Obsessive Lover

The walls close in
And time stands still
Where are the words
For what I feel
Gasping for air
So bewildered
Courting despair
You're everywhere
I look or go
I've no freedom
You crowd me so
What you call love
Is obsession
It's abnormal
And repressing
I was flattered
Right at the start
That you hated
To be apart
But now, that's changed
It's just not right
This has to stop
I must take flight
You hold too tight
And I can't breathe
I see no choice
But that I leave
You follow me
You listen in
When I'm talking
To my few friends
No privacy
No breathing space
And I can see
There on your face
You're getting worse
I'll have no life
If this goes on
I'll pay the price
I'm leaving now
While I still can
You should get help
You're out of hand
As I walk out
The strangest thing
My back's on fire
And wracked with pain
I find myself
Lying face down
And oh, so cold
On the hard ground
I hear a sound
And then a thud
But I can't see
There's too much blood
As the light dims
I know I've failed
I'll spend always
Locked in this hell

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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