This poem is very stark, but it's also very true.  As anyone who suffers from
chronic pain, such as myself and several of my friends, know, this is just a
way of life. Still it's a very dark, and possibly upsetting poem so you may
want to skip it.


I lay here wracked with pain
Aching in every inch of my body
My bones, my muscles; they scream in agony
The drugs that flow through my bloodstream
Merely dulling the torment I am in
The knowledge certain in my brain
That this pain will never end
There is no cure, no miracle drug
For as long as I live, I will suffer
And I am young yet
I have many years of life left in me
Each one likely to be more agonizing than the one before
But I will live, I will battle on
I will not win, but I will not surrender
And when death finally comes
With it will come sweet release
And I will soar unencumbered by suffering
Straight into the heavens

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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