All day long I've thought of you

Counting the hours until I could see you again Begrudging every minute we spend apart

When I finally walk through the door, you meet me there And I see from the look in your eyes that it has been

the same for you

Our lips meet, and the always glowing embers catch fire The heat spreads through my body, and I burn for you Clothes disappear and skin touches skin

Hands caress and lips battle for dominance Two bodies become one as we begin our climb to paradise Reaching heights unknown before to either of us Slowly falling back to earth still entwined And stoking the fire even as it rages

Lips and hands roam, hearts pound like thunder The need never satisfied, the desire neverending And the fire ever growing hotter

One day the conflagration will consume us completely And we will vanish in its flames

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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