Episode #1:


Disclaimer: These characters are mine! All mine!

Sex: A little.

Violence: A little.

Synopsis: Aislinn Majors goes to prison after killing an aggressive fan. Now she must become accustomed to her new life in prison.


“Ready?” The husky man said, over a cloud of cigar smoke.

Aislinn looked up from underneath the hood and spoke with a heavy Irish accent. “I’m ready.”

“Then get it done alright.”

Aislinn stood and walked down a long corridor the husky man following behind, sweating just from the little distance of walking. She pushed open some double doors and found herself facing the shabby ring she was about to perform in. The area surrounding was filled with filth, popcorn boxes and used condoms strewn around from previous fights or engagements. The audience consisted of a group of drunken college boys and an old man with his hand hidden underneath a long over coat. She cringed after seeing him crisscross his legs and making sure he displayed his manhood to her. She cracked her neck and continued the walk towards the ring. A tiny Chinese man walked over to a table and said with no obvious interest, “Ladies and gentlemen, Aislinn “the butcher” Majors.” She stepped into the ring and at once the college boys began to berate her with insults. One of them so pumped on testosterones and booze got onto the ropes and shouted curses at her. She turned her back to him and began to pray silently in her corner while her opponent made her way down to ringside.

“Ladies and gentleman, Macy “the massacre” Jones.”

The woman who walked around the corner was about 5’9, dark hair and had little to no muscle mass. Aislinn grinned and then began to think of how many ways she could knock this poor excuse down to the ground. Oh yeah, she had a good one in store for this one. You see this Macy, she called her out before but she wouldn’t fight because they were in different classes but, she made an exception and tonight she was going to eat every word she ever talked about Aislinn Majors. Aislinn stood 6’1, 165 lbs of pure muscle, heart and dedication to the sport. Her dark black hair was braided back into neat corn rolls, which came mid-back.

                        Macy stepped in ring and raised her arms in victory as if the fight had already begun. “Knock her out Macy; knock that man looking bitch out!” One of the frat boys yelled and they all bursts into laughter. Aislinn smirked inside, they’d see soon. Macy took off her hood while Aislinn disrobed and the bell rang. Macy lunged at her but Aislinn ducked and hit her in the jaw. Macy went down and went down hard, while the Chinese man began to count over the tiny microphone. Macy got up at six and began to curse Aislinn. “That all you got you potato eating bitch.” Aislinn spit out her mouthpiece and grinned. Macy and Aislinn circled each other and Macy lunged again only this time Aislinn blocked the blow, and then delivered two blows to Macy’s stomach and an uppercut to her jaw. Macy fell cold out while the Chinese man counted to ten and Aislinn put her robe on shook her head. There you go Macy; you got what you’ve been asking for. Aislinn was about to exit the ring when a one of the rowdy boys jumped in.

“I’ll fight ya bitch!”

“Get away from me; I want no part of ya.”

The young boy threw a punch she easily evaded. “Get away from me now!”

“What you scared?” His buddies were in the audience hollering, wanting blood to be spilled. Aislinn stood fist clenched, her upper lip tucked into her bottom. The drunken boy took a swing and she dodged him and he fell to the ground. His buddy’s laughter threw him into a blind rage he tackled Aislinn to the ground and tried to pin her down but she flipped him over and something inside her snapped. She pinned his arms down with her knees and shifted her body mass to where he couldn’t flail his legs and pounded in his face. She punched him until she felt his nose cracked. She then took off her glove and began to hit him bare knuckle each punch making blood fly up into her face and onto the mat. The boy grew still and she still straddled him punching his face still. The little audience they had stood shocked as she continued to punch his face in. The husky manager finally managed to get his girth into the ring and called out her name.


 He tapped her shoulder and she turned covered in blood ready to swing. But the look in his eyes made her snap back into reality and she looked down at the boy’s face, which was bloody and swollen.

“Dear God.” She grabbed her belonging and ran from the ring and the building to her beat up Cadillac and drove to her apartment. She went in her room and jumped in the shower as she looked down at her fist and saw a human tooth wedged in partially. She scrubbed at her skin and then hopped into bed hoping this was all just a terrible dream.


The knock at the door jarred her so badly she fell from the bed. Wearing nothing but a wife beater and some boxers she walked towards the door. She looked through her peephole and saw a man in his late fifties standing there.

“Who is it?”

“George Carlson of the Atlanta state police…”

“What business do you have with me?”

“Don’t run…just open the door and come on downtown.”

