Same Difference

Stein Willard © 2015

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Chapter 19


Noor stepped under the cool spray, mentally begging, that the water will not only douse the heat that was her constant companion for the past four days, but maybe also to clear her mind. Wash away the image of a tall, powerful blonde with ice blue eyes. Her eyes shot full of tears when at the mere thought of Yonne, her body temperature shot up a notch. Why of all the people in the universe did she have to choose the most unattainable of them all? A sob burst forth and she slowly sank down the cool tiles until she sat flat on the floor, the spray beating down on her.

It won't be long before they reached Monolith and her betrothed. She clamped her hands over her mouth to smother the sobs which had intensified at the thought of some stranger pawing at her body. Breaking her . Using her .

She didn't know how long she sat there, her heart having broken so many times over that she couldn't even feel it any more. She reluctantly dragged herself to her feet. Her stomach roiling at what she knew waited for her today. Her mother was sending over another batch of suitors. They were probably already waiting for her outside her quarters. Not bothering with covering her nakedness, she walked through to her bedroom. She was halfway to her closet, when she realized she wasn't alone. Adrenaline surged as she turned ready to defend herself against the intruder.

Noor gasped when saw who her unexpected guest was. For a few moments she could only stare, until she remember she was naked. She reached into the closet for her gown and with frantic movements dressed herself. She then stood, with her back to the door, looking at her shaking hands. After taking a deep breath, she slowly turned.

“You shouldn't be here.” Even as she said it, her eyes hungrily took in Yonne. The Director stood silently inside the door leading to the bedroom, her eyes hooded as she looked at Noor.

“I was waiting in the living room, but I heard something…” The blue eyes flitted away for a moment. Yonne must've heard her crying. “I thought you had injured yourself.”

Noor stared at Yonne for a long moment, feeling the familiar tingling between her legs. Her eyes strayed to the bed. When she returned her gaze to Yonne, it was to find the other woman also looking at the bed, a strained look on her face. An intense heat wave flooded her body and she took a ragged breath. She needed to get Yonne out of the room and quickly.

“Thank you for your concern.” She waved at her gown. “As you can see I need to prepare myself for…” She pursed her lips in distaste. “…my guests.”

“There is no one.”

“No one. What do you mean? Did my mother…”

Yonne stepped into the room. “I was hoping you would consider me.”

The air was sucked from her lungs and for a moment she felt like she would faint. As a precaution, she leaned a hand against the closet. Yonne, noticing, took a quick step closer. Noor held up a hand.

“No, don't come any closer,” she rasped. “Do you know what you're saying?”

The expression on Yonne's face faltered. “I know that I'm alien to your customs nor am I from a royal bloodline. If you would rather…”

“It's not that.” This time she was the one closing the distance between them. “You realize you'll have to make love to me.”

Yonne looked confused. “Make love?”

Noor couldn't help but smile at that. Yonne's innocence was so endearing at that moment. “Yes. We need to have sex.”


Noor eyebrows shot up. “OK? I thought your culture forbid same sex relations.”

“It does.”

When nothing else was forthcoming, Noor threw her hands up. “Then why are you doing this?”

“Because I don't want you to be unhappy.”

Noor gaped at Yonne. She didn't want her to be unhappy . An unexpected tear rolled down her cheek and she blinked rapidly to stop more from following. The burden of the sacrifice Yonne was willing to make, humbled and delighted her at the same time. She was not going to offend the other woman by refusing her offer. She doubted that she could even turn her away now.

“Thank you, Yonne.”


Cilla was staring at the sectional reports not having the foggiest as to what they were about. Her mind was overwhelmed by what had transpired the night before. She had trouble sleeping the previous night, because it was simply too much to take in. The universe seemed tilted somehow. Cilla will probably not admit it out loud, but she was scared of what this would mean for all of them. But mostly for Yonne. The day Yonne was sworn in many of the Borquois heaved a sigh of relief. Yonne was not overbearing like the other Directors. Very early on in her first term as Director, she had proved herself to be just and fair. She had even voted for the banishment of a number of laws she felt was too stringent and stifling. It was, thanks to her, that the Borquois populace could now air their views in governmental matters through the monthly invites to sit in on Directors' sessions. It was a slight change, but where they had no say at all, at least now they could sit in on these assemblies and follow the process that finally resulted in laws which pertained to them.

The Borquois would, no doubt, be the biggest sufferers.

The low ping of her ear piece, jarred her from her thoughts. “Yes.”

“Her Royal Highness, Queen Asmara is on hold for the Director. Shall I patch her through to you, Adjutant?”

Cilla groaned inwardly. She had been expecting this. “Yes. Thank you.” Her desk reader flickered to life, revealing the Queen's irate features. “Greetings, your Highness.”

“Adjutant,” came the curt response.

“How can I be of service, Your Highness?”

“My people have been denied access to the Mercer. Are you reneging on our agreement?”

“No, we are not reneging on our agreement at all, Your Highness. They are not needed anymore?”

The Queen blinked in surprise. “I don't understand.”

“We believe the Princess has found a suitable mate already.”

This time the Queen's jaw dropped. She tried to form words, but her mouth snapped shut again. “If the suitor is not Avian, then who else can it be?”

Cilla hesitated slightly. “It's the Director, Your Highness.”

The Queen's face froze in shock. “The…the Director?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

The Queen suddenly let out a loud squeal causing Cilla to jerk back from the desk reader. She gaped as the usually severe looking woman, clapped her hands in glee.

“It worked then,” the woman said after a while, her face beaming.

Suddenly suspicious, Cilla leaned forward. “What do you mean, Your Highness?”

The Queen chuckled. “We knew they were a match. They were both unaware, of course. All we needed to do was add a little push and there you have it.”

“You…you set them up?”

The Queen shrugged. “Of course. How else were they going to get together?”

