrielle’s wrists and changed posions with her. So now Xena was pinning Gabrielle to the wall. Gabrielle shrieked out her surprise as Xena did so but as soon as it was done Gabrielle plunged her tong into Xena’s mouth just as Xena had described she had missed.

Gabrielle’s hands made their way to the back of Xena’s neck as she deepened the kiss. Xena’s hands on the other hand were sliding down Gabrielle’s side, and resting on her firm breasts. Xena could soon feel Gabrielle’s nipples making an appearance through the material of her shirt.

‘Mmm’ Xena moaned as knowing Gabrielle was turned on made her even hornier, if it was possible!

Gabrielle pulled Xena’s head back by her hair and demanded,

‘Take me, Xena’

‘With pleasure!’ Xena said as she nibbled at Gabrielle’s neck as she through her head back to give Xena more flesh.

Both of them could smell each other’s pleasure making an appearance. The fragrance just made them demand each other more wildly. Xena hand made her way down to the top of Gabrielle’s shirt and was kneading the flesh under the top. Gabrielle gasped with satisfaction.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

‘Stop fooling around’ Xena pulled away from Gabrielle’s flesh to mutter. She though that Gabrielle had done it to distract her and then Gabrielle could have her way with her.

‘It wasn’t me!’ Gabrielle insisted as she tried to catch her breath.

‘Xena…Gabrielle…are you in there?’ came a voice.

‘GRRR’ Xena moaned as she pulled herself off of Gabrielle and rolled her eyes back.

‘Yeah, were here. Hold on’ Gabrielle answered.

The voice they had heard was Joxers and they both knew it. Gabrielle straightened her top and gave Xena a quick kiss.

‘Be nice!’ she whispered under her breath, despite her anger building up inside her as well as her lust to be fucked and fucking Xena.

Gabrielle span around and opened the door,

‘What is it?’ Gabrielle said whilst giving a completely fake smile to him.

‘Ooh hi, the towns folks said you were here so I thought we could do some catching up’

‘How fun!’ Xena remarked, only to be jerked in the ribs by Gabrielle.

‘We’d love to do some chatting…’ before Gabrielle could add but,

‘Great, come on. I’ve ordered us some beer’ He said as he grabbed hold of Gabrielle’s wrist and pulled her out of the doorway. Gabrielle grabbed hold of Xena’s wrist and they all pulled each other down stairs.

After they’d all sat down Xena soon hit the ale, knowing she wouldn’t get any action tonight if she knew Joxer, and she did!

Joxer rambled on about beating up warlord after warlords and how he defeated an entire arm by his self.

‘Really!’ was all Xena could say whilst Gabrielle tried to be a little more sociable than her partner!

When Joxer had finished his third brave story and Xena had downed five tankers of ale Gabrielle turned to her.

‘Be careful Xena. We don’t want you dropping of to sleep to soon, do we!’ Gabrielle smiled at Xena with a not so innocent motive.

‘Ooh don’t mind me, I’m sure Joxer has lots more story to stop me from doing that’ Xena was already tipsy and had to bite her tongue before she shout at Joxer, ‘don’t you get it you fool. We want to fuck each other tonight. Not listen to a load of fictional story’s!’

‘Sure thing Xena!’ Joxer said not getting the hint of sarcasm from her voice.

Joxer did as she said and began another tale.

Gabrielle was fed up of being the peacemaker when it came to hiding their relationship from everyone. And she was defiantly not going to let Xena fall to sleep tonight before she was completely satisfied. Gabrielle slipped her hand under the table whilst looking and listening to Joxer. Her hand landed on Xena’s knee and started to slide up and down the top of her leg. Gabrielle looked at the now smiling Xena as Gabrielle moved her hand back to Xena’s knee. Xena made it obvious that she wasn’t happy by giving Gabrielle a lost look. Gabrielle turned back to face Joxer and her hand now began its trek up the inside of Xena thigh. Xena fought back the moans as she felt Gabrielle cup her mount. Then he finger went under Xena’s waistband of her underwear and meet the juicy flesh that was waiting for her.

