Chapter 11

Pulling the dresser drawer open, Sydney shuffled the clothes around, looking for a particular pair of shorts. She finally located them and tossed them onto the bed to join a stack of clothes that seemed to be growing by leaps and bounds.

Wednesday and Thursday had been quiet. School had been school, and the Clinic had been slow. Sydney hadn’t had to go to court all week. Nothing was going on with the Dolese case and she and Evin had actually had a chance to live like normal human beings for two entire days.

Using her considerable powers of persuasion, she had even been able to talk the tall woman into going home and not straight to a restaurant both nights. Sydney smiled warmly, recalling the confused look on Evin’s face as she asked sincerely, "How are we going to eat?"

An indulgent smile crossed her face as she gazed up at Evin. "It’s called cooking, honey." The fast pace and long hours had provided little opportunity for cooking, a pursuit she considered creative and relaxing and one Evin considered a chore. Patting the attorney reassuringly on the arm as they entered the elevator, she explained further. "We’ll stop by the grocery on the way to the boathouse."

"Uh…okay," came the puzzled response.

Sydney shook her head as she poked through another drawer. Eating out in New Orleans was an art form, one that Evin had mastered. When she remembered to eat, her mind added. And she was just as good at dialing the phone to place a take-out or delivery order. There must have been thirty menus in kitchen drawers both at the loft and the boathouse. Not that it matters. She’s got the phone numbers and menus memorized.

Making her way into the bathroom, she stopped and peered into the green eyes reflected in the mirror. Well, Sydney Parker...are you ready for this?

She was packing and would leave in an hour or so to go pick up a certain tall, blue-eyed attorney so they could go away for a weekend…a weekend across the lake that would include relaxation, rest and, if she had anything to say about it, plenty of sex. She laughed out loud at the reflection. You know, you could have had sex any time you wanted to. The rest and relaxation, now that’s been the tricky part.

A voice calling from the other room interrupted her ruminations. "Where do you keep the Sweet & Low in this kitchen?"

"Top cabinet, left side."

A "Ha!" from the kitchen told her Wayne had found it.

‘You didn’t answer the question,’ her little voice prodded. ‘Are you ready for this?’ I...I...think. ‘You think?’ Um, yeah...I’m ready. ‘Why the hesitation then? Still having doubts about the way she feels about you?’ No...well, yes, sort of.

Toothpaste went into her toiletries bag. She pulled the toothbrush from where it hung, next to the one Evin had brought, and stared at it. I have three other toothbrushes scattered around the city of New Orleans. Who would have thought?

"Something wrong with your toothbrush?" Wayne asked as he handed her a glass of iced tea.


Her classmate smiled at her. "You were looking at it funny." At the questioning look on Sydney’s face, he frowned at her. "Your toothbrush…weird expression on your face…okay, what’s wrong?"

"Nothing’s wrong."

He leaned his long frame against the wall. "Okay, then what’s on your mind?"

"I have three other toothbrushes scattered over the city of New Orleans…at the boathouse, at the loft and at her office."

"Just a sign of a wild sex life, if you ask me," he teased. "Although the other three are at places that belong to the same woman. So maybe not quite that wild."

Sydney’s eyes dropped down and focused on the floor for a minute. When she looked back up, she said quietly, "We, um, we haven’t had sex."

"What!?!" His jaw dropped open as he stared at the redhead. No way. "But…you…you… Jesus, Sydney, y’all sleep together almost every night. Exactly what have y’all been doing?"

"We just sleep. We talk then we go to sleep. That’s it. I…well, we kiss and talk and then sleep." She looked at his stunned expression. "You can stop catching flies now."

Wayne managed to close it, at least part way. "I thought…you mean you really haven’t done the deed with her?"

"No." Sydney started blushing. "Not that I haven’t wanted to."

"But why haven’t you done it?" This is unbelievable. How did she manage to even slow that wild woman down?

"I asked her to wait…to take it slow. I…she’s a complicated person, Wayne. I know you have a problem with her and…."

"Whoa there, sister girl." Wayne raised his hand, waving his iced tea glass. "I’ve seen her a total of two times and only met her once, briefly, at Civil District Court and y’all had a fight. That didn’t leave me any time for a get acquainted chat. So I don’t think I can truly say that I have a problem with her. I do, however, reserve my right to have a major problem with her if she hurts you in any way, shape, or form. It’s you I care about."

"I know, and I appreciate that." Sydney retrieved her shampoo from the shower and walked back into the bedroom. "She does something to me…for me." Dropping the shampoo into her suitcase, she flopped down onto the bed. "I’m not sure I can really explain it."

Wayne sat on the bed next to her, stating simply, "You’re in love with her."

She looked down at her suitcase and ruffled some of the clothes. "Yeah, I am." It feels so good to say that. "It’s not only that, though. It’s…nothing that’s happened has been like you would expect. You know, dating, that kind of stuff. I mean, I suppose you could consider that we’ve been on a really long date."

A small laugh escaped. "That’s a Guinness Book of Records type date, Syd."

"She’s like that in a lot of ways…not what you would expect. We’ve…it’s so much more than a sexual attraction for me. And I didn’t want it to be just about sex, and for her, something just told me that it would have been. Maybe that’s selling her short, but I didn’t want to take that chance. Not with this...what I feel."

He considered her words carefully. Sydney had been uncharacteristically silent about her relationship with Evin. His inquiries in the past had been met with a shrug of the shoulders and a small explanation of things that they had been doing, but not much else. It definitely wasn’t like it had been when they both swapped stories about dates and weekend activities.

He hoped for Sydney’s sake that his first impression of her had been wrong, but some of the stories he had heard about Evin hadn’t put his mind at ease. Maybe I’m the one selling someone short. He recalled the first time he met Sydney, in line at registration for law school.

The day had not started out well. He had overslept by twenty minutes and it took him what seemed like forever to find a parking space around the law school. Then, as he was walking to the law school and passed a hedge of ligustrums, a wasp took offense and stung him on the forehead. As if to add insult to injury, when he finally got in the line he dropped his course catalog. It was then that he met Sydney.

Hearing his muttered curse as the book hit the ground, she turned and picked up his course catalog for him. With a warm smile, she had returned it. "Here you go."

He found himself looking into eyes the color of the ocean that displayed a warmth and sincerity he found astonishing. "Um, thanks."

"Hi, I’m Sydney Parker." Extending her hand, she grasped his warmly. "You’ve been having a bad day so far?"

"Kind of," he had offered shyly. "My name’s Wayne Adams." By the time they reached the front of the line, she knew about his day, as well as most of his life. You can’t stay shy around her. Something about her makes you want to tell her everything. She quickly became one of the best friends he had ever had. He trusted her judgment implicitly.

You are selling her short. Give her some credit. She’s done nothing but support you in everything you’ve done. "Well, Syd, I think that the fact that you have three other toothbrushes must mean something."

Yeah, it does, doesn’t it. A smile reached all the way to her eyes as a warmth filled her, dispelling her doubts. "I think so, too," she nodded and then a twinkle lit up her eyes. "Especially since she bought them for me."

For the second time that day, his jaw hung open.