Cilla dropped her head on the desk with a thud. Yonne would not like this. All this time her ultimate sacrifice had been an orchestrated ploy by the Queen. She lifted her head slowly.

“The Director will not appreciate this,” she said softly.

The Queen's eyebrow curled up suggestively. “I doubt it very much, Adjutant.”

Cilla blushed at the woman's remark. They heard of the Avians' renowned sexual prowess.

The screen went black.


Espert leaned closer to the screen, frowning at the readings. Impossible! She turned back to look at her patient. The woman looked worse for wear.

“When did you say your…uh…liaison occurred?”

“Three days ago.”

Espert exhaled softly. “It would seem that you are pregnant.”

The officer sat up slowly, her eyes wide. “Pregnant? Are you sure? I…I mean it's only been three days.”

Espert glanced at her readings again. “I know.” She really felt like kicking herself again for not having studied the data feed from Noor's escape pod. To her knowledge almost half of the officers on the Mercer had been entertaining Avian crew members over the past three days.

“What am I going to do?”

What, indeed? Had she just single-handedly turned the Mercer into a giant floating incubator as a result of not being proactive enough? Luckily the Director was otherwise occupied, but that left the mercurial Adjutant. She shuddered inwardly. She can't postpone the inevitable.

“I'll prescribe an anti-nausea agent for now. You should feel much better afterwards. I'll have to consult with the Director first to see what we can do about your situation.”

She turned away from the bed and heaved a heavy sigh. Just when they already had so much to deal with.


To say that she was nervous, was a gross understatement. From where she stood, Yonne was sure that Noor could hear her heartbeat. She knew too, that her accelerated heartbeat had not only to do with her nervous state. Her body was acting strange again. It burned from the inside out and her palms were sweating from keeping her hands fisted.

“You know that you don't have to do this, Yonne.” Noor's eyes were serious as she studied Yonne. “Just the thought that you were willing to help, is more than enough.”

“I'm fine,” Yonne lied.

Noor cocked her head to the side as she smiled at Yonne. “Are you sure?”

Not sure that she could speak again, Yonne nodded curtly. She had never liked any of the copulations she had had previously. It had left her feeling used and dirty, resulting in her vomiting violently afterwards. She prayed that she didn't vomit all over Noor.

“You tell me to stop if I do something you don't like, ok?”

Yonne nodded again. She inhaled deeply when Noor crossed the distance between them to stand very close to her. With Noor in such close proximity, Yonne's body was pulsing with an odd sensation. She held Noor's gaze as the other woman watched her closely. At least this was different, Yonne thought. During her previous copulations, there was no emotion. No concern for the other. Only a session that had been scheduled by the Health Board for her not to miss. She blinked when Noor leaned closer, her green eyes growing bigger, the smaller the distance became between the two of them. She felt Noor breath on her cheek and swallowed. She stiffened when Noor angled her head slightly, her mouth moving towards Yonne's. Yonne exhaled explosively. Startled, Noor jerked back.

“Are you…?”

“It's forbidden,” Yonne gasped.

“What? Kissing?” Noor looked horrified. “Why?”

“Intercourse was…is only to reproduce. There should be no bonding.”

Noor's mouth fell open in surprise.

“I…I need to understand. Please tell me why you couldn't bond? Why is bonding prohibited?”

The tension that had reigned between them a few minutes ago was suddenly less intense. Yonne knew that she couldn't escape the inevitable, but if she could delay it by a few more minutes, she was happy to do so.

“The men on Borquois are only there for breeding purposes. They are scheduled to service a number of women as per instruction of the Health Board.” Noor eyes widened. “There is no time for them to bond, especially if you have to service ten women per day.” A soft gasp escaped Noor lips and she quickly clamped a hand over her mouth. “The men who tried to bond are kept in quarantine as punishment. The women…” Yonne saw her mother's face floating before her mind's eye and looked away. “…they are banished to the Astro-belt.”

A heavy silence hung in the room. Yonne kept her head turned away, not wanting Noor to see the pain in her eyes. After a while, she felt a soft hand cup her cheek. Her head was turned slowly until she met Noor warm eyes.

“You didn't like it.”

“No.” Yonne swallowed. “Nor did I want you to experience that.”

Noor stared at her, long and hard. Her green eyes were brimming with tears. “For us, kissing is an essential part of love making. It's a gift; a reward from the heart, if you like.” Noor inhaled deeply. “I beg you to allow me to kiss you, Yonne, because if there was ever someone who deserved a kiss, it's you.”

Overwhelmed by the strangest of emotions, Yonne reached out and wiped the tears from Noor's cheeks.

“I can't remember the last time someone offered me with a gift.”

Chapter 20



Cilla stared at Espert as if she'd just grown another head. The way her day was going, she wasn't sure how much more she could take. Yonne was locked up in a quarter with a beautiful alien, breaking the most sacred rule on Borquois. Unbeknownst to her, The Queen fancied herself a heart-sprite and set them up. And now, she was confronted with this!

“How?” She sighed with Espert lifted a quizzical eyebrow. “I meant… Why didn't she come to you for protection?”

“Maybe because it would've been useless. She administered a protection agent she had ordered from the processer.”

Cilla pushed her hands through her hair. What should she do now? Was there even something she could do? Her hands were tied until Yonne was available again. She almost jumped out of her skin when she felt a soft hand on her arm. Espert quickly stepped back, the act making Cilla frown thunderously. She detested the fear in the other woman's eyes. Seeing that her countenance was not aiding the situation, Cilla carefully schooled her features into a neutral mask. Espert gave her a wary look before she deemed it safe to speak.

“There are other options.”

“Like what?”

Espert shrugged. “Termination, for one.”

“No, never,” Cilla said quickly. “That is not an option. Anything else?”

