Golden Girl

You tell me that I have to win

Second place simply will not do

That anything less than first place

Is unacceptable to you

No matter how many take part

A hundred or just a small group

Regardless how many I beat

If I don't get first, it's no coup

Do you know how that makes me feel

Do you have any clue at all

Regardless if I give my best

You make me feel worthless and small

Why can't you just be proud of me

When you know I have played my best

Why am I never good enough

Unless I've defeated the rest

It would mean the whole world to me

To know, win or lose, you'd be there

With a loving pat on the back

And a confirmation you care

But I only hear, "That's my girl!"

When I hold the trophy in hand

When I display that blue ribbon

It's then that you're my biggest fan

But if it's second or third place

Or, heaven forbid, worse than that

You've nothing nice to say at all

And you leave me feeling so sad

There's no joy for me anymore

In this game that I loved so well

I would rather quit completely

Than live in this heartbreaking hell

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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