Evin paced back and forth, rubbing her hands together as she walked the length of the living room at the boathouse. Friday afternoon. My God, it’s already Friday afternoon. Where did the last three days go? An hour ago, she had left her office to pack a final few things at the boathouse in preparation for their upcoming weekend across the lake.

Christ, I can’t believe my palms are sweaty. What is wrong with me? Her little voice chimed in, ‘You’re nervous.’ Shut up. ‘You should be.’ Why should I be nervous? ‘Because, this is a big step for you.’ Don’t give me that crap. It’s not a big deal. You talk like I’ve never had sex before. Do I look or act like a thirty one year old virgin? ‘Well, no, but this is different.’’s...not. Shut up!

Tonight. She knew tonight would be the night. Whatever sign Sydney thought would indicate that they were ‘ready’ to explore the physical aspects of their relationship had apparently appeared. I don’t have a clue what it was. I’m just damn glad that it happened. Ecstatic, really. Yeah, ecstatic. That’s it. She glanced at the clock. She’ll be here in ten minutes. Evin felt her stomach flip. I hope I’m not getting the flu or something. Great, just great. ‘Not nervous, huh?’ Shut up.

Catching sight of the overnight bag that sat by the front door, she almost stumbled when her knees started to shake. ‘Still think you’re not nervous?’ An audible growl was the response. ‘Now, now, calm down. You don’t want to be grouchy when you make love with Sydney.’

Evin stopped so abruptly that she jarred her leg, sending a bolt of pain shooting through it. A low whisper escaped from her lips, caused not by the pain but by the impact of that thought. "Hoooooly shit…Damn…." Make love...make love. She couldn’t have been more stunned if she had run into a concrete wall at full speed. It can’t be.... ‘You are so clueless sometimes. What did you think this was all about?’ I don’t know. ‘Spare me. Do I need to get a white board and write it out for you? You’re falling in love with her. This isn’t about sex. God knows you could have pushed and probably gotten her to give in. You waited because you need to make love to her, with her. Just like you need her to make love to you, with you.’ What I need is to sit down.

The tall attorney collapsed rather ungracefully onto the couch. Elbows on knees, she leaned her head into her hands. Make love...make love. I...I...I don’ know how to do that. ‘You can do it. It’s an expression of your feelings for Sydney.’ Oh God, her mind moaned. The "F" word again. I don’t want to have any of those. ‘Why not?’ Because it always leads to pain. And I don’t want to feel pain. ‘What about happiness?’ Happiness is nonexistent. A myth founded on ignorance. Probably invented by retail merchants to increase sales. Want to be happy? Buy this, then your life will be complete. You’ll finally be happy. And their pockets are lined with money you paid for something that’s going to break, wear out, or get thrown away. ‘And love?’ Hallmark. ‘You are so cynical today.’ I’m cynical every day. ‘Is that what you’re scared of? That this will break, wear out, or get thrown away?’ It always does.

She stood up and walked to her overnight bag. I know what I need to do. This goes no further. When she gets here, I’m telling her I’m not going. That I don’t want to do this anymore. As if on cue, the doorbell rang. She moved to the door and turned the lock. ‘Nothing gets through to you anymore, does it?’ As the door opened, Evin looked into green eyes that captured and held her own. Strong. Steady. Luminous. As deep as the ocean. Her steely resolve of a moment earlier melted as her soul ignited. She felt herself fall deeper and deeper into those green eyes. ‘Except her.’ The little voice sighed happily.

"Hi." Sydney’s voice was clear and bright.

"Hi." Long arms reached out and pulled Sydney into an embrace, full red lips capturing hers. The kiss was tender and gentle. I can do this. I can show her how much I care about her.

As the kiss was broken, Sydney looked up into pale blue eyes. "That was very nice."

A gentle smile. "I’m glad you liked it."

"Are you ready?" A grin broke out on the redhead’s face as she tugged on Evin’s arm. "I’m so excited. I think you’re really going to like this place."

"I’m ready." The words had so much more meaning than Sydney realized. Evin leaned over and grabbed her bag. "Let’s take my car."

"Do you have something against Stella? She’s a perfectly good car."

Evin chuckled. She’s so adorable. "I don’t have anything against your car. It’s just not built for someone my size." Evin felt like her knees were touching her chin the first time she had climbed into the navy Volkswagen Beetle.

"Only if you let me drive."

"I can...." She stopped as twin emeralds challenged her. "Okay. Here’re the keys."

"Thanks," she said as she took the keys from Evin. "I thought we could stop at this little grocery store across the lake and stock up. This place has a nice little kitchen."

"It’s a good thing we’re taking my car then. Wouldn’t have enough room in yours." A slap on the arm and an impish grin were her answer as they walked out the door. "Don’t forget we’ve got reservations for dinner at 8:30 at Sal and Judy’s."


"I don’t want to sit down." Evin snapped irritably.

"I can get the rest of the groceries. Now go sit down." Sydney fussed at her as she placed a bag of groceries on the counter. "I know your leg’s hurting. I saw you wince when that lady ran into your leg with that grocery cart-mobile."

"Anyone would have winced if that lunatic ran into them," the tall attorney responded defensively. "It’s not because of my leg."

Yeah, right. So tough. "She was elderly, Evin."

"That doesn’t relieve her of the responsibility to operate a prudent manner."

"Would that be your argument to a jury?"

"Yes, and it would be your argument, too." Evin sat down on the small couch. "She was a lunatic, Sydney."

"She was going a little fast," Sydney conceded.

"A little?" Both brows raised. "She took the turn into aisle number three on two wheels." Sydney burst out laughing and Evin felt her irritation slide away.

"Every time I saw her I kept hearing that cartoon song "Go, Speed Racer, Go" in my head."

It was Evin’s turn to laugh. "Very appropriate."

"I’ll be right back. You stay put, Counselor."

As soon as Sydney walked out the door, Evin got up and went to the small kitchen to put the groceries away. Not a bad little place. It was a sleepy little wooden cottage on the Tchefuncte River, about an hour outside of New Orleans. Two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen. Clean enough. Not real fond of the "early wagon wheel" decor. But then we’re not really here for the decor, are we? We. I’m part of a "we." That feels...nice. She felt a small smile form. Yeah...nice.


Sydney stood in the bedroom, staring at the bed. The only thought that ran through her mind was "How did we get here?" It was a night of single thoughts for Sydney. She had lost her breath when Evin walked out of the bedroom earlier, dressed for dinner, and she hadn’t gotten it back yet. God, that dress. I wanna be that dress, was the only thing she could think of.

Until she looked into smoldering blue eyes that made her temperature rise to a point that she was sure she would boil. Then Evin started speaking. Her low, rich voice seemed to Sydney to have dropped at least two octaves. And it was huskier, more sensuous. She had no thoughts then. Mental moans and whimpers were all she could manage.

She did regain some cognitive ability during the thirty-minute drive to the restaurant. She kept her eyes on the road, refusing to look at Evin. She wasn’t sure she could have taken her eyes off of her if she had. She also kept both hands on the wheel, knowing without a doubt that if she touched the tall woman, she would have wrecked the car.

