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Gabrielle softly ran her hands up Terrais' thighs, feeling the warm skin beneath her hands. How she wanted this woman. She wanted to take her, make her submit to her will. She wanted this woman's virginity. She wanted it all. Gabrielle could feel the power surging through her. Terrais couldn't resist her. She was restrained, and fully believed Terrais wouldn't want her to stop.

Terrais watched multiple expressions cross Gabrielle's face. She then looked over to see Ares stroking his beard and running his other hand up the inside of his thigh. She couldn't believe her first time was going to be in front of someone, let alone while she was restrained. She had wanted this to be mutual, not of lust, but out of love. Yet she didn't want Gabrielle to seek release elsewhere. She would do this for her.

"You look absolutely delectable. I want you, Terrais. And I am about to have you." Gabrielle stepped completely between Terrais' legs, leaning against Terrais' crotch. Terrais jumped, but couldn't pull away.

Ares continued to watch, his excitement growing. He was quickly growing impatient with the soft touches. He walked up behind Gabrielle, "Gabrielle, it's time. Make her yours. Take her now. Show her your strength and your power. Show her who's in charge." Ares breathed heavily into Gabrielle's ear, hoping to excite her even more.

Gabrielle breathed heavily, beginning to shake with need. She wasn't certain what would quell this desire, but she knew she couldn't wait much longer. She needed to feel all of Terrais, not just between her legs. Gabrielle stepped away from Ares, and placed her knees up on the platform Terrais was tied to. Straddling Terrais' hips, she crawled up her body. She breathed heavily against Terrais' skin, making Terrais shiver.

"Oh, gods." Terrais couldn't help reacting to Gabrielle, even though this wasn't the way she had wanted it.

Ares remained behind Gabrielle, watching intently as Gabrielle moved up Terrais' body.

"Oh, Terrais. What I am going to do to you." Gabrielle ran her hand down the center of Terrais' bare chest, avoiding her breasts. Gabrielle then ran her tongue down the middle of her chest, moving side to side, but avoiding the now very erect nipples.

"Gabrielle," Terrais panted as Gabrielle showed her body attention.

Gabrielle could only vaguely hear Terrais, she was so into the feel of this woman's body. She ran her hand down between Terrais' legs, finding her moist and very swollen. Again, Gabrielle thought she could hear her name being called.

"Gabrielle, please look at me first." Terrais was struggling to concentrate on what she wanted to say.

Finally, Gabrielle realized Terrais was speaking to her. She slowly crawled back up Terrais' body, licking her way up the expanse of skin until they were face to face, "Yes?" Gabrielle continued to run her fingers through Terrais' wet folds, slowly caressing Terrais' most private areas.

"Oh, gods, Gabrielle." Terrais panted as Gabrielle touched her in such an intimate manner. "Please Gabrielle, I need to say this before you finish what you're doing." Terrais tried to make eye contact with Gabrielle.

"Oh, Terrais, I don't think I'm going to be finished for quite some time." Gabrielle dipped a finger into Terrais' opening, just barely penetrating her.

"Gabrielle, please look at me." She knew she had to get this out now, for in about 30 seconds it would be too late.

Gabrielle finally looked up and made eye contact with Terrais. That was all it took for Gabrielle to cease her movements.

"Gabrielle, I need you to know. I love you. I will always love you. No matter what happens today, know that I will always love you." A tear escaped Terrais' eye as she finished what she needed to say.

Gabrielle realized, finally, what it was she was about to do. She knew in her heart this was not right. She suddenly looked frightened, shocked by her own actions. She realized where her hand was, and what she was poised to do. She quickly removed it and looked directly at her nearly naked lover. The passion had not waned, but she now was capable of rationalize thought.

Gabrielle leaned down and kissed Terrais, slowly moving her shirt to cover her exposed breasts. Terrais looked up at Gabrielle, relieved that she had gotten through to her. What would happen now, she wasn't sure.

Gabrielle slowly got off the platform holding Terrais in place and stood to face Ares, "I'm not doing this. Not here. I won't give you the satisfaction. Now, let her go and stop toying with us." Gabrielle remained calm, weary of what Ares would do.