Aislinn opened the door and three officers she couldn’t see ran in and tackled her to the floor and handcuffed her. Aislinn looked around as her head was smashed into the hard floor of her apartment. She heard someone shouting her Miranda rights out at her and she was then lifted from the floor and pushed forward. They lead her outside and she winced at the bright lights that flowed over her. Camera’s people with signs, one woman threw a potting plant at her, which fell short and hit her leg. Inside the cop car she looked down at her leg and saw the blood leaking down. The car began to drive and she craned her neck to get one last look at her apartment and her life.             

            “Why?” George said slamming the photos of the beaten man on the table in front of Aislinn.

“I don’t know, he jumped in, I was already angry with the last opponent I just took on and I felt as if my personal space was being violated so I retaliated in the only way I know how.”

“And that’s by beating someone to death….you punched his nose bone into his brain and punctured the skull, his nose impaled his brain!”

“I…I don’t know what happened but if you’re asking me if I did it…”

“Did you do it Aislinn…did you beat this man to death….he was in college about to graduate, he was majoring in criminal justice.”

“If you’re asking for a confession….I can not justify my actions….I don’t want the run around..”

“Do not say another word…do you know if you finish you’ve just insured yourself life imprisonment…or possibly death.”

“Well so be it…I took a life...I killed the man, I murdered him.”

Several months later…

“We the jury, find Aislinn Majors guilty of murder.”

The judge looked down at Aislinn and spoke in an almost disgusted tone.

“Aislinn Majors you are sentenced to life imprisonment at Metro women’s maximum security prison of Atlanta.” The judge banged his gavel and Aislinn was escorted from the courtroom and into a cop car.


“Here we are ladies fresh meat!”

The uproar that followed her statement was overbearing. The guard who wore the badge that read Inhert on it walked a head of them shouting gibberish at the top of her lungs. Aislinn looked at the women who looked filthy, despite the fact that they were probably clean. Aislinn looked around at the rows and rows of inmates hanging out there cells like animals on display at the zoo. They were chanting and shouting and throwing things and at that moment Aislinn knew she was in for some troublesome times. The prison was white all over, made you second-guess having that as a pure color. The establishment was obviously low maintenance and smelled like a hospital only no one inside was getting healed or a shot at a new life, everyone inside was doomed to die…. there. Inhert uncuffed them and made them line up in a row.

“My name is Olivia Inhert…I will be your keeper…if you have any problems…” She paused to pace the row of them looking them up and down. “Don’t shoot your fucking mouth off to me!” Two other guards rolled a cart filled with blankets and clothing.

“Grab your crap and move out to your new home!”

Aislinn was told about block F, it was home to husband beaters and killers. She’d fit right in. the door to her cell popped open and she walked inside, the door then shut immediately behind her. A young woman who was doing push-ups on the floor rose up and dusted herself off. She extended a hand towards Aislinn and smiled.

“Ty Stanton.”

Aislinn shook the extended hand and shook it firmly.

“Aislinn Majors.”

“The boxer lady….oh man…you already got a rep and you ain’t been here what…three minutes.”


“Lot of studs want to tame you.”


“Yeah, I must say you are tastier than I thought.”

Aislinn laughed. “Listen you’re a nice girl but please don’t go Oz on me I’ll whoop your ass!”

“I feel ya chica I ain’t trying nothing…plus the Oz shit don’t happen till’ night anyways.  They both shared a laugh then Ty climbed up on top of her bunk.

“You never told me what a stud was.” Aislinn said putting her things away.

“A stud is a dyke and a femme is a dyke…you following.”


“Anyways, there’s a difference…the stud’s are the men and the femme’s are the women.”

“What if you’re neither?”

“Then you’re a grabbers.”

“Which means?”

“Someone’s gonna' grab your ass sooner or later.”  Ty laughed after it and hung her head over the side of her bunk looking at Aislinn.

“So what are you Aislinn?"

“I’m myself.”

“Nope…you have to classify…you know…get you some hoes...or else they’ll think your soft and throw your ass away.”

“What can I say…I just...listen Ty…calm it down with the prison talk.”

“Can’t help it been here five years.”

“You’ve been here five years then what the hell are you?”

“Neither….I get some because I love…not because I have to.”

“So honestly, how do you keep them off you?”

Ty laughed then jumped down off her bunk. “I slice those bitches up…the studs always running me up…especially this one named Madison…but I flash my blade…they don’t fuck with me.”

“Nice approach….what was that?”

“Pt time.”


“Time to visit the yard mama.”

“This should be entertaining.”

“Don’t worry I’ll protect you.”

Aislinn shook her head and looked at the door as it slide open and Ty lead the way. Aislinn was shoved to the ground by an unexpected force and a medium-sized woman with a shock of red hair looked down at her and kissed at her. Aislinn stood and dusted herself off.

“Hey….you got a problem?”

“Yeah I got a problem.”

“You don’t know me I don’t know you…so keep away from me.”