Her body shivered in anticipation as she heard the tall attorney approaching her. Evin came up behind Sydney, her hands sliding down Sydney’s bare arms, the soft skin under her fingertips sending more shivers down Evin’s spine.

Oooh God, Evin’s mind purred. The entire night had been a mutual seduction. The conversation was filled with double entendres that had stoked her imagination and ignited her mind. Simple, casual touches that sent lightning bolts of sensation coursing through her body. And green eyes that seemed to shade darker until they were more blue than green. Green eyes that held hers unflinchingly, penetrating her depths to her very core. Green eyes that challenged and promised. Green eyes that spoke to her of desire, need, want, passion, affection, trust, tenderness, and strength.

Evin felt Sydney lean back into her, each point of contact causing exquisite feelings of pleasure. She felt her body respond. Her nipples were so taut it was almost painful. And she was sure that she had never been so wet, that her body had never craved the contact it sought now.

The message the green eyes had spoken reached deep into her heart, mind, and soul. I’m about to make love with Sydney Parker. She had thought about making love and realized that she had never done that. Never given herself to someone. At least not totally. Physically, yes. Mentally, emotionally? Definitely not. And she knew that Sydney needed that. Demanded that. No words had been said specifically. But that’s how she felt about Sydney, and she knew intuitively that this is what Sydney wanted, needed from her.

Words alone could not describe the depth and breadth of the feelings she had for the small woman. How the woman made her heart soar. How her chest felt like it was going to explode from the sheer magnitude of her feelings. How her mind raced with thoughts both pure and impure. Thoughts of wanting to cherish and protect Sydney. Thoughts of the things she would do to make her moan and writhe, screaming out her pleasure.

A small moan escaped her lips as she tasted Sydney’s neck. A slight shift of the small body and Sydney’s hips pressed against her center. Oh yes, her mind purred. Each touch would be so much more than a physical act, needing to convey to the petite redhead her feelings, her desires, her surrender. For it would indeed be a surrender, of sorts.

She could hear Sydney’s breathing quicken and felt the small body shiver. The kisses turned into nips and licks as her own body started to tremble. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?" She whispered into the ear next to her mouth as she captured an earlobe between her lips.

Her hands wandered over the front of Sydney’s body, gently tugging the silk shirt from the waistband of the skirt. "I need to feel you...all of to me." So long...I’ve waited for this so long...all my life. A deep sigh rumbled out as her hands found soft skin. "So soft…so soft."

Sydney’s mind couldn’t decide what it wanted her body to do. Move back towards the warm body pressed against her back, which felt incredible. Lean into the hands wandering over her skin that were sending ripples of pleasure through her. Seek out the lips and tongue and teeth assaulting her neck. Or melt at the sound of the low rich voice tickling her ear. She didn’t get a chance to make a decision as Evin moved away from her. Hands moved to her shoulders and turned her around.

Her breath caught in her throat as she looked into Evin’s eyes. Any doubts she may have had about how the tall attorney felt were erased. The blue eyes were dark with desire. That Evin wanted Sydney, there was no doubt. She had seen that look before. But there was something else there, something new, different…a vulnerability, an openness that she had never seen. Her heart skipped a beat as she realized it was an opening into Evin’s heart and soul.

"Oh, Evin," Sydney murmured and moved forward, raising her lips to find Evin’s. Their kiss was slow and deep. Tongues explored mouths thoroughly. Hands wandered insistently, the pressure increasing as the kiss lingered on.

When the kiss finally broke, Evin growled out, "Need to lose the" Lips met again as clothes were shed. The first press of bare flesh against bare flesh, full length, elicited guttural moans from them both. Instinctual, animal reactions took over as there was no conscious thought, save for the information their senses were feeding their brains and bodies. Hands tangled in hair, drawing each other closer. Lips and tongues and teeth met insistently. Bodies slid and rubbed together, performing time’s oldest dance.

"Bed...bed," Sydney whispered as they broke another kiss. Two quick steps and Sydney felt cool sheets touch her back as an unbelievably warm body covered hers and dark eyes filled with fire and heat looked into hers. The undertow. She felt the pull of it, the strength of it, sweep her away as full red lips stole hers once again. Her body arched into Evin’s, craving the contact, needing to be possessed, filled by the woman who moved her in so many ways.

The lips moved down her jaw, kissing, the tongue licking lightly at her skin. Then to her neck and all she could do was moan unintelligible sounds. The contact was lost as Evin shifted and propped herself up on one elbow as a hand started to trace circles on Sydney’s belly. Her eyes snapped open and she looked at Evin questioningly.

"I need you...I need to make love to you," Evin whispered, hoping that Sydney would somehow know what she was really asking.

It was a request for permission…an offer of a gift. "Please...I need you to." The blue eyes sparked and she felt the fire inside her burn out of control. She reached for Evin and pulled her down, kissing her passionately. She knew there would be nothing held back. This is what you wanted, Sydney.

The power of the tall woman rolled over her, flooding her mind and body with sensations. Hands moved over her body, the touch strong and sure, sending the promise of pleasure speeding along nerve endings. The lips nipped and sucked at flesh.

She was drowning in sensations. The brush of fingertips against a taut nipple. The feel of a warm mouth suckling her breast. The soft skin covering a rock hard thigh moving between her legs. The sound of the deep low moans coming from Evin. The tickling sensation of hair moving across her chest as Evin’s mouth moved to her other breast. The trail of fire as a hand moved down to her hip then lower, grasping one cheek and kneading, pulling her closer as her legs parted further. Her hands moved over the tall woman to the areas she could reach as Evin slid down her body. Fingers tangled in the dark mane, insistently drawing the head tighter to her breast.

Her mind abandoned her body to its own devices, since it seemed to know what it wanted to do. Her hips moved of their own accord, leaving a slick trail of moisture on that thigh that her mind was having trouble comprehending how it could be so soft and so hard at the same time. Feeling the thigh press insistently against her sex, now swollen and unbelievably sensitive.

Finding herself suddenly rolled over so that she was on top of Evin, she straddled the muscular thigh and looked into stormy blue eyes that bored into her own as large hands settled onto her hips and pressed her down.

"Ooohhh.....God." Sydney moaned as her entire body shuddered, her hips increasing their rhythm as the delicious friction increased. Blue eyes raked over her body and came back to rest on her own.

"You are so beautiful." Evin’s nostrils flared and her already ragged breathing picked up. "All night...Sydney.... All night...I’m not going to stop."

Sydney felt her gut tighten further as all focus on sensation was now between her legs. Evin’s thigh press harder and she responded, her hips grinding her sex into Evin’s thigh. "Ooooh…yeeees." The words hissed out between pants as she felt the first tendrils of ultimate pleasure wind their way through her body.

"I need to watch you come." The low voice rumbled as her hands moved from Sydney’s hips to her breasts, finding hard nipples to knead.

Sydney couldn’t tear her eyes away from stormy blue as her body trembled, pushed to its limits. The tendrils of pleasure turned into waves as she came. "For you…all for you." No control as her hips ground out her pleasure. She soared higher and higher, her world focused on twin points of azure and the indescribable feelings coursing through her body. Evin’s name became her chant as she rode the waves, finally collapsing onto the body beneath her.

