A Mother's Love

by Terri Lyn Stanfield

I watch you with him
And I am amazed at what I see
Such love and joy in your eyes
Such gentleness in your actions
When I heard you were pregnant
I was shocked, and worried
I just couldn't visualize you with a child
Truthfully, I feared for the baby
But watching you now
I see how very wrong I was
This is what you've needed your whole life
This pure, unconditional love
You have truly been transformed
Even now, while he's still so young
I see a bond between the two of you that is
I think this child will be your savior
The one thing that will turn you around
The one thing that could
And I'm ashamed that I ever feared you would harm him
I just didn't understand
You've been waiting for this child
The one being on whom you could pour all of your love
And have no fear of it not being returned
Completely, without reservation, and forever
That holy love between a mother and her child

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