Elysian Fields


Summary - Gabrielle finds herself in the Elysian Fields, waiting for the one person who could make paradise perfect.


Soft grass beneath my feet,

Warm breeze plays in my hair

“Awake and Breathe”

A soft voice murmurs


A clear blue sky fills my vision,

The air is sweet on my tongue

I'm alive, I'm awake

But paradise is not complete.


My gaze travels around.

Over the constant shifting trees,

The clear blue lakes and crystal streams

But there is one voice I long to hear.


And there she is,

More beautiful than I remember.

Hair as black as ebony,

Eyes as blue as the sea.


I move towards the one I've missed.

As her soft skin touches mine

It's like I'm whole once again,

Her laughter ripples in my ears.


“I've missed you” I whisper,

She nods her head,

And pulls me too her chest.

“And I you” she simply says.


“I can stay?” I ask, searching her eyes,

That fill suddenly with tears.

The laughter gone from her lips,

As she bends to brush them against mine.


“One day” she murmurs softly,

As her fingers trace my face.

“I love you” we say together

This is easy.


This is a dream.

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