Long arms wrapped around her and held her tightly. A whispered "thank you" floated by her ears. Her breathing settled slowly, her body trembling occasionally as a subsiding wave of pleasure coursed through her. She wanted to move, to explore the body under her, to give what she had just received. She looked up into stormy blue eyes.

She felt Evin’s quick intake of breath as she shifted, her thigh brushing Evin’s sex. " ready for me." An answering moan caught in her throat as she captured Evin’s mouth. She felt a tremble run through Evin’s body as hers answered with one of her own. "Tell me what you want."

"You...every way imaginable."

Another involuntary contraction of the muscles between her legs sent another wave of pleasure coursing through her body. Large hands tangled in red-gold hair and pulled her down for a kiss. Sydney thought she was going to come again, just from the sheer intensity of it and those words. She broke the kiss and looked at Evin. "You certainly have a way with words." The intensity of the look she received burned her to her core as she felt a hand cover a breast.

"My turn." A pale head dipped down and her lips found Evin’s throat. Her hands moved down, tracing ribs and the curve of breasts, finding hard nipples that screamed for attention. Murmurs and moans and groans of encouragement and agreement reached her ears. Again, she let her body do what it wanted to do, her mind content to go along for the ride, processing the sensory information it was being fed.

The sensations once again flooded her mind. The smell of Evin, her skin, the scent of her arousal, her own mixed in. She straddled Evin’s abdomen, watching as her hands moved to massage two beautiful breasts, her gaze eventually captured by smoldering eyes that had become almost black with desire. Watching Evin’s nostrils flare and lips part lightly as her fingers moved to roll the nipples. The softness of the skin under her touch. Like velvet. The pressure of Evin moving against her, arching into her, communicating her need. Feeling her own body react as a flow of wetness coated Evin’s abdomen.

Sliding slowly down, she suckled insistently on first one breast then another as Evin drove her hips up into Sydney. The rush of heated breath tickled her ear as Evin’s breathing became more ragged. Kneeling between Evin’s legs, her tongue trailed down the firm abdomen, stopping right before the dark patch of hair that glistened wetly, tantalizingly, before her.

She stopped and looked into those stormy dark eyes again. "I’m going to make you come."

"Oh, Sydney, please." The sounds were torn from Evin’s throat as she arched her hips upward towards Sydney’s waiting mouth.

More sensations. Soft feather kisses placed on the insides of Evin’s thighs. Inhaling deeply, the scent of Evin’s arousal filling her lungs, drawing her closer. Her first taste of nectar as her tongue moved upward the length of Evin’s sex, flicking finally at the hardened, swollen bundle of nerves she found there. Surprised at the power as she found herself almost thrown back at the buck of Evin’s hips.

Feeling the determination rise to capture every single drop of moisture with her mouth, to explore every velvet fold until it was memorized. To wring every single drop of pleasure from the woman that she could. Spurred on by what could only be described as the animal moans coming from the writhing form beneath her. The words Evin uttered between the moans. Coarse, vulgar and totally appropriate in Sydney’s mind. Unbelievably inspirational. God, does she have a way with words!

Evin’s sex becoming more swollen in her mouth. Wetness flooding her, which Sydney drank as if she had found an oasis in the desert. Her tongue moving down and finding the opening. The sound of a guttural moan vibrating through her as her tongue pierced it, delving as deep inside as she could get. Exploring, licking tasting, plunging in again. So many sensations.

It was the hoarse growl of "Oh, fuck, Sydney," which brought her hand up as her mouth moved to suck on the sensitive bundle of nerves, two fingers finding the opening and probing. Feeling the slick muscles grab her fingers and milk them as the hips moved in a rhythm of their own. The plea of "More, Sydney, more" added a third finger and she met the rhythm. Her mouth and tongue worked the velvety folds and sensitive protrusion.

Hands slid into her hair and held her head, pressing down. She felt the muscles contract around her fingers as the hips stilled for a moment then started to move in a deep grind as Evin went over the edge. She hung on as hips bucked and thighs tightened and an "Oh...yes...oh....fuck...Sydney...yes...Sydney...God...fuck...yes...Sydney" pierced the air.

When the body underneath her finally quieted, Sydney lay there, loath to remove her fingers, the soft curls of Evin’s mound tickling her cheek. Long fingers gently scratched her scalp as she listened to Evin’s breathing slowly return to normal.

"Come up here, please."

Sydney felt hands tugging at her then felt the body shudder as she pulled her fingers from their warm cocoon. The tall woman’s body reacted to the movement as a small grunt escaped Evin’s lips. She crawled up the length of Evin’s body and settled on top of her, feeling long arms wrap around her. "Hey."

"Hey, yourself." The low voice returned the greeting. "Thank you."

"No...thank you." Sydney felt herself start to blush. "You’ sexy. You know that, huh?"

"No, but I’m glad you think so." A low chuckle. "We’d be in a little bit of trouble here if you didn’t think so."

Sydney smiled into the shoulder she was nestled against. "Oh yeah, I think so."


"You’re, um, really inspiring."

Another low chuckle. "You think so?"

"Mmmhmm. You really do have such a way with words."

She found herself flipped over onto her back, twin points of feral blue looking into her own, the tall body now suspended above her own on long arms and legs.

"I have a very fertile imagination." A long red tongue snaked out and licked Sydney’s lips. "And you’ve planted so many seeds."

"Oh my." Sydney’s breath caught in her throat as the low husky voice rumbled through her.

"Sydney." Evin’s lips captured Sydney’s in a searing kiss. "It’s time to show you what’s sprouted."

"You are so, so very wicked, Evin Moran."

"Aaah…darlin’ have no idea," she whispered into Sydney’s ear as she nibbled on an ear lobe.

A wicked chuckle escaped as her lips worked their way down Sydney’s neck. "It’s my intention to show you what I’ve been dreaming of since I met you." Sydney’s throat was subjected to nips and licks. "Each and every dream." Her lips moved to the other side of the law student’s neck, exploring the soft skin they found there. Evin lifted her head and gazed into eyes that were now blue-green. "Did I mention that I dream a lot?" Another wicked chuckle then Sydney’s lips were captured again and her mouth fully explored. "I have very vivid dreams, Sydney." Evin moved her head to the notch above a tempting breastbone, licking it lightly. "Very vivid," she purred, drawing the words out.

Evin moaned as she felt Sydney’s body arch towards her trying to increase the contact. Another lick, this time down the length of Sydney’s breastbone was followed by a whispered, "Your skin tastes so sweet." Her tongue trailed back up the breastbone. "Better than in my dreams."

It was finally when Evin was on her knees with Sydney’s legs draped over her shoulders, nipping at a particularly sensitive spot on the inside of Sydney’s thigh about halfway to her knee and murmuring "You get so wet...mmmm...I can taste you already," that Sydney’s tenuous self-control shattered. Two hands reached out and grabbed the dark mane, pulling Evin’s head towards her mound. "Please...shut up...I need your mouth on me."

