Into The Flame


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Subtext: Well, hell yeah. What's the point in writing if there isn't any. <wink> This is a PWP, so if sex between two woman offends you, this story will self destruct in five seconds. For those of you who dare to enter my mind. Enjoy.

Comments: I'm rather new at this, but as they say, "The more you write the better you get." I can only hope that's true. So be gentle and I promise to take your advice and suggestions on the next one.

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Flame69: Are You here?

Mothra: Depends…what's it worth to ya?

Flame69: The question would be, what's it worth to you? <wiggles eyebrows>

Mothra: <blush>

Flame69: LOL you are just too cute

Mothra: did you finish it?

Flame69: yeah. Want to take it on a "test drive"?

Mothra: um…err..ah…yes…please?

Flame 69: You have the address right?

Mothra: Y

Flame69: 9:00 PM, you know what to wear right?

Mothra: <blush> Yesss

Flame69: Good Girl <smile> Tomorrow night then, you know what I'll be wearing

Mothra: yes <gulp>

Flame69: bye…..for now <wink>

Mothra: Bye

Communication has ended..flame69 has signed off



I pull up to the brightly-lit coffee shop. It's a rather nice one too. Honey colored hardwood floors throughout, wooden tables and chairs with a cozy atmosphere. I can see some people milling around inside. 'I wonder if she showed?' Thinking to myself. A smile crosses my face. As I open the door, the bells attached signal my entrance. I'm assaulted with the aromatic fragrance of rich coffee. 'Ooo..nice.' A few eyes have turned to look at me, but they’re not who I'm interested in. A quick scan of the room and I lock eyes with my target. Those moss green orbs widen and I can almost hear a gasp escape those lips. Her shoulder length blonde hair frames her face perfectly and just a touch of makeup brings out the natural beauty. I smile. She's wearing what I told her to. Good girl. The dress is black, spaghetti straps and a hint of dipping cleavage, not too much though. I can tell it’s shorter than she's comfortable with as she fidgets in her chair a bit, trying to tug it down to cover more of her thigh.

I walk to her table and stop directly in front of her. She's staring now, but I'm patient, I'll let her take it all in. She starts at my black leather pants, then travels up to my white ribbed tank top, mostly hidden by a black leather jacket. My black hair is down, hanging a bit past my shoulders. She works her way up to my chest, gasping softly at the absence of a bra. Slowly her eyes peel away and move to mine. She locks her eyes with my blue ones. I know she can see the desire building in me from the body scan she just conducted.

I tilt my head to one side and smile. I can see the blush rise up her cheeks as I reach my hand out for hers. She looks with hesitancy, then slowly slides her hand into mine. The warmth of it only heightens my desire. I help her to a standing position and lean down to whisper in her ear, "Relax my little moth, you may get too close to the flame, but you won't get burnt." I hear her release a barely controlled whimper.

"I see you’re wearing what I told you. Good girl. You look absolutely delicious." I pause. "I assume you’re not wearing a certain item too?" She blushes and nods. I smile as I lead her out of the coffee shop.

When we arrive at the club, the music is pulsating to the outside parking lot. We walk past the bouncer at the door and some of the other staff. I give them a nod and a quick greeting. My booth has already been set up in the back. In the dark shadows of the club, away from prying eyes, safe and secure. I settle her in across from me as a waitress appears and takes our drink order then leaves. I can see she's looking everywhere except at me and is fidgeting with her napkin. I reach across the table and still her hands. The sudden contact causes her to stop and I hear a quick intake of breath. My hand lingers on hers. Softly caressing her fingers with my thumb. I trace each knuckle, up and down the length of those elegant digits. I look to her face and see her eyes have gone a darker shade of green. I smile. The desire I see shoots to my groin.

After the waitress brings our drinks, a slow song comes on and I ask, "Dance?" She simply nods as I stand, pulling off my jacket and take her hand to lead her to the dance floor. I hear a faint whimper and I hide my smile. She likes what she sees. I guess spending all those hours in the gym has paid off. I lead her to the dance floor, dodging swaying bodies and locate a nice secluded spot.