“Yeah punta keep back.”

“Ty…keep out…you’re this close to being my bitch.” The women held her index and pinky just above each other and smiled. The woman was decked with tattoos several black tears were trickled down her face, as if she would cry for eternity. Two of her teeth were gold plated and one was silver.

“I…am the one they call Madison…the toughest, strongest, prettiest bitch in this motherfucker!”

Aislinn laughed and walked up close to Madison’s face, just inches away. “You maybe the strongest and shit…I’ll give you the toughest...only because I just got here.” She shifted her wait ready to retaliate if I fight broke out. “But sweetheart…you ain’t the prettiest.”

The crowd that formed around them burst into laughter and Madison looked at them all her eyebrow raised in perplexity.

“Oh…I’ll see you in the yard bitch.”

“After you.”

Madison smirked and stormed off, a beautiful young women trailing behind her telling her to make Aislinn bleed.

“You are my new best friend.” Ty said slapping Aislinn on the back. “But your ass is about to get whooped.”

Aislinn squinted from the bright sun that stung her eyes like she was a newborn. She took her hand to shield it from the sun and looked around. This was her new place for recreation, a dusty field, surrounded by a steel cage. Barbed wire was laced around the top as if for decoration. Aislinn thought she just jumped into a wrestling event.

Ty grinned, “Let me introduce you to some friends of mine.” Ty led Aislinn by the shoulder over to an area where two women sat. Ty greeted them with a handshake that would have made most rappers confused. Aislinn could tell they were the wannabe tough girls. None were tough, both looked as if they still attended high school. The one on the right was tall and burly, obviously a stud. She looked as if she was of Native American decent and had a black bandana tied around her head. She sat back eyeing up Aislinn curiously. The one on the left was a cute little girl who did not look like she could harm a fly. She wore her hair in two short pigtails that stuck up a bit in the back. She was just an average little white kid, only this little white girl had seen some hard times. Ty sat beside them and looked at Aislinn.

“Girls…this is Aislinn…she stood up to the big bad Maddox.”

“Wow…what the fuck does she want an award.”

The little white one stepped forward and looked Aislinn in the eye.

“Names Jace…welcome to Metro.”

“Thank you.”

“Not from these states are you?” the one in the bandana said.

“No actually I’m not, I was born in Ireland and my family migrated here in search of a better way of life.”

“Well, my names Maddox…lived in Mexico for a while and then moved to the U.S…well not moved…snuck in…anyway, I’ve been here for three ears and two of those I’ve spent locked up.”

“This ain’t the place for a better life Aislinn.” Jace said looking off into the distance.

“Moving to the states…fat lot of good it did them…only made things worse…for them and for me.”

A shadow was casts upon the group who sat and talked. Five women gathered around them cornering them and Aislinn knew trouble was brewing.

“Hate to break up the uh….get together ladies but, my foot has a meeting with your ass frenchy.”

“Look Rosie…I don’t know what about me you don’t like but if you don’t like it you can shove off.”

“You got jokes huh…whoop her ass but save some for me.”

The four other women dove onto Aislinn and began to punch her. She fell to the ground and they repeatedly stomped her then held her up for Madison. “Next time you grow some balls you better hide em’ cuz' next time I’m gonna’ cut you from stem to stern.”

Madison punched Aislinn and swung back for another but the sound of gunfire shattered the air.

“You all….cut it!”

Inhert aimed at the crowd and it scattered like roaches when you turn on the light. A woman came running from one of the buildings surrounding the dusty field and helped Aislinn up.

“Help me.” She beckoned for Ty to help and she took one of Aislinn arms. They led her to the building and laid her across a small bed. Ty left and the women opened one of Aislinn’s eyelids with her fingers. Aislinn shot up ready to fight but the nurse put a calming hand on her chest. Aislinn looked up to see a beautiful young woman with dirty blonde hair and a big grin across her face. Her hair hung down into Aislinn’s face and she caught the slight scent of some delightfully scented shampoo. Her face made Aislinn forget a gang of women had just pummeled her.

“You must be new here?”

“Yes, Aislinn.”

“Ellery…Ellery Watson I’m the nurse here.”

Ellery turned Aislinn’s face and peeked at the gash there. “Let me look at that.”

“No…your fine...I mean…I’m alright.”

Ellery grinned and walked over to her work area and brought some alcohol a cotton swab and a couple of band-aids. Ellery patched up Aislinn and stood back to look at her work.

“Right as rain.”

“Thank you.”

They shook hands and Ellery looked at her watch. “You’d better hurry, they’ve just went inside for dinner.”

“Alright…so I’ll be seeing you around?”

“Hopefully not.” She grinned and waved at Aislinn. Aislinn exited the building and sighed.

