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By Tara Cullen

Chapter Three

" Ev."


"Earth to Evan. The light's green."

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Thanks Jeff." Oops.

"Where did you go off to...or do I not want to know?"

"Ha ha, smartass, I was just thinking about the day so far. I should have stayed in bed."

"Oh. Well, do want me to drive us back?"

"Jeff, the damn station is four blocks away."

"Yeah, well, that's four more lights we're going to have to sit at if you keep spacing out."

"No. But thanks. I think I can handle it."

Finally, back at base. Dispatch called us after our last call to tell us my relief was waiting for us to return. It was about time. He was late and now Emma's going to killme. Well, you know what I mean. I haven't had a day shift like this in a while. Let's see...we had a nutball with a gun...a three year old with an M&M stuck in his nose...a fire stand by, where all we did was sit by the fire trucks and make sure everyone was ok; luckily there was no one in the house when the fire started. Then there was the old man with chest pain who was miraculously cured when he belched and passed gas. And finally, we have the 13 year old girl who got to get out of school early and hitch a ride in a fancy, big, shiny "limo" to the E/R because she was complaining of lower abdominal pains. Turns out she had just experienced menstrual cramps for the first time along with her first period. I smelled that one a mile away. Gross, I know, but how do you think I felt?

I must be on autopilot because I don't remember backing into the bay. Hopping out to get my gear stowed in the truck, Jake comes up to me with a slip of paper.

"Hey Ev. Thanks for covering for me. And this is for you."

"You're welcome Jake. And thanks."

I read the paper as I head towards my locker on the bay floor to get the rest of my stuff.


Call Emma ASAP! She's freaking out!


What can Em be freaking out about? She would have just called me on my cell if it was that important?

"Oh, and Ev?"

"Yeah, Jake?"

"Your cell isn't working. Tim tried calling you on it. He didn't say why though."

Reaching down to my hip I grab at what used to be my cell. Dammit! It must have broken some time during the shift. I try to call home from a phone in the bay, but get a busy signal which is rare because I have call waiting. As I toss my gear into the jeep, I shout a quick "later" to the guys and head on home. Now it's time for me to worry.

The ride home was a blur as I realize I'm pulling up in front of my home. Rushing in through the front door, I'm greeted with a bear hug by Emma.

"Em? Em, what's wrong? Are you OK?"

I can't hear a thing from her other than her pounding heart beat and a few strangled sobs. As quick as she latched onto me, she pushes me away. Ok, now I'm totally confusedhere.








"OW!" Every word was emphasized with a hit to my chest.

"Em, what are you talking about? And why are you hitting me?" I flinch expecting another whack for talking.

"I'm hitting you cuz I'm happy to see you're OK." Sniffle.

"Oh. Uh, Ok. But I still don't get why you're freaking out Em."

"Evan." She takes a deep breath. "Do you forget you have a fucking scanner here in the living room? And do you forget that I listen to it when you are at work and on the truck? I heard the whole damn thing this morning. I didn't know it was you until later after I called Susan to find out who the crew was. THEN, I was trying to call your cell phone, but you never answered. AND, Tim wouldn't contact you on the radio. Shit, I even tried to get a hold of Josh, but all I got was his fucking machine. I have been a wreck for the past few hours wondering if you were OK...."

"Shhhhhhh. Em, I'm OK. See? I'm right here. Someone would have called you if I wasn't, you know that. And as for my cell, it's broken. I don't know when it happened, but it did."

Pulling Emma into a hug, she starts to cry even harder now. All I can do is let her know I'm here with her. A few minutes pass, and her tears slow down. She still clings to me as her breathing gets back to normal.

"Hey Em."

Sigh. "Yeah?"

"You're sexy when you're angry."

This gets the response I was looking for. Laughing, she pulls her head back and looks into my eyes. I know that look in her eyes.

"You think so?"

"Em, I know so."

