Guilty By Association

I was proud to call you friend

To always stand behind you

I've shared everything with you

And I was glad to do it

But this thing you have done

I had no part in it, and I want none

How could you do such a thing

I always thought I knew you

I see now, I hadn't a clue

I never thought of you as a bigot

I never saw that in you

Was I that unobservant

Or were you just hiding it

To hurt people just because they're different

That's beyond despicable

I can't believe you could do that

And now, because of our friendship

People think I feel the same as you

Nothing could be further from the truth

But in their eyes, I'm guilty

I want you to stay away from me

I'll have nothing to do with your prejudice

Maybe, with time, I'll be able to prove myself I can only hope so

For, even to be thought to be that way

Is bile to my soul, and pain to my heart

How could I have been so wrong about you

How could I have been so blind

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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