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Tara Cullen

Chapter Five

            Okay. Pissed is an understatement for the way I'm feeling at this very moment. I think I've worn a groove into the black top. The hospital can fucking bill me for having to repave it. I can keep wearing down the ER parking lot with my pacing, or go on a killing spree. Literally. It's been a while since I've been on one of those. Hell, it's been a while since I've been so damn mad. Angry? Miffed? Nope. They still don't describe how I feel. The urges Emma provoked scare me now. It has taken me years to control the beast. At one point in my life I didn't have any control over it. If someone as so much as cleared their throat near me when I was having a bad day, I helped them clear their throat, permanently. I only knew blood lust. And Emma brought out that lust again. The cold morning air against my skin, hot and damp with rage, sent a shiver through me when I stepped out into the parking lot. The ER was silent when I walked out. I'm quite sure the grapevine is on fire right about now. They have about two hours until 1st shift comes in at 0700 to get their stories just right.

            "Um. Ev? You alright out here? Are you out here? Ev?"

Shit. Tom. I smelled his fear the moment the ER doors opened. Poor guy must have drawn the short straw. Standing in the shadows created by the parking lot lights and our ambulance, I acknowledge his question with a "Yeah."

"Well, um , I was just kinda worried about ya. You okay? I mean, you've had one hell of a morning so far. Good thing our shift will be ending soon and we can go home and you can get some sleep and maybe you and Emma can…"

"Tom. I'm fine. A little chilled, a lot pissed, but other wise I'm fine." Tom has a tendency to babble when he's nervous. I had to stop him before I lost what little composure I regained from my self induced time out.

"Yeah, well, okay. I'm going back inside and I'll call dispatch. Are you okay to finish the shift?"

"I said I'm fine Tom. I just need a few more minutes alone to calm down. Can you grab my coat? I left it in the exam room I was in."

Tom tosses "You bet" over his shoulder as he heads back indoors. The last thing I wanted to do was go back inside at this moment. Not out of embarrassment. I could give a rat's ass what other people think of me. I'm just not ready to face Emma again. My anger is still too close to the surface. I know me. And me will lash out at her if she even looks in my direction. I can't believe she rode me like that. But, then in retrospect, I can. She's been acting very possessive when it comes to me. And I cannot be possessed. I'm already taken. She can't possess something that she doesn't own. As much as I have cared for others over the years, I haven't told anyone else that I love them. At least not in that way. I'd be lying if I did. I think of myself as a very honest person. Honesty was something that took almost a century for me to relearn. I spent decades lying, deceiving, and conning others to get what I wanted. One of the many "bonuses" of being a vampire is the power of persuasion. Mortals find vampires irresistible. Not trying to sound conceded, but we exude sex, power, desire, and danger. We can make mortals crave us, as much as we crave them. I guess you can say we just got the "mojo."
 I survived for decades using my mojo. I didn't work, but had the finest things money could buy. If you pick out the right people to hang out with, they will spend their money on you. I was a "kept woman" for many decades, having been the "side dish" for many; I entertained bored rich wives. Who else better for a married woman to have an affair with, but with another woman? A woman can't get another woman pregnant. Shit, I'm good, but not that good. These affairs took place in a time before the plastics, chemicals and numerous pills that we have today that prevent pregnancy. And let's get real…when he says he'll pull out just at the right moment, do you really believe that? I have been witness to many executions of women who were found out to be having affairs simply from becoming pregnant. In the good ol' days, husbands would travel abroad, gone for months, leaving their wives behind to mind the manor. And I took it upon myself to mind the mistresses of those manors. I'm such a helper, aren't I?
In these huge manors, or estates, they had big parties, balls, galas if you will. Society's elite would come from miles and miles to attend. The homes these parties were held at had to be big enough to accommodate the guests. Many would ride for days in a horse drawn carriage to make their appearance. The richer the family, the bigger the estate, the bigger the party. I saw them as all you can eat buffets. And these huge estates would have tons of servants. If I felt the need to feed all out, I would lure one of the servants out to a secluded area, and feed till I was full. The other servants or matrons wouldn't notice the servant I had was missing for a few days, and then little was thought it of other than they left, or ran away. Otherwise I would just nibble on the rich. I saw some beautiful women that I literally just had to sink my teeth into.

"Evan, you ready to go?"

