You've Made Your Bed

I've watched, and I've waited
Breath eagerly bated
For your deeds to catch up to you
To see you have to pay
In the costliest way
For all of the things that you do
To look on while you squirm
O'er accusations firm
And watch as you try to escape
But your guilt is assured
By your servants inured
To the bile with which they are raped
You have no compassion
Your empathy's rationed
And you're cruel without regret
You're mean and you're vicious
Though never conspicious
Things haven't caught up to you yet
But time is running out
And I have not a doubt
That the day of reckoning pends
When you'll have to answer
For the rabid cancer
Your malicious attitude sends
Though it may take a while
To bring you to trial
As the wheels of justice turn slow
You will still be observed
Until you are unnerved
Wherever you may choose to go
So prepare your defense
Don't rely on pretense
It won't work with jury and judge
You can't count on your charm
And coquettry would harm
For the prosecution won't budge
Your free ride has ended
Your fences aren't mended
No one will support your charade
Yes, the dye has been cast
You've been collared at last
And your bed is already made

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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