I'll Make You Mine

I lay in my bed

And I think of you

My flesh is on fire

And my blood is, too

I see you each day

And my longing grows

I'm in love alone

You don't even know

That I dream of you

Asleep and awake

That I long to be

The one you take

For your very own

To have and to hold

To be with always

But that is my goal

To make you aware

Of the love I feel

To reach for my dream

And to make it real

I want your body

Oh yes, that's quite true

But much more than that

I want all of you

I want your desire

And all of your heart

I want your promise

That we'll never part

And all of these things

I will soon possess

I am determined

Won't settle for less

And the night will come

When you share this bed

But now I'm alone

With my dreams instead

So I'll make my plans

And I'll bid my time

Because in the end

I know you'll be mine

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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