"Calm down, child. Enigma watches over her as well."

said Agatha

"She's not doing a very good job of it then! Taryn is

being tortured!"

"Yes, I know." said Agatha sadly

"You know?! My sister is being tortured. Perhaps to

her death, and that's all you have to say?!" Kalen moved to my side and took my hand

It was comforting, but did nothing to lesson my anxiety

for my sister

"She cannot be killed as long as you live, Tara." Agatha


"Is that supposed to make me feel better? She can still

be tortured to the point of death, with only our connection keeping her alive. But it does nothing to lesson her agaony, does it, Agatha?"

"No, it does nothing to leson her agaony, child. I am


"You're sorry. Well, I'm sorry too, but what help is

that to Taryn? Do you know where she's being held, Agatha?"

"No, I'm afraid I do not." she said

She was telling the truth, I knew

Somehow I knew she would never lie to me, regardless how

painful the truth might be

"There must be some way to find her. To rescue her.

This Enigma, she must know where Taryn is. How do I find her, Agatha?"

"Ah, well child, no one finds Enigma. When she feels

the time is right, she will find you."

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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