You say that you love me

And think I feel the same

And at one time I did

But without laying blame

My feelings have changed, love

And it's nobody's fault

My heart took a tangent

And I find myself caught

In love with two people

In two different ways

Yet the feelings are real

And I'm not one who plays

I never intended

Anything of this kind

Now my heart is aching

And it weighs on my mind

Whatever decision

I finally come to

A heart will be hurting

And I know I'll be blue

For I can't bear the thought

That my actions will lead

To heartache and sadness

That someone's soul will bleed

In letting this happen

The fates have been cruel

For I never planned it

Now I feel like a fool

There's no easy way out

There is no going back

Though my heart's torn in two

And the future looks black

A heartache is coming

There's no way around it

I have so longed for love

But now that I've found it

How can I be happy

In this situation

Knowing one's heartache

Will be one's elation

And I will be hurting

Either way that I choose

Half of my heart will be

With the one who will lose

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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