‘Hmm, very wet indeed’ Gabrielle said to Joxer. Luckily it matched the story Joxer was telling!

‘It was Gabrielle believe me!’ Joxer added

‘All for you’ Xena whispered into Gabrielle’s ear, which tickled her and she bent her neck so she hid her ear away from her.

Gabrielle circled Xena’s clit. She could feel Xena’s needs as her small nub was enlarged. Then Gabrielle entered Xena with two fingers that slid easily through her wetness. Xena’s had to fight to keep her eyes open but she had to as they were sitting in a tavern half full of drunk men and women which was more dangerous that sober people, as if one of them court a glance at what was going on under there table the hole tavern would know what was going on, including Joxer!

Xena unconsciously moaned at the pleasure she was receiving.

‘She, ok?’ Joxer said as he stopped midway through his story.

‘Yeah she’ll be fine!’ Gabrielle smiled at Xena.

‘No…no I’m not’ Xena blurted out, ‘I think I’m coming down with something’ Gabrielle’s fingers stopped dead inside Xena. ‘I need a bed, I need to get to bed!’ she repeated hastily.

‘I best take her upstairs’ Gabrielle looked at Xena with a sparkle in her eye. She then withdrew her fingers from under the table, which Xena once again grunted at.

Gabrielle then placed the digits she removed from Xena’s cunt into her mouth seductively licking of the evidence but making sure Joxer had no clue what she was up to.

‘NOW!’ Xena demanded.

‘Ok’ Gabrielle said as she removed her hand from her mouth.

‘I’ll see you tomorrow then Xena’ Joxer replied.

‘We will’ Gabrielle answered

‘We? If Xena’s ill don’t you think we better leave her alone?’

‘No!’ Xena protested. She was now standing,

‘If she’s ill, I better help make it better!’ Gabrielle never took her eyes off of Xena.

‘WE’LL see you in the morning Joxer!’ Xena stated.

‘Ooh ok!’ He didn’t sound to happy but Xena was past caring. Gabrielle stood up and before she could move Xena was half way to the stairs of the tavern. Gabrielle walked up the stairs and had now lost sight of Xena. She thought she must of ran, they were in for a hot night tonight. Gabrielle entered their room, as the door was left wide open.

‘Xeee…’ Gabrielle turned around from closing the door. Xena was completely naked on the bed. She had her back on the headboard and her legs were bent and open, revealing all if it wasn’t for her hand that was placed in between her legs.

‘Do I have to finish it or what?’ Xena smirked.

Gabrielle undressed without taking her eyes of her now naked and horny Warrior Princess. Xena holded up her hand that had been between her legs and the juices glistened in the light from the fire. Gabrielle growled as she jumped on to the bed and to Xena’s surprise she dived straight in between her legs. Xena gasped with pleasure once again as Gabrielle’s mouth locked around Xena’s cunt and worked wildly.

Her tongue dipped into Xena’s cunt, pumping and teasing whilst her fingers worked on her clit. Xena hips rose off the bed as her body began to respond to Gabrielle’s work.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door,

‘Yesssss’ Xena screamed out unconsciously

‘Xena…Gabrielle…it’s me again, Joxer!’

‘Fuck…’ Gabrielle quickly put her hand over Xena’s mouth before she could finish her comment.

‘What?’ Joxer shouted from behind the door.

‘Just give us a minute’ Gabrielle hollered.

‘What are you doing?’ Xena whispered very annoyed.

Gabrielle had pulled her hand away from Xena’s cunt and was now half dressed.

‘Getting dressed. You don’t want Joxer to see me naked, do you?’

‘Well if it means I can finally get to fuck you, then yes!’ Xena was completely serious.

Gabrielle just eyes balled Xena as she fastened her top, and then pulled the covers over Xena’s naked, dripping wet body. Then she went to the door.

Xena couldn’t believe what Gabrielle was doing. She was so close to an orgasm and she pulled her hand away just because Joxer had been at the door!

