Desiring Deborah
by Texas Hottie

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Lee sat in church that Sunday evening listening to the singing, just like she did every Sunday evening. Tonight was a bit different because afterwards there would be a barbeque and sand volleyball tournament.

Lee scanned the crowd of faces in between listening and keeping an eye on her five year old son. As she was looking, her eyes came upon a visitor. She felt an immediate attraction for the petite, short-haired, exotic looking young woman. Lee felt herself blushing when those dark brown eyes looked at her.

Later that evening as Lee was introducing herself and greeting the visitors, she noticed the young woman sitting with the friend who had invited her to church. As Lee approached she could feel those eyes examining her, admiring her, and she felt herself blushing again. She stopped in front of the two women and said hello to Elizabeth who had grown up in the church and was now in the Army. Elizabeth introduced her friend. Her name was Deborah. She was also in the Army. That would explain the lean, hard muscled body she had.

Lee shook hands and felt her body tremble from the contact. Warning bells and alarms were going off in Lee's head, but she ignored them. She talked with Deborah for a bit, found out she was 24 years old and stationed at the nearby army base.

After a while Lee got up and said she had to find her young son; she had promised to take him for a walk down by the creek that ran behind the church property. When Deborah asked if she would like some company on the walk, Lee's mind was screaming NO! DANGER! ALERT! But her mouth said, "Yes, that would be very nice."

Lee and Deborah found Jason by the swings. Lee took Jason's hand and the three of them headed for the creek. Jason pulled away to run ahead and Lee and Deborah kept an eye on him as they continued their talk from earlier. They talked about their respective careers, their families, their hobbies.

Lee found out they both had an interest in working out and keeping in shape, so she began picking the young woman's mind for abdominal exercises. Lee knew that at 41 and having had three kids she would never have abs of steel, but she could certainly get rid of the pouch a little.

Deborah said it would be easier to show her the exercises and maybe she could come by Lee's house some time and help her with them. Again Lee's mind screamed NO, BAD IDEA! But her mouth said, "That would be wonderful, how about tomorrow?" Deborah agreed and they settled on a time when Lee's kids would be in school.

On the drive home and during the night Lee couldn't keep her thoughts off Deborah. She knew she was treading dangerous waters. What was she thinking anyway? The girl was seventeen years younger than her for goodness sake! She told herself that it was nothing more than a short training session and nothing else was going to happen. I mean the young woman probably wasn't even interested in her in that way anyway. With that thought floating in her brain, Lee finally fell asleep.

When Lee woke up Monday morning, she was feeling horny and on edge. She figured it was the erotic dreams she had during the night; they had felt so real. She glanced at the clock and realized she didn't have time to indulge in a little self pleasuring so she dragged herself out of bed and into the shower.

She started the coffee and went to get her kids up. They hated Mondays as much as she did, so it was tough going getting them up and moving. She drove the older two to their respective bus stops and Jason to his school. This was the last week of school and they were antsy to start their summer vacation.

After returning home, Lee changed into her workout clothes and began her stretching routine. When the doorbell rang, she jumped up to answer it. Her palms were sweaty and her heart was beating quite fast. She told herself it was from the stretching she had been doing.

Lee opened the door to let Deborah in and her jaw nearly dropped to the floor. The young woman was wearing tight black spandex bike shorts and a black workout bra. Every muscle was on display and Lee was sure she could bounce a quarter off her tight abs. As Lee stood to the side to allow Deborah in, her eyes wandered to Deborah's tight butt. Either the girl was wearing a thong or nothing at all underneath; but whichever it was Lee was surely enjoying the view.

Deborah turned around to say something and noticed Lee's flushed appearance and rapid heartbeat. She smiled at the older woman and was pleased that her choice in clothing had the effect on Lee that she planned. Deborah had always enjoyed the company and pleasure of older women, and she had been instantly attracted to Lee last night. Deborah hoped to look as good as Lee when she reached 41. She could tell Lee was nervous and wondered if this was her first time with a woman or maybe just the first time with a younger woman.

Deborah got right to the workout and spent the next hour showing Lee many different exercises she could do to strengthen and tone her abdominal muscles. Throughout the workout Deborah would comment on Lee's fabulous body and encourage her in the exercises. She touched Lee as often as possible without being too obvious, and each time she did, she felt Lee tremble. This encouraged and emboldened the young woman.

Afterward while they were cooling down with some water and some fruit, Lee mentioned how sore she was. Deborah took the opportunity and offered to massage the older woman's muscles. Lee knew she should say no, knew she was getting into dangerous territory, but instead she said, "That would be wonderful."

Lee went to get some towels and some lotion and Deborah turned the stereo on to a smooth jazz station. Lee returned with the items, laid them out on the floor and then laid herself down on the towel. Deborah warmed her hands by rubbing them and then she squirted some lotion onto her hands. She straddled Lee's backside and began to rub her shoulders and arms and neck. She heard Lee moan and it caused her clit to jump in response.

She continued rubbing Lee's upper body, and every once in a while Deborah would push her pelvis into Lee's butt to relieve some of the ache. On one of these pushes, she felt Lee push back into her. Deborah silently cheered and out loud she said to Lee that it would be easier to massage her if Lee could remove her shirt and workout bra. Lee knew she had reached the point of no return. She could still stop what was happening. Then she realized she didn't want to stop what was happening. This was what she had wanted since her eyes had landed on the exotic young beauty.

