A Change of Romance


t.e brehm

Taber Lane was bored.

She stood, leaning against a long rack bedecked with colorful sweaters arranged neatly on clear plastic hangers. It was two in the afternoon, her shift would not be over for another 3 hours and there had only been a handful of customers in the store all day. Idly, she played at straightening the already tidy clothes rack while keeping half an eye on the slowly ticking clock above the cash register.

Rachel, her manager, sat behind the counter buffing her nails with an emory board and popping gum in time to the music blaring from the overhead speakers. It was ironic, that Taber should be working in a store like Flares. At 32, she had almost 10 yrs on her manager, and most of the customers she served. The store was a trendy shop, specializing in bright, fashionable clothing designed to attract the hip, twenty-something mall-rats that had nothing better to do with their time and money than shop. But today, the normally busy store was more like a bargain basement emporium that carried last years fashions, for all the trade that they were doing.

Shannon Day strode briskly across the promenade. A woman with purpose, she weaved in and out between the decorative palm trees and planters, and skirted mall crawling teens with precision, her determined eyes never losing sight of the store that was her destination.

She paused momentarily outside of Flares, looking in through the glass storefront to be sure that what she wanted was still there. Her eyes fell upon a tall, lanky figure leaning against a sweater rack and she smiled with sly anticipation. An older woman, she normally wouldn't have been attracted to a shop like Flares, but since Taber Lane had started working here she found herself visiting the store frequently.

Shannon entered the store, her eyes dansing eagerly.

There was a short buzz; the sound of a customer entering. It was barely noticable above the din of the music, but Taber heard it and looked up to see who had come in, thinking that if it was a flock of 'kids', Rachel could deal with them. She wasn't in the mood.

When she saw Shannon her eyes widened.

The woman was stunning. She definately did not belong in a store like Flares; she looked like she should be strolling the streets of New York and shopping at places like Tiffanys' or Macys'.

She was maybe 5 years older than Taber but did not look it. Small, and well-proportioned, she carried herself with a voluptiousness that was natural. She moved through the store gracefully, first glancing casually at one rack of clothing, and then moving on to the next. Rachel spared her a momentary look, decided that she was not worth stirring for, and went back to doing her nails.

Taber watched her with wide-eyed attraction. She straightened up off of the sweater rack and started weaving her way towards the woman slowly. Heart beating, she felt herself warming, and her palms were noticably moist. She could see Shannon watching her out of the corner of her eye as she approached, and it succeeded in making her all the more nervous.

Finally, standing at the smaller woman's elbow, she smiled hugely and asked, "Is there something in particular you're looking for?"

Shannon turned towards the tall, attractive brunette beside her, gazing appreciatively at the younger womans body. Her eyes travelled in a no-nonsense manner from the toes of Taber's black leather boots, to the top of her almost 6 ft frame. She wore blue jeans, that clung to her long legs, and a black leather vest over a simple white t-shirt that showed off her strong, wide shoulders and muscular arms. Her dark hair was pulled into a pony-tail that hung almost to the middle of her back. Shannon smiled bewitchingly into amazing blue eyes and with a honey coated voice she said, "Lingerie...I'm looking for lingerie."

For a moment, time paused. Taber was captured by a pair of mischievous green eyes, that danced like a summer field moved by a soft, warm wind.

Then she shook her head slightly, and her smile widened, "Ok," she agreed. "Right over here..."

She felt the woman following her as she moved towards the back of the store. The racks of lingerie and undergarments were right beside the entrance to the dressing rooms. She started shuffling through a rack of Teddies in assorted colors and styles, some lace, some silk or satin. Shannon stood very close as she sorted through them, and Taber was painfully aware of her presence.

"Did you have a particular color in mind, or...?" She asked, her voice trembling just a bit, face flushing with warmth.

Shannon seemed to consider her question for a moment and then she answered, "I don't know." She smiled sensuously, "What would you suggest?"