‘Hey!’ Gabrielle smiled as she opened the door to Joxer.

‘Hi, I brought up some soup for you Xena.’ He said as he walked into the room and up to the foot of the bed.

‘That’s what you came up here for!’ Xena couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

‘That’s very nice Joxer. And Xena is thankful, despite her tone of voice.’

‘Alright then’ he said as Gabrielle got the soup and took it over to Xena.

‘Eat up, Xena’ she said as she winked at her to hurry then they could finish what they had started.

‘Yeah…soup…thanks’ Xena said as she took the soup off Gabrielle looking in to her hungry eyes the hole time. Xena rushed the soup faster than she had ever eaten before.

‘See. I told you it would make you feel better.’ Joxer said as he watched the full bowl of soup disappear in to Xena’s mouth.

‘Thanks a lot, Joxer. I’m sure that has helped’ Gabrielle said as she took the now empty bowl from Xena who made sure her fingers caressed hers, then she pasted the bowl to Joxer.

‘Ooh one thing, Gabrielle’ Joxer said as he stepped outside the door.

‘What?’ Gabrielle answered now getting slightly pissed off.

‘I put some sleeping powder in the soup. Though Xena might need a little help getting in to the land of nod! Well see you tomorrow’ Before Gabrielle could comment Joxer had gone.

Gabrielle processed the information Joxer had just given her and then she turned around with her eyes closed. She shut the door then opened her eyes to look at Xena.

‘Noooo!’ Gabrielle moaned as her sexy Warrior Princess was collapsed in the bed!

The next morning and Xena opened her eyes to a room full of sunshine.

‘What?’ she said as she sat up and rubbed her eyes, ‘Gabrielle?’ she looked around the room to see she was completely alone. Oh no! I couldn’t of feel asleep? Xena played back in her mind what had happened. All she could remember was Gabrielle taking the bowl off of her.

‘Gabrielle?’ she shouted as she quickly dressed and ran down the stairs into the tavern. She quickly scanned the room for her fair-haired bard. But she wasn’t there.

‘Xena’ she suddenly heard

‘Gabrielle’ but to Xena’s disappointment it was Joxer!

Gabrielle wandered the streets of the village looking at what the market place had to offer. She had no idea what she was looking for but anything to get her mind off of her throbbing cunt.

Xena had still been asleep and when Gabrielle had awoke and had been trying to wake her up but had been unsuccessful. Joxer must of really knock Xena out good and proper!

Gabrielle sighed as she walked back up to the tavern. Just before she entered the tavern she heard the sound of Argo coming from the stables around back. Gabrielle decided to go and investigate.

She wandered carefully around back and when she went up to the stable doors they swung opened and out came Xena and Argo.

‘Xena?’ Gabrielle said confused

‘Gabrielle, good you’re here’

‘What you doing?’ She asked as Xena mounted Argo.

‘Were going, come on’ she said as she stretched her hand out and Gabrielle grabbed it and sat behind her.

Before Gabrielle could say another word they galloped out of the village.

‘Xena, hold on! The people, the village…the thugs!’ Why were they leaving a village under threat?

‘It’s all taken care of’ Xena reassure her Bard.

‘What, Joxer!’ she half joked but did mean what she was saying

‘No! Do you think I’m that stupid? I found a spy from the village working for the thugs and I told him to tell his friends that Xena was here to stop them.’

‘And they ran away with their tails in between their legs?’ Gabrielle said into Xena’s ear as she squeezed her tighter.

‘Well…yeah…some think like that!’ Gabrielle giggled as they carried on riding.

A few minutes later and Gabrielle brought on another conversation.

‘I didn’t mean to leave you this morning in the tavern, you know.’ Xena turned her head and gave Gabrielle a kiss on the lips.

‘I know. Joxer filled me in on the details!’

‘You were really out Xena. If it weren’t for your breathing I could of sworn you were dead!’

