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by Stone

Part 1


On a chilly September night, Taylor Cross, a thirty-year-old detective, was playing poker at a privileged establishment in a small town in California.  The large private upstairs room had basically the same set-up as the downstairs scene. Lights were hanging from the polished wood rafters, expensively decorated walls and only one large window that overlooked the street below.  The bar was smaller and there were less people then there was downstairs, but more was offered in the way of entertainment and service.


Six tables were set-up for the games for the night.  For each table, a dealer and a waiter to service the clientele.  Two bartenders stood behind the bar, near the wall on right hand side of the room, filling orders for the tables.  The waiters and waitress’ offered appetizers, drinks, cigars and an assortment of illegal substances.    


As were most of the other wealthy nice looking women seated at the table, Taylor was dressed in dark evening attire.  On either side of the detective, sitting on comfortable stools away from the table, was a beautiful young woman; a beautiful blonde sat on Taylor’s right, a stunning brunette on her left.  The blonde’s small arm was leaning on Taylor’s shoulder.  The brunette’s red-nailed hand rested lightly on Taylor’s thigh.


Taylor didn’t take notice of either woman.  Her focus was fixed on the five cards she held closely in the palm of her right hand.  She liked what she saw, but she gave no indication of her satisfaction.  No one was better at presenting the classic ‘poker face’ than the confident detective.


She was a skilled player who knew the odds and wasn’t timid about betting.  After all it wasn’t her money.  She easily read her opponents and seemed to be a master at bluffing.  The detective was doing well tonight with the cards dealt to her.  She had been called “Lucky” a lot lately.


Lucky Preston, the name that Chad Townsend, her partner and she had chosen for her while undercover on this case.  Her refusing to give any other name other than the nickname Lucky, made it impossible for anyone to run a check on her identity.  Setting up a situation caused by word of mouth, on the street, and her partner as reference, since he had been undercover for weeks now, brought them to her with a request for her to join them for an evening of entertainment.  That was over a week ago now and everyone treated her as if they had known her for years.


Cupped in her hand were five cards that every poker player dreamed of being dealt.  Before her sat a shot glass and a bottle of the best scotch made.  On either side of her was a beautiful woman, each seemed eager to become more intimate.  It doesn’t get any better than this.


Taylor knew that she had to keep her mind on the job.  Not the beautiful women, not the money, not the scotch and not only the poker game, but the assignment as well.  Keep your mind on the assignment, Taylor.  She looked around the room again.  It seemed to her that she had done that same motion a thousand times in the last week.  She was looking for the target that she and her partner had been awaiting for days. 


Taylor let her gaze pass over her partner who was dressed in a white coat and tie.  He was the waiter for the evening’s events.  He had managed to be present at several of the private events.  Thanks to informants on the street.  Her thoughts were interrupted by a low seductive laugh from across the table.  “Looking around the room again, Lucky?  Is that a weakness in your unassailable poker game that we are missing or are you looking for a specific type of company tonight?”


Taylor cleared her throat and a slight smile formed, caused by the surprised look on her partner’s face.  She wanted to tell him to close his mouth, but she addressed the woman instead.  “Ms. Singleton, if I had a weakness in this game, I would never tell.”  Taylor lowered her voice and leaned forward before continuing.  “And did I hear a hint of curiosity in your voice?  Are you volunteering to be…what was it you called it?…yes, a specific type of company tonight?”


Ms. Singleton lowered her eyes and an attractive blush rose in her face.  “Well, Lucky, I guess I should thank you for answering one of the questions and what a charming way to avoid answering the second question.”


“Touché.”  Taylor casually slid her free hand up and down the thigh of the blonde that was boldly leaning on her now.  “The second question?  Well, Ms. Singleton, as you can see, I have my hands full.” 


Understanding the meaning, the elegant woman’s tone changed to a more no-nonsense tone.  “Yes, I see.  Shall we get back to the game at hand?  The bet is to you.  Are you in or out?”


Taylor nodded.  “Yes, by all means.  I‘m in.”


At thirty-years-old, Taylor stood five foot nine, with a lean, soft muscular build.  Her thick mid-shoulder-length black hair was tied back with a slender ebony leather twine to match her long black leather overcoat.  Her heavily lashed eyes were a striking silver-blue.  Eyes that could be as cold as ice or flash white hot with anger or burn dark with sexual fire.


After several more hands, a thirty-five-year old stocky executive of her father’s software company shook her head and said with a loud sigh, “I’m out!”


“Same here,” said a wealthy young rancher, frowning as she tossed her cards face down onto the table and crushed out the end of a small cigar.


Eve Singleton chuckled.  Come now Sammy.  After the numbers I heard that you received for one of those prize mares of yours, you have plenty to chance losing.”


