Red Handed

You say you can't stay here with me

You give me the reasons why

It breaks your heart to have to go

But you have to say goodbye

You say that there is no one else

There are things you can't explain

You have responsibilities

That my love for you will wane

And so I take you at your word

Though your leaving breaks my heart

Moving on with life alone

I give myself a fresh start

I move to the neighboring town

Settle in, and start anew

But shortly after I get there

Guess what, I run into you

Along with your wife and three kids

And my blood begins to boil

While you look like you've seen a ghost

And I think your pants are soiled

I could have taken the high road

And simply passed you on by

But I never claimed sainthood

So die, you cheating louse, die

And I step right up to your wife

And I introduce myself

As your latest secret lover

Newly placed upon the shelf

I can see your death in her eyes

But I don't feel any guilt

She might even be merciful

Maybe no blood will be spilt

Of coursem if it were up to me

I'd hang you up by your.....thumbs

I will take comfort in knowing

That no matter what may come

That you were caught with your pants down And that you were made to pay

Though I hate being played the fool

That really just makes my day

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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