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Stein Willard @ 2013

Part 1

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Iramis had to keep herself from pulling her face as the cheap wine brutally assaulted her taste buds. She didn't expect them to serve thousand dollar a piece bottles of wine, but they could seriously have done better than this. She paid a fortune in school fees for her children only to have herself poisoned at a school function. She felt a small hand slip into hers and smiled down at her son. Oscar, like her, was dressed in a black suit and just like her she knew he was itching to get home so he could lounge around in his boxers. Sandra had tried to get the two of them to break the habit, but there was nothing else more comfortable than watching TV or playing games in their boxers.

“Hey, buddy. You bored already?”

Oscar scrunched up his face, causing her to grin. “Mommy is still talking to the parents of that boy who said all those nasty things to Jenny.”

At hearing that, Iramis felt her anger bubble to the surface. She felt Oscar's hold tightened on her hand and her anger quickly dissipated.

“Mommy also made me promise that I'll keep you away until she's done talking to them.”


She focussed her attention on Sandra's voice and searched the room until she spotted her wife talking quietly to a couple. The man was tall and thin whereas the wife was shorter with an athletic build. Fresh anger surfaced as she watched the woman's eyes rake over Sandra with a little more interest than was appropriate.

“What did mommy threaten you with if you didn't keep your promise?,” she asked Oscar, her eyes still riveted on the couple, especially the woman.

“No TV for three days,” Oscar answered quickly. “But there's nothing interesting playing on weekdays anyway.”

Iramis turned her blue yes on her son and gave him a broad grin. “For Jenny then?”

“Yes, for Jenny,” the boy answered as he grabbed his mother's hand and led her to where Sandra was.

Coming up from behind Sandra, her wife didn't see her approach but the couple did. Unleashing her beast, she gave the couple a malevolent red-eye stare and watched with satisfaction as they turned pale with fear. Sandra, having noticed the expression turned to look over her shoulder. Iramis quickly schooled her features into an expression on joviality.

“I thought I lost you amongst the crowd,” she said lightly as she placed her hand on Sandra's shoulder. Feigning interest, she pointedly looked at the now-visibly shaken couple. “Good evening, I'm Countess de Leeuw.” She held out her hand. The man looked at his wife before taking her hand, which Iramis squeezed hard for good measure. The man turned even paler with pain, but admirably, managed to give her a polite smile. When it was the woman's turn, Iramis glared at the blonde with blazing red eyes. She stepped back and gave a glaring Sandra a charming smile. Sandra was going to skin her alive for this, but these people had fai led to turn up at the disciplinary hearing for Brandon nor did they issue an apology for their son's scathing remarks against her daughter.

“Oscar, why don't you go find Jenny while your mommy and I talk to our new friends?” She waited until the boy was out of hearing distance, before she dropped the fake civility and she turned her attention back to the terrified couple. “I was hoping we could've settled this at the disciplinary hearing, but your absence made it impossible.” She fixed them with a cold stare. “What your son said to my daughter was hurtful and the least you two could've done was to have the decency to attend the disciplinary hearing you were invited to and to persuade your son to offer an apology.”

The man's mouth opened and closed as he did a great imitation of a fish out of water. Iramis held up her hand.

“You had an opportunity to speak, but having squandered it, now I'll be doing the talking and you will live to rue the day if you think of interrupting me. You hear me?”

The two nodded quickly.

“Good. Now here's what's going to happen. Your son will make an earnest apology to my daughter tomorrow. If I don't hear back from my daughter, I will personally pay your home a visit to extract an apology from him and from you both for not following my instruction.”

She plastered a brilliant smile on her face as she looked around. “Maybe you should mingle a little, I heard the hors d' oeuvres are divine. Steer clear of the wine though.” She leaned closer, her eyes hypnotic as she spoke. “That swirl is quite potent and can cause hallucinations.”

The couple sputtered out a greeting and quickly made their way to the exit. Iramis slowly turned to face Sandra. As expected the brunette was livid.

“Not everything is solved by issuing threats and violence, you now,” Sandra snapped before she walked away.


Sandra punched the pillow as she turned around for the hundredth time. She glanced at the alarm clock and sighed. Three hours have passed since she came to bed and as of this moment, sleep still eluded her. She glanced at the empty place next to her and groaned. She missed Iramis. It was such bad timing that Iramis had been called away as soon as they got home from the school function. She was angry, maybe still a little, at Iramis but they've always managed to resolve their problems before they went to bed.