Ares sighed, an erection plainly evident. He had been so close to pushing Gabrielle past her limits. But now, for whatever reason, Gabrielle had regained her composure. He couldn't believe this. He had lost again. But, he vowed to himself, he would take the last bit of power, "Oh, Gabrielle, you have made such a mistake." He walked toward her. Gabrielle struck out at him, but he easily threw her across the room. Gabrielle landed roughly against the wall.

Ares stood between Terrais' restrained legs. He slowly opened his leather pants, pulling out his member, "You see, Gabrielle, I gave you a chance. You just couldn't come through. Now, I will make her mine, and you will never have her." Ares stroked his dick a few times, making certain he was ready.

"ARES, NO!!" Gabrielle stood to run toward him, when the temple doors burst open. In stepped Eve.

"Aphrodite, please come into Ares' temple." Eve moved to the side, out of Aphrodite's way.

"I can't believe this." Ares bowed his head and shook it. "Oh, I am not waiting any longer." He bent, poised to enter Terrais.

"Gabrielle, do something!" Terrais screamed, not accepting that she would lose her virginity to the god of war.

"Ares, you don't want to do this." Aphrodite approached Ares cautiously. She could tell he wasn't thinking clearly.

"Why ever not, sis? You want her? She is more your type. Sorry, no, I get her first, and then you or Gabrielle can have her. Better yet, why don't you help out Gabrielle, she needs to relieve some tension." Ares placed his hands on Terrais' thighs, moving within an inch of penetration, "Oh, Terrais. Don't tense. It will only hurt more."

"Ares, Terrais is your daughter. Do you want to rape her?" Aphrodite had finally said it. Now it was clear to Eve why Terrais was so important to the goddess of love. She was her niece.

Ares stood still, dick in hand. He didn't believe her. He looked at Aphrodite, then Terrais. He had felt a familiarity with Terrais, but it never seemed parental, "What are you talking about? I have no children."

Aphrodite continued toward Ares, cautiously, "Yes, you do. She is your only daughter. Remember your day long fling with Isabella, the Amazon queen of the northern tribe?"

Ares stepped away from Terrais, fastening his pants. Gabrielle stepped behind him, trying to get between him and Terrais. Ares again looked at Aphrodite and then Terrais. Surely he would have known if he had a child. He thought back to Isabella. She was the woman he had gone to shortly after he believed Xena had died, some twenty-six years ago. He had actually liked her, she had such fire. And she had been great in bed. It was healing to be with her. He had mourned Xena so.

Terrais looked on, wondering how she could not have known Ares was her father. She had not known either of her parents. Was it possible?

"You feel it, don't you, Ares. Isabella died giving birth to Terrais. I took her to the southern tribe to be raised by Varia's people. I didn't want you to corrupt her. She was born with a good heart. Bro, you would have destroyed her." Aphrodite now stood directly in front of Ares.

"I have a child," Ares said with awe. Even at his worst, Ares could never harm his own child. He hadn't even suspected. And now, after what he had done, he had ruined any hope of a relationship. He made eye contact with Terrais, who showed him only contempt. He then looked to Gabrielle, who looked as if she would kill him if she could. The only sympathetic eye was his sister's. She would love him no matter what.

Terrais began to cry, wanting no part of this. She began to violently jerk at her restraints. Aphrodite walked to Terrais and spoke in her ear, "Honey, stop. Listen to me. You can break out of these. You have half of Ares' strength. Concentrate for a moment, then seize it." She watched Terrais close her eyes, "Now, pull one arm at a time."

Terrais did as instructed. Easily, she broke her bindings, one at a time. She sat up, making direct eye contact with her father.

Ares could take this no more. He disappeared in a ball of light.

Terrais rubbed her wrists as Gabrielle handed her a blanket for cover. Eve stepped closer to make sure Terrais was alright. Terrais looked to Aphrodite, "So, you're my aunt."

"Yes, sweetie, I am. I don't know what's wrong with Ares. He's been ruthless before, but never like this. I don't think he'll bother you again, though. Maybe Gabrielle, but not you." Aphrodite ran her hands through Terrais' hair reassuringly.

Terrais appreciated the gentle contact, but so wanted to be out of the temple. Then she remembered, "Where's Varia? She was the one who brought me to this place."