“We could retrieve the fetus after a month and let them mature in incubators. This way, Officer Monar can still attend to her duties.”

“What are the disadvantages of this method?”

“Well, the bond between mother and child might not be as strong as with a natural incubation. Due to the lack of bonding, the offspring might reach maturity a little slower.”

Cilla shook her head. “No to that too.” She saw an exasperated look flash over Espert's face and she shook her head again for emphasis.

“Then I have no other ideas. I'll try and see if there's something we could use in the Avian data feeds.” Espert paused for a moment. “May I ask why termination is not an option?” The blue eyes searched Cilla's intently. Since Yonne had put her trust in the other woman, and knowing that Yonne is a good judge of character, Cilla assumed that it would be safe to trust the woman with the truth. They were in Yonne's day room, which was the safest place on the ship to talk.

“Our children are dying on Borquois. At first, we thought it was just due to term birth complications. It took our scientists four years and 75 fatalities to find the cause.”

“What was the cause?”

Cilla hesitated for a moment. “Inbreeding. The same genetic material is recycled and re-used since most of the men are old and have almost reached the end of their breeding cycle.” She walked over to the processor. “Would you like anything to drink?”

“No, thanks.”

After ordering herself a tea, Cilla turned back to face Espert. Espert was looking at her in expectation and Cilla sighed. She'll have to tell her the truth. “The main aim of our voyage, is to find either a cure or to collect enough male genetic material to ensure the safe development of offspring in our laboratories.” She looked away at the expression of horror that came over Espert's face.

“You…you mean that one of the alternatives is that you'll grow your children in a laboratory? How…I mean…it sounds so…sterile.” Espert's voice was heavy with shock. “Why didn't you call in our help? We are, after all, all carrying the same genetic material and we have many males in the prime of their lives to provide suitable genetic material.”

Cilla sipped from her drink to hide the shudder that went through her. Asking the Basque Head Council for assistance, was the last thing the Directors would've considered. The Borquois considered themselves more advanced than their neighbors. It would've left a massive dent in their pride were they to crawl to their nemesis for assistance, which could meant the survival of their race.

Her long silence must've queued Espert in on her thoughts. “Oh, I forgot that the great Borquois wouldn't demean themselves to ask the help of the depraved Basque.” Cilla cringed inward at the taunt. Why was the woman taking the situation personally, anyway? Maybe it wasn't such a good thing that the woman wasn't scared of her anymore. Almost immediately she felt the bile rise at the thought of Espert cowering from her. She hastily discarded the thought.

“It shouldn't be something new to you, doctor. Our people have not been on cordial terms for centuries,” Cilla snapped back, still reeling from the mental picture of a cowering Espert. She was bone-tired and the last thing she wanted to do was engaging in a verbal spar with Espert. All her energy had been purposefully focused on the smooth running of the ship. Not on the growing ache of longing she felt when she thought of Espert. And definitely not on what was happening two decks below in the guest quarters. A tiny spark ignited and she turned away from Espert, skirted the desk and settled heavily in the chair. Espert stood staring back at her, a pensive look on her face. “I need some time to think this through. I must admit that extracting the fetus after one month and incubating it, sounds not as bad as cultivating than in a laboratory. Even then, it's not my decision to make.”

Espert nodded and walked to the door, granting Cilla an appreciative view of her derriere. It took her while to realize that Espert had stopped at the door to look at her from over her shoulder. Refusing to show any discomfort at having been caught, she slowly raised her eyes to meet Espert's cool gaze. She had expected…What had she expected? That Espert would welcome having her anatomy being inspected? Or perhaps even a bit of anger? But not that cold, distant mien.

“It would seem that you have needlessly wasted time and resources.”

Jarred from her thoughts, it took a while for Espert's words to sink in. “And why would that be, doctor?”

Espert shrugged. “We were faced with the same dilemma a century ago and we've managed to solve it.”

Cilla blinked. Could it be true? Could the remedy have been so close? She slowly raised to her feet and made her way over to where Espert stood. “Are you saying you might have a cure?” At the sardonic lift of Espert's brow, she quickly rearticulated her question. “Had one all this time? Are you sure?”

“Yes. I should know, since I led the biogenetical team who fashioned the antidote.”


The room was hot; the air heavy with nervous expectation. Noor was trembling slightly. Part of it from excitement at what was about to transpire. The other part was good old-fashioned performance anxiety. She had been with a few women before since she entered her teenaged years. However, that was in no way a comparison as to what she felt right now, looking at the other woman lying stiff as a board on the bed, looking back at her. Yonne was trying hard to hide her nervousness, but Noor had witness a minor tremble in the other woman's hand earlier.

I don't want you to be unhappy . Noor closed her eyes briefly as the words echoed through her mind. She slowly opened her eyes, finding Yonne resting on her elbows, her eyes dark with concern. With a smile, the most brilliant, she had ever felt worthy to direct to any other being, but her parents, she stretched out next to Yonne. This close to her, she could hear the woman's heart beat almost frantically in her chest. It was now or never. She ran a soothing hand down Yonne's arm as she leaned forward.

“Stop me if I do something you don't like,” she searched the pale face intently. The last she thing she would want, would be to scare off Yonne. “I'll stop immediately.” Easier said; then done, she chastised herself. Her body has been close to boiling point since she'd found Yonne in her bedroom. But she will stop, even if it killed her. She studied Yonne's eyes, wanting to make sure that her woman understood and believed her. When Noor nodded, she smiled and leaned even closer. Their breath mingled and Noor heard Yonne's heartbeat increased even further. She gently brushed her lips against Yonne and they both gasped at the same time. She didn't know what a profound effect the innocent kiss had on Yonne, but that simple touch, shot through her body and ignited all her senses. Her mother had once spoke of the spark that ignites when your true mate kissed you. She wanted…no…needed more. She waited for a moment, listening to Yonne's wild heartbeat. “Are you…?” She never got to finish asking her question, for Yonne lifted her head off the pillow and pressed her lips against Noor's. With a soft moan, Noor fell into the kiss. Craving a taste, she gently slid the tip of her tongue to Yonne's lips. The other woman stiffened almost instantly, causing Yonne to pull back. But not too far, because Yonne pulled her closer again. This time, it was Noor who trembled when Yonne ran the tip of her tongue over Noor's lips. They continued kissing with Noor introducing a new twist every time, which Yonne carefully copied and masterfully applied. By now, her body was so hot, she could barely breathe without quivering from want. She reluctantly reared back from Yonne, breaking the kiss.

