Sleep Is A Ghost

It's four in the morning

And I'm bleary eyed

Laying here listening

To the sounds outside

Sleep has eluded me

For another night

I am losing my mind

With no end in sight

Insomnia has be

And it won't let go

Though I am bone weary

And I just don't know

How much more I can take

This is just too much

My brain is all fuzzy

And I'm losing touch

With all logical thought

With reality

If I don't get some sleep

It's the death of me

I'm running on empty

I'm down to the dregs

If I thought it would help

I would gladly beg

But I have reached the point

Where sleep is a ghost

It haunts me ruthlessly

Yet always leaves hope

That it will possess me

With its sweet release

But never fulfilling

My desperate pleas

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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