Sydney thought she caught a glimpse of a smirk as the mouth she craved descended on her. A throaty "Yeeeesss" shattered the air as Evin’s tongue deftly reached its way through her folds, its movement creating indescribable sensations that radiated to every cell in her body. It became the axis of Sydney’s world. It struck her as curious that her mind could focus so clearly, so narrowly on the sensations, yet be unable to form any coherent words. She was grateful, to the point of tears that it seemed her body knew what to do, how to respond to the stimulation.

Perhaps it was that last penetration of her opening followed by the agonizingly slow lick upwards that ended with lips sucking her sensitive nub combined with a swirl of the tip of the tongue over it, accompanied by Evin’s moan that vibrated through her. Or perhaps it was the fiercely rapacious blue eyes that locked with hers at that moment, piercing her to her core. Her body asked her mind if it really mattered, as long as the feeling never stopped. Maybe it was both that swept her into release, a long, slow release that kept her muscles contracting with pleasure and her lungs gasping for air for what seemed like an eternity.


A soft haziness enveloped her mind. Pleasantly sore muscles asked to be stretched. Her mind complied, sending signals out to her body. Rolling onto her back, she raised her arms over her head, gripping one wrist with the other hand. Legs stretched out and toes pointed. She could feel the warmth of the sun penetrate her skin and warm the muscles as they were stretched, a small murmur of satisfaction escaping her lips. She did say all night. She certainly kept her promise.

Her last memory before sleep claimed her was of a warm, long body under hers. Long powerful arms wrapped around her, the hands gently stroking her back as the first rays of the sun filtered through the blinds signaling the dawn of a new morning. A soothing voice whispered softly, the words barely penetrating the satiated haze her mind floated in.

She turned to her left, reaching out blindly for Evin. Nothing but cool sheets. Her eyes snapped open and she sat up, cocking her head as she listened. The faint sound of birds chirping outside filtered through. Where is she? The sun’s rays shone brightly through the blinds. The air conditioner kicked on as she rolled out of bed. She reached for the blanket, which had, she thought wryly, not surprisingly ended up on the floor. It’s a miracle the sheets are still on the bed. Wrapping the blanket around her naked form, she headed out to locate her missing lover.

Evin leaned easily against the frame of the picture window, resting her head against the varnished wood. She had awakened this morning with Sydney’s small form still sprawled on top of her. It had been her intention to slip out of bed, grab a bottled water, and slip back in. Two squirrels playing outside had caught her attention, dislodging an old childhood memory. She stopped and watched for long minutes as a flood of pleasant old memories washed over her.

The days spent in Mississippi at the summer home on the river. The tire swing her father had hung in the huge old oak that she and her brother used as a launching pad to splash into the water. Her mother’s futile attempts at teaching her how to cook from scratch, until she would finally laugh and tell her to "Go, just go before you explode." Hours spent with a fishing pole in one hand, a book in the other. Her mother and father sitting on the swing he had hung on the landing of the dock at twilight, hands interlocked as they talked about God knows what. The looks and smiles that passed between them. Was that the last time I knew peace and contentment?

Everything felt so different, looked so different this morning. Afternoon, her mind corrected. Can making love do that to you? Making love with Sydney had been the repast for a starving heart and a thirsty soul. She had ravenously sought out the sustenance, partaking time and time again, stopping only when she realized that there would, indeed, be time for more.

The intensity of it all shocked her. She felt like she had been totally in control only to realize that there had been absolutely no control at all. Everything she had done and said was purely instinctual. A thought spurred a feeling which turned into an action. Or was it that a feeling caused a thought and triggered an action? Or was it just feeling then reaction with no thought? Did it matter? No. The only thing that mattered, that does matter, is Sydney.

And the feelings. That dreaded "f" word. She had been unafraid of them in Sydney’s arms. There was no feeling of suffocation as the emotions had filled her heart and soul and mind. It had all felt so right.

She had fought down the irrational urge to ask Sydney if it was good for her. It sounded so cliché. That’s not what she wanted to say, but she couldn’t find the words to ask what she really wanted to know. Was her love, and the expression of it, enough for Sydney? Was it sufficient? Or did she fall short? Was it really possible that what she had to offer would be enough for Sydney? And what did she have to offer?

Not much. Most of the time she was sullen and a hair’s breadth from full out rage. She had a vicious killer instinct aided by a mind that was quite adept at rationalizing almost anything, including her actions, into something at least reasonably palatable to the average human. The trouble was, it never tasted right to her. But she kept doing it. Why should Sydney want damaged goods?

Damaged? Yep. Most of it self-inflicted. Choices I made. Choices I know Sydney would not make. Sydney. Green eyes that met hers unflinchingly. Open. Honest. Filled with innocence yet tinged with an age-old wisdom. A beautiful, almost angelic face that hinted at both naivete and worldly knowledge. And the gentleness and quiet strength that surrounded her. She wouldn’t make the choices I make. Can I change enough to be able to at least stand a fighting chance at this? That’s the $64,0000 question, big girl.

A creaking floorboard drew her attention and she turned. A feeling of sheer, unadulterated joy filled her heart and mind. Sydney. "Good afternoon, beautiful."

"Mmmm." Sydney murmured as she wrapped herself and the blanket around Evin, kissing her soundly. "Afternoon? What time is it?"

"About 2:30, I guess."

Sydney planted kisses along Evin’s collarbone. "I missed you when I woke up."

", Sydney!" Evin felt her knees almost buckle when Sydney’s mouth found a nipple. " up to get...fuck yes!" A hand slid between her legs. "Oh God…some water."

"Doesn’t feel like you need any water." Sydney mumbled as her tongue flicked the other nipple.

"Ah, right there..."


"Anywhere, Sydney, anywhere...Jesus...oh sweet fucking Christ!"



"Quit laughing." Sydney squinted her eyes and looked at Evin. "You’re making it hard for me to eat."

A dark eyebrow raised as she eyed Sydney skeptically. "You don’t look like you’re having too much trouble to me. That’s your second plate of eggs."

The law student was stretched out on her stomach, sideways across the bed, her head propped up on her hand. The other held a fork that was pointed at Evin. "Every time you laugh, my plate moves."

Evin waited until the fork went in to scoop up more scrambled eggs then she contracted her abdominal muscles, making the plate move.

"You are such a brat."

"Hey, I made you scrambled eggs. Don’t I get points for that?"

"You get a lot more than points."

Evin leered at Sydney. "Oh yeah? Like what?"

The petite redhead blushed. "God, the way you look at me sometimes."

"Who me?" Evin tried for innocence, but failed miserably.

"Yes, you, counselor." Sydney dropped her eyes and pushed the eggs around with her fork quietly for a minute. "You...when you look at me...and not just that make me feel very wanted, very special."

It’s serious time. You’ve managed to get out of this for how long now? No more. Ante up. "Sydney, you finished with those eggs?" Evin asked softly. At the nod, she moved the plate from her abdomen and set it down on the nightstand. "Come on up here, baby." Evin turned on her side and propped herself up on one elbow as Sydney moved up next to her. She brushed an errant lock of red hair from Sydney’s face. "You are...incredibly special...and very much wanted, Sydney Parker. In every way."