“I can't wait anymore,” she whispered brokenly. “I need to have you.”


Yonne felt a slight panic settling over her. The kissing part, which she had dreaded, had turned out to be quite a revelation. She had never felt this close, this cherished with someone. That first moment their lips had met, it had felt as if a strong electrical current had been introduced to her body. It had made no sense at all, not at first. There were no open electrical sources nearby to have caused such a reaction. It had left only Noor. Noor, who had stared back at her with deep green eyes and reassuring smile. She had initiated the next kiss and with the same, if not slightly intensified, result. Yonne licked her lips, still feeling the dents of Noor teeth on her lower lip. It was an incredible feeling and she was sure it had nothing to do with the heavy pheromones in the air.

But could she go further than that? Flashes of a heaving male body and the remembering taste of the bile that rose as her body was possessed, made her quickly turn her head away, hiding from Noor's gaze. She felt a soft caress on her cheek.

“I'll stop if you want me to.”

Yonne believed her; trusting her enough to know she would stop. But at what cost? She might not know exactly what Noor was feeling, but from what she had seen, when Noor was admitted to the medical bay, and what Queen Asmara had sketched, Yonne could not even begin to comprehend.

Yet, Noor vowed she would stop.

Yonne took a shaky breathe and turned her head so she could meet Noor's eyes. The other woman looked beautiful, rumpled and incredibly alluring. However, it was the expression in her eyes, which held Yonne transfixed. Her eyes were a lighter shade than their usual dark green, her pupils were almost fully dilated. It made her look different, feral almost. Except for the mixed look of affection and fear in her eyes.

“I will stop; I promise,” Noor whispered, her eyes roaming over Yonne's face. She had done the same earlier, before she had kissed Yonne. It was almost as if she willed Yonne to believe her.

“You don't have to stop.” Yonne knew that she meant it. No matter how unpleasant the act would be, she would not allow Noor to stop. Not when holding back for Yonne's sake was causing her such discomfort. The relief in Noor's eyes was plain to see; so was the hunger that slowly surfaced.

“Take a deep breath, arula , and relax. I'll take good care of you.”

Yonne did as she was told and immediately felt her body relax, even heating up a little more. She knew it was the pheromones. It would seem as if Noor had been holding back for the past hour, but now she had cranked it up. Yonne laid there, allowing the heat to snake through her body. Noor sat up and slowly undid the sash of her dressing gown. Yonne's eyes were riveted on the sliver of flesh visible between the loose hanging sides. She left out a soft breath when Noor shrugged the gown off her shoulders, exposing full, dark-tipped breasts. An unexpected dampness formed in her nether region at the sight, but even in her discomfiture, she couldn't get herself to look away. Noor lifted her arms, pushing her fingers through her tousled hair. Yonne swallowed. She was the one who had raked her hands through Noor's hair. Her eyes slowly traveled down to stop at Noor's chest. Her breast were lifting and falling sensuously as Noor combed her fingers through her own hair. Yonne didn't know what it was… Instinct, perhaps. But she found herself sitting up and her mouth latched onto one of the nipples. Her action drew a startled cry from Noor's lips, but Yonne didn't stop…couldn't stop. The texture of the pebbled tip and the lush soft skin surrounding it, was intoxicating. She raked her teeth over the nipple, allowing it to pop free of her mouth, only for Yonne to move to the other nipple. She felt it then; the undulation against her navel. Noor was rolling her hips in a slow circle against Yonne's stomach, leaving behind a smear of wetness. Intrigued, she let the nipple slip from her mouth to look down between their bodies. There was a large stain forming on her tunic. It would seem that the wetness was coming from Noor's body.

“Please don't stop,” Noor gasped and pulled Yonne's head against her chest. Yonne was happy to continue where she left off, seen as it tore small moans from Noor's lips. She vague remembered her uncomfortable consultation with Espert. They were both too self-conscious to talk too long, with Espert just leaving her with brusque advice.

She'll know what she want. If her body produces a wetness and she moans a lot, you are on the right track. Just keep doing what you were doing . Are we done here?

Noor was wet and she was moaning. Yonne smiled against Noor's breast. Maybe copulation with a woman wasn't as appalling as she'd thought. That had been Espert's first remark. Yonne had not taken it to heart that much, since she hadn't expected the Basque woman to say otherwise. But now she concurred. Feeling a little brazen, she ran her hands up Noor's smooth back to rake her short nails down the bucking woman's spine. Noor froze for a nano-second before she intensified her actions. It created more wetness on her stomach and Yonne's curiosity had her slip her hand down between their bodies. She swallowed when she encountered the slick substance.

“Touch me.”

Noor's hips stopped moving as she waited, expectantly. Yonne did as she was asked. She let her fingers brush over the slick, heated flesh, eliciting a long drawn out moan from Noor. Looking up, she found the other woman had thrown her head back. She continued her exploration. She hesitated for a moment, when she encountered a small hardness amongst all the slickness. Noor's physiology wasn't much different from her own, but Yonne had never felt herself like this; wet and swollen. She rubbed a finger over the hardness and was greatly startled when, with a loud keen, Noor grabbed her close; her body almost shaking apart in Yonne's arms.