Eve put a hand out to Terrais, "Ares beat her badly. Aphrodite poofed her back to the village. I don't know if she'll make it."

Terrais, now seeing the whole picture, still couldn't help but hurt for her friend, "I need to get back there." As she prepared to stand, she realized she couldn't walk, "Woe, what's going on?" She felt bolts of electricity flowing through her. She suddenly realized a deep need and made eye contact with the only one who could fill that need.

Gabrielle's bloodlust had not, in the least, been filled, and now she didn't know what was wrong with Terrais, "What is it?" She was afraid to touch her, the desire flowed so strongly through her.

"I don't know." Terrais ran her own hands up between her thighs, feeling how wet she'd become.

"Gabrielle, sweetie, it's time to help her." Aphrodite knew exactly what was happening. They both were filled with bloodlust. Though Terrais had not fought, she had been frightened and angry. Terrais was a warrior, in more ways than one. And the tempting seduction from Gabrielle, early, had pushed her to the edge.

"What are you saying?" Terrais felt the heat engulf her, she needed to be alone with Gabrielle. Terrais let out a long, almost painful moan.

Aphrodite felt her own sudden rush of desire. When these two women finally came together, it would be explosive, "You both are suffering from bloodlust. And now that you have admitted you love Gabrielle, it's time for you to fulfill those needs in both of you. I'll get you back to the village, and then I will go look after Varia." The next thing they knew, Gabrielle and Terrais were in their hut in the Amazon village. She still only had her shirt and a blanket wrapped around her. She sat on the pallet and removed the blanket.

"Terrais, listen. Maybe we should wait. I want this to be the perfect." Gabrielle sat down next to Terrais, unable to take her eyes off her. There was nothing within Gabrielle that wanted to wait, she just thought it was the right thing to do.

"No, quite frankly, I'm tired of waiting." Terrais placed her hand against Gabrielle's cheek. "I don't want to wait any longer. I know what I want." Terrais had no doubt.

Gabrielle, on the other hand, was now full of doubt. Her body craved this, but her mind would not let her, "Terrais." Gabrielle paced in front of her soon-to-be lover, "I want this to be the right time, the right place." Gabrielle was ringing her hands and standing with her back to Terrais.

Terrais had had enough. Someone had to take control Terrais stood abruptly, naked from the waist down and embraced Gabrielle from behind. Her shirt was still open and Gabrielle could feel Terrais' skin against her bare back. Gabrielle shivered, and her excitement increased ten-fold, "Terrais, what are you doing?" Gabrielle was weakening in her resolve to stop this.

"I am doing exactly what I should do. I am giving myself to you." Terrais moved Gabrielle's hair away from her neck and kissed along her right ear. She could feel Gabrielle shake with excitement, "See, you want this. I need this. Please, don't deny us any longer."

Gabrielle could stand it no longer. She had to have this woman. She had waited all of her life to feel this way, and she wouldn't wait any longer, "I want you Terrais." Gabrielle turned within Terrais' arms and moved to kiss her.

As the kisses deepened, Gabrielle's hands became bolder, moving against Terrais' bare skin, across her back and all the way to her backside. As she squeezed Terrais' ass, Terrais moaned into Gabrielle's mouth. Gabrielle began to nudge Terrais backwards toward the pallet, "Terrais. . ." Gabrielle opened her eyes and hesitated, "I'm not sure where to begin, but I promise you, I will love you thoroughly." With that, Gabrielle sat Terrais down and removed her top.

Terrais sat in front of Gabrielle, enthralled with the vision before her. Gabrielle, slowing began to remove first, her top, then her skirt and boots. Soon, Gabrielle was standing before Terrais in all her naked glory. Her body was magnificent. Strong muscles beneath smooth skin. Gabrielle's eyes shown bright with desire. Terrais laid back, waiting for her mate.

Gabrielle moved to Terrais, lying partially to her left side. They resumed kissing, and it becoming heated quite quickly. Gabrielle ran her tongue along Terrais' bottom lip, eliciting another moan from her partner. Gabrielle could tell that Terrais' excitement was growing and so much wanted to make her feel as good as she herself felt right now. Soon, Gabrielle lay flush against Terrais, their bodies coming into full contact.