 Tom's voice has just startled me out of my daydreaming. I lick my lips at the thought of the old days and tell him I'm ready. We hop into the ambulance with Tom behind the wheel. My mind is else where as I can just barely make out that we are heading back to base. I'm busy thinking of another woman from my past. The most beautiful creature I have ever seen in all my time on this earth. I cannot pass by a lush green field without thinking about her. And home. Dammit! I know she's here! I can feel her. I just need a sign, a passing glimpse into her eyes, and I'll know that it's her. Eyes are the gateway to the soul, right?


I thought the fucking shift would never end. Dropping my gear bag just inside the doorway, and tossing my coat onto a chair, I cross my living room heading towards the kitchen. I'm thirsty as all hell and feel like shit. I grab the carton of milk from the fridge and drink right out of it. Fuck it, it's just me here. The cold smooth liquid soothes my smoke and heat burned throat. My head tilts all the way back and my eyes close as I moan out in sheer ecstasy of the feeling in my throat. After I take a few more pulls from the carton and set it back on the shelf, I start looking for something soft to eat, and notice a red blinking out of the corner of my eye over the refrigerator door. And let the games begin. The answering machine light is blinking like a strobe in a dance club. It's one of those machines that the light blinks the amount of messages you have. I'm guessing the whole state wants to get in touch with me. Should I do this now or later? Shiiiiiiiiit…

BEEEEEEP "You have seventeen missed calls and thirteen messages."

You have got to be kidding me!

"First new message....Hey Ev. It's Susan. Gimme a call as soon as you can at the hospital. Emma is a…"  CLICK
 "Message erased. Second new message…Hey Evan. It's Susan again. Please call me at the E/R. Em…" CLICK
"Message erased. Third new message… Um, hey Ev. It's me. I just wan…" CLICK   
 "Message erased. Fourth new message…" Awww, fuck this. I can't do this now. Hearing Emma's voice, soft and low, was just too much. She sounded so pathetic. And I just don't care. I really don't care right now.


The scent of flowers and fresh grass surround me. A tickling of my nose further awakens me from my sleep. My eyes slowly open and take in the deep green scenery. Not the green of countryside, but the green of the eyes of my best friend. Her blonde-brown hair is twisted with mine as the breeze sweeps our strands together; twisting and curling around each other, just as we are right now. She smiles down at me as she realizes she has been successful in waking me. The tickling of my nose with a blade of grass worked. And apparently this has pleased Aislinn to no end. I can tell by the sparkle in her eyes and her mile wide smile.

"Time to get up Eavan. Our parents will be sending out the field hands to look for us if we don't get back soon. Please tell me you did all your chores today before you came here. You did, didn't you?"

Ash is always looking out for me. I wait a moment before I answer her. I place a frown on my face as if I'm afraid to tell her" no". Her face changes from glowing with a smile to shadowed with disappointment evident.
"Oh, Ash. I'm kidding. Of course I finished my chores. I learned my lesson. I can't let that happen again."
Last time Aislinn and I met up after our tutoring and chores, we lost track of time and Ash's da sent some of his servants looking for us. Thankfully we were found just sitting and talking by the time they reached us. The servants informed us on our way back that my da was looking for me because my tutor told him that I didn't complete some of my work, and ma told da that my chores weren't done. Well, when I made it home, I was informed that I was not allowed to see Aislinn for a while until I learned responsibility. I was a quick learner that week. It was the longest week of my short life. Ash was not happy with me when I was finally able to meet her again under our tree by the river, which happens to be today. As I climbed up the short slope which our tree sat on over looking the river and valley, I spotted her sitting there with a nervous look on her face. Her hands were ringing the skirt she was wearing in her lap. I stopped to look at her and felt my heart well up. My chest felt full. I can't describe it any other way. Aislinn must have felt my eyes on her after a few moments. She sprang up and ran towards me, lifting her skirts up to avoid tripping. The next thing I knew my arms were full with a beautiful lass, who was crying. Whispering words and holding her tight to me, Ash finally calmed down enough to make me promise that I would never let that happen again. Of course I promised. And now, here she is asking me again, with her looking everywhere but at me.

"Ev, I'm sorry for being such a nag. It's just, I don't know, it was a bad week and I missed you terribly. I didn't know what to do with myself. I got your note about the punishment, but when you wrote you didn't know for how long we would be apart, I thought I had died. I came here everyday, Eavan, and waited for you."

I lift her face so I can look into her eyes. I have to tell her. I have to do it now because I don't know what may happen tomorrow, or even later today for that matter. Looking into her deep green eyes I steel my resolve.