Chapter 21


Noor was scared to open her eyes. Scared of losing the image in her mind's eye. Instead, she let her senses explore the world outside her closed eyes. She smelt the musky scent of spent sex, mixing with the slight spicy smell of pheromones. Her skin, where it was pressed tight against Yonne's, was slick from sweat and other bodily fluids. She swallowed hard. This was unchartered territory, but she was curious. She cleared her mind and probed deeper behind the shimmering curtain of awareness. She found it, the small spark that was hidden in the corner of her mind.

Yonne .

She shuddered. She wondered how Yonne would react were she to know that their union had been consummated on both a physical and mental level. From this day forth, they will share a collective consciousness. If wanted, the other could read the other's mind, feel the other's emotions and they could communicate with each other telepathically. She was pulled from her thoughts by a loud thudding sound nearby. She cocked her head to the side.


She was scared.

Noor's instinct, now stronger than ever, to protect her mate, flared fast and she pulled Yonne even closer.

“Are you okay?”

There was a short silence. Noor opened her eyes, waiting expectantly for the answer.

“I don't know.”

Reluctant to break the contact with Yonne, Noor loosened her legs around Yonne's middle. She blush when she realized that the Yonne was still fully dressed. Her mortification grew when she noticed the large wet patch on Yonne's tunic. She lifted her eyes to meet Yonne's. The usually ice-blue eyes were a smoldering dark blue.

“Tell me what you're feeling.” She could easily tap into Yonne's consciousness now, but doing so without a partner's consent, was considered the highest form of breach of trust. For the time being, she'll have to make do with Yonne's censored utterances.

Yonne held her gaze for long. “Like I'm burning up inside.”

Noor smiled gently at the pure honesty of Yonne. It was so contradictory to the person who had just brought her to an earth-shattering climax almost effortlessly.

“I can help you with that.” She lowered her head and kissed Yonne deeply. She savored the taste of Yonne's lips, reveling in the knowledge that she was the first person ever to kiss this magnificent woman. “Let me take care of you, arula .” The endearment slipped out and Noor exhaled softly. She couldn't take it back; for it was true. Yonne might not be fully aware of it, but she was Noor's ‘eternal love'. After Yonne, there could simply be no other. She kissed Yonne again before her hands dropped to the fastener on her tunic. Noor stalled for a moment, giving Yonne a chance to be protest, if she wanted to. She gently slid the tunic from Yonne's broad shoulders, brushing her fingertips over the pale skin. She felt a soft tremor under her fingertips. Theirs might have been a random convergence, but what she felt for Yonne was so right, destined. The universe wanted them together. Noor raked her fingers through Yonne's white locks. She was so incredibly happy that of all the ships crisscrossing the space beyond the wormhole frequently, her pod had bumped into Yonne's ship. She eyed Yonne's breasts through the tight, flesh covered body shaper. They were small and perky. She brushed her hand over the nipple of the breast closest to her and Yonne let out a soft gasp. A flash of heat shot down Noor spine at the breathy sound. She locked eyes with Yonne. She wanted Yonne to realize that this was not going to be a sterile copulation. They were both going to be equal partners in the act and both will derive pleasure from this liaison.

“You're so incredibly beautiful,” she whispered as her fingertips brushed over the high cheekbones and the deep cleft in the strong chin. She smiled faintly when she saw the doubt in the blue eyes. “Yes, you are. You take my breath away.” Their eyes held for a long moment, Noor willing Yonne to believe her. When, finally, she read acquiescence in Yonne's eyes, she returned to undressing Yonne. She will go as slow as needed to convince Yonne. Her hand found the closure of the body shaper and she eagerly peeled the vest open, her eyes hungrily taking in the small breasts. Her mouth watered at the sight. To think that she would be the first one to ever touch them; kiss them, suck on them. But first things first. She deftly divested Yonne of all her clothing, almost swooning from lust when she pulled the tight pants from Yonne to encounter a slight larger than average clitoris. She hadn't know what to expect, had not even thought about it, but she was elated by what she'd found.

Her woman was made for sex.


Yonne felt extremely vulnerable lying naked under Noor intense gaze. The other woman's breathing was accelerated and her pupils were blown, leaving only a sliver of green circling the enlarged pupil. It was evident that Noor was highly aroused. But then what was she waiting for? Copulation didn't last long. She had timed all her previous sessions and that was the only bright side to the act for her. She inhaled deeply. Though with Noor, it took a little longer. Maybe women… She gasped when she felt her nipple engulfed in a soft, warm cavern. Closing her eyes, she laid there, greedily absorbing every little sensation. Was this what Noor had felt when Yonne had sucked on her breasts earlier. She moaned when Noor tongue flicked over her nipple. The sensation was inexpressible. Nor could she explain the sudden feeling of heaviness between her legs. She reached a hand down, shocked when she encountered wetness. Not a little, but a copious amount.

“Shush, arula , don't panic.” She raised wide eyes to meet Noor tender look. “It's normal. Your body is telling you that it likes what happening now.” To Yonne's alarm, Noor reached for her hand, damp fingers and all, and brought it to her lips. Keeping eye contact she kissed the digits softly, before she slipped one into her mouth. Yonne's hips shot up from the bed almost unseating Noor. “Yes, you like it,” Noor murmured as she unhurriedly slipped the finger from her mouth. Yonne could only stare at her finger, as if it was the first time she'd seen it. Noor chuckled softly, drawing Yonne's gaze. “I find that you love having my mouth on you.”

Yonne swallowed hard. It was the truth. She liked the feel of Noor's lips on hers, on her breasts and now, strangely, on her fingers.

