Win, Loose or Tie.

by tap, the wizard.

Disclaimers: This is a PWP story. (plot what plot) If you have a problem with two women in an adult situation, then go find something else to read.


My shirt is soaking wet, the perspiration still dripping from my body. The heat from the day has been unbearable, but I am not seeking refuge in a dark, cool bar. Instead I stand here leaning against the bar on the patio. The bartender hands me an ice cold beer, and before I even take a drink, I place its brown bottle against my forehead praying for a moment of relief. The humidity is so high; I feel the need to cut at it with my pocket knife. Finally I take a long, deep drink, and let the liquid cool my parched throat groaning in its refreshing taste. The bartender sits a large glass of ice water in front of me knowing I will drink it and two more beers before the night is over.

I haven't yet decided whether or not I seek feminine company tonight. The thought of two sweating bodies grunting and groaning seeking release doesn't appeal to me at the moment. My thoughts are only to quench my thirst, and partake in the sights and sounds around me. The music plays in the back ground its intoxicating rhythm making my body sway gently. I watch as others dance to their own rhythm happily seducing their partner in an age old game.

As I take another drink I see her approaching me. Her eyes are intent on catching mine as she watches me for any signs of acceptance. She is much younger then I, and, at the moment, my ego is at war with myself. As she is standing next to me it is then I notice the bulge from the front of her jeans. She is brash this young one, and offers to buy me another beer as mine is now empty. I thank her, but decline. She is not what I want or would ever want. I frown as she makes a suggestive comment and strokes her toy. She does not know who I am. Does she dare to think of me as her bottom for this evening? Experience and age would show her my own power. I would have her on her hands and knees using her own appendage on her, screaming for mercy in my delightful ears. I was taught by the devil herself these acts of seduction and power. My mind drifts back for a moment, and I can feel her sting upon me as the lessons were imprinted on my bottom. She was a strict teacher, and you learned your trade quickly, else she would cast you aside as mere trash. Her rewards however were sweet and blissful. You would do anything to be this teacher’s pet; even sell your soul to her.

My thoughts returned to the present as I feel her unwanted hand upon me asking for a dance. My patience runs thin, and I tell her to move on; tonight she is not what I desire, and she should find someone else to play with.

The bartender hands me another ice cold beer and I thank her. I have already finished my water and motion for another. It is then I feel her. I wondered if I would be lucky enough tonight for her to appear. I have been watching her for a few nights. Promptly coming in at 9pm she sits at the other end of the bar. Tonight she orders a beer, and her throat greedily sucks back the cold beverage as she, too, is attempting to escape the heat. Looking over to her left she sees me and toasts me as if we were old friends. Perhaps we are, from another time, long forgotten by this world. Tonight, however, she is warring with her thoughts, and finally makes her decision. She comes over to me and introduces herself. I exchange my name with her, and we begin the game of small talk. I care not to hear what her words are, but to listen to her voice. Each syllable brings warmth between my legs that I was not searching for tonight. I ask her to dance with me and she accepts. As we begin the slow movements together I feel her breasts upon mine. Her nipples are defenceless against the thinness of her bra and tank top, and I feel them stiffen. My own breasts betray me and she smiles at the feel of them against hers. Score one for attraction, the rest will be simple. I treat her lovingly and respectfully for the rest of the evening. I have bought her drinks and some food, my mind so jealous of each morsel that enters into her mouth. Oh, but were I that bit of nourishment, entering into her mouth, swirling around her tongue. I almost orgasm at my own thoughts of lust. I look into her eyes, and see a sparkle of happiness that I have not seen in her before. The past few nights of watching her, I had seen nothing but sorrow in them. Tonight we talk to each other of all our hopes and dreams, as if we are lovers. A pleasure I wish to obtain.

When the evening is over with she senses both of our needs, and invites me home with her. She drops her clothes on the floor of the bathroom, and motions for me to do the same. We are in need of a shower as the days sweat and grime begs to be washed away. She is eager to start our game, and teases me with me fingers and kisses. I am also eager and return the favour, but I am more demanding than she. Any attempt to dry off is futile as she leads me into her bedroom. I am soaking wet from desire and sense she is the same way. Lying on the bed I spread her legs to see my reward, and I am correct. She is wet and open, and I fill her almost immediately. My fingers are coated with her essence and easily slide in and out of her. She moans and moves her hips with approval and I am pleased with myself. I will not let her cum yet; she is too beautiful to waste on such a short interlude. I touch her breast with my other hand; it is soft, but firm and her nipples are tight and perked. I have not even kissed her mouth yet, but will save that for after if she, in fact, wants it. She has not kissed my mouth either. I feel her shift her position and search within my warmth for her treasure. She enters me slowly, not that I couldn't take quicker, but she is gentle. She looks into my eyes for my reaction and I smile for her. She is pleased and goes back to her own pleasure of both hers and mine. Her scent is driving me mad, and I can't control my urges any longer. I stop my movements, remove her hand from myself, and lower my mouth on to her. She is exquisite in her taste and my tongue buries itself deep into her core. I finally grow impatient and feast upon her clit. My fingers enter her again and I pump them in and out of her, showing no mercy. She is mine tonight, and I want to hear her scream. I feel her walls tighten and she arches. You are now mine, I think as she rewards me with a scream loud enough to almost burst my eardrums. I am pleased; my expectations were rewarded with her voice crying out in lust, as she begs me to stop. She can't take anymore. I will be a kind lover tonight and grant her this wish. I do not want her angry with me and not fulfill my own release. It is much needed at the moment as she has caught her breath and lays me down on my back. I am surprised when she kisses me, but her lips are soft and demanding. She wants entrance into my mouth and I allow her. She plays with my breasts, but I can tell she is eager to taste me. She wastes no time and pleasures me with her tongue and fingers as I had done for her. I make her work for my release; I am experienced enough to be able to control my orgasms, but she is relentless. She licks, sucks and nips at me, and I am no longer able to control this burning I feel. I cum as she bites down gently on my clit and fills me with her fingers. I can not stop the trembling of my poor exhausted body, and I look up into hers eyes to see she is most pleased with her work. I lightly laugh at my own arrogance as we were but a game of chess to each other that ended in a tie match.

As we both drift off to sleep, I smile in the hopes I can see her again tomorrow night.

The end.

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