Who's Laughing Now?

Did you think I wouldn't notice
All the time I've spent alone
I've heard all of your excuses
As to why you're not at home
You have been very creative
And compelling, and sincere
If I were one to be naive
You might still be welcome here
But I'm a natural cynic
And not easily convinced
My mama didn't raise a fool
And I've not become one since
I have talked with an attorney
And we both are in accord
Divorce is going to cost you
I'm not sure you can afford
To keep that classic car you love
Or that cabin on the beach
Or your membership at the club
It may be beyond your reach
Your portfolio is healthy
And I do appreciate
The money you've spent on the house
It is really looking great
An apartment should be within
The budget you will live on
Of course it won't be very big
But it's love that makes a home
I'm sure that your new lady love
Will be perfectly content
To share your new abode with you
Maybe help you with the rent
I'm sure she loves you for yourself
And money doesn't matter
Which works out really well for you
Since you will be in tatters
Oh no, it's far too late for us
No reconciliation
You should have considered the cost
Before your assignation
You've had your fun, now I'll have mine
With all your hard earned money
I get paid for your faithlessness
I find that just too funny

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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