Taber stepped back, taking the opportunity to look at the woman more thoroughly. She had a rich, thick head of hair, the color of a warm sunset. It shimmered in a glorious wave of red-gold-blonde that ended just below the womans shoulders, and Taber was captivated. For just a moment, she imagined what it would feel like to run her fingers through that hair. She pulled herself out of her reverie, and considered the woman closely. Finally deciding that she would look best in darker colors, she chose a silk camisole with bikini briefs, the color of deep forest green.

She held it up for Shannons' inspection and the other woman smiled her approval. Next, she chose a burgundy lace teddy with garters and then an amber colored satin dressing gown. Shannon nodded at each of her choices, and then reached past Taber, her arm lightly brushing across the taller womans breasts. She chose a purple silk teddy with straps running in a criss-cross pattern up and down the back, and smiled at the shiver that chased itself visibly down Taber's spine. She motioned with a tilt of her head towards the dressing rooms and then followed as Taber took the hint.

She led Shannon down a short hallway to the furthest of the small cubicles; pushing open the door she hung the garments on a hook set into the wall. The little room was roughly 5ft, by 5ft, just big enough to turn around in. The whole back wall was mirrored for the customers viewing pleasure and the door was set about a foot off the ground with an inner deadbolt for privacy.

Taber held the door open and Shannon stepped past her and into the cubicle. There was plenty of room, but she passed so closely that Taber could almost taste the mingle of her perfume and natural body scent, she felt her body come alive with a wave of desire that trembled just below her skin.

She let the door shut behind her and Taber heard the click of the deadbolt sliding home, "Let me know if you need any help," she told the woman, and then moved a discreet distance from the doorway. In less than a minute, Shannon was calling out from behind the closed door. Taber approached quickly, to see what the woman wanted.

"Is there a problem?" she asked curiously.

"Just a small one," Shannon answered from inside the cubicle. She heard the deadbolt slide back, and then the door opened and Taber's mouth dropped before she could stop herself. Her eyes bulged at the sight of the woman framed in the doorway. She glanced nervously through the store to see what Rachel was doing, but the young manager might as well have been on a different planet. Shannon stood, just inside the door, in the purple silk teddy that she herself had chosen last, she was holding it up with just her right hand across her breasts.

"It laces up in the back," she told Taber, smiling almost smugly at the womans reaction. "I can't reach it."

Taber swallowed, noticably. Shannon stepped back from the door so that the other woman could enter the change room. She stepped in, heart thundering, and allowed the door to swing shut behind her. She stood with her back against the door, momentarily frozen, staring into the eyes of the other woman. Shannon stepped towards her, reached out with one long and slender hand--her right hand--and slid the deadbolt home on the door.

The purple teddy rippled to the floor in a heap, and Shannon was pressed fully up against Taber. She was entirely nude.

Taber needed no urging. Shannon's eyes never left hers as strong arms folded around her body and hands began to caress the length of her spine. Shannon's own hands crept up slowly to the back of Tabers' neck, her long fingernails dansing delicately across the skin, causing the younger woman to tremble. She pulled Taber towards her, their lips meeting in a slow, sensual kiss as her hands twined possessively in the long dark hair.

Taber felt every nerve come alive with heat. Her hands were roaming up and down the soft skin of the other womans back, grasping her rear, kneading the flesh and pulling her closer. She slid one blue-jeaned leg gently in between Shannon's thighs, pressing the womans mound against her.

Taber kissed her harder, hotter, tongue pushing her lips apart. Shannon yielded to her tongue, grasping it gently with her teeth, sucking it in with a moan. She could feel the hardness of Taber's leg between her thighs and she began to rotate her hips, causing her lips to spread slightly, just enough to allow the denim material to caress her swollen clit.

Taber could feel the heat, and the wet of the woman on her leg, in spite of the thick jeans.

She broke from the kiss, pushing Shannon off of her. Her eyes were almost black, and her breath was thickening with the desire to taste the other woman. Shannon backed up, struggling with her own labored breathing. Her eyes had darkened to twin chips of fiery jade and were locked on Taber's and the nakedness of the womans need set her heart to a pace bordering on panic. Taber moved almost ferally with her as she stepped back as far as she could go. Pressed against the mirrored wall, Shannons hands came up in an almost warding off gesture. Taber's hands locked with hers and she brought them to rest against the glass mirror above the womans head.

