Shallow Lover

I waited my whole life to fall in love
Why did it have to be you
While it's true that you're handsome and sexy
You simply haven't a clue
When it comes to sharing your heart and soul
Or putting someone else first
You're self-absorbed and ego-driven
And what is so much more worse
Is that you take this whole thing for granted
And that includes me, as well
You act as if it's no more than your due
And I'm regretting I fell
It's true that I love you with all my heart
But love is just not enough
It takes trust and respect and real effort
Things you're incapable of
I am not sure I want to continue
Whit this relationship now
There are so many things to which you're blind
And I cannot teach you how
To give and communicate and reach out
If you don't already know
I think it will be best for both of us
If I say goodbye, and go

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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