Sandra quickly sat up. “Yes, honey. Is everything okay?”

Jenny walked over to the bed and crawled in next to her mother. They lay in each other's arms for a moment before Jenny spoke.

“Oscar told me what happened?”

Sandra sighed. She'll have to add his video game console to the items which are off limits for the duration of his punishment. She admired the fact the little man loved his sister enough to give up on his TV rights, but still she'd wanted to resolve the issue without having Jenny reliving the moment. “I'm sorry.” She pressed a kiss to the soft hair.

Jenny lifted her head. “Are you sorry he told me or are you sorry you got angry at Mother?”

Sandra swallowed hard. It was completely impossible, but sometimes she can't help but wonder if Ira didn't give birth to Jenny herself. The girl was so like Ira in many aspects. She was brave and bold and not scared of bringing up topics that other would rather skirt around.

“I think, both. I didn't want you to get hurt again.”

“And Mother?”

Sandra bit down on her lower lip. “I wished she could've been more subtle in her dealings with the boy's parents.”

Jenny cocked her head to the side, a movement which reminded her of Ira. “She's a vampire, mom. Sometimes we need to respect that about her and allow her to be herself just as she allows us to be human.”

Sandra felt her heart jerk at hearing that. She blinked rapidly to stem the tears welling up in her eyes. Was that what she was doing? All those years ago when she found out that the woman who had courted her with so much respect and love was a vampire, she had known what Ira was and she'd loved her even more for that. Had she become so hypocritical over the years that she expected Ira to be something that she wasn't? Was it fair towards Ira? She knew that they are all safe because of who Ira was. The world knew who and what Ira was and of what she was capable off. Yet they still respected her, sought her counsel and tried to accommodate her. Jenny was right. She was a hypocrite for expecting Ira to fight her true nature so she could fit into this domesticated mould Sandra had created for them.

A soft finger wiped at her cheeks making Sandra realize that she was crying.

“Mother loves us and she will do anything to protect us and to do that she needs to be her true self.” Jenny pressed into Sandra's body. “Please don't be angry with her. I'm still too young to know what really happens in a marriage, but I know that she is very dangerous when any of us is being threatened. Maybe we should be the ones who should be stronger and take care of ourselves, so she doesn't have to revert to her true nature to do so.”

A sob caught in her throat and Sandra held on tighter to her daughter. When did her baby girl grow up to become so wise? Maybe she should start looking at Ira out of the eyes of her children. They simply love her because she is their mother and she loved them. Why couldn't she just love Ira because she was her wife and the woman she loved with all her heart?

“Took some clever pills tonight, didn't you?” she teased her daughter.

Jenny pressed a kiss on her cheek. “Mother says we all take after you.”

Oh, Ira!


With hooded eyes, Iramis studied the woman from across the room. She should've known that the ancient would put in an appearance considering the new threat against the Vampire Race. Iramis watched as the female vampire worked her way through the room. Tall, dark and exquisitely beautiful, Adata Mesur oozed power and confidence. The dark head lifted suddenly and Iramis found herself trapped by a deep amber gaze. The red lips parted and Iramis frowned when Adata gave her a toothy grin.

The woman rarely attended gatherings and had for the past three hundred years preferred to hole up in her castle outside Istanbul. Iramis preferred it that way too. Millennia ago when she'd came across the ambushed Mesuri Royal family caravan in the Syrian desert, she was tempted to turn a blind eye and move on. Back then, the Vampire Senate, did not interfere with humans business. Humans had their reasons for killing each other and that had nothing to do with vampires. It was she walking around the caravan, disgusted by the brutality of the scene that she found the mortally wounded Queen lying in a pool of her own blood, her body brutalized. Even with death hovering close, Iramis was stunned by the woman's beauty. She looked like an angel…a blood splattered angel, clutching the severed head of her husband. Not far from them lay the disemboweled remains of their two young sons. The poignant scene had made her old vampire heart constrict with pity. It just didn't strike her as fair that this beautiful woman had to leave this plane of existence without bringing to task those who had done this to her and her family. That night she had sired her first and only vampire. It took them a couple of years to find the bandits and their master who ordered the assassination. Once revenge was dealt with, Iramis had taught the young vampire everything she needed to know to survive in their world. In return the beautiful woman repaid her with nights of endless passion. They were like a drug to each other. Their hunger for each other was insatiable. But Iramis' duty to the Vampire Senate slowly drove a wedge between them. A fledging, as was the case with Adata, was not deemed worthy enough to claim the love of an ancient being as herself. Nor did Iramis feel more than lust for the beauty to claim her as her own. After five centuries together, they had parted ways with Iramis settling in the New World and Adata returning to her native Turkey. Over the centuries they would meet on occasion and assuaged the hunger they still felt for each other. For a year of two they would hold up in one of Iramis' many castles and spend nights and days in torrid passion. But they always said goodbye afterwards and each went their own way.