“Yes, maybe, but I’m not enjoying giving it all to Lucky tonight.  I’m out for the night.  You’ve lost your fair share to her tonight as well.”  Sammy leaned back in her chair and winked at the beautiful young woman that had chosen to give her a hard time.  “Do you need a loan?”


Eve let out another flirting chuckle.  “No thank you.  I think I’ll manage.”


Everyone at the table, being entertained by the two women’s conversation let out a sound.  Whether it ooohhh‘s…ahhhh’s or just laughter.


“Well, too steep for me.  I’m out too,” stated a third, dropping her cards face down and pushing her chair back to rise, stretch and rub her eyes.  At fifty-six and usually the oldest at the table, she was always the first to retire, in these interesting, exciting, and sometimes strange private poker games.


“Well, well,” said the lovely Ms. Singleton, who had recently inherited a sizable fortune from her late grandmother.  “Looks like it’s just you and me, Lucky.”  She looked pointedly at Taylor as she shoved two thousand dollars toward the table’s center.  “It’s going to cost you this time.  I see you’re thousand…”she licked her smirking lips, “and I will raise you a thousand.”  She laughed seductively and the others politely chuckled, enjoying the competitive atmosphere.


The woman’s action did not cause as much as the flicker of a dark eyelash from the motionless, silent detective.  Her expression never changed.  She continued to quietly study her cards without emotion, revealing nothing.  Taylor’s face grew serious and when she finally spoke, her voice was low and well controlled.  “Guess I should concede.”  Her grinning opponent was already agreeing happily and starting to reach for the winnings.  “However,” the detective spoke again, gathering up a few of her own chips and throwing them onto the pile, “I think I’ll just have a look at what you’re holding, pretty lady.  I will see your raise and up it another…let’s say twenty-five hundred?”  She looked up and smiled ever so slightly.


The other woman frowned and rubbed her temples with her forefingers.  Then ran her fingers through the top of her almost waist length auburn hair.  “Lucky, this is ridiculous.  You’re bluffing again, aren’t you?”  The detective did not reply.  Eve Singleton looked desperately around the room at the other women sitting at the table, as if expecting some advice.  After a deep breath and after receiving several reassuring nods from the others, she finally spoke.  “I’m not going to let you get away with bluffing me again tonight, Lucky.  I’m in and to make things a little more interesting, why don’t we put a bet on the side?”  She threw her bet of twenty-five hundred into the pot.


The detective raised a curious eyebrow.  “Side bet?  What do you have in mind Ms. Singleton?”


Eve Singleton rested her elbows on the table and put her chin in the palm of her hand.  “Well, it’s rather simple, Lucky.  If I win you call me Eve, instead of Ms. Singleton and take me out to dinner.  If you win I will call you whatever you like and I will take you out to dinner.  By the way, I can not wait to hear your voice say…Eve.”


The detective smirked.  “You sound very sure of yourself, Ms. Singleton.  This sounds to me like a bet that I can’t lose.  Dinner with a beautiful woman, whether I win or not.  Done.  I’m in.”

Without any more discussion, the detective spread out her cards, face-up on the table.  “Four Queens,” she said as she leaned back and placed a hand on the blonde’s silk-gowned thigh.  The blonde giggled, as did the brunette on the opposite side.


The loser cursed under her breath, but quickly recovered with a small smile and a nod to the winner.


Around the table, women clapped and shook their heads.  Others in the establishment who had gathered around stood mumbling and grinning amongst themselves.


The executive broke the mood.  “It’s getting late.  It’s time for me to call it a night.  I have a curfew to meet or my lover will make sure that this is my last poker game.  Thank you all for an interesting night.”


Another quickly agreed.  Taylor remained seated at the table, respecting the poker players’ code.  A player in the game never breaks up the game when they are winning.  Taylor remained at the table, until everyone agreed that they were indeed finished.


Taylor called over the waiter, her partner, who had been hired to service the event.  Taylor tipped her partner, Chad, generously and requested that he gather up the winnings and lock them in the safe downstairs.


The waiter smiled and nodded.  “Shall I count the chips and give you a receipt while you wait?”


Taylor winked.  “No, I trust you.”


The waiter started to protest, when Ms. Singleton approached Taylor and held her hand out.  Taylor accepted her hand.  “Very nice game, Lucky.  When should I expect to pay up with dinner?”


Taylor gave a genuine smile and squeezed the woman’s hand, while admiring the woman’s black dress, more to the point, the abundance of cleavage that the black dress allowed.  Bringing her eyes back to rest on Eve Singleton’s face, Taylor spoke sincerely.  “That really isn’t necessary, Ms Singleton.  I thoroughly enjoyed playing in your company tonight.  Thank you.”


The woman shook her head in disbelief.  “That is very nice of you to say, but a bet is a bet, Lucky.  Again, please call me Eve.”