‘It’s not surprising with how much of the sleeping powder he put in the soup’ Xena remember her reaction when Joxer had told her that 99% of the soup was sleeping powder!

They had been travelling for about an hour deep in to the woods and finally Xena stopped Argo and helped Gabrielle off. Xena jumped off and laid their bedrolls out.

‘Now it’s my turn to repay you for last night!’ Xena said as she wrapped her arms around Gabrielle’s waist remembering Gabrielle’s little exploration in the tavern!

‘Ooh yeah. I’d forgot about that’ Gabrielle giggled to her self as her arms wrapped around Xena’s neck.

‘It was a cunning plan’ Xena had to admit.

‘I didn’t want you falling asleep on me now, did I’

‘Yeah! And look what happened!’ Xena smiled at her lover. Thinking of the irony of her answer. Gabrielle pulled Xena’s head in closer,

‘Enough talk’ and with that they kisses with the hunger for each other that they both had.

Xena suddenly broke the kiss and look eagerly around there camp.

‘What is it, Xena?’ Gabrielle said sounding slightly concerned.

‘Is someone trying to tell us something?’ Xena added not hiding her very pissed off state of mind. ‘It’s Ares!’ Xena and Gabrielle let go of each other and in a flash there stood the god of war himself.

‘Hi, Xena’ he said in his usual husky voice.

‘What do you want Ares?’

‘I though you’d be with my army by now!’ he said

‘Your army? Why?’ Gabrielle stepped in and asked.

‘Well if you two are bent upon saving innocent people then that’s the place to be’

‘ARES!’ Xena shouted out of frustration.

‘Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ve got this one covered’ Came a voice and then appeared Aphrodite. Xena sighed out loud. Where her and Gabrielle ever going to get any time alone?

‘Get back to your army Ares’ Aphrodite ordered.

‘Why should I?’ he answered back.

‘Go!’ She said again and made him go herself. ‘There’ she giggled. Xena was getting board and now she and Gabrielle had to go and save a town from Ares! She turned her back on Aphrodite and started to pick up their bedrolls.

‘Hey, not so fast’ Aphrodite said as she appeared in front of Xena, standing on their bedrolls so Xena couldn’t pick it up.

‘You heard Ares. We need to go’ she said trying to tug the roll from under her feet.

‘You’ve waited this long and your just going to give it up like that?’ Aphrodite exclaimed.

‘Give what up?’ Gabrielle said as she came and stood next to Xena. She suddenly though she knew about there relationship together.

‘Ooh come on guys! I’m the goddess of love. You think I don’t know what goes on between you two!’

‘YOU KNOW!’ Gabrielle was horrified

‘So what! What do you want’ Xena jumped in to hide Gabrielle’s comment as she dropped the bedroll to the floor.

‘Well…’ Aphrodite started as she disappeared and reappeared behind them both making them turn around together, ‘I’ve been trying to avoid interrupting your two’s…. love! But with all the interruptions you’ve been having all I can hear is both your heart screaming out to me that you haven’t had time to be together.’

‘And we still can’t, because of Ares’ Xena reminded her.

‘Yeah! And I though keeping them thugs away would do it’ she thought to herself.

Xena and Gabrielle looked at each other gone out. Aphrodite the goddess of love had helped them! It was very unusual. Aphrodite smiled to herself.

‘I got it!’ she said, ‘I’ll take care of him’

‘You!’ Gabrielle muttered

‘I’ve got to do something to keep your hearts from screaming at me before I go insane!’ she moaned.

‘I didn’t know are hearts were that strong’ Gabrielle felt love dwelling in her heart, as she looked Xena in the eyes. Xena smiled back at her to show her, her love.

‘See what I mean’ she put her hand in between their gaze, ‘You’d start fighting and then end up on top of each other!’

It might have been a bit over the top but it was true and both Xena and Gabrielle knew it.

‘Maybe your right but I don’t think I could just forget about Ares army!’ Xena didn’t really want to say that but it was true. Instead of enjoying their love together and sleeping, Xena would be awake after wandering if everything was ok or not!

