by tenderwolfe

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(Part 4 - Conclusion)

To Xena's welcome surprise, Gabrielle took the initiative and deepened the kiss.  The warrior felt desire like she'd never known.  As she moaned into Gabrielle's eager mouth, Xena's hands wrapped themselves in the bard's long blonde hair. 

When their lips at last came apart, they each afforded the other a knowing smile.  Now that their bodies had finally come together, neither one was about to let this end anytime soon.

Gabrielle started to remove her green top, but she was having some difficulty in her current position.

“Please,” Xena murmured, “allow me.”

The excited warrior began to undo the binding and quickly released Gabrielle's breasts. 

“You are breathtaking, and I am on fire,” Xena whispered in a husky, demanding voice. 

“The feeling is very, very mutual,” replied the bard as she lowered her breasts into Xena's waiting mouth.

As the warrior licked and caressed the soft mounds, Gabrielle threw her head back in near bliss.

“Gods, why did we wait so long for this!,” the bard cried out.

Xena responded to the question by tenuously lifting Gabrielle's skirt.

“Yes Xena, yes!”

With permission assured, the warrior's hands reached up to delicately fondle the bard's firm thighs.  Gabrielle whimpered faintly as those strong hands came closer to their ultimate, enticing goal.

“Xena, I want you.”

The warrior heard the trust in the young bard's voice, and it almost brought tears to her eyes.

It took strength and finesse, but Xena managed to switch their positions until she was on top of Gabrielle. Now the rainwater was dripping onto Xena's face and hair.

“Now we're both wet,” smiled the bard.

“Gabrielle, I've been wet for years,” Xena replied.

That seemed a good time for the bard to reach around the warrior's body to undo her breastplate.  As it came off and Xena laid it down beside her, Gabrielle inhaled deeply the essence of this stunning woman.

The warrior knew Gabrielle was not a virgin.  There was that insane, and thankfully brief, marriage to Perdicus.  But she still wanted to be considerate of the young woman's inexperience.  As she slowly entered the bard, Gabrielle's soft cry in Xena's ear spoke volumes.  After a very short time, the young bard asked for what she needed. 

“More, Xena.”

As the impassioned warrior began thrusting her fingers deeper and deeper, Gabrielle grabbed Xena's mouth and kissed her feverishly.  The fiery blonde then suddenly broke away and screamed rapturously as feelings she had never known overwhelmed her.

Xena held her precious lover until the trembling dissipated.  “ The Elysian Fields could not be any more glorious than this woman,” thought the warrior as tears filled her eyes.

“Gabrielle, I love you and I will love you forever,” Xena sighed as she gently kissed the bard's forehead. The warrior had never felt more peaceful.

The End


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