Taylor removed her hand and winked at the flirting woman.  “I would love to Ms. Singleton, but a bet is a bet.  I will look forward to dinner.  You say when and where and I will be there.”


“Touché.  I will leave word at the desk of your hotel.”  Ms. Singleton glanced at the two women, still standing on either side of Taylor.  Neither the blonde, nor the brunette spoke during the conversation.  “Well, good night.”


Smiling at the confused look on Ms. Singleton’s face, Taylor wished her a good night.


Taylor turned to the two women in her company, but noticed the waiter still standing at the table with her winnings.  When she caught eye contact with him, he just stared at her pointedly.  He did not know if anyone was watching or not, but he knew now that there were at least three hidden cameras on them.


Taylor turned to the two women.  “If you will please excuse me for a moment.  I need to see what the problem is with this gentleman and my winnings.”  She turned and walked away without waiting for a reply.


As Taylor approached the table, her partner indicated to a piece of paper and a pen, lying on the table next to her winnings.  Taylor bent over the table to look at the paper, while her partner stood with his hands behind his back, looking straight ahead.  He was trying to appear as proper as possible in his role as service for the night, trying to be careful not to draw any attention.


Taylor started reading the paper.

                        ‘I have important info that you need to know.’

Taylor started to move the chips on the table around, as if counting them.

             ‘I left the pen, so that you could pretend to sign the receipt for your winnings.  You are being watched in this room by at least three cameras.  Your suite is being checked for bugs as you read this.  Two cameras have been found in your suite at the hotel.  We don’t know yet how this happened, but it is a reality that has to be dealt with now.  We can’t remove the cameras without risking your cover or at least risking questions.  Keep in mind that you are expected to accompany at least one of the women you’re with tonight back to your suite.  Maybe you can think of an excuse to change suites.   It needs to be a good one and it would be all the better if it was given on camera.  We have checked several of the other suites and they do not have any cameras.



Good Luck


Taylor signed the paper and turned to her partner.  With the nod of her head, she handed it to him and turned without a word.  Taylor headed back toward the blonde and the brunette.  She gave the blonde a hard look.  The blonde came to her and entwined her fingers in Taylor’s hair.  She leaned forward and kissed her cheek lightly.  “What is going on?”


Taylor smiled and returned the kiss.  “We have cameras on us here and at my suite.  I need you to follow my lead and pray.”


The blond released Taylor and backed away, knowing that the brunette was approaching quickly.  “Tiffany, aren’t you going to congratulate Lucky, now that we finally have her alone?”


“Yes, of course,” said the brunette as she approached Taylor.  She gave her a lingering kiss on the lips, while running her red-nailed fingers teasing up and down Taylor’s arm.  “Congratulations.  You played very well.  I’m looking forward to seeing if you do…everything as well as you play poker.”


Taylor could not mistake the look in the brunette’s eyes.  She could see the desire in the dangerously green eyes.  Not able to think clearly at the moment, Taylor took a deep breath and looked over the brunette’s shoulder to the blonde.


The blonde touched the brunette’s arm.  “Relax Tiffany!  You haven’t been chosen yet.”


The brunette continued to stroke Taylor’s arm.  “Yes, I suppose you’re right.  I just wanted to properly congratulate Lucky.”


Taylor looked from one beautiful woman to the other, both women appearing to be very willing to be Taylor’s entertainment for the night.  Taylor knew that she had to put on a show for the brunette, the cameras and anyone else who might be watching.  There was no way of knowing if the cameras were only on her suite or if all the players from the night’s event were being watched as well.  She just knew that she could not chance any mistakes at this point.


Taylor again looked from one woman to the other.  Showing her distress in trying to choose between the two women, Taylor smiled and shook her head.  Then she reached into her pocket and pulled a gold coin and tossed it to the brunette.


The brunette instantly read her meaning and smiled at the blonde.  “You call it Blondie!”


“Heads,” said the blonde, praying that Taylor knew what she was doing.


The brunette flipped the coin in the air, caught it and slapped it down on her wrist.  “Damn it.  It’s heads!”


“Better luck next time Tiffany,” said the blonde, who smiled and slipped a possessive hand around Taylor’s arm.  “I’m all yours, Lucky.  Where would you like to go?”


Taylor gave no reply.  She leaned down, kissed the brunette on the corner of her mouth and said, “Thank you for your company this evening, Tiffany.  Good night.”


The brunette smiled and watched with envy as Taylor draped her long, black, leather coat around the blonde’s bare shoulders and escorted her out of the room.


Once downstairs, Taylor nonchalantly scanned the room.  With no sign of the target and nothing seeming out of the usual, she ushered the blonde toward the entrance.  When they reached the door, a man with distinguished silver hair and active, almost gray eyes approached them.  His voice was deep and cultured and his face was dark and leathery from age and sun, but still awfully strong and handsome.  It was a face that was hard to forget.  He made eye contact with Taylor before nodding to acknowledge her.  Taylor couldn’t help noticing that the man seemed a little too old and too observant to be a doorman or driver at Dreams, but he had been driving her to and from the establishment for a week now and she couldn’t put her finger on anything other than the fact, he just didn’t fit the role.  “Gerald, we are ready for the car.”