Shannon stared up at the taller woman holding her captive and then closed her eyes. In an instant, Taber was kissing her again, more urgently than before, her lips crushing Shannon's. Totally oblivious to where they were, Taber held her pinned to the wall for what seemed like an eternity, her lips moving on Shannon's face, and then slowly licking down to the hollow of her throat. Her hands began to slide down Shannon's arms, fingertips gliding in a sensuous caress, as her tongue slid down the smaller woman's body.

Shannon's arms lowered as Taber did, her head falling back at the feel of a warm, wet tongue leaving a fierce trail down her throat. Taber slowly licked down to the centre of her chest, her hands moving ceaselesssly on the soft skin. Resting a palm against each breast she began to knead them, softly at first, thumbs rotating in small circles on the nipples. Her eyes locked with Shannon's as she felt the other womans hands come to rest on her shoulders. Taber lowered herself to her knees on the carpeted floor; lacing a trail of fiery kisses over Shannon's stomach, her tongue pausing to tickle just inside of her navel. Shannon pushed the taller woman away from her body, needing a moment to catch her breath. The brunette had other ideas, however.

Taber grabbed her around the waist and pulled her forward, her hot, wet mouth latching on to Shannon's nipple, sucking it completely inside of her. She felt it harden at the first touch of her tongue, and she bit it lightly, causing the smaller woman to gasp. She played with Shannons other breast, fingering the nipple to erection, and then she took it into her mouth, teasing and nipping at it, playfully. Shannon's hands found their way around her head, pulling her closer as she sighed softly in pleasure. Taber's hands had dropped lower, and were now caressing up and down her legs, pushing her thighs slowly apart.

She ran her hands tenderly up the inside of Shannons legs, fingertips teasing softly over the warm skin. She brushed lightly against pubic hair that was saturated with desire.

At the feel of her fingers, Shannon hissed hotly. She pulled Taber away from her breast and leaned over her, kissing her. Forcing her tongue into the other womans mouth almost frantically. She reached down with one hand, grasping Taber's and pulled it into her, pressing it insistantly between her lips. Taber smiled into the kiss, enjoying the other woman's fierce desire as Shannon's hands returned to grip her shoulders painfully.

The smaller woman was an ocean.

Taber had no trouble finding her centre and slipping the first two fingers of her hand inside the warmth of her lover. Smoothe and wet, it was like sliding into a bath of oiled water. Her thumb found Shannon's clit and she stroked it in small, lazy circles. Shannon began to squirm on the probing digits; still kissing and moaning a bit louder into Tabers mouth as the other womans fingers moved inside of her.

Outside the small cubicle, several young shoppers were moving around the store. Taber could hear the buzz as each person entered but she was powerless to stop what she was doing.

Shannon was flying. She too heard the voices of several young sounding women, laughing and rummaging about the clothing racks. But it was as if she were somewhere above them all. Her body was completely raw, a bundle of nerves on fire with the need for her orgasm, and if Taber had stopped she would have died, she was sure of it.

She was so hot she was dripping, she could feel her juices seeping from around Tabers' fingers, feel little beads of sweat and moisture rolling in tickly little trails down her inner thighs. She broke from the kiss with a gasp that was part pleasure, part pain as Tabers' fingers slid in and out of her in hard strokes. Head thrown back against the wall, she could feel the muscles of her neck straining.

She grabbed a double handful of Tabers' hair and pushed the other womans head lower. Taber needed no further encouragement, she let her fingers slide completely out of her lover, and instead used them to push Shannons' legs apart. Braced against the mirror, her feet planted well away from each other, Shannon released Taber's head and used her own fingers to spread the lips of her vagina. Her clit was throbbing, swollen erect and pulsing in time with her heartbeat.