Sydney played with the long fingers that rested on her abdomen. "Things have happened pretty fast." This is a hell of a time to be asking now. "Are you, um, okay with this? I you want..." Me? This? Us? "We’ve never talked about...what’s happened…what we want."

I feel like I’m standing on a frozen lake and the ice is cracking under my feet. Her stomach started its flips. Part of it was due to the desire she felt. The urge to take the law student into her arms, make love to her, show her how she felt, was incredibly strong. But that’s not what needs to happen. What needs to happen is talk. You can do this. You’ve got to do this. That’s where the other half of her stomach’s flips were coming from. Can I get through this without sticking my foot in my mouth or have Sydney want to do it for me?

"No, we haven’t." Good, Moran. State the obvious. "" You’d better apologize in advance, because you’re not starting off well at all. "I want to apologize..."

Apologize? Sydney’s eyes opened wide as she looked at Evin, somewhat startled.

"What?" Evin asked, confused at the reaction.

"Why...why are you apologizing?" A knot formed in Sydney’s stomach.

"For what I’m gonna say." Evin watched as Sydney reacted to the words. "Oh, no, Sydney." She grabbed for the small woman and held her. "No...I didn’t mean that in a bad way...I mean, I.… Oh shit, Syd, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way." I am such an asshole! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I knew I’d screw this up. "Oh, Syd, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. I was trying to apologize in advance for...I don’t know what. Not being very good at talking. Being an asshole. A supreme asshole. The biggest...."

Evin stopped abruptly as she heard a little giggle. Huh?

"You are so adorable when you panic." Right, like you didn’t have a momentary panic there yourself.

"I...I...I..." She giggled. Sydney giggled. Okay. Try to relax. This is good. I didn’t fuck up that bad. I think.

"You really do have a lot of trouble with this personal stuff." Sydney said seriously. She could feel the tension in the tall woman.

"Uh...I...I’ve never been very good at saying...what I feel...think about...the words don’t ever seem out."

"Mmmm. Well," She stole a kiss from full red lips, "we’ve talked about lots of stuff, and I’ve always been able to say what you feel." I’ve had to drag it out of you, but you’ve said it. I wonder if anybody else has ever done that. She stole another kiss and felt Evin start to relax. "Maybe that’s what the problem’s been."

"What do you mean?" She looked at Sydney questioningly.

Another kiss. "Maybe you weren’t telling the right person."

A memory seeped into Evin’s consciousness unbidden. She struggled to shove it back down, but her mind would have none of it.

A crushing sadness filled her. Evin stared down at the dark, blood-colored carpet. The color made her nauseated so she raised her head. Can’t look at that. The hushed quiet of the people in the large room seemed to amplify her thoughts. Her arms folded across her chest. No, no, no. Her mind repeated the words she wished so desperately were true, the repetition keeping time with her body’s barely perceptible rocking as she hugged herself tighter.

Haunted blue eyes watched the tall, slim blonde move through the crowd and draw closer. A thin strand of hope for some comfort, solace—anything to relieve the pain—dangled in front of her. I just want her to hold me.

A rude and rather loud "Excuse me," dashed the hope as she realized the tone matched the blonde’s angry posture. Please. Another place. Another time. Please, not now. I can’t handle anymore. A flash of the cold gray eyes as the blonde came to a halt in front of her and a spark of anger rose in Evin. The blonde opened her mouth to start to speak, but Evin cut her off.

"Now is not the time or place for this, Gisela," Evin said in a hushed, angry tone. Please don’t do this...please. She glanced around, noting the gaping stares of some of the funeral goers. It all seemed so impossible to deal with at that moment, not having really slept or eaten in four days.

The tall blonde lowered her voice, but the words were biting and hostile. "Will you be home tonight?"

"I’ve asked you every night since Sunday to come stay with us. Please, please, Gi. Tonight...tonight...come..."

"Come home tonight." The sharp words were spit at Evin.

"God damn it, Gisela." She glanced over at Eric. "I can’t leave him now." Everything’s coming apart. "Come stay with us...with me...please." She felt the tears start and couldn’t stop them.

"I’m not comfortable there." Gray eyes as sharp as a hawk’s glared at Evin. "I want you to come home."

"Please...I can’t leave him alone right now." Evin blinked the tears out of her eyes. "He hurts so much. He’s so lost." Haunted blue eyes stared pleadingly into her lover’s gray for a long moment. "Gi...please...please come stay with me tonight." It’s all falling apart. Her low voice dropped to a whisper and cracked as she spoke. " hurts so bad. I...I...need you."

"Come home if you need me so much, Evin." The tall blonde turned and left.

Evin felt the cold voice plunge into her chest like a knife and slice what was left of her heart out. Never again, she told herself, never again. Too much pain.


The pain Evin had so carefully locked away slammed into her consciousness with a startling force, her entire body tensing painfully in response. Her eyes closed automatically in reaction to the welling of tears as her chest grew tight.

The movement was so fast that Sydney barely had time to blink as she watched the strong back disappear through the small bedroom’s doorframe. What just happened? The change she had seen in the tall woman stunned her. Semi-relaxed to frozen stiff in the blink of an eye. She scrambled out of the bed knocking the plate and fork off the nightstand, the sound of them clattering to the floor not even making an impression on her consciousness.

The law student was on her knees in front of Evin before she knew it. The tall attorney was sitting on the couch, her head cradled in her hands, elbows resting on drawn up knees, her breathing labored. Sydney rubbed the outside of Evin’s legs soothingly as she rested her forehead against her knees. "It’s okay…it’s okay…baby, it’s gonna be all right."

Her mind raced as she kept murmuring and rubbing the tall woman soothingly. What in the world caused this? Sydney was reasonably sure that it wasn’t she, herself, that Evin was reacting to. Whenever things had gotten uncomfortable for Evin when they were talking, she had either gotten angry or tried to run like a scared rabbit. But this...this is something entirely different. That haunted look in her eyes. My God…. Sydney thought her heart was going to tear in two when she had seen the look in Evin’s eyes.

Evin’s heart was pounding, the blood rushing to her brain making her head throb. Sydney’s soothing words drifted to her ears. She’s not Gisela. It’s Sydney. Sydney’s here. She’s right here. She’s not going anywhere. She was there at the hospital when you woke up. She wouldn’t have done that to you. She cares about you. Gisela never looked at you like Sydney does.

Long arms snaked out and pulled Sydney into her lap, crushing the small body against her. Sydney wrapped her arms around Evin in return, continuing to rub her soothingly. After long minutes, the tall woman’s breathing finally settled.

"Maybe you’re right, Sydney," the tall woman finally murmured.

"Right about what?"

"Not telling the right person." She squeezed Sydney tighter. "Thank you."

"Oh, honey…. Do you want to talk about this?"

"It’s...old memories, Syd…not…nothing that needs to interrupt our weekend."

"If it’s upset you this much…." Sydney said softly.

"No…it…um, gives me a new...take...appreciation for this...for you." Evin sighed softly. "That’s all. I’m sorry...didn’t mean to get upset."

