Queen Of The Night

I walk in the room, and I own it
All eyes turn to me as I enter
And this world of wily predators
Revolves around me, as its center
I can have my pick of anyone
None have the desire to deny me
I have only to beckon to them
And they will be right here beside me
Yes, I rule as their queen, unchallenged
My sovereignty is beyond doubt
They heed to my every suggestion
And are crushed should they cause me to pout
A lift of my finger or eyebrow
And my lover of choice is spellbound
They throw away all fidelity
And react to me like a hound
My appeal is irresistible
What I want, is what I will get
And I care not who stands in the way
I've had no conscience attack as yet
I've no interest in commitment
Merely a moment's pleasure, that's all
I take what I want, then I move on
Don't blame me for the fools, if they fall
I rule over this sensual world
And my subjects all bow at my feet
Though love, and the heart, have no place here
All the spoils of my conquests are sweet

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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