The look in her eyes is of pure love. I just wish I could return the same love back to her. I do love Em, but my heart is bound by another. I've been with many other women in my days; otherwise my existence on this earth would be quite lonely. I am, after all, only "human".

We both lean in towards each other and our lips meet. At first, the kiss is light and tender. I lick Emma's bottom lip and she lets my tongue enter. While Em wraps her arms around my neck, I reach back to lock the front door. I would hate to have visitors walk in on this. She pulls away slowly, ending the kiss, takes me by the hand and leads me towards the couch. She pushes me back and I bounce a bit on the cushion where I land sitting. Where love was once seen, I now see desire in those hazel eyes. Em straddles my lap and resumes the kiss again. My hands slide up under her t-shirt as her hands start to unbutton my uniform shirt. She peels it off and our kiss is only broken when she lifts myt-shirt over my head and I return the favor with her shirt. Em has no bra on and only herboxers remain. The scent of her sex is heavy now and I do believe I'm salivating at the thought of tasting it. As I run my hands over her body, she starts to rock on my lap. I leave her lips only to claim the nipple before me. I lick, suck, and nibble on her left breast and nipple, while my left hand keeps her right breast company. Moans fill the otherwise quiet living room, and Em's hips start to grind even harder against my lower stomach. Her skin is soft and moist under my touch. Moving my right hand between our bodies, I wiggle it in through the hole in her boxers. Easy access underwear. Gotta love 'em. Feeling how wet Emma is makes me suckle even harder on her breast. Gliding my fingers up and down her sex, she bears down and groans when my fingers pass over her swollen clit.

"Inside. I need you inside me."

My fingers slide down her sex to her opening and I stop. She gasps in what I assume is anticipation. When I don't move again for another moment, she begs.

"Please, Ev. Please."

I slide two fingers inside her and start to pump in and out of her slowly.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh. God. Yeeeeeessssss."

Her face is buried in my neck and I can feel her kissing and biting me harder as her climax gets closer. I can tell she's close by her breathing and how she is lifting her ass up and down off my lap to match the thrusting of my fingers. The soft walls around my fingers tighten. As I curl my fingers to hit her just in the right spot, I use my thumb to rub her clit at the same time. Emma throws her head back and arches her body away from me as her orgasm hits her, and hard. She screams my name out and I use all the strength in my left arm to hold her on my lap and keep from falling backwards. Like a rag doll, she flops forward onto me. We are both covered in sweat and panting.

"Jesus, that was good" Em gets out between breathes.

"Mmmm hmmmm." That's all I can get out.

I wiggle the fingers still inside Em and she jumps a little.

"I'm going to need those back at some time."

"Oh, all right."

She lifts up and away from me enough so I can pull out of her slowly.

"God, I love it when you fuck me like that."

I grin widely at her and talk into her ear softly, "I aim to please, Em. I aim to please."

"Well, you certainly did that."

She gets up from my lap slowly and walks around a bit to stretch her legs after straddling my lap for so long. Heading towards the stairs, she looks over her shoulder at me and asks me to join her in the shower for "my turn". I leap up from the couch and at her so fast she squeals and falls on her way up the stairs. I join her in the bathroom and begin the task shedding the rest of my clothes. Emma stops my hands and tells me that she wants to do it. She leans into the shower and turns the water on. The room starts to steam up as she starts to work on undressing me. She unbuckles my belt and uniform pants. I am instructed to sit on the lid of the toilet so she can remove my boots and socks. When she is done, she stands me up and runs her hands over my shoulders and down my chest. She grabs the bottom of my bra and lifts it over my head. Her hands again return to my chest.

"I was so worried for you, Ev," she whispers.

"Emma, I'm OK. Really, I am," I whisper back.