“Your fine…I mean…I mean…oh nursy!”

Aislinn whipped her head in the direction of the speaking and saw Jace, Ty and Maddox.

“Dirty sneaks…listening in on me?”

“That and making sure your ass got to dinner on time hurry up.”

Aislinn sat down with her tray of Frito pie that looked like someone had eaten it then threw it back up again. She was hungry though so she quickly shoveled some in her mouth and savored the bite thick with grease.

“So where and the hell were you when Madison jumped me.”

“I know you but I don’t know you that well to stand against Madison, she got friends in this jail, friends that work here…catch my drift.” Maddox said wiping her mouth with a piece of bread.

Jace slapped Maddox head. “Use a napkin.” Maddox scowled at her then picked up her napkin and wiped her mouth with it.

“Listen Ais we would of but…we ain’t got no back up…probably wake up dead know what I’m saying.”

“Well it’s about time somebody shut that bitch up.”

“Well, what do you have in mind?”

“No, other then walking up and putting a choke hold on her I don’t have a clue.”

“Shower time!” the group turned and looked at Ty whose sudden epiphany startled them all. “You get a broom and…”

“Please…last thing I want to hear is Madison getting done with a broom.”

“No, you guys are thinking too small we need a way to embarrass her on a major scale, something we can do in front of a lot of people.”

“I can get a broom if that’s what you’re wanting.”

“That’s what I mean!” Aislinn said slamming her fist upon the table, making the entire row shake. “You guys have got to stop joking and be serious, that could have just as easily been one of you out there.”

“Could have….it has…you don’t think we’ve been subject to abuse by that chic, then you come in here all Spartan style trying to rally troops cuz’, she whooped that ass….go to hell Ais.”

Jace finished a bite and whipped her hands cleans with a napkin. “At least she’s trying to do something, she’s right, it’s time we stand up to this…. whatever you’re thinking…I’m in.” Maddox who was eating with such tenacity leaned her head up a nodded approvingly at Ais, signifying her allegiance. Ty crossed her arms and her frown quickly faded into a smile. “What the fuck are we the babysitters club, alright I’m in Ais.”

“So…I guess we are kinda’ of a group now or something.”

“I guess so…so now what?”

Aislinn finished her meal and slid her tray to the side. “Give me some time, by lunch tomorrow; we will have become a force to be reckoned with.”

“So what are we dealing with today Inhert.”

“Really don’t know boss, just getting these newcomers settled in.”

“I heard it was a disturbance at Pt…. Madison found a new girl to fuck with.”

“No just sizing up some how can I put this “threats”.

“From who?”

“One of the incoming girls is a boxer, she’s pretty tough, lot of girls going gaga over her and that didn’t sit too smoothly with Madison.”

“Mrs. Jones, you have two people waiting for you should I send them in?”

She slide her hand over the intercom attached to her desk and punched a red button.

“Yes.” After releasing the button she signaled for Inhert to leave and two men entered as soon as she exited.

“Hello, so you are the two who they sent, no balls to see me personally.”

“Mrs. Jones we can not show you our badges or tell you our names, they told us to give you this briefcase and to tell you this.”

The second one chimed in right on cue as if this speech had been choreographed prior to this meeting.

“If there are any deaths, severe injuries or leaks about this you are not mention the establishment or any names you will take on full responsibility.” He paused and slid the briefcase on her desk. “This thing is yours as stated in the contract which you will send back to us when you have reached your decision that is all.” With that the two men turned on there heels and exited the office.

Jones slid up the briefcase and opened it. She looked at the monitor next to her, watching them as they all went about their business.

“Let the games begin.”

“Thought of anything yet?”

“Yeah, were just gonna’ wait for her to come near us…you know she’s gonna’ try some shit, so when she starts it we stand our ground.”

“No tricks no blades…. no nothing.”

“Nope, simply showing her we are not afraid.”

“Whatever you say.”

“Ty, that nurse…. how long has she been here.”

Ty rustled in her bunk trying to find comfort in its worn out mattress. “Oh, about two years why?”

“I don’t know but she’s just beautiful.”

“Aww, they just grow up so fast.”

“Bite me.”

“Just joking, well how was your first day?”

Aislinn turned over in her bunk and nestled into the stiff covers. “Got my ass whooped and I’m probably starting something I won’t be able to finish tomorrow…. I’d say I did pretty well.”

Ty laughed heartily which was met with a loud stream of cursing from her neighbor. 



“Oh and Ais?”


“She’s gay.”


“The nurse.”

“Look at her.”

“Who baby?”

“You know who, that stupid new girl.”

“Oh, the boxer, I like her.”

