My Turn

I should have seen this coming

The signs were always there

I thought that I could change you

And somehow make you care

I gave you my ev'rything

I tried hard as I could

I tried to fill ev'ry need

But it just did no good

Now I watch you walk away

And much to my surprise

I am glad to see you go

Perhaps I'm getting wise

You never cared about me

You made that very clear

So go, just leave, good riddance

Cause now my turn is here

I'll find someone who'll love me

And treat me with respect

And I'll give him all my heart

And he will not reject

All I have to offer him

He'll return it ten-fold

And together we will build

A love of purest gold

Happily ever after

Will be our creed in life

We will cherish each other

Loving husband and wife

No, I'm not gonna miss you

I'm gonna be just fine

It's you who'll be missing out

And you'll see that in time

Don't be crawling back to me

Cause I'll be with my love

Living the life I desire

With my husband and our kids

With BOTH our hearts on fire

Terri Lyn Stanfield



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