‘Hey, they don’t call me the Goddess of Love for nothing you know!’ With that, Aphrodite through pink dust in to Xena and Gabrielle’s eyes, which made them both blink wildly. ‘Nothink but pure lust’ she giggled as Xena and Gabrielle’s gaze was on each other and they stepped closer together.

‘Quicker than I though!’ Aphrodite said as she stepped back to give them some space. ‘See you later love birds’ and with that she was gone.

Then Xena and Gabrielle locked lips and wrapped their arms around each other, like it was the first time together. They madly pulled at each other clothes, just trying to get as much skin contact to each other as possible.

Gabrielle’s top fell to the floor and Xena started to massage Gabrielle’s breasts. While Gabrielle could only pull Xena’s leather straps down so far so she decided to go lower and slip her hand in between Xena’s legs to travel through Xena’s lower valley.

Gabrielle pulled her lips from Xena’s,

‘Strip!’ she said as she began to undress herself madly.

Within seconds both of then were naked. Xena put her arms around Gabrielle’s waist and pulled her down on the bedroll on top of her, without losing contact of their mouths.

‘It’s been so long’ Gabrielle said as there lips parted

‘Too long!’ Xena said as she carried the passionate kiss on again. Gabrielle grabbed Xena’s arms and pinned them to the side of her head. And she growled in Xena’s mouth.

‘Ooh no you don’t’ Xena said as she turned the tables so she was on top of Gabrielle pinning her down!

‘Xena!’ Gabrielle moaned as she tried to wiggle out of her grip.

‘What?’ Xena gave a feral smile to her blond bard.

‘It’s my turn first!’ she protested as she pushed with all her strength and then was on top of Xena once again.

‘Wow! Looks like lust fits you well!’ She joked.

Gabrielle didn’t answer she just growled again and plunged her lips into Xena’s neck. Gabrielle licked, bit, chewed and kissed Xena’s neck leaving her mark as she made her way down to Xena’s breasts. As soon as her lips touched Xena’s nipple her body arched up towards Gabrielle’s mouth. Xena moan with pleasure and gratification as Gabrielle smothered Xena with her mouth. Spending her time giving Xena’s lushes breast all they need until her lower half began to grind into Gabrielle’s stomach.

‘You want it Xena?’ she teased her knowing it would make her lust grow even more which would increase the explosion of her orgasms when Gabrielle let her!

‘You know I do’ Xena panted.

‘What do you want Xena? Tell me!’ Gabrielle loved playing games with her warrior but she knew when to stop and just give her what she desired. Thought her new increased lust was giving her a big boast of confidence.

‘You know what I want, Gabrielle! What I need!’ Xena stared into Gabrielle’s eyes. Gabrielle had only seen that look a few times before but remembered what the look meant.

‘With pleasure’ Gabrielle said quietly as she slid her tongue down Xena stomach and into the crease of Xena’s cunt.

‘Aarrgh’ Xena grunted as the much-needed part of her body was finally getting attention from the person she loved most in the universe.

Gabrielle without hesitation pushed three fingers inside Xena. Xena’s body lifted of the ground as the unsuspected fingers plunged inside of her vagina. Xena’s cunt was soaking wet. Gabrielle’s plan had worked. And she began to pump into Xena.

She added another finger, then her thumb. As Xena’s body started to pore out more lubricants Gabrielle slid her hand inside.

‘Gabrielle!’ Xena screamed out her pleasure as her whole was filled with Gabrielle’s entire hand.

‘Are you ready Xena?’

‘Do it!’ Xena’s voice was way past control now. So every think she said come out as a scream or shout. Gabrielle smiled up at Xena’s heavenly face as she started to pump her hand in and out of Xena. Xena’s breathing came to a pant and her body rose in the air without control. She was rising fast so Gabrielle played with Xena’s clit with her tongue. Feeling it grow bigger than it already was.

Then as Xena’s rhythm began to slack Gabrielle sucked it hard in long strokes.