“There is, however, one more place where you would love to feel my mouth.” Noor's eyes were grew even darker. She ran her hand lightly down Yonne's body. Yonne's mouth fell open in shock when Noor's hand went even further, passed her navel and into the sparse curls covering her intimates. She quickly turned her head away, abruptly breaking eye contact with Noor. Noor's hand stopped immediately. “Do you want me to stop?” Yonne kept her face turned away; not sure what to answer to that. She felt Noor pulling away from her and the gradual loss of contact, left Yonne screaming silently at the bleakness that threatened to engulf her. Her arms snaked out and curled around Noor and she turned to face the other woman.

“Don't stop.”

Noor searched her face with a long, concerned look. “I want you to be sure about this, Yonne. It won't be enjoyable for both of us if one of us don't want this.”

“I don't want you to stop.” Yonne hoped she sounded more convincing to Noor than she did to her own ears. They stared at each other for a few heartbeats longer, before Noor's hand stirred where it lay over her intimate part. Noor leaned over Yonne's breast and flicked her tongue casually over her nipple, just as her finger delved deeper, pushing between her lips to press down on her clitoris.

“Oh…” Before Yonne could utter anything else, Noor's mouth slanted over Yonne's and her fingers slid inside.


Espert looked up when the doors to the medical bay slid open. Her heart jerked at the sight of the adjutant as she walked in. She slowly came out of her chair as she waited for Cilla. As always, the room, any room, felt smaller when Cilla entered.

“Adjutant,” she greeted crisply. They had met earlier to discuss the pregnant crew member, but that had been almost six hours ago. She can't think of any reason why Cilla would be seeking her out again. If there were any, a secure communication link would've saved the adjutant the long trip from the bridge to the fourth deck.

“Doctor.” Curt. Formal.

“How can I assist you, adjutant?”

Cilla exhaled explosively. “I'm worried.”

Espert kept her face carefully neutral. She knew where this going and to be honest, she really didn't want to discuss this with Cilla. She held her tongue as she studied Cilla. Thoughts and images of whatever was happening in Noor's quarters had been preying on her mind the whole day. Filling her mind with wild fantasies of sweaty bodies gliding over each other; mouths biting and sucking. In her little fantasies, the setting was her quarters. The characters, herself and the delectable Adjutant.

“It's been over three hours now and there has been no news.”

Espert bit down on her lip as she turned away from Cilla feigning an interest in a communique that just came through her desk reader. She really didn't want to discuss sex with Cilla. Instead she settled for an ambiguous remark.

“You seem to be correct, adjutant.” When she turned back to Cilla, she found the woman's eyes slowly raking over her body. It was the exact same look Cilla was giving her in fantasies. Their eyes met. And held. Espert couldn't look away. She could evade the topic of sex somehow, but she couldn't avoid Cilla's penetrating gaze. For a novice to the seduction game; the woman seemed to be quite adept. Maybe it was her innocent, but prying looks that she gave Espert, which made the doctor's knees go all wobbly. She felt her knees buckling already under the forceful look. She needed to divert attention from her and only other manner of doing so, was to return Cilla's attention to the sex topic. “It has been three hours.”

Cilla seemed confused for a moment, before she nodded. “Why is it taking so long? It's not supposed to be this long,”

Heat climbed up her neck as she looked away from Cilla. “It…uh…it's not something you should rush.” She swore she heard a slight hitch in Cilla's breathing. She chanced a quick look at Cilla. The other woman was staring at her through narrowed eyes.

“I don't understand.”

Espert sighed inwardly. She wasn't going to get away with dodging the topic. She walked around a baffled Cilla to shut her office door. She pointed to the chair and skirted her desk to stand beside her own chair. “We'll probably have to discuss this? Are you needed elsewhere, adjutant?”

Cilla looked from the chair to Espert. Her cheeks were slightly flushed. “I have ten minutes before I'm needed in the engine room.” She sunk into the chair and Espert did the same. For a moment there was an uncomfortable silence. “The other times were always quick.”

She balled her fists, where her hands were resting in her lap. She had heard of the mandatory copulation sessions that each of the Borquois were subjected to. A sterile, physical exercise that left both parties distraught and unfulfilled. The thought of Cilla having gone through that, angered her beyond measure. Her eyes took in the woman sitting before her. She was so strong and beautiful. It hurt that she had never known the gentle touch of a lover. But that was not what was up for discussion now. She cleared her voice softly.

“Making love is nowhere comparable to the sterile…uh…copulation for procreation.” She waited a moment, wanting the meaning to sink in. When Cilla's eyes widened slightly, Espert continued. “It's a meeting of strong emotions that manifests itself in the tender, selfless act of love making.”

Cilla stared at Espert, long and hard, making the other woman want to squirm under the unblinking gaze. “Selfless? Emotions?”

The cynicism in Cilla's voice was difficult to ignore. Espert's heart cracked a little at hearing that. Had she been granted such a rare wish to be that close to this magnificent woman, she wouldn't have used her so carelessly. She would worship her body and claim her heart. “Yes. Making love involves emotions and trust. It is beautiful.”

Cilla rose from the chair, towering over a seated Espert. The expression on her face was unreadable. “I choose to believe you. In that case, then I need not worry about the director.” With a curt nod, she strode out the office.

Espert sat ramrod stiff, her eyes following Cilla's passage as she walked across the wide expanse of the medical bay to the exit. Was she imagining it, or did the Adjutant's shoulders seem a little hunched. Almost as if she had been the recipient of bad news.





Chapter 22


Noor wanted to cry. In fact, she was sure her eyes were brimming with tears as she looked at the woman in her arms. Who would've thought that such a range of conflicting emotions could be found in one person at one given time? Amazement, delight, desire and alarm; Yonne's face was a kaleidoscope of reactions. Noor wished she could stop and reassure the other woman, but she knew that Yonne was close to her first ever orgasm. It was long overdue and Noor would hate to have the woman wait any longer for that reward.

