Agatha placed her hand on my back

"You must have faith, child. All will be as it should."

sha said

"You can't know that." I said, my voice muffled, for

Kalen still held me close

"Ah, but I do. As do you, is you will only search your


I turned from Kalen and faced her

"I can't search my heart. I'm afraid of what I might

find. There are things you aren't telling me, Agatha."

"I've told you all I know. There are things that only

Enigma can give answer to. I would never lie to you, Tara, nor withhold anything from you." she said, hurt "I know, Agatha. I apologize. Truly. I didn't mean to

imply you were being duplicitous, but I need answers. I'll go insane waiting around for this Enigma to decide to make her appearance. Taryn needs me now!" "Yes. She does." said a voice from behind us And there, by the door, stood a woman

Enigma had arrived

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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