Suddenly Xena screamed out into the night forest as her orgasm took over her body. And Xena came.

Gabrielle went straight to work at drinking from her fountain of pleasure supplied to her by her one and only warrior princess. It was Gabrielle’s one and only ambrosia that she lived on!

Gabrielle’s hand stopped inside Xena’s body until, it began to calm. Then without warning to Xena, Gabrielle began to pump once again. Wiggling her fingers inside Xena. Reaching places she had never explored before! Xena’s body was just recovering from her last orgasm when another one started to build up.

‘Gabrielle…’ was all Xena could pant out. Xena never thought her body could recover from an explosive orgasm like that to produce another hot and powerful one right after it. This time when Xena’s body slammed back on to the bedroll it didn’t move.

All that could be seen moving up and down madly was Xena’s chest trying to get as much air as possible. Gabrielle slowly pulled out of Xena, knowing that the throbbing of the last orgasm would still be present. As she did, Xena’s body shivered as the cold night air replaced Gabrielle’s hand. Once pulled out Gabrielle sat up so Xena could see her and she licked and sucked in each finger at a time.

‘You are so gorgeous’ Xena managed to say.

‘I learn from the best!’ Gabrielle giggled as she lay beside Xena. She propped her head up on her hand and just looked at her very satisfied, sweaty warrior!

Then without warning Xena pounced on Gabrielle. She shrieked out of surprise but then her cries where mumbled as Xena pressed her mouth in to Gabrielle’s. The kiss was full of thanks from Xena, as she made sure Gabrielle could feel how good her mouth will feel down below soon. Really Xena was just buying time till she had the energy to satisfy Gabrielle as much as she had her.

The kiss lasted as long as both of them could go without a breath. Then as Gabrielle gasped for air, Xena travelled to her breasts that were moving about from Gabrielle gathering air. As soon as Xena began tugging at Gabrielle’s nipples Gabrielle forgot about the need for air and focused on how Xena was making her body react.

While Gabrielle had been pleasuring Xena she had brought her self over the edge with her own fingers and Xena smelt the fresh juice on Gabrielle’s fingers.

‘Just couldn’t wait could you!’ Xena joked

‘You looked to hot! I needed relief’ Xena knew what Gabrielle meant. One more than one occasion Xena had done the same.

‘That’s so sexy!’ Xena replied as she sucked Gabrielle’s fingers of its evidence.

‘There’s more where that came from’ Gabrielle said as a plea for Xena to get the hint.

‘Really!’ Xena grind as she moved her head from Gabrielle’s breasts and was now hovering over Gabrielle’s cunt.

‘Want it in your cunt, cunt?’ Xena said as she raised her hand so Gabrielle could see it, ‘It’s bigger than yours!’ Xena bragged

‘Yesssss’ was all Gabrielle could hiss out as Xena went right to worked and put three fingers inside of her. Gabrielle was soaking wet, which was just as well if Xena was going to do the same to Gabrielle as she had done to her. Xena added more fingers and then went to work slowly but surly sliding her hand in to Gabrielle’s vagina.

The feelings Gabrielle were experiencing where far beyond any she had felt before. She could feel how tight she was around Xena’s hand. She still couldn’t believe what Xena was doing as before she had felt scared about hurting her but Gabrielle was so pleased Xena was doing it. Xena licked up all the lubricants that were pouring from Gabrielle’s core like a fountain.

‘You okay up there?’ Xena started to worry as Gabrielle had stayed completely still for a couple of minutes.

‘Go!’ was all Gabrielle was capable of speaking. Xena did as she was told and pumped slowly in and out of Gabrielle. Gabrielle’s hips raised straight into the air and stayed there for a few seconds. The feeling of, Xena’s entire hand in side her body was enough to send Gabrielle over the edge but she holded back to feel the sensations it had on her. With every thrust Gabrielle panted and Xena could feel Gabrielle’s muscles tightening around her hand. She licked up and down Gabrielle’s clit and teased it. That was enough to bring Gabrielle over the edge and on to the Elysian Fields.