"Oh, gods. You feel . . . ." Terrais exhaled heavily through her nose, trying to comprehend all of the feelings coursing through her body. She didn't know how to tell Gabrielle what she wanted, but she wanted- something. As her emotions continued to intensify, Terrais had thoughts and images fighting to come forward in her mind, but she couldn't place what they were. She sensed that this was right, more than just physical, but truly a deep love, deeper than she could understand.

"I'm going to make you mine, Terrais. I will not be denied what I desire any longer." Gabrielle ran her hands up,cupping Terrais' bare breasts and lightly running her index fingers over the already hard nipples. Gabrielle couldn't help but let out a moan as she touched a woman the way she had desired for so long.

"Yes, Gabrielle. Please, I . . . need you." Terrais wrapped her arms around Gabrielle's shoulders, pulling her tighter into her. Gabrielle continued kissing her lover and slowly massaging Terrais' breasts.

Terrais began moving her hips against Gabrielle, seeking the same relief she had found the night before. This time, however, they both were naked and the feeling of their mounds moving against each other escalated her desire even more quickly. Gabrielle, though, had other things in mind. She didn't want Terrais' orgasm to come this way. She wanted to feel her with her hands. Gabrielle moved her hips away from Terrais, breaking the sweet contact Terrais had been enjoying.

"Gabrielle, please. Don't move away." Terrais didn't know what to expect, and moving against one another was a good start.

"Sssh. I will take care of you." Gabrielle moved again to Terrais' side and ran her right hand down the center of Terrais' chest. Gabrielle had never been intimate with a woman, but she did have a general idea of how to bring Terrais over the edge. As her hand moved lower, she began to play with the hairs protecting Terrais' sex.

"Oh, gods." Terrais' breathing came in short pants, anticipating what Gabrielle would do next. She could concentrate only on Gabrielle's hands.

"You feel soft . . ." Gabrielle moved her fingers slowly down the crevice between Terrais' legs, "And so wet." Gabrielle alternated between kissing Terrais' lips and neck. "I want to make you orgasm. May I touch you?" Gabrielle lightly flirted with touching Terrais' most intimate area.

"Yes." Terrais could not think to expand any further. She couldn't even remember to breathe. Gabrielle ran her fingers through Terrais' wetness to find her clit, hard and swollen. Terrais was more than ready for Gabrielle's touch. Gabrielle, too, began breathing in short gasps, trying to quell her own excitement. Terrais could not help but move her hips toward Gabrielle's hand. She had never been touched by another and this was better than she could have ever imagined.

Within minutes, Terrais was having difficulty breathing and knew she would be finding relief soon, "Gods, Gabrielle. I . . . don't know . . . this is so wonderful."

Gabrielle could tell by Terrais' body that she was near the edge, "Come for me, Terrais. I want to feel you." Gabrielle increased the circular movements over and around Terrais' hard nub, trying to push her to her limits.

"Yes. . . oh, yes." Terrais' body went rigid and shook with relief. Terrais had never known anything so wonderful, seeing bright lights and stars behind closed eyelids. As she floated down from her euphoric release, she could feel Gabrielle holding her with one arm and cupping her sex with the hand that had just brought her such pleasure.

Moments later, Terrais tried to speak, but had a difficult time, with the smile plastered to her face, "gods, that was fantastic." She idly ran her left hand up and down Gabrielle's forearm, lightly stroking the skin.

"Yes. Yes, it was." Gabrielle had nearly orgasmed just from hearing and feeling the excitement from Terrais. But she knew what she must do next. The desire was strong. She knew she needed to claim this woman as truly hers. Xena had been her soulmate, but the woman before her now owned part of her. She had to take what she felt was hers, "Terrais." Gabrielle was moving her right hand again in small circles in Terrais' pubic hair.

"Oh, my . . . Gabrielle" Terrais wasn't sure what Gabrielle would do next, but she wasn't going to complain when it felt this good.

"Terrais, I want to take you. I want all of you. Do you know what that means?" Gabrielle slowly ran her index finger down to the entrance of Terrais' sex.

