Eye Of The Beholder

What do you think you're looking at

With your mean, judgemental eyes

Just because I look different

Who said you could criticize

My clothes may not be to your taste

Maybe you don't like my hair

Maybe my skin color differs

But so what, why should you care

Am I hurting you in some way

Have I broken some taboo

You don't know the person I am

I might be a lot like you

Maybe I'm kind, sweet and caring

Maybe I'm gentle, but strong

But you don't take the time to know

And that is so very wrong

You judge me by my looks alone

And never give me a chance

Assured that you are justified

From just that on jaundiced glance

You think I'm a plague on the world

How dare I to live this way

But I'd hate to be in your shoes

On the final judgement day

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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