Answer Me That

You made a promise of enduring love

But when things got tough, and push cam to shove

You simply walked away, and left me there

Was it that easy, did you ever care

Or was I a convenient lover

So easy to leave when you discovered

That a relationship takes constant work

That it's not always fun, that problems lurk

In the least likely expected places

And when they come to light, they must be faced

That feelings get hurt, and tempers get hot

And you have to fight to keep what you've got

How could you leave without a backward glance

You never even gave us half a chance

How could our vows mean so little to you

That you could leave our home, and our son too

That little boy never did know his dad

You never knew what a blessing we had

Many years have passed, but when I look back

I still can't understand how you could act

So callous and uncaring to your own son

I've forgiven you all things, but that one

You couldn't live with me, I accept that

But he deserved a dad, where were you at

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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