Bundle Of Joy

Ten little fingers

And ten little toes

With a toothless smile

And a perfect nose

You waited nine months

Now your baby's here

You're filled with pure joy

At your little dear

You've not realized

Just yet, what you've done

You're still too in awe

Of your little one

But midnight feedings

And diaper changes

Will wake you right up

As you rearrange

Your entire schedule

To suit baby's needs

Forget your desires

Say goodbye to sleep

Life, as you knew it

Has just ceased to be

You can't imagine

The changes you'll see

Yes, there will be times

When you will just cry

And you'll ask yourself

Now, once again, why

Did I want this child

Who gives me such grief

Who gives no respect

I want a reprieve

But most of the time

You have not a doubt

Because your sweet child

Is what life's about

The best thing of all

The absolute truth

Is hearing those words

Mommy, I love you

Terri Lyn Stanfield




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