Adata winked before returning her attention to the grey-haired vampire elder she'd been talking to. Iramis slowly brought her goblet to her lips. This would be their first meeting in over five hundred years, but even as she stood there taking in the gorgeous vampire, Iramis felt not even a sliver of desire. That part of her was already claimed.

“This could prove a problem.”

She turned to meet the dark grey eyes of her friend, Adomini. They were both made around the same time by the same vampire when they were part of two hunting groups chasing after a demon that tormented their respective kingdoms. Both of them brave, bold and undoubtedly stupid, disregarded the orders of their superiors and tracked the demon to a dark castle in the near impenetrable Carpathian mountains. All they craved at that time was the glory such a kill would bring them and the prestige it would buy them and their family. That night when they stormed the demon's fortress, they'd anticipated an honourable death, for the demon was known to have obliterated armies and village. In all that's fair, what could two heavily armed mercenaries do to such a powerful creature except hope that they could somehow wound, and thus weakening it.

Instead of death, they found life.

A life so bright and painful that stole all the human principles they had fought for for so long. They followed the demon, became its family, bathed in blood with it and in the end settled comfortably in their brutal existence. After years of death and misery they, together with a few others who had tasted the kiss of the demon, realized the danger of depleting their food source. Thus came to life the Vampire Senate under the custodianship of them. When their sire scoffed at the idea of coddling humans instead of showing their true power of them, together they embarked on the most painful quest of the existence. In the name of survival, they hunted down their sire and destroyed him. For centuries after, they would take a moment where they would stand together in silence and mourn the death of the one who brought them to life. But the future was beckoning and there were many young untrained vampires running around, killing indiscriminately. The Vampire Senate swiftly and brutally dealt with them. As time progressed so did the vampire evolve. A more sophisticated creature were formed, one that could respect humankind and could still feed without killing. But small pockets of vampires remained true to the Olden Creed of kill and live. It was against them that they were warring.

Now almost four millennia later, they are about as comfortable as they could be amongst the humans. Yes, they will never completely belong, but the fact that humans were beginning to accept their existence was a good start. The fact that she headed a human household was a dream come true for many vampires, a dream that many now strive for and many have achieved.

“You seem to be quite far, old friend. I take it my remark was unwelcome.”

Iramis shook her head slowly. “No, not unwelcome, but indeed unnecessary.”

The dark headed vampire smiled. “I don't doubt you, but I surely doubt her intentions. You could never resist each other in the past and I think she might still feel the same.”

Draining her glass of wine, Iramis came to her feet. “That's why, my dear Adomini, I'm leaving you to babysit.”

A sly smile crossed over Adomini's face. “It seems more like you're taking flight, Ira. She might interpret it as such.”

“Then so be it. I've a family and I need to check in with them.” She gave Adomini a curt nod and slowly made her way to the exit, greeting a few old friends along the way. Just as the exit was in sight, she felt the hair in her nape bristle.

She turned slowly to face Adata.

As a vampire the woman would never change, but it was still unsettling to find her looking even more beautiful than the last time they saw each other. Intense golden eyes studied her closely.

“Were you going to leave without welcoming me, sire?”

A small frisson ran down Iramis' spine at the low, sensual tones. She smiled and stepped closer to engulf the tall woman in a warm hug. No matter what, this was still her offspring. She placed a gentle kiss on the cool cheek.

“I was hoping that we could meet tomorrow,” she said softly as she studied the golden eyes. “I didn't mean any offence, child.”

Adata cocked her head to the side. “It's been too long, Iramis. I've missed you.”