“Shut the fuck up…that bitch ain’t shit, talking to those goddamn rejects over there.” A smile came over Madison’s face and her teeth gleamed in the sun. “Let’s go pay her a visit.” She turned around facing the two women behind her.

“Savion, Genesis, let’s go.”

“Let those other girls, I don’t feel like getting bloody.”

“You had better get your lazy ass up, we have to deal with this personally.”


“Shut your dumb ass up Genesis, just get up and let’s go!”

They began to walk over slowly, a crowd following them directly over to Aislinn, Jace, Ty and Maddox.

“Here they come.”

“Shit…what do we do?”

“Stand upright and look tough…. don’t worry I’ll stand in front.”

Ty looked from Jace to Maddox. “And don’t be scared, they can smell it.”

Madison let go of Isabella’s hand and walked over to Aislinn. She stood inches from her face her breath a mixture of nicotine and dog feces.

“Hey I remember you.”

“From where?”

“I was kicking your ass yesterday.”

“Really….well I’d like to see ya’ do it again.”


Madison shook her head and turned to walk away but doubled back quickly trying to catch Aislinn of guard but Aislinn ducked out of the way just in time. Aislinn hit Madison in the gut twice and she stumbled away holding her stomach. Both side of the gangs jumped in pummeling each other before all the guards on duty ran over breaking up the fight.

“Hey…hey…that is enough!”

Inhert stood between the two battling sides. “You!”  Inhert pointed at Aislinn. “One day in and you’re already in two fights.” Her glare switched to Madison and she cleared her throat. “You two had better play nice or the next time I see the two of you mixing it up, I’m throwing you both in the hole….got me!”

Both of the battling women grudgingly shook their head and Madison and her clan walked off. Inhert leaned real close into Aislinn face.

“Choose your enemies a bit wiser, she’s not the women to be messed with okay, the last thing I need is a dead inmate…never had one and it won’t happen on my watch.” Inhert turned on her heels and marched away the crowd parting for her.

“She means business doesn’t she?” Aislinn said turning around to face the others. Ty cracked her knuckles. “Man I was ready for em’.”

“Yeah I was gonna’ pulverize….Jace?” Maddox snapped her fingers in front of Jace’s face. “Jace?”  Ty’s eyes followed Jace’s onto Inhert who was sitting in the shade of one of the buildings surrounding them smoking a cigarette.

“Well looks like Jace’s got a thing for Inhert.”

Maddox nudged her but Maddox not knowing her own strength nearly bowled the tiny girl over.

“What the hell man?”

“You were day dreaming?”

“It will begin tomorrow.”

“With all due respect ma’am this is not only wrong it’s illegal.”

“Inhert who took you in when you had just left prison and gave you a job?”

Jones paced the floor stopping in front of Inhert abruptly. “Who gave you a life, a home and some cash in your pockets?”

“I know…but.”

“But nothing, find me a match and keep your lips sealed.”

“I can’t stand for this…you want me to pick out two women knowing I could be sending them to their death.”

“This is not about battling to the death…this is about who’s tougher, we can end the fight anytime we please.”

“But what if we don’t end it fast enough?”

“What if….who really cares?” Jones walked over to her desk and sat down, propping her feet up on top of it. “Whose gonna’ miss em’?”

Inhert slammed her fist onto the desk and shot a glare at Jones that would have shattered glass. “I’ll find them but I want to personally oversee these matches.” Jones grinned widely and then shook her head. “Done.”

Inhert stormed from the room and slammed the door.

“Man look at Inhert she looks fierce man.”

“Yeah, some one heard shouting coming from Jones’s office, maybe they fired her?”

“Man this macaroni tastes like cardboard!”

“Get over it Maddox, you’re gonna’ eat it anyway.”

Aislinn surveyed the cafeteria wanting to keep Madison in her sight at all times. She spotted her getting her hair braided by Isabella; they locked eyes, exchanging glares. The stare down was abruptly discontinued by a crackling and a gruff voice being heard over the loud speaker.

“Could inmates Aislinn Majors and Shaniqua Green report to my office immediately.”

Aislinn looked around shocked then slowly rose from the table and made her way over to Warden Jones’s office. She was frisked and then practically slung into the office. She maintained her balance and took a seat in front of the warden who was smiling from ear to ear. Another girl was slung in and also had a seat beside her. She took it that that was Shaniqua Green.

“Wondering why you’re here?”

“Damn right white bread I need to finish my dinner.”

“Yeah, I’m a bit curious as to why out of all these cut throats it’s me inside of here.”

“Well how would you like to have lobster for dinner, days to leave prison and visit family members, appeals?”

“In a perfect world yeah, that would be nice.” The women beside her shifted in her seat.

“Keep talkin’.”

“Well there’s a little game I want you to play, play by my rules and you’ll get some privileges not allowed to others…if you win.”