She gently stroked the slick folds apart so her thumb could rub over the swollen nub. It seemed to have been the right move, because almost immediately Yonne's body began to vibrate as tiny tremors coursed through her. She raised anxious eyes to Noor and Noor smiled back at her with heart in her eyes. She wanted to Yonne to always remember her first orgasm and especially that she was with a person who treasured her completely.

“It's ok, my beautiful arula . Just let it go,” she whispered against Yonne's gasping mouth. Noor brushed small, tender kisses on Yonne's face as she listened to the other woman's breathless moans. She added a little more pressure to the friction and Yonne howled as her climax hit.

Noor threw her leg over Yonne's, pinning her bucking body down, whilst not breaking the pace of her strokes between Yonne's legs. She felt her own hips beginning to roll against Yonne's thigh. She quickly got caught up in the momentum and before long, she was coming too.

She lost count of how many times she had come or exactly how much of the fluid that covered Yonne was hers and how much was Yonne's. She hooked an arm under and around Yonne's neck as she held the, still trembling, woman in her arms. They lay like that for a long moment, before Yonne stirred. Noor, who'd been lulled into a small doze by Yonne's strong heartbeat, lifted her head. She smiled when she met Yonne's wide eyed stare.

“Hello there. How do you feel?”

Yonne licked her lips and let out a shuddering breath. “Is…is that normal?”

“Yes. It's one of the most normal things that transpires between couples.” She studied Yonne as she waited for her reaction. They haven't spoken much about them and what would happen after this. Thus, she steeled herself for what she knew would come next.

“Is it safe?” Yonne blushed when Noor blinked at her in surprise. “I'm sorry for the many questions.”

Noor quickly cupped Yonne's cheek, looking deep into her eyes. “I want you to ask as many questions as you like.” She gave Yonne a small kiss, still too spent to do anything that would expect her to move from her current position. “And to answer your question; it is safe. But I've heard of a few people, usually people of advance age, perishing during an orgasm. You, on the other hand, have nothing to worry about.” She pressed her lips to Yonne's chin. “Were you scared?”

Yonne nodded. “A little. Especially when it didn't look like it would stop.”

Multiple orgasms . Noor smiled at Yonne. “It happens that you could have more than one orgasm, but you need not be concerned about it.” All toasty and warm after her magnificent orgasm, Noor allowed herself a bit of a boon. “Do you recall how many times you've reached an orgasm?”

“I lost count after four.”

“Oh my…” Noor murmured. It took all her willpower not to allow her smugness to show. Instead she held Yonne closer. What would happen if she cranked it up a little more? Maybe Yonne really did have reason to fear ‘death by orgasm'. And there was still so many things she wanted to try out with Yonne. But she needed to take it easy with Yonne. After such an intense experience, she was sure that Yonne would want to have a little space before she jumped into another bout of love making.

“When can we try again?”

Noor's mouth fell open in shock. So much for thinking that she could read the other woman! If they were going to go again, then maybe she should feed them first.

“Let's eat first. We'll need a lot of energy, if we want to go again,” she licked her lips, “…and again.”


When Cilla had finished her meeting in the engine room, it was already way past her shift time. She used the closest communications terminal to log off duty and decided to go straight to her quarters. In all the excitement of the day, she had forgotten to eat lunch. She will get something from the processor for dinner and after a quick shower will continue where she left off with the quarterly sectional reports. She was too unsettled to do anything remotely relaxing. Work keeps her focused and the sectional reports will not allow her mind to stray…much.

When she got off the lift on her floor, she came to an abrupt halt. Espert was waiting in the hallway outside Cilla's quarters. Not able to come up with any reason to justify Espert's presence after hours outside her quarters, Cilla could only think of Yonne. She stretched her strides to get to doctor. Espert looked a touch uncomfortable as she waited for Cilla, making the other woman more worried.

“Doctor? Is anything the matter? Is it Yonne?”

Espert shook her head quickly. “I haven't heard back from the director yet. I'm here for something entirely different…personal.” She added the last word timidly.

Cilla blinked at Espert. Personal . What issue of a personal nature could the woman possibly want to discuss with her. She pointed at her quarters. “Would you like to come inside?” She saw Espert hesitate, but waited out the answer.

“Yes. I promise not to take up too much of your time, adjutant.”

Cilla entered her quarters with Espert following behind her. When the door closed behind Espert, she turned to face the other woman. Espert was looking around the quarters, no doubt comparing Cilla's spartan living space with her warm lived-in space. She waited patiently for the doctor to take in the area. Espert must've realized that the silence was spreading to long, because she turned to Cilla, a guilty blush on her face. “I'm sorry.”

“No need, doctor. I haven't had lunch and is starving. Would you care to join me for dinner while we talk?”

Espert stared back in surprise. “I…I really don't want to intrude on your evening.”

Shrugging, Cilla walked over to the processor. “Well, you need to talk to me and I need to eat before I collapse. We could kill two birds with one feather.” She keyed in a soup and sandwich and turned to Espert. “What would you like to eat, doctor?”

Coming to stand at the processor, Espert read the menu. “What are you having, adjutant?”

“Soup and bread.” Espert frowned in her direction. “I have very simple tastes and secondly, I'm not that adventurous when it comes to new things.” She saw the dismay on Espert's face and hid the smile that threatened to break over her face. The woman's face was quite expressive.

“That's unfortunate. Have you ever tried any of the Basque dishes in the databank?”

Cilla peered at the menu. “I didn't even know we had Basque selections.”

“You didn't. I programmed them in.” She threw a quick glance at Cilla before she continued to key in a few codes in rapid succession. “Since I'm taking up your time, I would like to for you to try something truly delicious. That's if you're not averse to Basque food.”