I place my hands on her slender hips as she reaches up and places hers on my shoulders. We fit rather nicely despite our obvious height difference. My six foot stature seems to dwarf her five foot four vertically challenged height. I chuckle slightly, which earns me a squeeze of the shoulder and a bit of a glare. The music is sensuous, driven, full of passion. A steady rhythmic beat. I pull her closer and press my body against hers. She gasps at the contact and I smile. She can feel it. I can feel her breathing pick up a bit as I slowly grind my hips into her stomach. I bend my knees slightly and I'm able to give her a real feel of what I have in store for her. I can feel her melt into the contact. A slight shiver down her spine…the tremble of her hands…her closed eyes. So very nice. I pull her a bit closer and can feel her heartbeat against mine.

By the end of the dance, we're both a bit overheated as I lead her back to the booth. This time I direct her to the same side as mine. She looks at me a bit confused, but my unflinching face conveys my wishes. Once seated, I blow out one of the two candles on our table. Casting us into near darkness. I reach out and caress her cheek, tracing her ear and the shape of her jaw line. She turns her face into my hand and I trace her lips with my thumb. Her mouth opens and the tip of her tongue tastes my thumb. I see her brows draw together and I smile. She can taste it. Her comprehension registers on her face as she locks eyes with me. I just smirk at her. Until she takes my entire thumb into her mouth and sucks it. I barely control the groan that escapes my lips and my eyes close at the sensations her warm mouth and tongue are causing me to feel. I open my eyes and see the amusement in her eyes.

As I lean in close to her ear I whisper, "Ah my little moth, you want to play with fire do you?" I feel her shiver. I then trace the outer edge of her ear with my tongue…nipping it…biting it. Her whimpers are for me only. I liberate my thumb from between her lips and run my hand through her hair, grasping behind her head and pull her firmly into a kiss. My lips cover hers…slow and sensuous at first. I then press into her harder and run my tongue between her lips, demanding entrance. She complies and I bury my tongue into her mouth. She whimpers and I moan. I feel like I'm going to explode from just her kiss. Her tongue is so soft and warm. I close my lips around it and suck on it. Slowly taking it in and out of my mouth. Her hands are now on my shoulders to steady herself. The loss of my lips on hers causes a whimper of protest. I smirk.

I reach out for her and lift her onto my lap. The table is far enough away from the seat to accommodate this position. She pulls her dress up a bit to allow her legs to straddle me and looks around nervously. I pull her head down and whisper in her ear, "Relax baby, no one can see. Do you trust me?" She looks around again then into my eyes and nods. "Good girl. Now…just let me taste your lips again." I kiss her ear and pull her head gently down. Capturing those sensuous lips with mine. So sweet. So full. My head feels like its going to explode. I lick her lips asking for entrance. They part allowing me to plunge my tongue into that delicious mouth once again. I can taste the mints she’d eaten earlier. Mmmm….

I can feel her hands on my shoulders, gripping me, pulling me into her. Her hands travel to my tank top. My hands are cupping her ass, kneading it and pulling her into my hips and my surprise for her. I can feel her grinding her center against me. Her hands travel to my breasts and I moan into her mouth, "Oh, god baby…don't stop playing with them." She can feel my nipple ring through the thin tank and gives it a tug. A jolt of lightning is sent to my core. My hands travel from her hips to her breast, caressing every inch along the way. Her nipples are erect and she gasps when I pinch them through her dress. I can feel myself getting wetter. Her hands travel down my stomach and pull my shirt from my pants. Those hands are like fire on my skin as she lifts my shirt, exposing my breasts. She breaks free from our passionate kissing to take my breast into her mouth. Her tongue is tracing my nipple and pulling on the ring. I moan and thrust my hips up into her. My hand travels down the font of her dress to the bottom edge that has pooled around her hips. I reach under it and smile. She did listen well. No panties. Very good girl. I can feel the heat from her center engulf my hand. A small patch of hair covering my prize. I drag my fingers through her slick folds. She shudders at the contact and I can hear her moan into my breast. I touch her clit and can feel the pulsating rhythm. She's so ready, so wet…Gods that just fires me up even more.