She pulls my pants down and I step out of them. Her hands trail up my legs as she stands back up. Taking me by the hands, she leads me toward the shower and once we're underthe spray she starts to wash me. She massages my shoulders and back as she soaps them up. A scalp massage follows and I am doing my best not to fall over and sleep. I rinse off and get ready to start on Emma's cleansing when she tells me that she will take care of herself. I watch her as she slides her hands all over her body, covering herself in lather. Her hands linger on all the sweet spots. I reach for her again, but she stops me, tells me to wait, and rinses herself off. She steps out of the shower and wraps a towel around herself. I step out of the shower, and bend over to turn the water off. I feel Emma come up behind and start to dry me off. When she finishes drying me from head to toe, I am led to my bedroom, and pushed back onto the bed. I position myself in the center of the bed and watch Emma dry herself. Our eyes lock and I can't help but smile at her. Emma crawls up my body, never breaking eye contact with me. Her hands are all over me again. Still looking into my eyes, she dips her head down and takes one of my nipples into her mouth, then the other. I fight to keep my eyes from closing. Her tongue glides from one swollen nipple to the other. My hips lift into her body on their own. Before I know it, we are engaged in a searing kiss. Emma pulls away, with my bottom lip between her teeth. Her kisses trail along my jaw line, neck, back down to my chest. Emma is now more aggressive with her assault on my breasts. She nips and pulls at my nipples with her teeth. Now I can't resist closing my eyes. I know her intentions as I feel her mouth and hands worktheir way down my body. She situates herself between my legs and I open my eyes again to watch her next move. Emma has her eyes closed and the next blessed thing I feel is her tongue on me. She is devouring me like she never has before. My hips grind into her, trying to increase the pressure. I'm so close, and my hands weave their way into Emma's hair. My clit is sucked and flicked at by her tongue. This sends me over the edge. Emma kisses her way back up my body and she nestles against my side, her arm and leg draped over me. My breathing is finally under control, and I feel sleep tugging at me. I think I just thanked Emma out loud, but I'm not quite sure. I also think I just heard Emma say "I love you", but again, I'm not sure.

The smell is fresh. The air is cool. The sun is hidden behind clouds that promise to bring rain, which will only make the rolling hills even greener. I can feel the wind whipping through my hair, blowing it into my eyes. Arms wrap themselves around my waist from behind and warmth envelopes me. I feel safe, loved, and at home. She whispers softly as though her voice will disturb the beauty of our surroundings.

"Maidin mhaith." The heat of her breath against my ear causes a shiver to run through me.

"Mmmmmm. Maidin mhaith." I whisper back. A good morning it is.

The earth starts to shake. An earthquake? Here?

"Evan." Huh?

"Evan. Wake up."


"You were talking in your sleep, baby. You said something like mah-din-vah."

"Huh? Oh. Maidin mhaith, means good morning in Gaelic. Can I go back to sleep now?"

"Evan. You've been talking in your sleep more often, and speaking in what I guess is Gaelic. Are you alright? Some nights you seem to be having nightmares."

For the love of... "Yes, I'm fine. I must just be home sick, Em."

I'm very home sick, come to think about it, but I can't tell Emma that. She'll tell me to go back to Ireland for a vacation or something. My home is not a place...

Sitting up to look at the clock, I remember what events took place prior to going to bed. I should act a little nicer after that tongue lashing. I assure Emma that I am fine, again, and decide sleep was not in the cards for me at the moment. It's only about 1830, and I don't feel that bad. That was a great nap. And an even greater reason for my nap. Hee hee.

My stomach has just decided to make its presence and emptiness known. Emma rubs my bare belly.

"Hungry, hon?"

"Just a bit. I seem to remember working up an appetite before our nap. Wanna go out? Grab a bite?"

"Sounds good. We should jump in the shower first."

"Um, how about you take one first, and then I'll take one. We may never get out of here if we take one together."

"Good point."

"Do you mind if I invite Josh? I haven't hung out with him in a while. I miss the bugger."

"Sounds good to me."

"Thanks Em. I'll call him while you shower."

I head downstairs while Emma gets ready for her shower. I give Josh call and he acceptsthe invite. I like spending time with him. Like I've mentioned before, he's like a little brother to me.