Terrais now knew what Gabrielle meant. It was now time for her to give the one thing she so desperately wanted to give. It was time for Gabrielle to take her virginity, "Yes. Yes I want you." Terrais was nervous, but excited, and wanted to know this feeling. She arched her hips toward Gabrielle's fingers poised at her entrance.

"This may hurt. I will be as gentle as I can." Gabrielle leaned down and ran her tongue over a bare breast and then a nipple. She wanted to make sure Terrais was excited and ready for her.

Terrais wrapped an arm around Gabrielle's neck, holding her tightly, knowing that some pain may be involved. But she didn't care, she needed to feel complete, "Please don't wait long. I want you inside of me."

"Oh, Terrais . . . I wish you knew what you are doing to me." Gabrielle breathed heavily, her excitement from earlier returning with full force.

Terrais ran her tongue over Gabrielle's ear, "Oh, Gabrielle, I plan on knowing exactly what I have done to you. I want to feel how wet you are and how excited you are." Terrais knew how excited it made her to hear Gabrielle speak seductive words, and thought she would give a little back.

Gabrielle couldn't stand it. She pulled Terrais' right leg away, spreading Terrais' legs. She decided to straddle Terrais' leg, hoping the added friction might at least quell some of her excitement. She rubbed her soaked crotch against Terrais' leg, coating her with her essence. "Oh, yes. I need to feel you," Gabrielle gasped at the contact.

Terrais was soaked from her earlier excitement and orgasm. Gabrielle dipped first her index and then her index and middle finger into the beginning of Terrais' entrance. Terrais was small and tight, and two fingers would be quite enough for now. Gabrielle was going purely on instinct, but she felt driven in her task. She began to move her fingers within Terrais, feeling the barrier that she knew she would have to break through. She wondered briefly if she should say something or just enter her completely. She decided not saying anything would prevent Terrais from tensing. Quickly she pushed her two fingers deeply into Terrais, breaking through. She felt Terrais tense and moan slightly in pain.

Terrais felt Gabrielle push past her virginity, quickly, without warning. She moaned in pain, then felt Gabrielle stop, waiting for her to relax. She felt complete, now that Gabrielle was inside of her. She wanted to know the feeling of Gabrielle moving within her body, "Gabrielle, it's okay. Please . . ." Terrais kissed Gabrielle, running her tongue along Gabrielle's lower lip, "Please make love to me."

Gabrielle kissed Terrais as she started moving her fingers. She moved them slowly at first, then began to move in a firm, steady rhythm. Within a few short minutes she felt Terrais respond, moving her hips in rhythm with her hand. Gabrielle's body was reacting too and she began moving her hips against Terrais' thigh.

Terrais was reeling. She thought the first orgasm she had was spectacular. She knew, now, that she was moving to something more. She felt Gabrielle pick up speed with her hand as well as her hips against Terrais' thigh. Then Gabrielle moved her palm so that it was rubbing her clit as she moved her hand. This was her undoing, "Gods, yes, again, oh, gods, again, Gabrielle." Terrais began her second orgasm, feeling like it was ripping her apart. She could feel herself pouring out juices between her legs, coating Gabrielle's fingers.

Gabrielle's body could take no more. As she listened to Terrais, she felt her own body responding to the movement. She felt the orgasm overtake her own body, calling out her lover's name, "Yes, Terrais. I'm coming with you." Gabrielle shook as she continued to move her fingers and her hips in the same sensual rhythm.

Even after she orgasmed, her excitement grew just from listening to Gabrielle's release. Since Gabrielle hadn't stopped moving her fingers, she knew another orgasm was imminent, "Oh please, Gabrielle, don't stop. . . I'm going to go again." Terrais held her breath, as her next orgasm went through her.

Gabrielle held on to Terrais, continuing to move her fingers through Terrais' next orgasm. As Terrais' body began to relax, she slowed her movements until she was lying still with her fingers still buried within Terrais.

Terrais had grabbed a hold of Gabrielle's shoulders tightly during her last orgasm and now Terrais was lying limply beneath her.

Minutes seemed to pass before either one of them could move. Both had to calm their hearts from racing and catch their breath. Gabrielle slowly moved her fingers away, noticing the virginal blood apparent from their love making. Terrais still had her eyes closed. She began moving her legs together, noticing the soreness that had settled in.