“And I you,” Iramis answered truthfully. They shared a strong sire bond, strengthened further by the sexual bond they'd shared in the past. Although Adata was not always on her mind, the memory of her, although dimmed, was always with Iramis.

Like a child happy to know she was missed, Adata snuggled into Iramis' arms and held on for a long while.

“Let's share a drink together. I have so much to tell you,” Adata said as they moved apart. “A lot has happened since we last saw each other.”

Iramis sighed inwardly. She would like nothing more to hear what's been happening in Adata's life. Any parent would be interested to know how their child's been faring in their absence, but not tonight. Tonight she just wanted to talk to her wife and children.

“I was hoping to call my family before it gets too late,” she said honestly and watched Adata closely for any reaction to news.

The dark-haired vampire bit down on her lower lips as she too studied Iramis. “I've heard you got married and that you are raising children with your human.”

“Yes, I'm raising children with my wife ,” Iramis said, putting emphasis on Sandra's title.


Sandra looked at her mobile for the hundredth time, before she sighed and leaned her head back against her seat's headrest. Usually Iramis would call every night when she was away. That had not been the case this time. For the second day in a row, she hasn't head from her wife. She felt her eyes burn, but she quickly blinked way the tears. There was no way she was going to cry in front of her children.

“Are you okay, mommy?” Oscar asked where he sat next to her.

Smiling tenderly, she leaned over and kissed Oscar's cheek. “I'm fine, sweetie. Aren't you tired?” She threw a quick glance over to where her two eldest were fast asleep in their seats.

“A little,” Oscar answered. “But I didn't want to leave you alone while you looked so sad.”

Sandra almost burst out in tears there and then. She will never stop being amazed by how wonderful her children were. They had such diverse personalities, but the one constant is their unbelievable caring nature. No one would believe that these kids were raised by a very deadly vampire. Where they could've turned out bold and arrogant because of the immense power Iramis possessed, they were the extreme opposite. She leaned over and cradled her baby in her arms.

“Thank you, honey, but I'm better now.”

“Good,” he said, his voice muffled against her shoulder. “Mother asked me to take care of you while she's away. I don't want her to see you looking so sad.”

Sandra's heart jumped at the boy's revelation. Iramis actually asked him to look after her. For the third time in less than ten minutes, she had to fight back tears. She gave Oscar another kiss and sat back.

“I'm sure she'll be proud of you. Now grab the pillow and put it on my lap so you can sleep for a while.”

Oscar did as he was told and a soon as his head landed in her lap, he relaxed and dozed off. She leaned her head back against the seat and sighed. Her hand gently brushed through the soft curls and Sandra smiled when the boy moaned softly and cuddled closer. Iramis also did that when she played with her hair. A memory flitted through her mind and she sighed deeply.


The pleasure was almost unbearable as she arched her back and clenched her muscles, holding the skilful fingers prison and milking every bit of pleasure from the friction. She opened her eyes and gasped when she met the blue, hungry gaze. This sight never seized to thrill her. Seeing Iramis like this always left her undone and she wasn't surprised when she felt the tingling starting in her toes. Locking her hands behind the vampire's neck, she pulled Iramis into a searing kiss, using her tongue, lips and teeth to coax a delicious sounding gasp from her wife's lips. Small bursts of lights exploded behind tightly closed eyes and she screamed as her body dissolved into an uncontrolled vortex of pleasure. Iramis wrenched her lips from hers and moved down until her warm mouth closed over her clit and sucked hungrily. Sandra pulled on the short, sweaty tresses, as she tried to ground herself, tried to pull herself from the maelstrom of pleasure threatening to drown her. But she couldn't. Not with the deftly lips, literally eating away at her control. It took a while, but suddenly the violent pleasure subsided, leaving in its wake a dull, throbbing heat. She lay, panting, savouring the gentle motion of Iramis' tongue lapping at her spent sex.

“I want another one,” she whispered brokenly.

She felt Iramis smile against her sex before she lifted her head. Sandra almost swooned at the look of utter adoration on the vampire's face.

“Don't you need to take a break first?”

Sandra rubbed the wetness off her wife's chin and licked her finger. A deep growl sounded and she met Iramis' burning gaze. “Easy there, Fangs. I was thinking more along the lines of another baby.” Not knowing what to expect, she closed her eyes. A cool hand brushed over her brow and she slowly opened her eyes. Iramis' eyes were dark with something more that passion. Intrigued, Sandra studied her vampire closer, trying to decipher the strange look.