Gabrielle’s hold body slapped on to the bedroll as she came floating back down to earth.

It was awhile before she opened her eyes and felt a loss in her cunt then saw Xena’s worried face above hers. Gabrielle pouted her lips out to Xena’s face, which was returned by Xena’s soft lips on hers.

‘I love you, Xena’ Gabrielle said as she slowly opened her eyes again.

‘And I love you’ Xena said as she caressed Gabrielle’s check. She got hold of Gabrielle’s lifeless body and pulled in on to hers.

‘Sleep now baby!’ she whispered in to Gabrielle’s ear as both there eyelids grew heavy.

The sun shone the next morning right into Xena’s eyes, waking her up. She moaned slightly as she blocked it from her eyes. Gabrielle was still in the land of nod and she looked so peaceful. Xena was quite shocked that her lower parts weren’t throbbing quite as much from last night’s action. She was just hoping it was the same for her little bard.

Xena then reluctantly got up after hearing a sound in the bushes, which awoke Gabrielle.

‘What is it?’ Gabrielle groaned as Xena sneaked over to them.

‘Only me!’ came a voice and then appeared Aphrodite next to the bush.

‘Don’t tell me, you didn’t manage to stop Ares!’ Xena said with her hands on her hips, completely naked.

‘Yes I did!’ Aphrodite protested, as she looked Xena up and down. She then turned to Gabrielle, ‘Now I know what your interest in Xena is!’ she giggled.

‘Xena!’ Gabrielle mumbled as she out stretched her arms for Xena to come into. Xena snuggled back in to the bedroll with Gabrielle and covered her naked body.

‘How you feeling?’ Xena asked her

‘Sore!’ Gabrielle giggled. She was expecting it.

‘Ooh I can help there!’ Aphrodite said as she sprinkled some think on top of the bedroll they lay in. ‘I know what a rough night can be like!’ she smiled at them, ‘Plus Hercules and Ioaulus are on there way so you two love birds need to fly the nest!’ and with that she was gone.

‘Thanks!’ Gabrielle shouted as she went.

‘How do you feel now?’ Xena wandered

‘Loved!’ She smiled at her warrior princess, ‘But hurt!’

‘Hurt! What’s the matter?’ Xena said as she sat on her knees to look down at Gabrielle.

‘Yeah. Aphrodite saw you!’ She sulked. Xena giggled and pinned her bard’s arms above her head.

‘Yeah. But at least she didn’t get to feel this’ and with that Xena’s hand travelled down Gabrielle’s body and stroked over her clit.

‘Yesssss’ Gabrielle groaned as she closed her eyes, ‘NO, NO!’ she suddenly uttered as her eyes flew open. ‘Hercules and Ioulaus!’

‘What about them!’ Xena said into the flesh of Gabrielle’s neck.

‘You should be renamed; Xena the randy warrior princess!’ Gabrielle joked as she slid her body from under Xena’s and stood up in front of her naked.

‘Ooh only with you thought Gabrielle’ Xena smiled, as she looked her up and down.

‘Hey!’ Gabrielle blushed as she covered her breasts with her right arm and her lower bits with her left hand and then she ran over to the other side of the bedroll where there cloths were. Xena watched her little bards arse wiggle as she ran leaving it exposed. Then she bent down to gather up her cloths, showing Xena her best features.

‘Yummy!’ Xena said as she licked her lips hungrily.

‘Down girl!’ Gabrielle joked as she slid on her underwear. ‘Get dressed.’

‘But my clothes are all the way over there!’ Xena sulked.

‘If it weren’t for Hercules’ Gabrielle threatened as she chucked Xena’s cloths over to her. They landed on Xena’s head by which she wasn’t amused. Xena pulled her leathers from off her head and growled at Gabrielle fearlessly.

‘If Hercules wasn’t on his way!’ Xena repeated what Gabrielle had just said.

A few minutes later, Xena and Gabrielle were finally dressed and were just putting there bedrolls away when Hercules entered there camp site.


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