Smiling faintly, Cilla shrugged. “I'm not opposed to trying out one dish.” Espert smiled brightly and Cilla drew in a shaky breath.

“Great. If you could set the table, I'll have the food ready in no time.”

Cilla was rooted to the spot, staring at Espert. She had never thought to ever see the Basque woman in her quarters. Never. Not even in the feverish dreams she sometimes…most times…had of the other woman. But here she was, in her quarters and preparing supper for them. This was something Cilla could get used to. She realized that Espert was staring at her with a shy smile.

“I didn't assume that it was my place to order you about, adjutant. If you could show me where everything is, I can set the table for us.”

“No, it's fine. I'll do it. You concentrate on the food. Would you mind if I get rid of my weapons first.” She patted her laser. “I'll only be a minute.”

“It will be a few more minutes before supper is ready.”

The moment Cilla was in her bedroom, away from Espert's intoxicating presence, she let out a shaky breath. How was she going to survive sitting through a supper with the woman, without making a fool of herself? Espert had already turned her down and she wasn't going to hold her breath hoping that Espert has changed her mind about her. She was going to get through tonight and starting tomorrow would find a way to exorcize the woman from her thoughts and dreams. She rushed to divest herself of her laser and the hidden rapier. When Cilla returned to the living area, Espert was removing a steaming dish from the processor. For a moment, she stopped and enjoyed the sight, knowing that it will be the only time that she would ever be privy to such a domesticated moment.

“Let me help you with that.” She rushed over and took the dish from Espert's hands. “I don't have guests over, except for the director, but I think I should have a wine that could go with this.” She placed the dish on the table and deftly set the table before she rummaged through her cupboards for the wine. She held it up when she found it. “It had been a parting gift from a diplomatic envoy we accommodated on the Mercer a few months ago. I'm not much of a wine drinker.” She smiled at Espert.” We could try it out together, if you don't mind. But food first, for me.”

The dish was made of pasta, vegetables and chunks of meat. Cilla fell in love at first bite. She blinked at Espert. “You were right; it's delicious. What is it called?”

Espert beamed at her. “It's called Capon . At very young age every Basque girl is taught to make this dish. It's sort of a signature Basque dish.”

Cilla took another few bites. “It's wonderful. I love it. Maybe you could tell me how you've programmed it, so I could impress the director the next time she comes over for supper.”

“I will do that before I leave.”


Espert had never expected to have this much fun in the company of the adjutant. Whereas the woman came across as severe and overbearing, she was a great hostess. Their conversation ranged from biogenetics to something as common as attire. Espert was especially astounded to find that the other woman was extremely well-read. Although the Basque and Borquois didn't mingle much, they shared some common authors and accounts. She would never have guessed in her wildest dreams that she would one day sit around a table with Adjutant Cilla, quoting Rogmach and Martano .

It was during a lull in the conversation that Cilla brought up the reason for her visit. Espert carefully put her fork down and took a deep breath. She could already feel Cilla's penetrating gaze on her.

“I wanted to ask you about earlier. You left so abruptly and I was concerned that I might have insulted you unintentionally.” When she looked up, it was to see a cold look flash over the previously jovial features.

“No, you didn't insult me, doctor.” The warmth had left Cilla's tone, rendering her denial ridiculously false. Something happened, of that she was sure. Cilla's change in attitude right now, proved that something was wrong.

Espert sat back, fixing Cilla with a level stare. “You're not telling me the truth.” Cilla lifted her eyes from her plate and skewered Espert with an ice cold glare. “If I've done or said something to offend you, I beg you to give me a chance to make it right.” She watched as Cilla went back to her supper, ignoring her completely. Realizing that she wouldn't get anywhere with Cilla tonight, she rose from her chair. Cilla's eyes snapped up to her.

“I just want to make it clear, that I didn't mean to insult or hurt you, adjutant. We might not have always seen eye to eye, but I've always respected you. Thank you for supper and for your time.” She hastily walked to the door, her heart aching at the realization that this had been a once off and that she would never again get the chance to see Cilla in such a relaxed and spirited mood again. Just as the door slid open to let her out, Cilla spoke. Espert came to an abrupt halt.

“It became clear why you turned me down.”

Espert swallowed hard. She slowly turned to face Cilla. Behind her she heard the door slid closed. The woman had rose too and was leaning with her hands on the table, her face a mask of hurt pride. Espert could only stare. Why would Cilla bring up that night? The night that Espert had made the biggest sacrifice ever in her life. Cilla came around the table. Espert was again reminded of how tall the woman was.

“You spoke of love making, trust and emotions. You've convinced me that it was possible that someone could feel that way about another person.” Cilla was close now, dwarfing Espert and holding her in place with a lethal gaze. “The way you spoke about it, proved that you knew what it was like to feel that way about someone else; maybe even having someone feel that way about you .” She shook her head. “I never stood a chance.”

Espert took a shuddering breath, her eyes shooting full of tears. “It's…it's not true.”

“What is not true, Espert?”

“Almost everything.” She felt a tear run down her cheek. “I have to go.”

Cilla threw herself at the door, blocking Espert's path. “Tell me, Espert,” she said urgently, her eyes dark with emotion.

“Please let me go,” she begged in a broken whisper. Through a mist of tears she saw Cilla's shoulders droop before the other woman stood to the side. When the door slid open, she found herself rooted to the spot. It was as if her heart, the traitorous organ, had colluded with the rest of her body. She lifted desperate eyes to Cilla. The other woman was staring back at her with such rage in her eyes. Espert knew at that very moment, that she stood a very good chance of alienating the other woman forever, if she left her alone in that state. She held out a shaky hand. Cilla stared at it as if it was some poisonous creature. Take it, please, she begged silently. Her heart missed a beat when Cilla turned and walked away, leaving standing there, mourning the loss of an opportunity.

To be continued...


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