"It’s really okay." Sydney looked at the pale blue eyes. Evin seemed more relaxed, but there was still a ghost of pain haunting her eyes. What hit you so hard? What got to you that bad? Maybe I need to get her out of here for a little while. Maybe all this has just been a little too intense for her. "Can I interest you in taking a walk with me? There’s a nice little path that goes along the river."

"Yeah, I’d like that. It’s a beautiful least what’s left of it." She chuckled softly, letting herself enjoy the warmth of Sydney’s body wrapped around her. She stood up in a smooth motion carrying Sydney with her, walking towards the bedroom. Sydney started to protest, but Evin bent her head and captured her lips. "Syd?"


"Ever been ravished by a river?"

"Uh, no, counselor. You?"

"No…hmmm, a walk by the river sounds really good."

Sydney didn’t know if it was the glint in Evin’s eyes or the tone of her voice, but the thought of making love with the tall woman on the bank of the river sent her mind over the edge, hoping that her body would soon follow. She started blushing and Evin chuckled, a low, deep, wicked chuckle that Sydney felt in her bones.


"What in the world are you doing?" Sydney took in the tall form of her lover, crouched next to the dock, a flat rock upended and a clump of mud next to her.

They had returned from their walk along the riverbank. God, I’ll take a walk like that any day. She swore they hadn’t gotten any farther than fifty feet along the wooded path before she found herself pinned against a tree, her legs wrapped around Evin’s waist. There’s something about fresh air…. Her body shivered in remembrance of long fingers inside her and a thumb massaging the swollen bundle of nerves as the tall attorney kissed her until she couldn’t breathe. I have a whole new appreciation of nature.

"Looking for worms," came the matter of fact response as Evin reached back under the dock, scooping more mud out

Worms? Now I’m confused. "And what are you going to do with them if you find them?"

Evin looked up at Sydney seriously. "Fry ‘em." She watched as Sydney reacted in disgust. "You’ve never had fried worms before?" Sydney let out a groan. "They’re really good, a Louisiana delicacy. Look, two big ones." Evin held up two long, fat earthworms, dangling them between two fingers.

"Evin Moran! That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of." Sydney’s eyes opened wider as Evin started to stand. "Do not come near me with those things...Evin...stop." Sydney started to back up.

Evin shrugged as she came to a halt. "More for me, I guess."

"You aren’t serious, are you?"

"With all those cooking shows you watch…you’ve never seen…. Hmph. Go figure. I thought you would have at least heard… Oh well. Need to get a bowl to put these in." The tall attorney struggled to keep a serious expression on her face. "Did we get any fish fry at the store?" she asked offhandedly.

"You are not putting those worms in any of the dishes. That’s...that’s disgusting," the law student protested, and then asked uncertainly, "You really don’t eat them, do you?"

Evin couldn’t stop herself from laughing. "I’m not gonna cook the worms, Syd."

"Arrgghh! You…."

"Had you going there for a minute, didn’t I?" The low, deep laugh filled the air.

"I’m not saying." Sydney pouted, then looked at Evin questioningly. "What are you really going to do with them?"

"See those two cane poles over there?" Evin pointed to two old cane fishing poles leaning against the side of the cottage. "I thought we’d sit out here and fish a little and relax. The breeze is great...and…I just thought...we could, um, watch the sunset."

The law student shook her head. "You are incorrigible. Frying worms. That’s really gross." Then she smiled warmly. Do I detect a touch of a romantic buried in there somewhere? "However, you and a sunset I like...really like."


Sydney’s eyes wandered over the tall lithe frame that stood easily in front of her. The haunted look in the pale blue eyes was gone, replaced by a merry twinkle. Evin’s face was relaxed, her mouth forming a lopsided lazy grin. A navy ball cap, the dark mane up in a ponytail, a white t-shirt with some sort of softball logo on it, faded navy blues shorts, hiking sandals, and a few streaks of mud on her legs and arms completed the picture. "I...I..." love you. "I’ll get something for you to put your worms in, okay? But no bowl."

"Thanks, Syd." Evin crouched down to continue her worm hunt.


The sunset had been beautiful, pinks and purples and oranges lighting the sky as the shining orb descended beyond the tree line. Evin had looked so content sitting with her legs dangling off the end of the dock, the cane pole held negligently in one hand, that Sydney pushed aside her thoughts of food and stretched out on the dock, using the tall woman’s lap as a pillow.

"You know," Green eyes opened and looked up at her lover’s shadowed face. "I could get used to this fishing thing."

Evin chuckled as she looked down at the pale head nestled in her lap. "I was worried. When you started snoring, I thought you might have been too stressed out."

"I do not snore." Sydney countered indignantly. "I never would have thought you could be such a little terror."

"Little, I’m not."

"So you’re not disputing the terror part?"

"Nope, not at all." My mother would have liked her.

"Have you caught anything yet?"

Evin grinned. "Nope, just feeding the fishes. I keep losing my bait."

"And you’re having fun?"

"Yep." Evin looked down and held the green gaze for a long moment. "Thanks."

"My pleasure, baby." Sydney sat up and patted her on the thigh. "Thanks for the pillow. Are you getting hungry?"

"For you or food?"

"Food first, terror. Plus, you need a shower before you even think about touching me." Her nose wrinkled. "You’ve got mud all over you and those worms you touched...yuck."

"You make the cutest little faces."

God, it’s so good to see her like this. "Come on, terror." Sydney stood and extended her hand. "If you’re lucky, I might let you take a shower with me."

Evin stood to her full height and looked down at the law student. "And if you’re lucky, I’ll accept the invitation."

Sydney’s hand went up and knocked the bill of the ball cap down, covering Evin’s eyes. "Yeah, yeah...all talk and no action," she said as she turned and sprinted for the little cottage. It’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull, she thought as she heard the clatter of the cane pole meeting the wood of the dock. I think I’m gonna like being the red flag.


Evin looked at the sprawled form pinning her in place. We’d really only need a twin bed to sleep. The morning sun glinted off the top of the red hair, bringing out golden highlights. Her thoughts drifted as she allowed herself to simply exist.

I’m...happy. It felt so good to her to be with Sydney. They had taken a long shower last night, exploring each other’s bodies thoroughly, or at least until they had run out of hot water. Then she had pestered the small woman mercilessly while she cooked. After dinner, they had relaxed on the couch, talking and trading kisses. With both of them trying to suppress yawns, they had finally gone to bed.

With a faint click of the AC unit cycling on, cool air caressed her face with a soft touch. She pulled the sheet up tighter around Sydney. Their lovemaking last night had been gentle, the touches and kisses satisfying something other than physical need. Last night’s simple, sweet love had been for their hearts. The tenderness she had demonstrated had startled her. Who would have thought I was capable of that?

Sex had always been a game, like everything else in her life. Challenge, meet the challenge, and win. Even with Gisela, there had been the push and pull of power and control, each struggling to gain it over the other. Physically satisfying, yes. In any other way, no.