Gabrielle stood and went to the wash basin. Terrais opened her eyes admiring the backside of Gabrielle as she walked away from the pallet. Terrais' libido kicked back into gear as she watched her new lover sway toward the table. She now wanted her very much. Not that she hadn't wanted her before, but now that she had gotten past the shyness of being made love to, she really wanted to touch this woman.

Gabrielle washed her hands and turned to find Terrais staring at her, eyes full of desire for her. She walked back and straddled Terrais' hips, leaning down until their noses touched, "How are you?" Gabrielle ran her fingers along the side of Terrais' face.

"I'm great. I do think I need something, though." Terrais looked over Gabrielle's body, appraisingly.

"And what might that be?" Gabrielle took a deep breath, knowing Terrais was about to make love to her. She had not been made love to since her deceased husband, many years ago.

"I think I need to make love to you." Terrais reached up and lightly kissed Gabrielle's lips, enjoying the taste. Kissing Gabrielle was an inspiration, and she immediately felt overwhelmed with the need to make love to her. Terrais had initially planned to go slowly, but now that it was time, she couldn't wait. She only hoped that Gabrielle would be okay with it and that they both could go slow later.

"I want you to make love to me. I need to feel loved by you." Gabrielle ran her blunt fingernails through Terrais' hair, pulling her in for a passionate kiss. As they kissed, Terrais felt Gabrielle move her hips against the muscles of Terrais' abdomen. She could feel Gabrielle's wetness as she moved against her. Terrais reached up, simultaneously grasping the generous breasts that hung from Gabrielle's body. She initially was gentle, but sensed that Gabrielle needed a firmer touch. She kneaded the pliant flesh, bringing her nipples to hard points.

Gabrielle took shallow breaths through their passionate kisses and shook from the ministrations of Terrais' hands. Although this was Terrais' first time making love, Gabrielle decided Terrais had a talent. She briefly wondered if Terrais had inherited this talent from her aunt, Aphrodite. She quickly put the extraneous thought out of her mind as she felt Terrais break the kiss, only to place soft kisses down her neck and chest.

Gabrielle still straddled Terrais, wondering when Terrais would move so that she could make love to her, but Terrais simply continued her descent down Gabrielle's body. Terrais kissed and suckled each breast that hung in her face, then continued sliding down until her face was just below Gabrielle's pubic hair. Gabrielle began to feel a little self-conscious, "Terrais, honey, what are you . . . doing?"

"I can't wait any longer. I want you. I want to taste you." With that, Terrais reached her tongue up and licked the flesh between Gabrielle's legs.

"Oh . . . by the gods, I need to lay down for this." Gabrielle hadn't even imagined this kind of feeling. She assumed Terrais would touch her the same way she had touched Terrais. Obviously, this was not Terrais' intent.

"No, I want you above me. This is so sexy." Terrais again reached up with her magical tongue and licked from Gabrielle's entrance up to her very swollen clit. She could hear Gabrielle moan above her, watching her sway with the movement of her tongue.

Gabrielle shifted her weight to her knees. Her arms were bent, trying not to lock while Terrais ran that amazing tongue around her intimate areas. She was surprised, but grateful that Terrais was making love to her.

Terrais continued to softly move her tongue around, only paying slight attention to Gabrielle's most excited area. She would run her tongue along the soft folds, tasting the excitement emanating from Gabrielle. Terrais had no idea anything could feel this good. Even though she was on her back and Gabrielle hovered over her, she was in complete control. And she planned to take advantage of it. Slowly, she moved her hands up the inner parts of Gabrielle's thighs, feeling the wetness from their earlier lovemaking. She wanted to throw Gabrielle into a state of euphoria.

Gabrielle could sense Terrais moving her hands toward her most needy area. She also could feel Terrais' tongue adding pressure to its ministrations. "Oh . . . yes, I have never. . ." Gabrielle continued to pant, trying to catch her breath while Terrais continued to touch her.

Terrais paused her movements, letting Gabrielle know she was paying attention, "Gabrielle, I want you to come for me. I have waited for this for so long." Terrais reach her right hand up until her index finger was at Gabrielle's opening and then took her left hand and reached around, grabbing Gabrielle's behind and pulling her to her face. She knew Gabrielle wouldn't be able to take much more. Reaching up, Terrais extended her tongue and now giving purposeful movements to bring Gabrielle satisfaction.