I pull up at the restaurant, or pub, or whatever, called O'Reilly's. It's a little hole in the wall Irish tavern that has great food, great ale, and they treat everyone like family. Sean, the owner, came from Ireland about seven years ago and opened this place with help from some of his family that was already living in the States. Josh and I come here very often, and even some of the people I work with hang out here. A lot of civil service workers are regulars. One thing that attracts us is that O'Reilly's opens up at 0700, which is perfect for us third shifters. It gives us a place to hang out, grab a bite, and enjoy our "Miller time".

Josh is sitting at the bar talking to Sean, who is behind the bar, when Emma and I walk in. Sean is the poster child for the Irish. He stands at around 5'9 with flaming red hair, freckles, and deep brown eyes. He is in his mid thirties, and is making the best of his shot at the American dream.



"How are you, lass? Judy was in here picking up lunch this afternoon. I heard you had a rough morning."

"I'm fine, Sean. Thanks for asking. Hey, Josh how are ya?" I wrap my arm along his shoulders as he sits on a bar stool.

"I'm good." He looks past me to Emma.

"Hi, Emma. Long time, no see."

"Hi, Josh. I try to get Evan to invite you over more, but, you know how she is."

"Yeah, I do. Let me buy the first round. Sean...Guinness for Ev, and..."

"I'll take a Bud Light."

"And a Bud Light for Emma."

"Sure thing, Josh. Are you eating tonight?"

Josh answers "yeah" for all of us as I sip on my pint. Not that kind of pint. At least not this time.

I place my order for fish and chips, while Emma and Josh get burgers. Emma, Josh and Sean chat while I look around the pub. It is a long, narrow room, from front to back. On the left when you enter is the bar which runs almost the entire length of the room. On the right are tables set up for eating. All along the walls are pictures of Ireland with various people posing in them. Some are of Sean'sfamily and friends. Neon signs for Guinness, Harp, and some American beers also adorn the walls. Music from the juke box plays softly in the background. My eyes catch a picture hanging up behind the bar and my thoughts wander back to my dream from this afternoon. Emma was right. I am having more of these dreams, and yes, some of them are nightmares. The picture on the wall is of lush green hills from Ireland. Eire. Home of my home. How I miss her. How I miss them both.

I'm startled from my thoughts as Emma wraps her arm around my waist while she continues talking with the lads. I'm asked about my day, and I tell the stories from my shift earlier in the day. We continue to talk while we eat, with me having making themlaugh about the calls I had. M&Ms, burps, and cramps. Great mealtime conversation.

Emma excuses herself to the restroom after we get done eating. Josh moves over to Emma's seat and looks at me, with a serious face.

"Evan. Where were you earlier?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I mean, earlier, in here. You were staring off like you were deep in thought. Everything OK?"

I look towards the back of the bar where the restrooms are, making sure Emma wasn't coming.

"I think she's here." Josh looks around the bar.

"Not here here, but near. Josh, the dreams are so vivid now. Like I'm with her again back home. Like how it was. Like how it used to be. I can smell her when I sleep. The dreams have never been so intense."

"Wow, Ev. I'll ask around. Maybe some other families know about her. I know a few psyches are living in the area." Psyches are psychic vampires. They feed on the living, but unlike me, they feed on their energy, or aura. They feed on life forces. Those who have their powers under control can read the auras of the living and tell almost a story of the person they are studying. They can tell the age of a soul and some of the older, stronger psyches can even identify the soul.

"Sounds good, Josh. Thanks. Let me know if anything turns up. I just can't shake the feeling she's near."

"No prob. I'll get right on it."

Emma comes back andwe say our goodbyes to Sean, then to Josh, and then head back to my house. Emma and I make small talk on the way while I drive the Jeep.

"I love how you talk after we go to O'Reilly's. Your accent comes out after hanging out with Sean."

"You do, do you?"

"Yep. It's sexy." The hand she has resting on my thigh starts moving up towards my crotch. Looks like we're heading into round two, folks.

To Be Continued In Chapter Four

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