And Jeanine...what a bastard I was. The woman had been head over heels in love with Evin. Only Evin hadn’t felt the same. She tried and tried to talk herself into it, but couldn’t. Wasn’t she supposed to be in love? After all, wasn’t that what you did? Meet someone. Fall in love. Get the house, the picket fence and the 1.5 kids, dogs, cats, whatever. Live happily ever after. A soft snort broke the silence. Yeah, right.

The closer Jeanine tried to get, the harder Evin pushed her back. The woman took it all, everything that Evin could dish out. The anger, the coldness, the scathing remarks. Hell, she wouldn’t even fight with me. Finally, Evin broke it off. She hadn’t even tried again. Until Sydney, and she didn’t even want to try with her at first.

Sydney. Evin looked down, startled to see green eyes observing her. "Hey. Good morning."

"Good morning...and it’s a really good morning." Sydney hugged Evin tighter. "How ya doing this morning?"

"Good...I feel good."

"I’m glad." Sydney scooted up a little, planted a kiss on her cheek and snuggled into Evin’s shoulder. "I’ve been, um, worried about you."

"Why, Syd? I’m fine. You’re the one I’m worried about." The tall attorney wanted to slap herself every time she thought about it. How could I have been so stupid? The law student was exhausted and she hadn’t noticed. Wednesday, Sydney had collapsed into bed. Thursday night, Evin insisted that they go home instead of attending the fundraiser for Vicky Rosenthal. A good thing, she thought, because the petite redhead had fallen asleep in her arms as they lay on the couch a little after nine.

"I feel a lot better now." It was the truth. It had been a month since she had met Evin Moran in Professor Rayburn’s office. What a month it’s been. Sydney had been tired to begin with from the stress of the case and attending law school. Add the whirlwind of activity, Evin being injured, her choice to miss all that school. Toss in the emotional upheaval of realizing that not only did she have an incredible sexual attraction to the tall attorney but overwhelming feelings for the woman that seemed to come out of nowhere. Mix that with the odd crisis or two at the Law Clinic, and she was surprised that she was still sane, much less lying in the woman’s arms that had turned her world upside down.

The same woman who had turned her world upside down had also righted it with that first kiss, indelibly imprinted on her mind–a soft, tentative brush of lips, the storm of emotions inside them both, the electricity arcing, a connection, and then absolute bliss as their lips met again.

Sydney sighed contentedly. "I’m still worried about you." She kissed Evin’s shoulder as her hand traced the scar on Evin’s bicep then moved to the scar on her ribs. "How’s your leg feeling?"

"It’s doing good." She stretched the limb in question. "Aches sometimes, but I guess it always will with all that metal in it." She chuckled. "You should have seen the Federal Marshals on Tuesday. It set that metal detector off like nothing I’ve ever heard before. They almost made me strip."

"You should still be using your crutches." Sydney chided gently.

"Don’t need ‘em. The doctor said that was why they used the compression bolt in the first place. No cast, and it gave me the ability to walk while it healed. Hell, I ran after you yesterday, and caught you." Her lips brushed the top of Sydney’s head. "Besides, you’ve kept me flat on my back for a couple of days."

"Uh huh, counselor. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that you’re just plain stubborn and hate following orders, would it?" She raised herself up on one elbow, green eyes twinkling at Evin. "Not to mention the fact that I don’t think I could have kept you flat on your back if you hadn’t wanted it that way."

Evin stole a kiss. "You can keep me flat on my back any time you want, Syd."

The redhead climbed on top of Evin, straddling her waist and pinning Evin’s arms over her head. A playful little growl issued. "Now I’ve got you."

"I think you do." The words slipped out softly, the serious tone of her own voice startling Evin.

Do I? A surge of emotion welled inside Sydney as she dropped down and captured Evin’s lips.

The promised land. The phrase stole into Evin’s mind as her mouth responded to the kiss. Pieces fell into place. That’s why she wanted us to wait. Soft lips pressed hungrily against hers as her body arched to increase the contact with the breasts that were grazing hers. I need to thank her for that. A low moan escaped her throat as Sydney bit her bottom lip and slowly stretched out full length on top of her body.

Evin found it difficult to think of anything else other than the sensual stimuli assailing her nerve endings. Each point of contact simultaneously satisfied her need and renewed it, the ache and hunger for the small woman growing exponentially. The lips now working slowly along her jaw felt so soft. I wouldn’t have waited. She shuddered as Sydney’s lips captured an earlobe, her warm breath tickling in Evin’s ear.

The soft lips moved to her neck, alternating nips and kisses with little licks. I’d have taken control. "You taste...feel...soooo good." Evin’s breath caught as the passionate murmur reached her ear.

"I love how your voice sounds when we make love." The slight deepening and hoarseness of Sydney’s voice spoke of her need. It called to Evin’s own needs and desires, stoking the fire. I would’ve screwed it up.

Evin ran her hands up Sydney’s back, pressing the smaller body into hers. It would have been just sex. Their lips met again, tongues once again intertwining as the kiss deepened. But’s so, so different. As the kiss broke, she rolled them over, her long frame now covering Sydney’s possessively. Holding the law student in her arms, she stared intently into deep pools of green. The last of the walls crumbled under the pounding assault of the emotions sweeping over her.

"Mine," she growled softly. It was a prayer borne on the wings of hope and answered by a small nod and a "Yours" uttered in a reverent whisper, the truth of the answer reflected in green eyes.

Her need intensified–to claim, to possess, to absorb, to feel, to know–physically what her eyes had seen reflected in the green...what her ears had heard. A heart and soul’s hunger, so powerful and intense, demanded to be fed. She crushed the small body to her own, feeding on the soft, wet mouth. Her mouth moved down Sydney’s neck, marking it with nips, as the soft moans the nips elicited from the small woman increased the hunger she felt.

"Mine." Deeper, huskier this time as she claimed Sydney’s mouth again. Her hands moved, insistently kneading flesh, memorizing the feel of each muscle and bone and the skin that covered them. A shudder shook her deeply as Sydney wrapped her legs around her, the wetness she felt against her stomach the drink she craved. She moved her body in time with Sydney’s hips as soft curls tickled her belly.

An incorporeal strength suffused her body and she lengthened her movements as Sydney’s hips ground into her, their kisses deep as mouths and tongues kept rhythm with their bodies. Sweat-slicked skin slid against sweat-slicked skin, taut nipples made even harder by the friction.

"Mine." Raw, powerful, burning this time as she looked into Sydney’s eyes, seeing love, need, and truth there. Watching tears slip down Sydney’s cheeks. Feeling the same slide down her own.

She cradled Sydney’s head in her arms as their foreheads touched. Soft grunts issued from each as Sydney’s hips increased their rhythm, the need for release driving her. Evin could feel fingers and nails digging into her back, pulling her closer, their breathing labored now.

"I love you." A deep, hoarse whisper spoken as she drowned in deep green pools.

"Mine." Said in a fierce moan torn from Sydney’s throat that shook Evin’s soul.

"Yours," she whispered in answer as her blue eyes closed. "Always yours." The knowledge settled deeply into her soul.

"I love you." The words released from Sydney’s lips as her body shuddered its physical counterpart.

Evin cradled the small body in her arms, holding her tightly as their breathing slowed. Neither spoke. Words weren’t needed.

Part 12

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