Slipping Away

I watched you today

As the children played

And I could see you

Just slipping away

You tire easily

And your strength is gone

And even the strangers

Know something is wrong

Soon the day will come

When you'll say goodbye

Though you don't want it

I'm going to cry

How can I go on

Without your sweet love

Though you'll be watching

Us from up above

When this all started

I wouldn't believe

That it could be true

But soon I could see

Your life-force is dimming

Your eyes start to dull

As this vile disease

Exercized its pull

And now, day by day

I'm watching you leave

A bit at a time

Already, I grieve

My heart is breaking

As you slip away

And I am dreading

That horrible day

When you will give up

On your valiant fight

And you'll leave us here

Where nothing is right

You say to be strong

For the children's sake

But I just don't know

How much I can take

I wish I had half

Of your bravery

But I'm scared to death

Of you leaving me

Please don't go away

Fight this loathesome ill

And stay here with me

Please say that you will

But, there in your eyes

The sad truth is told

You're leaving, and soon

To walk streets of gold

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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