Desperate Wife

Given a choice, I'd let you go
It's not right to hold you, I know
For you don't love me anymore
But you are all that I live for
I know that I should set you free
But that would be the end of me
Though it's not fair to make you stay
I know you'll never go away
Only if I tell you to leave
And promise that I will not grieve
And that, I simply cannot do
My whole world is wrapped up in you
And so I cling, desperately
Knowing that you will stay with me
You made a vow you will not break
And though it cause my heart to ache
I'll keep you any way I can
And hold you with that wedding band
Though it is love that keeps you here
It's not the kind we had, that's clear
The love you feel now's for a friend
And I should let this marriage end
While duty holds you to my side
You no longer think me, your bride
Though I love you with all my heart
The decent thing would be to part
But right or wrong, I can't let go
I'll keep you here, I need you so
So we will each live half a life
Stoic husband, desperate wife

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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