Taber wrapped her hands around Shannons thighs, pulling her hips just slightly forward. She stole a glance up at the other woman who was staring down at her, green eyes stormy with desire, chest heaving urgently.

Shannon whispered one word harshly.


Taber grinned, sly and cocky.

She leaned forward slowly, the tip of her tongue just grazing against Shannons extended clit. She tickled it lightly, and the other woman groaned in frustration. Taber ran her tongue in a hot trail, tracing the edges of Shannons lips, shivering at the feel of

the silky soft skin. She buried her face deeply between the womans thighs, licking in a long, smoothe stroke, sucking in every bit of salty-sweet moisture she could find. She probed Shannon delicately, pressing her tongue in as far as it would go, and then continued to lick upwards, her tongue finally coming to rest on her gasping lover's clit.

She took hold of it with her teeth, gently nibbling the puckered flesh, savoring the feel of it as she rolled it around on her tongue, tasting the little grooves and valleys. Now it was Taber's turn to moan. She was drowning...she was breathing in moisture, her nose filled with the scent and the wet of the other womans arousal. She was in heaven. Completely buried inside of Shannon, who had once again grabbed hold of her hair. The small woman had her in knotted handfuls and she was pulling Taber into herself, wantonly grinding against her lover.

There was some small noise, the sounds of movement and whispering just outside the door of the dressing room, but neither woman noticed.

Taber ran her hand back up Shannon's inner thigh, her fingers once again finding the entrance to the other womans soul. She eased her fingers slowly into place and then began to thrust upwards. Her lips never left Shannons clit, and her tongue twirled it around in hard, brisk circles. Shannon held her head in place as her orgasm began to build.

She rocked on Tabers' tongue, her breath coming in short, hard pants. Her hands, buried deeply in Taber's hair, grasping almost as if to save herself from...

Taber moved faster, tonguing her clit wildly, pulling it into her until her jaws ached from the pressure of suction. Her fingers thrusting harder, lifting Shannon with every upward stroke, and then pausing before sliding back down to thrust upwards again.

Shannon could feel her orgasm growing in oceanic waves. Her mind had left her body and was floating...somewhere, lost in frantic heat. Her heart was thundering, as if it would burst out of her chest and small, hot tears of pleasure had started to seep from the corners of her eyes. Her entire body was shuddering, and she was panting loudly. Taber thrust upwards, harder, pulling on her clit at the same time and that was it. Shannon's body heaved forward on top of her and then came to a complete, momentary pause, her breath catching in a gasp in the back of her throat as she came explosively.

Her head was thrown back and her eyes had opened to their fullest and everything was shrouded in a mist of stars, she could feel every nerve burning with brittle clarity, and her legs threatening to collapse under her. Taber held her in place, milking her centre as wave after wave rippled through her body.

Taber stepped out of the cubicle.

She walked past a small group of young women who were standing just outside the entrance to the dressing room area. She felt her cheeks colouring slightly, as they stared at her, whispering as she returned the items that she had picked for Shannon back to their rack. She wandered back up to the front of the store where Rachel, totally oblivious to everything around her, had progressed to reading a fashion magazine while the paint on her nails dried.

She busied herself at a rack of cropped tops and matching shorts, neatening them on their hangers, and sorting the mismatched ones back into place.

Shannon strode through the store.

She smiled wickedly at the group of young women, and glanced mischievously at Taber as she stopped at the cash register. Rachel finally looked up at the customer in front of her.

"I'll take this one," Shannon told her, placing the purple silk teddy on the counter.

"Cool," Rachel nodded vapidly.

She rang up the purchase on the cash register, and folded the teddy neatly. Shannon handed her a credit card and glanced once again in Taber's direction, grinning. Taber, tried without success to hide her own knowing grin. Transaction complete, Rachel put the teddy into a small plastic bag with Flares written across it in huge letters, and handed Shannon the bill.

She took her bag and started to walk out of the store. Stopping next to Taber she leaned over to whisper in the womans ear...

"Don't forget to pick up dinner on your way home tonight sweetheart....I really don't feel up to cooking."

copyright 2004

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