Lee sat up to remove her shirt but Deborah pushed her hands away and lifted the shirt up and over her head. Goosebumps rose on Lee's body from the touch of Deborah's hands. Deborah was also trembling with raw desire. She wanted Lee so much; couldn't wait to touch her, to taste her, to hear her scream out in passion. Deborah looked into Lee's eyes to see if there was any doubt about what was happening; all she saw was her desire reflected back at her.

She put her hand behind Lee's head and pulled the older woman to her lips. The kiss was at first soft and gentle, so much so that it took Lee's breath away. Soon the kiss deepened and became more heated. Deborah ran her tongue along the bottom of Lee's lip and then pushed inside her mouth. For her part, Lee latched unto the girl's tongue while at the same time her hands began to roam over the young woman's lithe, hard body.

Lee pulled herself away. She had to see Deborah naked, wanted to run her hands over those magnificent muscles. They each pulled off their bras and immediately hands reached out to fondle, pinch and squeeze the revealed breasts.

When Lee saw how Deborah's nipples reacted to her touch, she was filled with lust and desire for the young woman. She pushed Deborah down on the towel and leaned over to take a breast into her mouth. She began licking and teasing each breast, sucking as much into her mouth as she could. She felt Deborah's hand on her head, holding her there and pleading for her to suck harder. Lee attached her mouth to the nipple and sucked and bit on it, all the while hearing Deborah's groans of pleasure.

Deborah couldn't believe how aggressive the older woman had become, but she was certainly going to enjoy herself. While Lee was torturing and pleasuring her breasts, Deborah lifted her leg and came into contact with Lee's center. She could feel the wetness on her leg.

She moved her hands down Lee's body and told her to lift up so she could pull her shorts down. Lee was loathe to leave the breasts she was devouring but she complied and lifted her body up so Deborah could slide her shorts and panties off. Deborah pulled Lee in for a kiss while kneading her ass and encouraging the woman to ride her leg.

Lee rubbed herself up and down on the young woman's leg. She could feel her wetness flowing. The added stimulus of Deborah's hands on her ass was too much for her and she felt the orgasm coming. It had been so long since it wasn't her own hand bringing her pleasure that she screamed out as the intense feelings overtook her body.

Deborah flipped Lee over and pinned her hands over her head. She kissed her deeply, devouring her mouth. She slid her mouth up to Lee's ear and told her not to move. Lee shook her head yes, and Deborah stood up to remove her shorts. Lee's eyes followed the descent of the black shorts down the petite woman's strong legs. She brought her eyes back up and saw that Deborah was now standing before her as naked as the day she was born.

Deborah laid herself down on top of Lee's body and began to kiss and fondle her breasts. The older woman's breasts were exquisite. The nipples were large and perfect for sucking on. After indulging herself, Deborah began kissing her way down Lee's body. The whole time she was murmuring how beautiful and desirable Lee was. When she reached Lee's center she hovered over her a minute, savoring the smell of Lee's desire.

Deborah reached underneath Lee, lifted her butt up in the air, and brought her mouth down tasting the older woman's wetness. Lee arched into Deborah's mouth when she felt the first contact. She couldn't describe the intense pleasure she was feeling, it was like she was seeing things in color for the first time in her life.

It seemed like Deborah's tongue was everywhere at once. First licking all the way up, then the tongue was suddenly nibbling on her engorged clit, then back down and pushing inside of her. Lee was on sensory overload and loving every moment of it.

Deborah couldn't get enough of Lee. She tasted better than she had imagined. She pushed her tongue deep inside and began to thrust in and out. Lee began to thrash about and Deborah had to hold her butt tight to keep her in place. She knew Lee was close to going over the edge so she brought her mouth up to her clit and sucked it into her eager mouth. She filled Lee's center with her fingers and continued thrusting.

All of a sudden Deborah bit down on her clit and Lee screamed her pleasure as she went over the edge. Deborah lowered Lee gently to the ground and kissed her way up her body to finally take Lee into her arms.

When Lee's breathing returned to normal and her heartbeat settled, she looked over at the young woman and the rush of desire returned. Lee wanted to taste her, wanted to give her the same pleasure she had just received. She leaned over and kissed Deborah; tasting herself on the young girl's lips. She was eager to explore and her hands began to roam everywhere at once. Her mouth descended as well.

She stopped and spent some time on the tantalizing breasts. But soon she was on the move eager to taste the delights that awaited her. She ran a finger through Deborah's wetness and sucked the juices off. She heard Deborah moan and did it again. Finally she lowered her mouth and engulfed the young woman's center. It was her first taste of another woman but she knew it certainly wouldn't be her last.

Lee pushed her face deeply into Deborah's wetness, wanting to climb inside the woman if it were possible. She felt Deborah stiffen and cry out in pleasure, but she couldn't stop. She had to have more. Lee continued to suck and lick every inch of Deborah's treasure, hearing her cry out two more times in orgasm. She finally stopped when Deborah begged her to take a break.

Lee sheepishly looked up at Deborah and apologized. Deborah pulled the older woman to her and said there was no need for apologizing, just a need for some rest. Lee laughed and agreed. Suddenly she was very tired and very sore. She thought she should feel guilty but instead all she felt was complete. Like she had finally found where she belonged.

The End

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