"Aislinn, I need to tell you something. Something very important. Or, at least it's important to me that you know this. But, I want you to know that what you think of me means everything to me…"

Aislinn cups my face between her petite hands while reflecting the feelings I know she can see in my eyes. At least I hope that is what I'm seeing right now.

"Ev, I hope you know by now that you mean the same to me. And I want to hear whatever it is you want to say. Please know that you are my world. Now tell me what I hope you are going to say me."

Can she be feeling the same for me? I hope the slight grin on her face is a good sign. Oh lord, please don't let me chicken out now…

"I, uh, Ash. Arg. Aislinn, I love you. I love you so much that it hurts sometimes. I wanted you to know this because of what happened last week. I need for you know how I feel for you incase we get separated unexpectedly again. I need you to know, well, because I sit up at night thinking of you. You are the first thing I think of when I wake and the last thing I think of before I sleep."

Aislinn's eyes got watery as I spoke. The last sentence was but a whisper off my lips as I looked into her golden flecked pools. Have I said the wrong thing? Was I wrong about what I saw in her eyes? I can't help but start to look away as I apologize to Ash for putting her in a difficult position. Closing my eyes, I try to turn away from her when I feel her hands still on my face pull me closer to her face. Aislinn is a breath away from me. I can feel her exhale against my face.

"Eavan. Don't you wish to hear what I have to say?"

All I can do is nod. Fear keeps me from opening my eyes.

"Eavan, relax honey. Look at me. I want to see your eyes when I say this." Tears trapped behind my closed lids escape as I slowly lift them open to look at the love of my young, teenage life. Suddenly I realize something….did she just call me "honey"?

"I love you, too. With all my heart and soul. I was nervous that you didn't feel the same for me. You are in my every thought, wish, and dream. I, too, think of you every night. And you are my last conscious thought before I sleep and the first thing on my mind when I wake."

I know a goofy smile has started across my face which is reflected back to me on Ash's face. I have never been so happy and nervous at the same time in my life. Is this too good to be true? Looking down at Ash's lips, I feel a craving in my lower belly. I want to touch those lips with my own. The only sounds heard are the scant leaves rustling over our heads in the tree, the water babbling past us, and our breathing. I catch Aislinn licking her lips while she looks at mine. Only oneway to find out if it's what she wants too
 Our eyes meet as I start to close the distance between us. Her eyes slowly close as she tilts her head to the left. My eyes slide shut as our lips make soft, sweet contact. Bright colors explode behind my closed lids as I feel Ash press our lips harder together. Her hands are still on my face, and as our kiss deepens, I can feel her thumbs softly stroking my cheeks. My right hand finds it way to the back of her head and holds her closer to me, while I hold us both close by my left. Our lips start to move against each other, grabbing at each other as if starving for the flesh before them. Wetness is felt on my lips next. I pull back slightly and look into deep green. They disappear again behind lids and I feel the wetness again against my lips. I part them and feel Ash's tongue tentatively enter my mouth. I greet her with my tongue as her's pass my teeth. Now I feel an urge running through my body that I have never felt before. My breathing quickens with every passing moment as our kisses deepen. Energy pulses through me and I push into Aislinn. I lower her to the ground onto her back, never breaking contact with her precious lips. My hand behind her head acts as a pillow as our kissing seems to grow more and more intense with every passing moment. I'm not sure who broke off the kiss first, but I now find myself panting with my forehead against hers. It seems as though she is as just as short winded as I. A chuckle suddenly erupts from me and Ash starts to laugh along with me. Her arms wrap around my neck and she pulls me to her, burying my face into her neck. Our laughter dies down and I breathe in deeply, taking in the fresh scent of my Aislinn. My Aislinn. She squeezes me harder when I exhale and I feel her lips against my temple.
"I love you so much Eavan, and always remember that."

I whisper into the ear so close to me. "I love you, too, Ash, with every fiber of my being. I am yours as long as you want me."

Softly like a breeze, I hear her whisper into my hair, "Daonnan, Eavan, Daonnan."



Mmmmmmm. I tighten my grip around Aislinn's waist as I drift off to sleep in her arms, her voice sounding distant.

"Eavan. Hey, Eavan. You need to wake up."

Wait a minute here. That was an awfully masculine voice.


Okay. That was "Evan" not "Eavan". Damn.