With a nod, Gerald opened the door for Taylor and the blonde to exit and then he disappeared to get the car.  A few minutes later, the House limo appeared at the curb.  The blonde started to speak, but Taylor put her fingers to the blonde’s lips.  She then smiled and gestured with her hand toward the opened back door of the limousine.  The blonde climbed into the back of the limousine, without uttering a word.  Taylor followed her into the car and waited for the driver to close the door and take his place, in the front seat.


Once the driver started the engine, he looked into the rearview mirror and requested a destination.  Taylor informed him that they would be going to the hotel.  She then turned her attention to the blonde.  “How about a drink in the lounge at the hotel before we retire to the suite.”


The blonde rested her hand on Taylor’s knee and smiled.  “That sounds perfect.  I’d love too.”


The ride to the hotel was a little over a forty minutes.  Taylor and the blonde discussed several of the winning hands that Lucky had been presented with that night.  They talked about the impeccable service that Dreams showered them with. The blonde even took the opportunity to brag about her luck on the coin toss, questioning the chances.


When they arrived at the hotel, the driver exited the car and appeared at the back door as Taylor opened it.  Taylor took the blonde’s hand in hers and helped her out of the car.  After tipping the driver, they entered the hotel still holding hands.


The large lobby was very warm and comfortable.  High ceiling with three chandlers hanging perfectly down the center.  A line of elevators occupied one wall, with a fireplace burning in the corner with several matching chairs and a couch with a coffee table facing the fireplace.  The coffee table housed several magazines, the house phone, and a picture of water with a tray of glasses sitting on the coffee table.


When they reached the desk, along the back wall, the clerk smiled.  “Late night, Lucky?”


Taylor gave him a smirk.  “Yes Alan, I guess you could say that.”  Taylor then gave the blonde a devilish smile before adding.  “But it was well worth it.”


The clerk gave the blonde a once over.  “Yes, I see.”


The blonde tightened her grip on Taylor’s hand.  Taylor had to give the clerk a practiced smile, because of the annoying pain the blonde was inflicting on her right hand.  Taylor looked at the blonde and cleared her throat.  The blonde eased up on the death grip that she had on Taylor’s hand.  “What about that drink that you promised me. Lucky?”


Taylor turned to look at the clerk.  “Just as soon as Alan here let’s me know if I have any messages.”


Alan hurried to her box.  “Yes, as a matter of fact, you received a package by courier about an hour ago.”


Taylor removed her coat from the blonde’s shoulders and handed it to the clerk.  She then tipped the clerk and picked up the package and envelop from the desktop.  “Shall we?”


The blonde ran her arm through Taylor’s and allowed Taylor to escort her to the lounge.


Once inside the lounge, Taylor headed toward a private table in the back.  Looking for the privacy needed to check out the package and speak to the blonde without being overheard.  They could take advantage of as much privacy as one could expect in a public place.


After their drinks were ordered, the blonde spoke first.  “I owe you one for that, Cross!  I can’t believe you coached that clerk into checking me out.”


“Damn Jones, calm down.  I was just having a little fun.”  Taylor opened and closed her right hand gently.  “Besides, I won’t be able to use my hand for a week, so I would say that we’re even.”


Jennifer ‘Jen’ Jones was one of the spirited detectives out of the Narcotics Division in Sacramento.

Recently promoted to Narcotics from Patrol, after helping identify, disrupt, and dismantle one of the wholesale importation and transportation networks that supplied large quantities of narcotics to local distribution markets of Sacramento. The investigation targeted not only the narcotics traffickers, but also those who facilitate the laundering of the drug proceeds.  That case had directed Sacramento to the Redding area.  Redding was believed to be the location of the top of the network for California's supply of drugs.  Jen Jones was sent to Dreams to find the source of the network.  Jones was not only someone Taylor work with, she was also the girlfriend of one of Taylor's best friend's, Christine Owens.


Jones leaned forward in her chair.  Her face took on a serious expression.  “Cross, all jokes aside, what the hell is going on?”


Taylor shook her head.  “I’m not sure.  I do know that other than a winning poker game and plenty of foreplay, tonight was a waste.  The target never showed and other than the information about the cameras, I didn’t see or hear anything out of the ordinary.”  Taylor paused and rubbed the side of her face.  “I would like to know if they are watching any of the other customers and why?  If they are watching anyone else, then that just gives me more questions, but if they are not watching anyone else, then that would mean that they are onto me.”