“What game are we playing?” Aislinn said her eyebrow rose in questioning.

“I’ve named it, conveniently, Freedom.”

“What does Freedom consist of?”

“What normal freedom consists of, fighting, blood sweat and tears.”

“So if I agree to this…I have to fight her?” Shaniqua said pointing her thumb at Aislinn.


“I’m in!”

Aislinn looked at the girl shocked and cleared her throat.

“I won’t.”

Aislinn stood and began to walk for the door. “Before you leave Aislinn, think of this.”

Jones stood and walked over to her placing a hand on her shoulder. “If you decline, you’ll be just another prisoner….but; if you fight and win…you’ll be a prisoner, a prisoner with anything that I can possibly obtain.”

“I need terms, where, with what?”

“The fight….it will be right in the pt area, with what...that is the surprise.”

“That’s right in the open!”

“I know what I’m doing, we haven’t had a routine check in years and I have friends supporting this in higher areas and they are flying in to see this personally.”

“If I do this I want to make my demands right here and now!” Shaniqua said rising up from her chair.

“Go ahead.”

“If I win, I want a one week stay from prison.”

Jones nodded her head and turned to Aislinn. “And you?”

“I’ll think of it when the time comes.”

“Good.” Jones walked over to her desk and pulled out two contracts. “Sign here and get ready to battle.”

“I can’t believe you’re doing this, this is suicide!”

“Ty calm down, Jace and Maddox were okay with it.”

“Jace and Maddox want to get something out of it.”

“I’m okay, I was a professional boxer.”

“Yeah but Shaniqua murdered a man in cold blood, she choked him to death with her bare hands.”

“Ty, I promise you…it won’t be that bad.”

Aislinn crawled into the bottom bunk and laid her head down on her pillow. Ty leaned over the bunk.

“So what if you win what are you gonna’ ask for.”

“I don’t know I just hope I think of something good when the time comes.”

“Pt time.” Ty jumped down off the bunk and started punching the air. Aislinn stood and walked towards the entrance of her cell to exit while Inhert blocked the door.

“Not yet.” She pointed at Ty. “You out” She looked over to Aislinn. “They want to announce you…what do you want to be called?”

“Just call me Majors.”

Ty and Inhert walked away and Aislinn warmed up the way she used to before a fight. She walked out and passed the guards who looked at her insanely. She stood in front of the double doors and inhaled then kicked them in and the crowd roared as she entered the area. Over the loudspeaker you could barely hear her name being called out. Shaniqua stood in ring pacing, looking at Aislinn like she wasn’t anything at all. Aislinn slid in and went to her corner and prayed. She had no gloves on, only her prison shorts and a wife beater. She looked around and saw bets being made in cigarettes and femmes and laughed inside. She already knew what Shaniqua was going to’ do. She was going to’ try to knock her out with the first swing. She saw Madison screaming something in the back of the crowd and Jace, Maddox and Ty standing at ringside. A make shift bell was sounded and the two women circled each other. Aislinn bucked at her shifting her weight to her left foot and jabbing with the right hand. Shaniqua was scared; she had obviously heard of her previous profession and tried to mask her fear with wild shrieks and curses. Shaniqua tried to land a haymaker, with terrible form and Aislinn easily avoided it. She was toying with the girl, she could have had her on her back by now, but she was enjoying it way too much. She shuffled around the girl closing her eyes envisioning the girl’s next move. She closed her eyes and side stepped another blow then caught the girl with two jabs to the face. Shaniqua went down hard but got up soon to the crowds surprise. The girl spat blood and shook the blows off as if to say they didn’t affect her. But Aislinn knew they hurt the girl and in about twenty-second her nose was going to start bleeding.

 Aislinn approached the girl again sizing her up she faked left then right and hit the girl twice in the stomach. She backed away quickly and admired the damage done. The girl was on one knee cradling her side like a whimpering child. Aislinn put her left arm down and kind of danced away letting the other women regain her footing. As soon as Shaniqua was back on two feet Aislinn went back to work, she landed two more jabs to the jaw and then landed an upper straight into the girl’s jaw causing blood to spew from her mouth. Shaniqua wobbled and then fell to the ground, flat on her back. Aislinn leaned against the ropes as Inhert counted to ten and the bell was sounded. A roar of applause was all around and Aislinn lifted a hand in victory. Shaniqua was helped from the ring and Aislinn exited with the whooping and hollering for her, chanting her name. She closed her eyes and soaked it all in before she was escorted to the medical examiners office.

“I don’t see how any of this is legal Inhert.”

“It is, some how she’s got the approval to do this.” Inhert usual tense expression slacked to one of concern. “Look, I’m not saying this is the best thing so don’t come down on me!”