Rubbing my face into the pillow that is squeezed into an embrace in my arms, I try to wake myself up and re-enter the here and now. I can sense a presence near me. Standing over me next to the bed. Josh. Josh is one of the few people that can get that close to me when I sleep without my senses going on full alert immediately. Plus my dream of a past long gone didn't help.

"What is it Josh?" If he can understand the reply muffled by the pillow my face is currently smooshed into right now, ya gotta give the boy kudos….

"Ev, we need your help. There's some trouble down town and we need you and your, um, skills."

"Who the fuck do you think I am? Fucking Batman?"

"Yeah. And I'm the fucking Bat signal. Come on and get up." This was punctuated with a kick to my mattress.



After throwing on some jeans, a sweater, and a pair of worn hiking boots, I find myself following the scent of brewing coffee down in my kitchen. Josh has a mug ready for me. He knows I hate being woken up. A glance at the clock on the microwave tells me I've managed to sleep all day and into the night. It's about 11:30 at night. Damn, I was a wreck this morning. Between the fire rescue and Emma's blow up at the hospital…aaawwww shit. Emma. I'll have to fix that mess tomorrow.  Josh sits at the kitchen table across from me, waiting impatiently I might add, for me to give him the cue to start explaining his late night intrusion. I finally get a few sips of coffee in me, and nod my head in Josh's direction. He takes his cue…

"Patrol heard about street kids disappearing and started looking into it. The whereabouts of these kids is unknown at this time. A few regulars down at the shelter started talking to the counselors and they in turn alerted us."


Josh squirms a little in his chair.

"Well, several people on the patrols are getting word that there is some new gang in town, and the gang is getting bigger every night. We don't have a gang name yet but, we think we found out a club where they hang out. Bill Meyers, who has been leading the patrols, think they are, well, vampires, and they're "recruiting" the street kids to increase their numbers."  The word recruiting is of course emphasized with fingered quote marks.

During Josh's spiel, I sipped my coffee letting the info sink in into my slowly awakening brain. I tried to think back over the past few weeks if I noticed anything funny about any calls I went on, or if the E/R reported any weird patients coming in with odd injuries or stories of how they got their injuries. None come to mind. And, being that I work third shift, I would think I would have felt the presence of another vampire. Or that I would have been contacted by them. That's usually what happens. I feel them, seek them out or them me, find out if they're friend or foe, and then deal with them accordingly. Well, I don't deal; I let others know about them. We don't kill our own kind. We can, but, it's like an unwritten rule. It's just something you don't do. And if you do, make sure you don't get found out. Others may seek you out and you're ending will probably be ten times worse.

But if these guys are vampires…

"Josh, are you sure they're thinking vampire? I can't remember feeling anything or hearing about any strange stuff around the city. And if they are vampires, they're pretty damn good. Have any other families reported a rise in vampire activity in other cities?"

Josh nods his head.

"Please tell me they don't think that a new order is on the rise. Shit, you guys are still recovering from the last major order that had a hold on the States and Europe." I should remember… I was a part of it…
"That's why we need your help tonight. We need to confirm their presence. We want you to go down to the club and see what you can see, and report back to us. You're old school, so to speak. You're from the last dark order that plagued us and they will respect you for that. No offense on the plague thing."

"None taken and I can't believe you went there with the "old school" thing. You scare me sometimes Josh." Letting out a big sigh, I need to psych myself up for this. One more piece of info is needed before I "prepare" for my next starring role…

"Okay Josh. What club do I need to stake out tonight?" His heart rate just shot up and I smell sweat. Oh, this should be good…

"Um, the Gauntlet?"  My, what big, round, fear filled eyes you have there Josh.

"The Gauntlet. You said the Gauntlet."


Looking down at my present state of dress, I realize I must go to wardrobe. Oh hell no this won't do. Not at all. Time to play…

"I'll be right back, Josh I need to get changed."

"Um, okay."

Fifteen minutes later finds me standing in my kitchen being ogled by my best friend.

"Slap your eyes back in you're head, boy. Its play time and I haven't been out to play in a loooooooong time." This was said, I know, with an evil, wide grin on my face. A few shoves to Josh and a near slap to his face found us on our way to the inner city in Josh's car.

"Josh. We need to stop for a snack before I do this. I need to be full before I go out and play or I won't be playing for long. You get my drift?"

A quick glance in my direction, a curt nod, and Josh starts heading in the direction of the hospital. That's my boy.

To Be Continued In Chapter 6.

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