“You want to make me a mother for the third time, Sandra?”

Sandra swallowed. Why the hell were vampires so difficult to read? “Uh, yes.”


Sandra felt tears burn behind her closed lids. Oscar moved again and she resumed her gentle caress. He was the product of that discussion. She'll never forget that night. It ended with her cradling a trembling Iramis in her arms. The vampire never made her wish for another child known and her yearning for another baby was evident in the blood-streaked cheeks of her wife. After Brandon and Jenny, Oscar was their love child. The little miracle they've worked on diligently and with a lot of courting from Iramis' part.

A smile lifted the corners of Sandra's lips. Brandon was their first love, Jenny, their forever love and Oscar their unquenchable love. She lost track of how many times, Iramis would lock her out of the room only to let her in later. The room would be strewn with roses and Darren Hayes' Insatiable would fill the candle-lit room.

A teardrop fell on her hand and Sandra smiled widely. Their children were Iramis' testimony that she would always love her.


Adata quickly held up her hands. “My apologies, Iramis. I spent so much time around vampires back home that I'm even beginning to talk like them.”

Iramis smiled at that. “You are a vampire.”

Adata's soft chuckle filled the air around them. “Yes, that's true. The only difference between me and them is that they were once human not so long ago, but yet they talk like ancients.”

Iramis frowned slightly. “You sired new vampires?”

“Only one, my spouse. My daughter is not yet ready.”

It was only due to millennia of self-control that Iramis' jaw didn't unhinge. Her interest piqued, she took Adata's hand. “You have a family?”

Adata gave her a dazzling smile. “Yes, we've been together for almost twenty years now. Our daughter's sixteen.” Twinkling amber eyes looked at her and Iramis raised a questioning eyebrow. “You're a grandmother.”

Iramis snorted. “A grandmother, hah.”

“Yes, and they can't wait to meet you.”

Iramis scanned the room. “Are they here?”

“No,” Adata murmured. She leaned closer. “They still feel a bit intimidated by other vampires.”

“But I thought you said…”

“Yes, but since I'm the only ancient they're used too they're still uncomfortable with all the power surges in the room. Would you like me to take you to them?”

Iramis hesitated for a moment. Looking at Adata she saw the other woman smile.

“Your family? You miss them.”

Iramis nodded. She hadn't spoken to Sandra or the kids in two days. Not that she didn't want to. Upon her arrival here she was dragged into meeting after meeting to prepare for the arrival of the elders.

“We'll be here for a while. I'm sure we can find the time.” Iramis said quietly. “I need to call my family.”

A shadow crossed over Adata's face. “I understand. Maybe we can do it some other time.”

Iramis nodded and turned to away.

“Did I do something to make you not want to be around me, sire?” The softly uttered question made Iramis spin around. Adata looked hurt, genuinely hurt. With their blood link she could also feel the vampire's pain. At that moment nothing, not even their past together could stop the feeling of overwhelming love she felt for this creature she gave ‘birth' to. She closed the distance between them and pulled Adata in a close hug and held her.

“I love you,” she said urgently and placed a soft kiss on Adata's lips. “I will never be able to stop loving you even if I tried.”

A soft gasp sounded and they slowly pulled apart.

Iramis felt her body grow cold.

“Sandra?” She moved away from Adata, warily studying her wife's rigid face. “What are you doing here?”

Sandra's eyes were dark with pain as her gaze flitted over to Adata and then back to Iramis. Iramis watched as Sandra took a deep breath before she held out her hand to Adata.

“Hi. I'm Sandra,” she introduced herself in a polite tone. Iramis sensed Adata's confusion as the vampire shook Sandra's hand.

“We were just talking about you,” Adata said quickly. “I'm Adata.”

There was a brief silence in which the two women studied each other. Adata was the first to break the silence. With a weak smile she turned to Iramis.

“I have to go.”

Iramis nodded. “Yes. We'll talk tomorrow.”

Adata smiled at a rigid looking Sandra. “It was a pleasure meeting you.”

Sandra acknowledged the greeting with a curt nod and Iramis watched her wife as she followed Adata back.

“How long has it been going on?”

Iramis blinked in surprise. The question was expected but she hadn't expected it to be delivered in such a resigned tone. It was as if Sandra had given up already.


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