Jones shook her head and laughed at Taylor’s comment.  “Thanks to all the flirting and foreplay, I would have to say that your cover is secure.  Ms. Singleton was none too shy, but I wouldn’t call what she was doing foreplay…maybe flirting, but not foreplay.  Tiffany on the other hand, is a different story.  Definitely foreplay.”  Jones turned her attention toward the envelope that had been left at the front desk.  “That is a pretty good description of tonight.  It definitely sums it up.  It’s going to be interesting trying to come up with another description for our reports.  Maybe there is something in the envelope that will shed some light on this.”


“Maybe” Taylor picked up the envelope and ran her finger along the seal.  “I’ll let you know if you’re right about Ms. Singleton, after our dinner date.”


The waitress returned with their drinks.  “I'll just add it to your tab, Lucky!”


Taylor smiled at the waitress.  “Thanks Shelia.”


Jones studied Taylor for a long moment.  “I can’t wait to hear about the dinner date with Eve.  That reminds me, Taylor, I’m a little curious about something else that happened tonight.”


Taylor looked up from the envelope and raised a brow.  “Yeah, what?”


Jones tilted her head and knitted her brow.  “What would you have done if that coin toss turned out to be tails instead of heads?”


A slow smile spread across Taylor’s face.  “I guess that I would be having sex with a beautiful brunette instead of getting my hand crushed by you.”


Jones’ eyes widened in surprise and she studied Taylor a moment longer.  Taylor didn’t hesitate on her answer and she could see nothing but truth in Taylor’s eyes.  “You’re not joking!”  It was meant as a statement, not a question.


Taylor resumed opening the letter that was dropped off with the package.  She did not look up from the letter as she spoke.  “Situations…like tonight with Tiffany.  It’s a choice that you make alone.  No one can make it for you and you shouldn’t let anyone make it for you.  I choose to leave it to the flip of a coin, rather than take any risk at all with my cover.  That’s what I was there for, to gamble, and I did just that.”


Jones blew out a breath and shook her head.  “Not me.  Christine would kill me, job or no job.”  Jones knitted her brow and began to think out loud.  “I don‘t know…maybe, having a partner, you‘re lover at home waiting on you, changes your perspective on the job.  I don‘t think that I could do it.”


Taylor raised her head and closed her eyes.  She felt as if she had been slapped.  The hurt was unintentional, but it hurt just the same.  Memories coming in the form of pleasure and pain, struck her.  Without conscious thought she whispered, “Sarah.”


At that moment Jones realized what she had done with her words.  Taylor, I am…so sorry.  I wasn’t thinking…not of you anyway.  It was a selfish…Taylor, I don’t know what to say.”


A scary silence stood between them before Taylor finally opened her eyes and spoke.  “Excuse me…I need to go to the restroom.  I won’t be long.”


Jones nodded and watched in silence as Taylor made her way quickly through the lounge.


Before Taylor could get to the restroom, her body started shaking and she broke into a cold sweet.  She felt nauseated.  She rushed into the restroom and quickly checked under the line of stalls to make sure that no one else was in the restroom, and then she leaned her back up against the cool tiled wall.  The room seemed to get smaller and she closed her eyes to stop the room from spinning.  She rubbed her face and neck with both hands.  Then tried to massage her temples with her fingers.  Her head pounded and it felt heavy on her stressed neck.  A new surge of nausea attacked her and then Sarah’s voice filled her head.


            Taylor, I love you

            Please be good to yourself

            This is not your fault

            Baby, please look at me

            This is not your fault

            This is not your fault


Taylor rushed into the nearest stall and threw up.  Then she splashed cold water on her face and neck, with both hands.  She rinsed her mouth out and sat on the floor with her head between her knees.  She took several deep breaths, letting them out slowly.  She absently reached under the collar of her shirt for her necklace.  She grasps one of the two gold bands between her fingers and started twirling it. 


Taylor knew that she had to get back to Jen before she came looking for her, so she stood up, straightened her clothes, put the necklace back under her shirt and checked her reflection in the mirror.  She whispered to her reflection in the mirror.  "Why is this happening now?  The nightmares.  The daydreams.  Why?  This stopped so long ago...I have got to stop this.  I have a job to do."


Jones watched Taylor approach the table.  Jones was holding her breath and trying to read Taylor as she took her seat.  Taylor smiled, but Jones could tell by Taylor's eyes that her mind was giving her no peace.


Jones started to speak, but Taylor held up her hands and shook her head.  Jones closed her mouth and nodded.  Taylor took her seat.  "Let's get back to work.  Did you read what was in the envelope?"


“Um, no I didn’t.  I started to but it was addressed to you and while I’m on this case, you are my commanding officer, so I thought....” Jones trailed off and shrugged to indicate that she wasn’t sure what to do.  “I did order you another drink.”


“Thanks.  Let’s see what we have here.”  Taylor opened the envelope and started reading.  “Damn, things just keep getting more fucked up.”


