Secret Love

Today, like every other, we sit side by side We talk and laugh and the day passes pleasantly When the work day's done, we go our separate ways And I doubt you even think of me until we meet again Though I will think of little else but you I long to be more than your friend, I want to be your


That is my heart's desire, yet you haven't a clue You know so much about me, and so little I've shared with you all the secrets of my life Except one, and that one is my love for you And it is that one that haunts me

You are my dearest friend, and I know that I am yours And the thought of losing that is more terrifying than I

can say

I want so much to show you my heart

Keeping this secret is tearing me to pieces But do I have the courage to confess it to you Would I gain a lover, or lose a friend

Would you take me to heaven, or send me to hell I don't know, I'm afraid to know, but I must I can't go on like this, my heart can't take it Soon, I must tell you of my love for you And if you don't feel the same, I will simply cease to


Terri Lyn Stanfield


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