She pulls her hips back and her hands travel down to unbutton my pants. She reaches in and pulls out her prize. She lifts up and captures my lips with hers as her other hand dips between her own folds, gathering up the juices that are flowing copiously. Our hands work together to coat her hand. She's panting and moaning and my center is throbbing. She takes her sopping hand and grasps the dildo again, coating it with her juices. Her hips rise up and she positions the shaft at her entrance. My hands are on her hips, keeping her steady, guiding her. As she plunges down, filling herself, her head falls forward and rests on my shoulder. I can feel her shudder. I'm so wet.

"God baby. You feel so good buried deep inside me." She whispers. "Mmmm…so fucking good." Her hips pull back a bit and she plunges down again. Impaling herself even deeper.

"Do you like this? Do you like me fucking you like this?" I thrust my hips up into her. She gasps as I drive the dildo still deeper into her.

"Gods yess." She replies.

Her hips are moving up and down as I meet her every thrust. I'm pinching her nipples through her dress and letting her ride me. She's setting the pace, rising up slowly and plunging down hard, burying the dildo deep into her. I pull her shoulder strap to the side, exposing a breast, and quickly take it into my mouth. Biting, sucking, licking. My hands go to her hips and I start to guide her movements a bit faster. I'm so turned on, my clit is pulsating and my wetness is pooling in my pants. The constant pounding of her hips against mine is sending me over the edge far faster than I anticipated, but I can't stop. It feels so good.

"uhnn…yess…don…don't….stop! Please….. Don…don't…..fuc…fucki…ng….stop!" She pleads.

"Don't worry baby. I'm gonna fuck you until you come all over me." Those words just seem to increase her pace. She's grunting and moaning. "Come on baby. Ride me, faster…fuck me. God your so hot. So fucking hot."

"Oh shit…uhh…god….so…fu..cking…good." I can tell she's getting ready to explode as I start driving the dildo deeper into her and use my hands to pull her hips down harder onto it. Her legs are shaking and her breathing is rapid. I'm so turned on watching the expression on her face. Pure animalistic lust. Her orgasm starts slowly and mine follows. She starts grinding her hips deeper into mine. If I touched her clit right now she's go off like a rocket.

"Oh…fuck…yes…gon…gonn….a..fu..fuck…ing…co….come…fuck…yesss…..unn." Her body starts to spasm and it sends me over the edge as my hips thrust up. Once…twice…three times…

"Oh…fuck…me." The orgasm rips through my body and I can't stop pumping into her center. My arms are shaking and my clit feels like it's been dipped in hot wax. She falls forward and rests her head on my shoulder. I wrap my arms around her…holding her close as I feel her hips continue to spasm from the aftershocks. Our breathing starts to slow and I can feel our hearts pounding into each other. Our height of passion slowly calms.

The dildo is still buried deep inside her and I wiggle my hips a bit.

"Don't." She pulls back and glares at me, I chuckle a bit. Both our bodies are sweaty and I just wrap her up in my arms again.

Eventually, the need for circulation causes us to separate. I can feel her shudder as she rises up off the dildo. I smile. I fucked her good. Doing a little happy dance in my head. She catches my eye and I wipe the grin off my face knowing I've been caught. I proceed to tuck "myself" away and zip up my pants. She straightens out her dress and takes a long drink.

"Ready?" I ask.

"Yes." I stand up and find I can barely walk with all the moisture in my pants, plus the fact that the dildo is still pressing against my very sensitive clit. I hear a muffled chuckle and look at her.

"Yes?" Shooting her a playful glare, which only causes her smile to widen.


"Oh, nothing. Just looks like you’re a bit…troubled." She smiles.

"Nope. No trouble. Just need to adjust myself a bit." I do so reaching down to my crotch and adjusting the dildo to a more suitable position. She just groans and shakes her head.

"You know you've been watching those baseball games too long?"

I smile.

"Come again?" I know why.

"Because you've got that dick adjusting thing down pat."

I chuckle as we head out of the club.

As we get to my car I open the door for her. She leans up and kisses me. I wrap my arms around her waist and she does the same to my shoulders. She pulls away slightly, and whispers in my ear.

"Did you take out the garbage?"

Oh shit! I stiffen

"Uhm…well...ya see…"

She cuts me off.

"Did you fold the laundry and wash the dishes?" She glares at my cringing from these questions. Then she shakes her head and smiles. "Come on my flame, this moth needs to feel the fire again."

I smile. It's good to be the flame.

The End


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