Jones raised both eyebrows.  “What now?”


Taylor handed Jones the letter.  “There is no need to open the package right now, but you are to take it home with you.  I'm not sure why, but that is what the letter says.  As you can see in the letter, what is in the package may shed some light on the case.  I've been waiting for more in-depth information on several of the people at Dreams and they finally got it to me, even though I asked for it three days ago.”


Jones let her eyes quickly scan over the letter.  “It also says that you are to be in the Chief’s office tomorrow morning...sorry...this morning at eight.  Why the Chief's office and not the Captain's.  Do you think it's about the Dreams case?"


Taylor shook her head.  "There is no telling.  I'm not concerned that it is the Chief.  He deals with Chad and me directly most of the time.  I think I speak with him more than I do Captain Ross.  Besides, Ross is an ass and doesn’t like me one damn bit.”  Taylor looked around for a clock.  “What time is it...we still have to figure out what to do about the cameras in the suite upstairs."


"Oh shit.  That's right.  It is almost two."  Jones looked around the lounge noticing that there were only a few people still drinking and conversing.  There was a table on the far side of the room that had two people sitting beside each other and they gave new meaning to the saying “Get a Room”.

Jones smiled at Taylor and winked.  "Taylor give me your hand and lean this way."


Taylor wasted no time in doing what Jones ask of her.  "What's wrong?  Is it someone from Dreams?"  Taylor did not turn and look because she was not sure of the situation.


“I’m really not sure.  The man looks familiar but that is not all that has me worried.  They are all over each other.  I mean, get a room, all over each other and we both know that there are plenty of rooms upstairs so...are they putting on a show?  I don’t know.  Like you say, better safe than sorry.”


Taylor linked their fingers together on top of the table.  “I don’t know either.  Hopefully, they are just too caught up in each other to think about the obvious.  Okay, we need to decide what to do about the suite.  We have to figure out a way to change rooms without drawing attention.  Do you have any ideas, because I have only come up with one and neither of us is going to like it?”


“What do you mean by neither of us is going to like it?”


After a little hesitation, Taylor gave Jones an apologetic smile.  “In the letter from Chad...he warned us about the cameras at Dreams and here, in my suite.  He also stated that they checked the surrounding suites and none of them had cameras in them, so he suggested that I find a good excuse to change suites.”  Jones nodded so Taylor continued.  “How are our lovers doing over there?”


“Actually, they have stopped.  The woman is gone and the man...he is...looking this way.  He has glanced over here several times.  I wonder where the woman went?  Jones ran her hand through her hair and pulled on the front of her gown.  “I will be sooooo glad when I can get out of this thing.  I don’t mind wearing them every once in a while but lately...I would just like to be comfortable for a few days.”


Taylor chuckled and took a sip of her scotch.  “I can’t imagine.  Give me your hand back and watch out for the woman.”


Taylor had her hand resting on the table so Jones put both of her hands on top of Taylor’s hand.  “What else did Chad say in the letter?”


“Where was I...Yeah...He suggested that I find a good excuse to change suites and he thought that it would be best if the excuse was given on camera.  This way no one would be on to me and hopefully the cover will stick.”


“Fine.  That makes perfectly good sense to me.”


Taylor cleared her throat and smirked.  “Jones, if we go to the suite after the show that we put on at Dreams tonight, then the camera will expect another show.  Do you get where I’m going here?”


Jones blushed and then started laughing, but stopped abruptly.  “Shit!  Taylor, what are we going to do?”


Taylor let out a slow deep breath and rubbed her temple with her free hand, trying to control a throbbing headache that she felt coming on.  “So I take it that you do not have any ideas?”


Jones shook her head and spoke a little louder than she intended to.  “No Taylor, I don’t have any ideas, but making a porno with one of mine and Chris’ best-friends is not an idea I can deal with.”


Taylor smiled at Jones and shook her head, while watching Jones finish off her drink in one swallow.  “Calm down.  There won’t be any porno made tonight.  Listen, do you remember the last barbeque that you and Chris had over the summer?”


Jones made a sour face at the memory.  “How could I forget?  All those people there and we had such a mess.”


“Okay.  So you recall what happened to the sink in the bathroom?”


“Yes of course Taylor.  The water got me before it got anything in the bathroom...Oh...I see.  This might work.  It is worth a try.  Do we have a Plan B if it doesn’t work?”


Taylor nodded and finished off her scotch.  “Yes, a fight.  I didn’t want to go there because we would not be able to work together like we did tonight.  That might make your part of the job more difficult.”


“Fine. We have a plan.  I guess we should get going, if you’re going to get any sleep before you have to be at the station.  How do you want to work this?"


Taylor stood up and offered Jones her hand.  Jones put her hand in Taylor’s and stood up.  “Let’s talk about it on the way to the suite.”  Taylor stopped to tip Shelia on their way out of the lounge.


