Waking Up from My Nap
by Texas Hottie

Disclaimers: Sex between women in this story. Run away now if this sort of thing bothers you. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy.

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The feel of your tongue on my breast awoke me from my nap. My hooded eyes glanced down and the look on your face said it all. You winked and then proceeded to devour my right breast, taking as much of it into your mouth as you could. I arched into you, offering my body for your pleasure. Your hand moved to my left breast and began to pull on the ring that adorned the nipple. I could feel the sensation in my clit, and I once again said a silent thank you for convincing me to get one.

I remembered that Saturday quite well. We had been out shopping for a new refrigerator.

After comparison shopping at four different stores we of course ended up back at the very first place. That was what usually happened on our shopping excursions, but it made you feel better to at least look at different places so who was I to argue.

Being hungry we had headed over to our favorite Mexican restaurant where we shared a sizzling pound of beef and chicken fajitas with all the trimmings. I think we also indulged in one too many margaritas.

Walking back to our car we passed a tattoo parlor that also did piercings. I joked with you about getting matching tattoos on our butts. To my surprise you looked at me and said, "yes, why don't we?" WHAT? Had I heard you correctly? Were you serious? As if to answer my question, you proceeded to enter the shop and I had no other recourse but to follow you.

We looked around the shop, which wasn't as seedy as I had imagined it would be and admired the artistry on display. We laughed at some of the Looney Tune characters. I couldn't imagine having Taz or Tweety forever immortalized on my ass.

When the shop owner came over to talk to us, you said, "my partner and I are interested in getting matching tattoos on our butts." He introduced himself as Bill and looked from me to you and then back to me. I think he saw the green hue around my features that indicated there was no way in Hell I was going to be able to sit or lay still while he poked my ass with a needle.

Instead he suggested that we get matching nipple rings. Less overall pain, he said; once through the breast and it would be done. I'm not sure that reassured me any, but when I looked over at you and saw your mischievous smile I knew I would be leaving this shop with a new piece of jewelry.

So now we had matching gold nipple rings to go along with our matching gold bands. I was thankful that one piercing was all you wanted, since Bill banned me from his shop. Was it my fault that the scream I let out when he passed the needle through my nipple was enough to cause someone to call 911 and report a woman being attacked in the tattoo parlor?? Shit it had hurt!! So I screamed. Sue me.

But now as you continued to tug on the nipple ring sending waves of pleasure to my clit, I realized that the little bit of pain was worth it. To hear you moan as you suckled my breast was worth that pain and so much more.

You switched breasts, took the left breast deep into your mouth and rolled your tongue around the ring. I cried out your name as the pleasure coursed through my body.

Your fingers began the journey down my stomach, stopping to tickle my belly button which caused me to squirm. When you reached the waistband of my boxers, you stopped your assault on my breasts and took a look at what I was wearing. It was the pair you had gotten me for Valentine's day, the ones with Spongebob as cupid with little red hearts everywhere. "I love these," I said "and I love you too, baby."

You grabbed the sides and slid the boxers down my legs. The look in your eyes as my body was revealed took my breath away. There was a fire in those sapphire orbs and I couldn't wait for your touch to burn me. You tossed the boxers to the floor and I let my legs fall open so you could see for yourself how very wet I was. "Touch me, baby," I said, "feel what you do to me." Your eyes closed as you raked your fingers through my wetness, gathering it on your fingertips. Your touch caused more wetness to flow from my center. When you removed your fingers and sucked them into your mouth I almost climaxed on the spot; the look of rapture on your face was so intense.

After getting every last drop you leaned in to kiss me. I pulled you roughly to my lips and sucked your tongue deep into my mouth. I wanted to devour you, to ravish you, to show you how much I loved you and needed you.

You sense the tide is changing and pull away from my lips. "I want you first," you said, "I want you to lay back and enjoy what I'm going to do to you."

I willed my hands and my body to relax; to lay back and enjoy the ride. "Take me, baby," I whispered, "I love you and I'm yours, now and forever."

The kiss you gave me made my head spin and my clit ache. Every part of my body ached for your touch. Ached for the release that only you could give me.

I felt you move down to my neck. I felt your teeth as they bit gently into my flesh. Felt your lips as they sucked the spot where you bit me. "So good, so good," I murmured.

Then your lips were back where they started, on my breasts. I arched as you licked, sucked and bit each tit. My nipples were rock hard and still you continued your torture. You reached down to gather my wetness and then began to paint my breasts with the evidence of my arousal for you. "Oh yessssssssss, baby," I hissed as you once again devoured my breast. I grabbed your head and held you there, never wanting you to let go.

Finally, when you were satisfied that you had gotten every last drop of goodness you slid down my stomach, kissing and sucking every inch of skin between my breasts and my aching wet center. My body was strung so tight. The pleasure you were giving me so intense, I knew that it wouldn't take much before I was screaming your name. You paused, hovering over my mound. I knew you could smell my arousal. I could smell yours too. It truly was a powerful aphrodisiac.

"Turn around baby, let me taste you, let's come together," I pleaded with you. I could see you liked my idea, as you turned your body so that now your mound was directly above me. Your lips were red and swollen and your juices glistened on your pubic hair. Your clit was peeking out from its hood and was ready and waiting for my mouth to give it some attention. "Soon," I whispered, "soon." I parted your lips and took my first taste of you. I heard you moan and I felt your tongue on my center tasting me.

I needed more of you, all of you. I grasped your hips and pulled you to me, I covered your center with my mouth and thrust my tongue into your opening. I began to lick your juices as I plunged in and out with my tongue. You mirrored my actions and soon I felt your tongue deep inside, milking me, tasting me.

I was so close; I wanted us to go over together. I positioned my fingers at your opening and soon they were thrusting into you, as my mouth latched on to your throbbing bundle of nerves. I sucked greedily on your clit, sliding my teeth all over it. Once again you copied my actions and I felt your warm lips on my clit as your fingers slid deep inside me.

Both of us grunting our pleasure. Both of us plunging in and out. Both of us sucking and biting. Both of us so close to the edge, so close to the release that had built up inside. I felt the tingle as my orgasm approached. Our legs began to quiver. Our bodies began to shake with the intensity of the wave that was overtaking us. We each thrust one more time and then it arrived. We screamed each others name as we fell over the edge into the abyss of pure pleasure. I wanted to stay inside you forever. I wanted to always be a part of you.

You turned around and I took you into my arms. I pulled the sheet up over our bodies. We both said "I love you." I kissed the tip of your nose and you laid your head on my chest. "Thank you baby," I said. "For what?" you asked. "For making nap time my favorite part of the day."

The End

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