Gabrielle was beginning to come unglued. She sucked in a deep breath and relished the feel of Terrais' tongue. She knew she wouldn't last much longer. Suddenly she felt Terrais place her index finger at her opening, "Yes Terrais. . . please, don't stop." Gabrielle's legs began to shake as Terrais increased the pressure with her tongue.

Terrais knew Gabrielle was close. She wanted to feel her orgasm. As she felt Gabrielle's body begin to shake, she placed two fingers into her opening while circling, then making direct contact with Gabrielle's clit. After just a few short seconds, she could feel Gabrielle's inner walls tighten around her fingers.

"Yes, gods, yes, Now! Please, Terrais. . . don't . . .. oh, YES." Gabrielle's entire body shook with her release. Terrais couldn't stand it any longer. She had became so excited just from listening and feeling Gabrielle's orgasm that she didn't know what to do.

After Gabrielle's first orgasm calmed, Terrais moved from beneath Gabrielle, going to her knees behind her. Her fingers remained inside Gabrielle. She wasn't ready to stop. As she gained her position, she placed her left hand on Gabrielle's butt, maintaining her balance. She began to move her fingers within Gabrielle's tight walls, "gods, Terrais!" Gabrielle began to rock backwards, meeting Terrais, thrust for thrust.

"Yes, I want you. I want to feel you come again." Terrais was panting, becoming more excited with each thrust. She could feel Gabrielle's walls tightening again. As Terrais increased the speed, she had a vision. It seemed she and Gabrielle were dancing together, seductively, almost in some kind of trance. She knew they had never danced together, but the scene was so vivid and clear. She wore black leather and stood taller than Gabrielle, while Gabrielle wore a very skimpy silver top that bared most of her skin. Terrais was only briefly distracted, and quickly put the thoughts out of her head so she could continue to make love to this wonderful woman.

"Oh . . . Shit!" Gabrielle thrust backwards hard one more time before she succumbed to a powerful orgasm. Gabrielle was amazed. She knew making love this way would be intense, but she was overwhelmed. So out of control, yet fulfilled.

As Gabrielle came a second time, she lost her balance and laid flat on her stomach. Terrais followed her down, maintaining her fingers within Gabrielle. As she felt Gabrielle relax, she removed her fingers. Terrais had been on the verge of orgasm with their last movements. Now she was about to explode. As she lay down on the spent body underneath her, she began to move her hips, grinding her pubic area into Gabrielle's ass. Within seconds, she was shaking uncontrollably, "Oh Gabrielle, I love you." She shook with her release as she humped against Gabrielle's naked skin.

The two lay close, recovering from their lovemaking. Their breathing became more even as they looked into to each other's eyes. As Gabrielle looked deeper into her lover's bright blue eyes, images of Xena passed before her. Xena's tall, regal form, her sexy smile and her magnificent body. Gabrielle was initially troubled by her thoughts of Xena so shortly after she and Terrais made love. There was something about Terrais that was so utterly; Xena. Something she couldn't quite name.

Terrais watched Gabrielle as they stared into each other's eyes. She wondered what Gabrielle was thinking, seeing different, complex expressions cross Gabrielle's face. At one time she looked troubled and then she again looked complete, happy. Terrais decided she didn't need time to ponder about this, she simply was too satisfied, and tired. The entire day was taking a toll on her. There would be time to discuss the ramifications of the days events, specifically Ares, tomorrow.

Gabrielle relaxed against Terrais, slowly running her fingers over Terrais' bare abdomen, "Terrais."

Terrais wrapped her arm around Gabrielle's shoulder, pulling her close, "Yes."

"I love you." Gabrielle smiled shyly to herself. She had never believed she could have this kind of relationship with a woman whom she loved. She was enjoying the physical closeness, but realized what a waste of precious time had occurred between Xena and herself.

Terrais smiled, giving Gabrielle a light squeeze, "I love you too."

Gabrielle yawned and closed her eyes, reveling in the warmth of her partner's body. Soon, both women found their eyes heavy and fell into a relaxing sleep.


End of Part Six

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