Once they were out of hearing range, Taylor spoke quietly.  “We will enter the room heated.  One of us can be removing the other one’s clothes and once we are on the bed, you can state that you are going to freshen up.  I will try to give you a hint on when, unless I see that you know best.”  Taylor felt Jones tense up, just listening to the plan, so she needed to calm her down.  “Listen Jen, it’s going to be fine.  You start removing my clothes, since I seem to have on a lot more than you.”


Jones looked down at her gown and smiled nervously. 


Taylor stopped before they got to the desk and lifted Jen’s chin with the tip of her fingers.  Once they had eye contact, Taylor leaned in and kissed Jones on the cheek.  “If you slip me any tongue, I'm telling Chris and your ass is fucked.”  She stepped backed and smiled as she watched the tension fall away from Jones, at the mention of her lover’s name.


They stopped at the desk to see if she had any more messages and to retrieve her coat.  Alan gave her the coat and informed her that there were no new messages, and then he wished them a good night.


They headed toward the line of elevators and Jones pushed the button.  Once in the elevator, Jones spoke in a normal tone of voice.  "Eighth floor?"  Taylor let go of her hand and pulled her close, reaching around her to press the correct button to her floor.  Then she put both of her hands in the small of Jones’ back.  Jones locked her fingers together behind Taylor’s head.  They let their lips come together and made a few groaning sounds for good measures.  When Jones removed her lips, she kept her fingers locked behind Taylor’s head.  Taylor buried her face in Jones’ hair and whispered, “Five more minutes and you will get soaked and I will get some sleep.”


Jones let out a spirited laugh and put her lips to Taylor’s neck and mumbled.  “I don’t have any more clothes; do you have another shirt on under that one?”


Taylor pulled away and smirked.  Jones brought her hands around to Taylor’s chest.  She rested her hands on Taylor’s collarbones kissed her softly on the lips and whispered into her mouth, “What was that look for Cross?”


Taylor smiled against Jones’ lips.  “What makes you think that I’m going to let you wear my shirt?”


“Because this is your brilliant plan and it requires me to get soaked, so the least you could do is give me a dry shirt to sleep in.”  She dropped her right hand to Taylor’s rib cage and pinched her to emphasis her request.


Taylor jumped out of Jones’ reach but quickly recovered and buried her face back into Jones’ hair.  “Damn Jones, that hurt, but I get your point.”


Jones pulled away and took Taylor’s hand as the elevator door opened.  “Good.”


Taylor rolled her eyes at Jones and exited the elevator.  Once outside the elevator, Jones stopped Taylor.  She ran her hand up Taylor’s arm and once she reached her neck she pulled Taylor to her.  She barely touched their lips together and whispered, “Do you think the room is bugged?”


Taylor put her hand to Jones’ face and started a trail of kisses from her mouth to her ear.  Chad stated that they were checking, but I don’t know.  Let’s assume so.  Just follow my lead and at the opening state that your going to freshen up.”  Taylor stepped away and spoke in a louder voice on the way down the hall.  “Let’s get to the room.”


Once inside the room, Taylor dropped her coat to the floor and pushed Jones up against the closed door and put their lips together.  Again moans to please an audience.  Jones started pulling at Taylor’s shirt.  She removed the shirttail from the waistband of Taylor’s black slacks and started pushing Taylor towards the bed.  Taylor started kissing on her neck while Jones continued backing her toward the bed. 


When they got to the bed, Jones fell on top of Taylor and got very spirited.  She brought their lips together roughly and started pulling at the buttons on Taylor’ shirt.  Taylor fisted her hand in Jones’s hair and pulled her back so she could see her face.  “We got to slow down a little.”


Jones sit up and straddled Taylor’s body.  “Why?”


Taylor ran her hands along the top of Jones’ now exposed bare legs.  The gown was pulled up; due to the way Jones straddled her.  Taylor winked, hoping Jones would pick up on her cue.  “Because I am going to do such incredible things to you and that baby, takes time.”


Jones climbed off of Taylor and traced her fingers along Taylor’s jaw line.  “Well, I think I will go freshen up a bit and when I get back you can tell me where you would like to start.”  Jones bent over and put her lips to Taylor’s before heading to the restroom.


When Jones got in the restroom she checked her appearance in the mirror.  Damn, even faking foreplay can seriously mess up some hair.  She took hold of the knob and acted like she was trying to turn the water on.  All the while she was trying to loosen the valve.  She jerked her hand away and put a finger in her mouth, pretending she hurt her finger and broke a nail.  She opened the bathroom door and stuck her head out to yell into the suite, with her finger still in her mouth.  "Lucky!  Lucky!  This damn water will not come on and I broke a nail.  Will you please fix the sink?"


