Phantom Lover

You come to me in the darkness

As you do every steamy night

Your touch, at first, so gentle

And your kisses feather light

Flame slowly spreads o'er my body

And my desire begins to grow

My need is too much to bear

And all of the time you know

Exactly what I am feeling

And just how I need to be touched

You keep me burning for more

And keep me wanting so much

When I simply can take no more

You bring me to such sweet release

You hold me as I tremble

And my pleasures slowly cease

My eyes are closed throughout our time

And I dread to open them now

For I know that when I do

Although, I do not know how

That I will be in bed alone

With not a trace of you at all

You are my phantom lover

And though you may heed my call

You're gone when the loving's over

Leaving no evidence behind

Though my body still tingles

And you occupy my mind

I won't see you til the next time

When you'll set me, once more, on fire

When you, my phantom lover

Will fill my every desire

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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