“I’m not coming down on you, it’s Jones, she’s got to be insane to be able to sit and watch this.”

Ellery pointed to the two sitting side beside each other on the edges of the small beds.

“These poor people.”

“Later, I have to put these girl’s back in control, patch em’ up.” Inhert’s glance switched to Aislinn. “Jones wants to know what you want, she’ll be calling you up later.”

Aislinn nodded and Inhert exited the small building.

“That was remarkably entertaining!”

“Yes, I know…I invented the damn thing.”

“Worth every penny, and when will the next one be?”

“Next week, don’t know who will be fighting but that one…. the tall one she’s going to in plenty of them.”

“Yes she was good…what was her name Aislinn?”

“Yes, she will earn me plenty.”

“I will tell my friends of this…sport…what do you call it?”

“Freedom, they fight for one single thing, anything I can possibly obtain.”

The man grinned and nodded his head slightly. “Well I will be back next week, and I will have friends with me, pick a good fight.”

“I will.” They both stood and shook hands and the man exited the room of the small building over looking the makeshift ring.

“Okay, take it easy…alright.”

Shaniqua stood and turned back before she completely exited the room.

“Good fight.”

“Yeah, it was.”

A smile spread over the girl’s battered face. “Your ass is mine next time.” She left the room and Ellery began to examine Aislinn.

“Not a scratch, your pretty good.”

“Thank you.”

Ellery sat down beside Aislinn on one of the small beds. “Does she force you to do these things?”

“No, I signed up.”




“Because what?”

“Because it’s all I’ve got.” Aislinn stood and towered over the nurse who shifted nervously on the crinkly paper covering the bed. “I can’t go home after this, I have to live here….this is all I have to look forward to every week now…if I’ll be chosen to fight.”

“There’s more to life than…”

“Than what…fighting….it’s all I have…I don’t have any talent, never did……all I could do was fight…that’s what I’m good at.” Aislinn swallowed hard and continued. “Only now instead of fighting for money, I’m fighting for things.”

Aislinn leaned in close to Ellery’s face.

“And respect.”

Ellery didn’t back down, she stood inches from Aislinn’s face. “ If that’s all you have then by all means do this….this…blood sport…but it’s going to’ get you hurt.”

“Who cares….whose gonna’ miss me….my father, he’s such a drunk I don’t even think he remembers he had any offspring.” Tears welled in the corners of Aislinn’s eyes. “My mother, who gets beaten every time she blinks, through me out because my father gave me more attention in the bed room then her…. if you know what I mean….I ain’t got no body…not a soul cares I’m in here….or if I die here…so hopefully this will make it come quicker.”

Aislinn stood and turned away quickly wiping the tears from her face.

“Don’t be ashamed to cry.” Ellery said walking over to Aislinn and resting her hand on her shoulder.

“I am ashamed of tears…because they are for the weak.”

Aislinn removed Ellery’s hand from her shoulder and walk out of the room.

“So…you won…. the first women ever to win Freedom, so…. name your prize?”

“I want a hotel room for myself and three of my friends, we want cable and pizza.”

“That’s all?” Jones said with a boggled look on her face. “No appeals, no leave?”

“No, I just want that and some beer.”

“Why just this?”

“Don’t want to leave before I get my next match.”

“Inhert!” Jones screamed eyes still locked on Aislinn.”

“Maam’.”  Inhert said entering the room quickly.

“Gather her and her friends, escort them to the hotel of there choice and give them beer and pizza per Mrs. Majors request.”

“But maam’ letting prisoners….”

“I wasn’t asking Inhert, do as I say.”

Inhert nodded and then followed Aislinn over to Jace’s, Maddox and Ty’s table.

“You girls ready to get out of here?”

“And go where?” Ty said mouth filled with that night’s gruel.

“I asked for a hotel room and food, and I asked for you guys to come with me.”

“What?” all three said in unison.

Inhert cleared her throat. “Are you coming or not?”

“She coming?”

“Yes I am, I am to insure you make it there and back.”

“What if we run?” Maddox said glaring at Inhert.

Inhert grabbed her weapon and glared at Maddox. “Wanna' try me?”

“Come on guys…let’s just have some fun and running.”


“Alright then…let’s get out of here.”

“Man, I haven’t had a bath like that in year!” Ty said lying across the bed in one of the hotel’s bathrobes.

“So how does it feel?” Jace said taking a deep drink from her beer bottle.

“Feels, great.”

“You really did a number on her…seemed like you were enjoying it.” Maddox said stuffing an entire piece of pizza in her mouth. Her rude manners were confirmed by a swift slap to the back of the head from Jace.

“I did…it’s always fun fighting some one you know you can beat.”