Taylor turned on her side and yelled back at her.  "Call downstairs and tell Alan." 


"No Lucky.  You are supposed to be showing me where you would like to start, not when you would like to start.  If we have to wait on someone to come and fix the sink it will be daylight.  Come on, Lucky.  It’s just stuck."


With the cameras on them, Taylor knew that she didn't have a choice.  Jones was putting her in a hard place and they both knew it.  She could argue with the woman and not get any sleep or she could finish this and suffer the consequences.  She rolled off the bed to her feet and headed toward the bathroom.  She glared at Jones as she passed her in the doorway.  "Let me see your finger."  Jones smiled nervously and put her hand in Taylor's.  Taylor bent and kissed Jones' fingers and looked up at her with a mischievous grin, after she noticed that there wasn’t an injury or a broken nail.  "That looks like it hurts.  Let's rinse it off with some cold water."


Taylor held her hand and led her to the sink.  She put Jones’ hand under the faucet and forcefully took hold of the cold water knob with her free hand and turned it hard.  The knob flew off and water shot to the ceiling, soaking both women.  Taylor started yelling immediately.  “Shit!  Shit!  Shit” Jones ran from the restroom and Taylor jerked open the cabinet door to get under the sink.  She found the shut-off valve and shut the water off to the sink.  “This has got to be a fucking joke.”


Jones phoned the front desk, laughing with tears in her eyes.  She could hear Taylor cursing and it was making it impossible to quit laughing. “Yes...this is room...um 820, Lucky Preston’s suite.  We have a...major problem with the bathroom.”  Jones tried to control her laughing so she could finish the call. “We are going to...need another suite as quickly as possible.  Pleasssse...”


The clerk could hear Lucky cursing in the background.  “No problem ma’am.  We will be right up with a key.”


Within five minutes they were standing outside another suite, waiting on the young gentleman to open the door.  Once inside he checked the restroom thoroughly.  "Again, I am terribly sorry about the faucet problem.  I will have your bags brought over in the next ten minutes.  Is there anything else that I can do for you Ms. Preston?"


Taylor entered the new suite, pulling off her wet vest and answered the boy through clenched teeth.  “No, that will be all.  Thank you.”


The boy took his cue and fled.


Taylor moved toward Jones very slowly, while glaring dangerously at her and ringing the water out of the bottom of her shirt.  Jones started backing up. "Now, Taylor. I was just having a little fun, like you were with me earlier in the lobby with the clerk" She backed up more, trying not to laugh. "You were going to do it to me.”  Taylor continued to walk toward Jones, not saying a word.  Taylor, please."   Now, Jones was backed up against the wall, and she had nowhere else to go.  Taylor stopped a few inches from Jones and crossed her arms.  She studied Jones for a moment, realizing that Jones was having a difficult time holding in the laughter, so she shook her head as she began to speak.  "Why didn't you stick to the plan, Jones?”


Jones let the laughter out.  "I may be blonde Taylor, but please.  You really did not expect me to blow the sink valve and drench myself while you lay on the bed, all comfy and dry?”


Taylor joined her in her laughter.  "I should have known better.  You have been around Chris too long."  Taylor ran her hand through her wet hair.  "Speaking of Chris, she is going to love this one.  I bet you just can't wait to tell her."


Jones stopped laughing and became visibly uncomfortable.  "I...I...Tell her what?"


Taylor was confused by what she was witnessing.  She titled her head and attempted to read Jones.  "I assumed that you would jump at the chance to tell Chris how you outsmarted me on this one."


Jones attempted to smile but came up short.  "I had rather not and I would appreciate if you didn't either."


Taylor started to speak, but Jones interrupted her.  "Look Taylor, it’s going on three o'clock and we are both wet."  Jones started laughing again, but this time it was without heart.  "Or, I should say, I am wet and you are soaked, so why don't we find something dry and try to get a couple of hours’ sleep.  You have to be in the Chief's office at eight and I have to make that two and a half hour drive to Sacramento."


Before Taylor could reply there was a knock at the door.  Taylor went to the door and opened it, knowing it was her belongings from the other suite.  The same young gentleman that showed them to the suite, stood stone still with Taylor’s suitcases in his hands.  Taylor took the suitcases from the boy and tipped him.  When she turned around to confront Jones, she had already disappeared into the bathroom.


Taylor opened the suitcase to find them both something to sleep in.  She knocked on the bathroom door.  “Jones, I have you a t-shirt and a pair of shorts here.” 


Jones opened the bathroom door enough to stick her hand out for Taylor to give her the clothes.  “I’m going to take a shower.   Try to get some sleep Taylor; you have to be up in a few hours.”


Taylor was puzzled at Jones’ behavior.  “Are you okay?”


“Yes, I’m fine.  I'm just really tired.  It has been a long day.”  Then her voice was drowned out by the sound of the shower.


To be continued




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