“You had her looking like a fool, swinging at the air like that.”

“Yeah, but look what came from it, I want to fight next and you know what I’m going to ask for?”

“What’s that Maddox?”

“A year supply of Twinkies.”

“Fat ass.”

“Shut up Jace what would you ask for…a night with Inhert?"

Maddox laughed pizza flying everywhere from inside her mouth.

“No…don’t have to ask for something I can take.”

 Ty laughed so loud Inhert peeked her head inside the room. “Keep it down in here…don’t draw any attention.”

Inhert came in and shut the door behind her.

“And don’t you even think of running, I have two guards with orders to shoot and more outside.”


“Let’s just say you’ll disappear, without a trace.”

Ty sat up and looked Inhert in the eye.

“What if we get away and tell someone about this sport huh?”

“You’ll still be in jail idiot, only this time the girls who wanted to win to get things will want to tear you apart.”

Inhert looked them all over. “Listen, I’m not trying to rain on your parade, have some fun, keep it down and enjoy yourselves…okay…. don’t make this complicated.”

Inhert exited the room and they all burst into laughter.

“Alright…. what now?”

“What now you ask?” Maddox said grabbing the remote with greasy fingers. “I say we order…porn!”

“Hey…you up?” Jace said nudging Maddox who grumbled and turned over in the bed.

Jace stood up and creaked open the door to see the two guards sleeping in chair on either side of the door. Jace snuck past them and made it to the hallway where she was pushed up against a wall roughly.

“I thought we agreed on making this easy.”

“So, promises are meant to be broken…now get your hands off me.”

Jace tried to get past Inhert but she was pushed against the wall again.

“Listen up, you will go back to that room and you will go to sleep, or be put to sleep.”

Jace got off of the wall and stood inches away from Inhert. “Make me.”

Jace took a hand and slid it down Inhert face pulling her mouth near hers. They kissed softly and Inhert drew away shocked. Jace took Inhert’s hand and led her back into Inhert’s room. Inside she gently shoved Inhert on the bed. Wasting no time she straddled her and tore the wife beater off of her chest. Jace kissed softly down to her mid drift where she lingered right above Inhert’s panty line. Inhert sat up cradling Jace’s back with her hands. Inhert helped Jace take off her top and they began to kiss on the bed when all of a sudden Inhert had a change of heart. She rose out of the bed and began to pace the floor.

“I can’t do this you’re an inmate…”

Jace got out of the bed and stopped Inhert in her tracks.


She grabbed Inhert’s face and kissed her again powerfully. Inhert’s hand slipped down her waist and cupped her bottom firmly, causing Jace to moan playfully, Inhert snapped back into reality again and pulled away

“I just can’t.”

“Why?” Jace asked moving back into her embrace and kissing her again.

“Because…” Inhert said between kisses. Jace once again got her on top of the bed and straddled her. She leaned into her and whispered sexily into her ear.

“Let me stay tonight.”

Aislinn woke up to the sounds of running water and knocked on the door of the bathroom.

“That you Jace?”


“Alright tell me when you’re done.”

One of the two guards on duty walked into the room. “You guys got about an hour and were moving out.” The guard yawned. “Inhert’s sending up breakfast, so eat fast and clean yourselves up alright.”

“We didn’t ask for breakfast.”

“Hey don’t ask me she’s just in a good mood this morning.”

The guard left and Jace emerged from the restroom.

“Inhert sent breakfast you wouldn’t know why would you.”

“Nope,” Jace said with a grin.

“Welcome back Laila.” Madison said bumping into Aislinn shoulder as she walked towards the dominoes table.

“Hello to you too.”

“They announced the match yet?” she said sitting beside Ty.

“Nope, I just hope I’m in it….shh…she’s coming on.”

“Would Genesis Porter and Ty Berry report to my office.”

“Shit…Genesis…Ty she’ll skin you alive!”

“I’m taking it…I ain’t no punk.” Ty got up from the table and began to walk towards the warden’s office. Aislinn grabbed her arm and spun her towards her.

“You won’t beat her.”

“But you can teach me how…I have to do this.”

“No you don’t”

“Teach me…I got a week to learn.”

“This is suicide Ty.”

“No it isn’t”

Ty ripped away from Aislinn and entered the warden’s office.

“Too bad.”

Aislinn turned to see Isabella standing behind her.

“What do you want?"

“Nothing, just telling you Genesis is going to murder her.”

“Get away from me…and why are you looking at me like that?”

“Just admiring what I see.”

“Get lost.”

“Get’s lonely in here frenchy….won’t be so high and mighty then.”

Isabella stomped off and Aislinn sat down in the seat and put her head in her hands. Ty was going to get hurt and it was up to her to stop it.

To be continued….

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